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  1. 2018 Membership Thread

    I received an email stating my son's and I membership wouldn't arrive in time and to print my tickets via a link. I logged in and followed the prompts, but when the instructions told me to select the "print at home" button, it didn't exist. Has anybody else had this problem. PS I tried on both a PC and a mac with the same result
  2. Rain next Sunday

    Outside!!!!! They will see nothing from there, and get wet!
  3. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Maybe Adelaide should have moved Lever onto him.....Oh wait!
  4. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    He does however have some credit in the bank
  5. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    At the moment he comes in for Jones.
  6. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    Oscar McDonald no longer listed as OUT according to the app
  7. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    Oscar McDonald ...Out what happened?
  8. Brisbane round 2

    I'll be there, First time we played up there for about 5 years I reckon, usually played in June or July and I always look forward to the sun. Haven't bought my entry tickets yet. Have bought General Admin before and then snuck into the stand on the wing as they usually give the visitors crap tickets in the pocket

    Limited over cricket has affected test cricket in a big way. I find the shorten version of the game lacking credibility. Lessening traditional skills and a bit of a bore. I am seriously crossing my fingers this doesn't happen to traditional football too.
  10. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    I've seen the men play worse
  11. AFLX Coach

    You not suggesting they have a short attention span are you??
  12. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    Go Pickles Cranston !!!!!! What a great last half.
  13. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    Maybe Carlton and Collingwood are just [email protected] teams and the rest of the competition are ok (just like last year), The standard improved as the season evolved last year, but there were really only four competitive teams at the end.(Dees Crows, Lions and Bullies sort of). I'm all for it, after 4 months of no footy, I'll happily take this
  14. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    I tuned in to SEN today at 3.24pm and got 6 minutes of adverts....Riveting stuff. I have set the dial to listening to podcasts and audio books until the football season starts again