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  1. Glad to hear this. He started the season really well and I was disappointed that his form dropped off a little. At his age he's probably still building the tank and strength he needs to compete at the top level for an entire season, but I think he'll be an important player in the future.
  2. Technically a different millennium, but I did hear he dribbled Harold's head through two trees at an unbelievable acute angle. Chief was not happy.
  3. Millennium?
  4. Goal of the year.
  5. True, but he is a bit hit and miss. Hopefully it'll be one of his quiet days tomorrow. I'm a bit concerned about Ryder too. Max is still finding his groove and Ryder's athleticism around the ground might cause a few headaches. Defenders will have to be super conscious of him around the top of and inside their forward 50.
  6. Something close to those guys would be a great addition to the side, but does Dion have that X factor? I haven't seen a lot of him so forgive me if I'm wrong, but he looked a bit more like a working class small forward. Clearly works very hard defensively though, which is great as you say.
  7. Great stuff, very glad to see him back and he definitely earned his place. Hopefully the start of a rejuvenated career for Jack.
  8. How do you mean?
  9. Give him 10 metres and he'll still miss. You can't play footy after a dozen scotch and cokes.
  10. Obviously GWS and Port will be the biggest tests. I'm confident that we'll finally get the monkey off the back and hammer North though. St Kilda and Collingwood will be interesting, but I think we'll knock them both off. We should be too good for Brisbane at the MCG and Port are yet to beat anyone in the top 8, aside from Sydney at the beginning of the year. With a few players back in the next couple of weeks, I could actually see us winning 4-5 of the last 6. We just need to maintain our frantic attack and pressure.
  11. Nah, there's a conspiracy against the MFC and Vince did nothing wrong.
  12. Maybe if we didn't have so many injuries...
  13. Potentially between Vince and another player, and both play for the MFC.
  14. Nothing wrong with a bit of banter. Not enough characters in the game, so it's a refreshing response.
  15. Lewis has been solid since round 13 and is stepping up exactly when we need him to. No point stressing about next year yet.