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  1. Well, the Smith curse bit might be right. Joel Smith gets a serious injury 15 minutes into his AFL debut, and Tim Smith gets a bad knee 1.5 matches into his career. All we need now is a banana shortage, and we can conclude we are cursed ...
  2. He often saw the reality bus coming ...
  3. That's a bit stiff, even for Biff.
  4. OD's political career just went up in smoke, fire and ash ...
  5. Glass half full stuff Red --- at least both of the #!&!%ers can't win ...
  6. Goalkicking: [censored] me dead!
  7. I think I wore out my four-letter-words by three-quarter time. When Bernie fluffed what should have been a certain goal at the end, the Geelong supporters nearby could only look on in sympathy. The best bits today were really good (Watts' goal from the centre square, Jones to Watts to Tim Smith for his first goal, long kick to Kent for his goal on the run, Hunt repelling Selwood's clearing kick by belting a goal back over his head), but the worst was cringeworthy. I take comfort in the idea that the Cats won't get much better (and surely can't ever again pull goals from their arse and the arse of the horse they rode in on as well like that), but that we had a few passengers, and couldn't buy a goal for love or money. Losing anyone, let alone Gawn, put us down a rotation for the second half, which seems to be a factor in our high-energy style, which should have seen us up by about ten goals at three-quarter time. All coulda, woulda, shoulda, but having thrown away a game, it seems we can only improve next week. One thing I haven't seen mentioned so far is the set up. We again started with 8 in defense, but during the second and third quarters (and maybe the last, but I was swearing too much by then to notice), we seemed to set up with only one wing. It seemed that we regularly had 5 in the forward line, one on the left wing, but no-one on the right. Was it because with Max dominating early nothing was heading to that side? Or what? Not sure if it worked, but if we had kicked even vaguely straight in the second and third quarters, we would probably say yes.
  8. Simon says? (that would have been a good win ... )
  9. To quote Biff, perhaps attempt something that is actually possible
  10. Yeah, but is the demon in the detail?
  11. The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen?
  12. Dunno. Some waanker ...
  13. Nice punchline, Redleg. That penalty is a real slap in the face for consistency. It strikes me as very harsh. Knock me over with a feather.
  14. That has to be a country and western song ...
  15. Clarence Coward is definitely not happening ...