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  1. NAB AFL Women's Draft 2017

    I think your opinion's understandable, especially as this isn't really something that has come up before in Aussie Rules. And I agree if we want to have an informed opinion, it's up to us to educate ourselves by asking for feedback. Luckily the internet makes it easy. Some links: http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/transgender-athletes/7669902 https://www.transequality.org/issues/resources/frequently-asked-questions-about-transgender-people In terms of the specific case, the player has been undergoing gender transition treatment for years and meets the IOC guidelines for testosterone levels. She might be taller and bigger, but so are other women who identify as female. And what happens to her right to play sport if this isn't allowed? If not in the AFLW (should she be good enough to be drafted), where does she play? Anyway, I hope that's helpful. I'm not trying to change anyone's minds but wouldn't want a sincere question to go unanswered.
  2. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    May as well give this another run.
  3. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    Hibberd must surely have been pipped for 5th. But well done Oliver. Scary to think what he could be if he keeps going the way he is.
  4. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    The video stream just buffered as Jones was saying "leave no stone unturned" and all I heard was Lever.
  5. 2017 Player Reviews: # 13 Clayton Oliver

    Oliver handball supercut of 2017
  6. VFL Women's Finals

    I'm sure this is a very common impression! But at some point (for me at least) it sort of shifted. I got less caught up with the scoreline and comparisons with the professional men and more absorbed by the passion, courage and hunger for the game. It's often quite a scrap - well, I spose it often is in finals anyway - but that just makes the goals all the more exciting to me. And after you watch a group of players for a while, you start to see individuals improving before your eyes, in themselves and in their connection with their teammates. That's something I enjoy in the men's game as well, among the young players, but it's even more notable with the women, many of whom didn't have that crucial Auskick to seniors continuity. Looking forward to the future at both levels!
  7. VFL Women's Finals

    Paxman was in everything! Not looking forward to us coming up against Brennan for the Bulldogs next year- hard to stop. Are you going to switch allegiance to Casey next year, Lucifer? I'm a bit undecided!
  8. Demons 2018 List (sans draftees)

    An update on every player currently on our list (as of September): http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-09-08/aflw-update-every-melbourne-player Good to see what everyone's been up to as they scattered near and far after the AFLW season. I've cherry-picked some points of interest: Richelle Cranston: Invested a significant amount of time into her physical conditioning. She came back stronger and more powerful than ever. Laura Duryea: Recently competed in the International Cup for the Irish Banshees and they were victorious. They beat Canada and she was co-captain of that team. Melissa Hickey: Mel, for one of our senior members of our team, has spent the most time investing in her game. Erin Hoare: Erin is the tallest player in the competition, after playing netball with the Swifts and Vixens. Emma Humphries: Emma went home to Tassie. She gets close attention and is watched closely each week by the opposition, so she’s had her work cut out for her. Bianca Jakobsson: We’re looking for her to make an impact straight away and we’re expecting her to play forward and in the midfield. Alyssa Mifsud: ‘Miffo’ is becoming quite proficient in one-on-one body work, particularly her marking. Lily Mithen: She leads the way on the training track for us, setting standards with her competitiveness. Karen Paxman: The exciting thing about Paxy is that she’s already one of the most exciting players in the competition and she’s got some key areas of her game, where she can maximise and take her game to another level. Daisy Pearce: Although she’s regarded as one of the best players in the competition, it’s a scary thought for the opposition, when she still has a few levels to go. We haven’t seen the best of her yet. Lauren Pearce: Loz has been balancing basketball and footy, so right now she’s got ‘Big V’ commitments with the Bulleen Boomers. Catherine Phillips: Cat had minimal VFLW involvement this season, due to her commitments representing Australia in Ultimate Frisbee at the recent World Games. She was a strong performer there too, taking out the Bronze medal.
  9. VFL Women's Finals

    The games are also streaming and replayed online for anyone who can't make it along or watch live: http://vfl.com.au/media-coverage/video-streaming/
  10. State Of Origin - AFLW

    Vics were relentless. Now that's how you close out a game! I may have had my red-and-blue glasses on, but what I saw from the MFC players on both sides bodes very, very well for next season. As good as Daisy is, and she's a cut above pretty much everyone, the next tier on our list is nothing to sneeze at either.
  11. State Of Origin - AFLW

    One of my favourites too! Go the Big V though!
  12. I am grateful for ...

    This forum. Tom McDonald on the goal line. Hibberd's spoils. Jack Watts' titanic moment. Jetta always and everywhere. Oliver's handball. The AFLW. September?
  13. The most resilient

    Well said, and we've got some pretty resilient supporters too!

    Was desperate as always during some really crucial plays late.
  15. 11 wins

    Garlett's indigenous round 67.