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  1. Take BT with him ....please
  2. That's the most fumbly game I've seen, players with no pressure dropping marks and running past the ball. Geelong were the worst culprits, this causes more tackles, the tackle count in this game was a joke. fumble fumble tackle, fumble fumble tackle.....Stats mean nothing !
  3. I paid $100+ for this ordinary service
  4. I'm glad you have been able to watch the replay, I'm having all sorts of problems with this week, but the video just won't load atm....Anyone else having this problem?
  5. I can't believe how much BT is waxing lyrical about Stevie J, I would say he's had an ordinary game, and the game has passed him by..
  6. I don't care if they are pretenders, at least they have built a team the right way not had gold handed to them on a plate....
  7. Well he still gets verrrry excited when $cully gets the ball.....even when he kicked OOB on the full
  8. Geez BT and Bruce are hitting new lows tonight too. Did you see Bruce's interview before the game, what a dribbler he is...needs to be retired.
  9. Interesting "Abe's" comments about the umpires. I'm watching hoping the Saints win, and I reckon the ump has missed about 10 throws by GWS, just shows depends who you want to win is how you look at the game. Also that NO 12 for the saints is hopeless, is he the same guy that kills us most games he plays against the Dees ?
  10. I'm really glad they haven't bowed to some negative feedback and dropped JKH, I went to the game and then watched the replay and was really surprised at some of the negative comments. I thought he played fairly well, took a great mark in the 2nd. was gutsy and got upended, first game back after a fair lay off, can someone please point out exactly where he went wrong.
  11. How good are the boys from White Hart Lane at the moment. That's the le el MFC needs to reach ....attractive game plan with poise and flair.
  12. You know although I believe we will miss Hogan, his work up the ground last week was undervalued, however I haven't exactly warmed to Lewis, he has come across with a reputation for having the ability to hit targets, I have seen him make more than average turnovers kicking or handpassing to the opposition (i believe he admitted this after his first game). The inclusion of Kent and Vince are excellent inclusions, and who knows how the Bull will go. I'm quietly confident so much I tipped them this week.
  13. I will check it out, I am a Telstra customer I wonder how many people will stay away due to this ticketing fiasco?
  14. We must agree to disagree, you couldn't fault the atmosphere at VP or Waverley or any of the old suburban grounds, I have been to Docklands for Football, a Pearl Jam concert and a World cup qualifier against Japan, the ground sucks the natural atmosphere out of the air, it has a dead feeling about it..sooner they bulldoze and start again the better.
  15. Sorry I thought you meant the Ess vs Bulldogs game, I now checked and we play both these teams