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  1. I am grateful for ...

    This forum. Tom McDonald on the goal line. Hibberd's spoils. Jack Watts' titanic moment. Jetta always and everywhere. Oliver's handball. The AFLW. September?
  2. The most resilient

    Well said, and we've got some pretty resilient supporters too!

    Was desperate as always during some really crucial plays late.
  4. 11 wins

    Garlett's indigenous round 67.
  5. Gus Brayshaw

    Excited to see Gus back out there. One thing I like about our team now is that I feel confident that he'll be looked after by his teammates (not that he necessarily needs it). In years gone by we were really lacking in this department, but these days you can mostly be sure our players will fly the flag for each other. It's reassuring on some level. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing.
  6. Clarence Oliver

    Sometimes I try to make a gif of one of his lightning handpasses, but even in slow motion, it's too quick to be worth it. I'm only just barely exaggerating!
  7. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    In a vain attempt at expectations management, I'm trying to remind myself that at the start of the year I would have penciled in some late season losses for our young team. This could really go down to the wire, the wire being the Pies in the last round. Of course, if we win this week, the lid will be well and truly off again.
  8. Clarence Oliver

    If Oliver won the Brownlow, I don't think I'd be able to stand the masses' cries of "Stager! Diver!" Gah, I'm angry just thinking about it. But it probably won't happen, this year at least. Will be nice to watch the count with Dees players wracking up some good numbers for once though.
  9. We're back!!!

    I just finally got to the point of being able to come on here (needed a good 24 hours to wallow). Turns out I didn't miss much! Thanks for your efforts as always. Could definitely have happened at a worse time.
  10. Game Changer

    As long as they find a way to make sure there's no repeat of this debacle, I'm sold. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4723256/Boy-pours-tomato-sauce-chocolate-doughnut-VFL-game.html
  11. Clarence Oliver

    If memory serves, isn't Clayton on the lower end for minutes played? Maybe that's changed since earlier in the season though.
  12. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-07-25/big-names-locked-in-for-aflw-state-of-origin Some great Demons names in there. Victoria Sarah Perkins (Adelaide), Kaitlyn Ashmore (Brisbane Lions), Brianna Davey, Darcy Vescio, Alison Downie, Danielle Hardiman, Nicola Stevens (Carlton), Sarah D'Arcy, Jess Cameron (Collingwood), Kara Donnellan (Fremantle) Alicia Eva, Jess Dal Pos (GWS), Karen Paxman, Daisy Pearce, Melissa Hickey, Lily Mithen, Jasmine Grierson (Melbourne), Ellie Blackburn, Emma Kearney and Hannah Scott (Western Bulldogs) Allies Chelsea Randall, Erin Phillips, Ebony Marinoff, Courtney Cramey (Adelaide), Sabrina Frederick-Traub, Emily Bates (Brisbane Lions), Emma Zielke, Jess Wuetschner, Kate McCarthy, Leah Kaslar, Sam Virgo (Brisbane Lions), Tayla Harris (Carlton), Emma King (Collingwood), Ebony Antonio, Kirby Bentley, Dana Hooker (Fremantle), Erin McKinnon, Emma Swanson, Renee Tomkins (GWS) and Elise O'Dea (Melbourne)
  13. 7:30 Report on Women's football

    No worries! It's important to talk about and the media has a responsibility to show the whole story.
  14. 7:30 Report on Women's football

    Yes, that was a terrible choice of words! You say it's silly, but words matter, so I apologise. I was trying to say that the issue of domestic violence goes beyond any one-upping in terms of which code is better or worse, which this report seems to have wrongly focused on. They could have easily taken a wider view about what different codes are doing but it seems like NSW bias to me. Rugby has made a bold move that will hopefully change attitudes and actions. But there can be no doubt that the positive effects of the AFLW will be widespread as well. I agree that's something they seem to have missed completely in this report. However, we should all avoid the temptation to say "Look at the AFLW," "Look at female membership" as the answer to everything. There's a long way to go.
  15. Gus Brayshaw

    I think in this case that false sense of security would be balanced by what Gus has gone through. It might be a danger after a one-off but from what I've read he seemed to have become more hesitant as a response, so wearing the helmet might help to counteract that a bit. All about finding the right balance psychologically, which hopefully his game on the weekend will help with.