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  1. Terrible news for Jesse and his family. I'm sure the club are doing all they can to help them. Can't imagine how hard this must be for them.
  2. I think we're overrated at times, and call me crazy... but we're a reasonable chance at being 5-1 out of those 6 games.
  3. Don't mind Smith as an in actually, even with the rain. Plays tall and small so hopefully he will still be effective in the conditions.
  4. 'Nathan Jones in scintillating form with 37 disposals, 12 tackles and 2 goals after going head to head with Trent Cotchin, who had 5 touches and 0 tackles'.
  5. I have a secret spot, short walk to the G and always get a park there. But if I share, the secret will be spoiled!
  6. 'Never to be seen again' is a bit harsh. I'd just rather he was a late withdrawal. It always seems that when a player goes into a game (against us) under an injury cloud, they tear us apart.
  7. Farkkk. Tough lad, and a lot of people on here were getting stuck into him!
  8. Kent needs to stay in the side. He has leg speed that we desperately need, especially against the smaller, quick players that the Tiges are fielding at the moment. His X factor around the forward line is important too, and he's done more than enough to warrant a spot in the side.
  9. Thanks mate. You mean Smith is a definite inclusion?
  10. My biggest fear around this game is our potential inability to contain their quick, small forward line. My second biggest fear is our defenders trying to clear the ball with these little guys harassing and pressuring them... our delivery out of the back 50 is shaky on a good day. Hibberd will be a very handy inclusion for this reason.
  11. I agree with your first sentence but to be honest, that entire thing isn't something that would surprise me if it were on Demonland in the past.
  12. I just assumed it was part of the comedy festival.
  13. They knew they were getting a project player when they picked Weed. I really like what I see from him - most of the time he competes in the air and brings the ball to ground. He positions fairly well at the front of the contest too but isn't strong or confident enough to pull in the mark. His intensity can wane a bit too, but that's part and parcel for a young player trying to build a tank and learn the pace of the game. There are good signs, but it'll just take time for the lad to mature and build his body.