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  1. That cannot be a serious question Earl. Of course you cannot wear that under any circumstances. Perhaps donate the scarf on the way to some poor homeless type (I am sure there are a few that can be found in that harbourside place), and if that goes well, do the same with the jumper. Failing that, you could accidentally spill your drink all over it, thus ruining the fabric. You could also say you are carrying it for the Sheedy-type wave, and then just not be able to hang onto it once you have whipped up a good speed (but perhaps aim for the nearest bin whilst doing so, just to be sure). Or maybe just polish your shoes with it before you go, and then use it as a bin liner. But surely Conchita can deal with this for you?
  2. This. IMHO much of the rest is splitting straws. The notion of home and away games might make sense for some clubs, but for those in Melbourne it has long lost any sense of reality. Centralising gate receipts means that every club has an incentive to get more people to every game, not just their home ones.
  3. I like the sentiment of this thread, but it is way too early --- there is more to go in this season that has happened so far. I am not quite in Roosey's camp (which could be summed up as the two most likely contenders are those who make it to the Grand Final ), but trying to predict who is in the mix this year is a mug's game. So, yes, I am up for it, and yes, we are contender this year!!
  4. Thoughts and prayers are with Jesse and his family. Take all the time you need mate, and come back when you are ready.
  5. Is it just me, or should Sloane be equally liable for pushing Vince into the path of the umpire? This garbage could open up a can of worms like that ...
  6. Only when certified by the Carlton doctor 😀
  7. I get it ... second banana .... Boom boom!
  8. Not even when Oliver kicks one?
  9. So anytime now ...
  10. Today of all days that should be no crow unstoned ...
  11. Do you mean to say that each page has the same number of posts in it? Wow ... Next thing you'll be telling me that bananas are bent ...
  12. This one might ...
  13. Only not as funny and about half the pace.
  14. Sounds like a painful surgical procedure or some demonic breakfast poison ...
  15. Entirely correct - there was no first half. The little league started an hour early, but eventually someone realised that they had a mixture of the keystone cops and the benny hill show out there, pulled them off and got the youngsters on, which improved the skill levels by about 4000%. After that there were two quarters of AFL footy, and then everyone went home.