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  1. We went into a game as favourites and actually WON. Wow that makes a nice change.
  2. Go dees u good things.
  3. Sorry Demon my bad it's Dickson. Post edited.
  4. I would be happy to have Dickson in our forward line.
  5. I think there is no doubt we all love this club but it's just a very FRUSTRATING time for us (ie the last 10yrs).
  6. Would he improve our team? IMO yes. If we can get him for the right $$ and pic i would be happy.
  7. It's been known to happen on the odd occasion just my wife!!!
  8. I was there too and it was the first time in about 10 years I had seen us thump another side live. Great Night but means nothing in regards to tomorrow night.
  9. U have brain washed her well rod.
  10. It doesn't matter who plays against us if the boys don't go in with the right mindset we r screwed which has already happened this season a few times.
  11. Sorry moon I had to read ur comments twice as I thought u said "Garys ideas come from his rear". My mstake.
  12. Sounds like the commentators are barracking for the cats. Really bad commentary tbh. May aswell get cat supporters from the ground to commentate.
  13. For a start don't say anything and suck it up. Bunch of sooks.
  14. No Docket, ALOT precious. What a bunch of hand wringing, 2 headed sookie sookie la las.