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  1. Dees_In_October

    AFLW: Welcome Shae Sloane

    Kicked 2 in the second quarter today 👍
  2. Dees_In_October

    Casey Demons Women's Team

    Just watched Casey’s game on the VFLW live stream. It’s my first time watching them this year and I’m pleased to report that I was fairly impressed with our effort. Unfortunately, we went down to the Bulldogs in a tight one, 28-31. They tried their absolute guts out though. Tackling pressure was excellent. At times we dominated possession and really locked it in forward 50 but couldn’t put it on the scoreboard (sound familiar?). Bulldogs were down a couple of players in the last quarter, including Ellie Blackburn, and we came at them hard but couldn’t finish it off in the dying minutes. A bit on our AFLW-listed players: Smith was in everything, had some classy touches and kicked a great goal. Cordner took a couple of strong marks in the last quarter (after recovering from an epic face smother) Newman was unsighted for a lot of the game but kicked a beauty in the last. Zanker showed so much potential including great forward pressure. Has a beautiful long kick, nearly getting one from 45. Almost won the game with a flying shot on goal in the last quarter but missed. When she starts getting more shots on goal, look out. Shevlin (who was delisted from our AFLW list) had some good involvement. Wouldn't be surprised if we rookied her. I never got a handle on what number Jakobsson had so possibly was mistaking her for someone else the entire game… the distant camera work doesn't help! There were a bunch of ex-Dees playing for the Bulldogs (Berry, Jolly, Mifsud) who all contributed for them, Jolly the most.
  3. Dees_In_October

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    People going to training doesn't matter. It's mainly the diehards that do that with any regularity (Although thank the gods for those on here who do and provide all the great reports!) Family Days, held at both Casey and our city training site, are what draws in families, kids, curious newcomers etc. and people are happy to make the extra effort for that - so long as they're held at a good time but that's another issue. I'd also love it if our women's team could play a true home game that wasn't a 3-hour commute for Dees fans in the northern suburbs. What we're looking for in a training ground is one that's got top-notch facilities, is centrally located for everyone, especially those who go there regularly - the players, coaches etc. - is connected to the administrative side of the club, and is a hub as the club's home in the city that bears our name. We want to grab people's interest where we can get it (including around Casey) and then convert that into memberships and game attendance. Who cares if those people watch training?
  4. Dees_In_October

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    Since we're going deep dive on this, here's the Victorian heritage database report on Yarra Park, for some light reading. http://vhd.heritagecouncil.vic.gov.au/places/114751/download-report As you can tell just by walking through there, the physical heritage listed (scarred trees, substation etc.) would not be (directly) impacted by the proposed site.
  5. Dees_In_October

    AFLW: Welcome Shae Sloane

    Here's hoping one might follow the other!
  6. Dees_In_October

    Paul Roos on the Demonland Podcast Tonight (13/6)

    I was just about to say that was my favourite part! "As a Melbourne supporter" or something to that effect. Great interview, thanks.
  7. Dees_In_October

    A winning weekend AFL, VFL, VFLW

    This weekend marks the first time Melbourne and Melbourne-affiliated teams have had victories in AFL, VFL and VFLW in one weekend. We must have had similar with the Development League at some point (maybe?), but this is a new one. Our women kicked very straight today to notch up their first win. Bulldogs 7.9.51 Melbourne 15.10.100 Williamstown 5.7.37 Casey 8.1.49 Williamstown 6.10.46 Casey 11.18.84 Go Dees!
  8. Dees_In_October

    Casey Demons Women's Team

    The Casey Demons have won their first VFLW game! Williamstown 5.7.37 Casey 8.1.49 Looks like we finally brought our kicking boots. Goalkickers: Kaila Bentvelzen 3, Brooke Struylaart 2, Marlee Tatham 1, plus a couple to everyone's favourite, 'Unknown'. As a VFLW sidenote - the main takeaway I've had from the little I've caught of Darebin, L. Pearce is dominating.
  9. Dees_In_October

    2018 AFLW Draft and Trade

    Sorry to see these two go, but both will thrive with more/different opportunities. From twitter: Add Paxman and that's everyone accounted for? And Daisy, obviously. Loved the "us" that snuck into her commentary in the Alice 😉
  10. Dees_In_October

    Clarry "one of the best to emerge in last 20 years"

    I gave up making gifs of Oliver's best handballs this year due to the sheer weight of numbers and how 'blink and you'll miss it' the best ones are.
  11. Dees_In_October

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Who knew 3rd on the ladder even existed this far into a season?
  12. Dees_In_October

    2018 AFLW Draft and Trade

    I guess Daisy kind of goes without saying. Clearly one of the best leaders the Dees have ever had. Completely agree on Downie though, loved the way she went about it last season. Marinoff would be a great acquisition!
  13. Dees_In_October

    Changes v The Blues

    It's a good day when there's no clear-cut out for Viney! But yeah, it probably has to be Tyson or maybe a rest for Spargo?
  14. Dees_In_October

    AFLW Demons - Poaching season

    It boggles the mind that they hadn't established the rules for compensation before the poaching began. Amateur hour. Most charitably, it suggests they were taking a 'wait and see' approach to see what kind of poaching happened, before deciding what compensation they deemed to be warranted. Which sounds like a really fair and unbiased way of doing it, not. Finger's crossed for some high draft picks, I guess... Anyway, the talent landscape is interesting, in the sense that, an 18 (maybe 19) year old can come in and come second in the comp B&F. Maybe that was a one-off, but the development gap between what the players in their mid-20s experienced compared to the new draftees is pronounced. On the other hand, football IQ is kind of a hot commodity to balance out the cross-coders. I wouldn't say no to picking up some of the older players who fell out of favour last season, seemingly due to a lack of athleticism or speed, despite having football IQ.
  15. Dees_In_October

    Peter Jackson stepping down

    Of course he would exit gracefully. Shouldn't have been surprised.