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  1. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    I know Chook fortunately we have 3 more games to practice it.
  2. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    I agree re the smaller grounds and that will help us, I think we'll play it well but I think the weakening of our back line will result in them kicking a few more goals than us.
  3. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    That's true but in that 1st qtr we burst out of the blocks and then midway through the first the Cats worked their way back into it and then carried the momentum into that 2nd qtr debacle. They are proven to be a much more efficient team down there and this is equally as critical a game for them as it is for us, they are going to be formidable make no mistake. I will be the happiest man alive if we get over them but in the meantime I have the bit in a vice like grip between my teeth.
  4. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    We lost narrowly Rd 1 and that was at the MCG, Cats dominated the first half we dominated the second, at KP they won't give us that opportunity. A bridge too far I'm afraid.
  5. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    We were that many pegs below them. Too good pies.
  6. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Beaten in every facet of the game
  7. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    Remembering Troy Broadbridge

    In my minds eye I see his face so clearly and I think that demonland remembering him each year has a lot to do with that. I think it's terrific and congratulate those that post this yearly tribute.
  8. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Odd or op shop wedding I think ET. Did Harmsey forget a shoe or just wearing oddies? Jones too? Anyway looks like fun.
  9. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    Josh Schache

    I'm extremely keen. Get in now while this article is fresh and negative and secure the lad.
  10. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Jack did rock up to pre season looking flamboyent. Did the "look" get the coaches off side, you wouldn't think so, but him and Max were fooling around in the middle of Nov, publically showcased it and that hair do did scream fun. Coincidentally we didn't get the AA Max this year either, not even close. Possibly the poor form of both players has frustrated the Club? http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/jack-watts-shows-up-for-preseason-training-with-eyecatching-new-look/news-story/f0014c3c4fe19a9c116d0fdb24e1b538
  11. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    Farewell Jack Watts

    If Watts is swapped out for a forward with Michael Hibberds style of intensity and the ball gets locked in that forward line more often and for longer, then I can see this making us better.
  12. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    2017 Player Reviews: # 13 Clayton Oliver

    So consistent, I was waiting for a toward the end of year drop off but he maintained his possession numbers although I don't think he was releasing players as well. Made some gobsmacking ly good plays and should go alright in the b&f I'd reckon.
  13. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    Bernie Vince Re-Signs for 2018

    Bernie would have meant what he said to Goody and I'm happy with his re signing, but I'd like to think he'll be doing everything possible still to make the 22 and in turn keep pressure on others to work as hard or harder to take that spot.
  14. 1 red eye 1 blue eye

    Nathan Jones Media Conference

    Mature and probably correct advice Older demon.