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  1. I'd resigned myself to not seeing Trenners on a footy field again so this has come as a very pleasant surprise. Very happy for him and would be terrific to see him slot seamlessly into the team. Can't wait for Saturday. Best of luck JT.
  2. I admired him as a footballer but after what's happened you just cannot state he was 100% clean. I remember on a couple of occasions how quickly he healed from injury, at the time that added to how gobsmackingly good he was, but now I can't be 100% sure. If he was tainted I'm sure he wasn't alone, I'm 99% convinced that cheating has been widespread and is the reason why the AFL had to alert the Bombers, they were busted anyway and this isolated the problem. Essendon have taken the drug taking rap much like we took the tanking one. With this in mind, should he present the medal? No, but it would explain why the AFL want him to.
  3. I'd like to see Kent try the right peg with set shots
  4. Go you good Dante!
  5. Wowee-omg what a game, my daughter god love her just saw her first Melbourne win in Perth, I've seen 1 live, at the WACA back in the 80s I think, bloody hell! That last minute was unbelievable, we were at that end, in the pocket, the noise was incredible, women were screaming everyone was screaming, it was deafening and then Tommy with brute strength kicks that goal and I swear to god our small party sounded like we filled that bay it was magnificent.
  6. I suggest most international people's love of a footy team comes from who introduced or how they were first introduced. I think ladder position or even colours have little to no bearing, it's more relationship based or feeling part of something win or lose.
  7. Again have to disagree, as a migrant I know the feeling it is to arrive in such a rich and amazing country, that excitement encourages you to embrace Australia and if you are a bit sporty Aussie Rules is quintessentially Australian.
  8. Disagree, I'm a pome lad as rusted on as you can get, had 2 daughters, same. Saw my Indian neighbours in the crowd at Subiaco while watching an Eagles game and subsequently found they're Eagles members. Got invited to the Eagles v Bullies game last week by my pome accountant who's mad Eagles supporting Thai wife was away visiting family.
  9. Hawks v Swans race to the bottom?
  10. I believe having 1 Jordan Lewis on the ground sets the required intensity needed to beat this mob. Incredible defection for us! If we lose it'll be because Carlton were too good.
  11. Turned around our 1st games of the season haven't we, that's the third 1st rd win in a row now and our best to date. Absolutely thrilled to see us largely curtail the Saints spread and run especially after qtr time and then to monster them was seriously satisfying.
  12. SWYL your on fire mate, I'll never ever forget the win over the dorks, but that humiliation of North in the elimination final, coming in as under dogs was something out of the box. As pointed out anyone too young to remember will appreciate it. Come to think of it the next final against the Swannies was a thumping too. Will have to watch.
  13. He'd had 7 prior to that
  14. KC, just interested, how will the Scorpion followers feel about the name and jumper change?
  15. It'd be so easy to give up on this code, the problem is, my team's about to explode!