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  1. Yes Dees! Still pumped! Predicting Tommy Mac to kick 5 including the winner in the last 30 seconds would have got you carted off in a white coat this morning. Old Dee, I hope that lid is buried somewhere deep in the Amazonian jungle!
  2. Onya Chunk! Teammates might call you Towball, but to me you will always be a wrecking ball (sphera mergente), a relentless force focused on the ball, and whose natural habitat is at the bottom of a pack. Never say die (numquan dice mori) must be your motto! All that aside, is Chunk the greatest bald player to ever pull on a Demons jumper?
  3. What have you got against the Leongatha Parrots, BB?
  4. Just saw this, by Sam McClure in The Age. Seems to confirm a lot of what has been said here ... you really couldn't make this up. Notice that Lethlean walks in in the middle of it --- sounds really impartial.
  5. There was signage on the fence on QB saying the MCG is our home or something like that, IIRC.
  6. From the AFL? Probably couldn't even spell median ...
  7. You lost me at MRP ...
  8. Gotta love someone who plays unsociable football via social media ...
  9. It must be amusing for you when we play the Saints on a Sunday, Rev ...
  10. So they'll be as fresh as a daisy fresher --- does that make them fresher than a daisy cutter?
  11. I had always though the correct term was "Joe the goose".
  12. I think the Pirs fans were upset about the free that gave Watts his goal in the first quarter, let alone his final goal, losing the game and him just being Jack Watts ...
  13. The Robbie Flower special ...
  14. Bugger the newsreading, Ron, you should take up lyric poetry! The thing I remember most about that last few minutes was the continuous and surging noise, like about 70,000 people were saying "Oh yes!" and "Oh [censored]!" but not simultaneously, so all you could hear was this eerie semi-background garble that rose and fell with the play. A couple of times I thought the Pies were out and were going to nail a goal on the run to put them ahead, only for some act of desparation by one of ours to keep us in it. Then there came "that" play'; as soon as OMac dribbled the kick forward, you could hear the Dees fans exclaim "Oh!", seeing the break in the play and the chance to surge forward. Then I remember seeing Watts come sprinting out of nowhere to make position, and the surging roar as the ball landed near him, and sat up neatly .. and then he was off, with the crowd urging him on for what seemed like an age. The Pies defence didn't run at him for some reason, and sensing this, he seemed to keep running forward until he pretty much had to kick the goal, and of course did. The roar that followed is probably still echoing around the stands ...
  15. Dees 141 Pies 74 would be fine by me ...