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  1. Gents, As you know flights are already crazy expensive for the game next week. One of our most loyal supporters is desperate to get to the game. Anything you can spare to help him out would be awesome. He has agreed to paint his whole body red and blue for the game if he is able to make it! https://www.gofundme.com/piro-to-the-prelim
  2. Don’t want to get way ahead of myself, but thinking of coming home from overseas if we make the prelim. How will tickets to the game in Perth work?
  3. Who is Mitch Clark to dictate who we trade him to? The same guy that our club played millions of dollars to play a handful of games? We owe him ABSOLUTELY nothing. If we get screwed trying to make a deal with Geelong, I'll spew up. I would prefer to see him walk into the PSD than go to Geelong for a late 3rd round pick. MFC's only duty of care here is to do the best thing by the club.
  4. I have been playing Fantasy Punt (https://www.aflfantasypunt.com.au) for quite some time now and it's a Fantasy game that has got me excited. Fantasy + Punting = fun in my book.. It was a bit frustrating just being able to play in $10 games, but now they have introduced a game with a $50 stake. The more people that play, the bigger the prize pool. Finally it looks like there could be a serious size prize pool this weekend. There is also a free game for the wimps out there that aren't willing to put their money where their mouth is. Do others think this is the direction Fantasy is heading? I bloody hope so DD
  5. These never seem to get old... http://meemsy.com/v/16427
  6. To qualify you have to have had to of played at least one game for the club since we last played finals (2007). I have also tried to leave out the guys who only played one or two games. There were many honourable mentions and I can't help but wonder what the average losing margin of this team would be. For the record, this process was highly therapeutic. Here it is: FB: T. Gillies - N Caroll - R Ferguson HB: N Jetta - J. Sellar - J Mcdonald C: S Buckley - C Morton - D Nicholson HF: M Bate - M Newton - Byrnes FF: C Pedersen- D Hughes - A maric R: J Spencer - J Gysberts - S Godfrey Int: J Meesen - J Strauss - C Johnson - J Bode
  7. Originally a NSW scholarship player... Assuming thats the Paul Roos connection
  8. On the way to our first preseason session yesterday I was driving along with a fellow Melbourne supporter dissecting our list. We seemed to agree that there is a large amount of "Sleeping Talent" on our list. And for the last 24 hours the thought of unfulfilled potential has been at the forefront of my mind...I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts: As all Melbourne supporters now know, there is no promise that sleeping talent will ever arise from the slumber. Just ask Cale Morton, Jordan Gysberts, and Lucas Cook who all seem to be in an ever lasting coma. Potential makes every Melbourne supporter sick to the stomach. We have heard it all before... So why is this season different to all other seasons? It might not be...However, all of a sudden we have the "messiah" at the helm. A man that seems to motivate men better than any other in the football industry. A man that when he speaks, he makes complete sense and because he makes complete sense, people listen. Not only has he turned average footballers into integral members of premiership teams (Shaw, Kennedy, Mcglynn etc.) he has also given birth to two A-grade coaches in Longmuire and Lyon. The man has the runs on the board. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results...However, I like his chances a lot more than those that have come before him. If Roosy is able to turn this club around, which players will finally arise from their slumber. There are plenty of possibilities...Lets have a look at some of our "Sleeping Talents": #4 Jack Watts- A shift into the midfield might spark his performance, but it would seem a shift in his mind is what is required. Will he be remembered as the soft private school boy or the gun number 1 draft pick? #5 Jimmy Toumpas- A full preseason could just do the trick. Will he be another draft blunder or the next Simon Black? #6 Chris Dawes- Will he return to the form that saw him become a premiership CHF or is he just here to boost his superannuation? #7 Jack Viney- Will he turn those bursts of brilliance from season 1 into a consistent A-grade midfielder? #8- James Frawley- Once considered the brightest prospect out of any key position backman in the league. Will Frawley be a one hit wonder or the gun we all hope for? #9- Jack Trengove- No longer with the burden of being captain and hopefully a full preseason under his belt...Is Trennerz ready to live up the hype of being pick 2? #11 Mitch Clark- Should be our best player, but can his body hold up? #17 Sam Blease #19 James Strauss #35 Luke Tapscott- All first round draft picks, but the jury is well and truly out. The same generation as Gysberts, Morton, & Cook, but hopefully not the same destiny. #37 Max Gawn- The giant man has shown glimpses, but can he become Aaron Sandilands or will he be the next Daniel Bandy? #48 Jack Fitzpatrick- He teased us last years with spurts of form, but will he be able to go that extra mile? #? Viv Michie- Had 6 plus 30 possession games in the WAFL last year...Just ask James Magner, doesn't mean he can bring it to the big league. #? Dom Tyson- He's already had 24 and 26 possessions at AFL level. So did Jordan Gysberts...Will his body let him fulfil his potential? #9 draft pick- Can he come in and make an immediate impact in the way Daniel Rich and Ollie Wines have previously? As you can see there are many questions that are yet to be answered. All the aforementioned have sleeping talent...Most of them have scars from years gone by. Some physical, most emotional. Will Roosy be able to heal the wounds and as he says himself, "find what makes them tick"? The jury is out. But if this man is good as all say he is, there is plenty of sleeping talent at his disposal.
  9. Just to clarify they were sitting in M7 not Bay 13
  10. I was there sitting just a few rows behind them...Frawley, Howe, Petterd, Rivers, Dunn 1) For the most part of the day they were good value. 2) They drank A LOT 3) By late afternoon they were [censored] 4) I approached Frawley to have a chat and a photo while waiting for some food and he was a complete dick about it. 5) I left with an hour to go and they hadn't been kicked out
  11. Also, over Eade's tenure at the Doggies they seem to be a very good attacking team...Our weakness is clearly our accountability. Our back 6 are solid, but our team defence is horrible. Will Eade be able to fix this? Has his "attacking" game style held up in finals?
  12. I can't remember exactly what was said, but Gary Lyon didn't seem to keen on Eade on FC Monday night.
  13. the fact that the players have to deal with the constant innuendo that their coach wouldn't be there at the end of the year...
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