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  1. Trade rumours

    Ben Kennedy has been delisted.
  2. Trade rumours

    I reckon Dahlhaus is a fantastic player, would love to have him. Think he'd compliment our midfield nicely. Evasive, quick, creative, goal kicker & competitive. Bit of an upgrade on B Kennedy. Wonder if 2nd R pick gets it done?
  3. Forward set-up, with and without Jesse

    Oh no, you haven't heard the news.
  4. Jesse Hogan Cancer

    Announced SEN.

    Its a shame Guthrie is back for the cats, hopefully he's underdone.
  6. JLT Round 2 vs. Carlton at Casey Fields

    Wondering if it would be a useful set play for Spencer and possibly Gawn to handball off, rather than take a set shot at goal. I'd say the conversion wld increase.
  7. Making way - The list enigma going forward

    I there a minimum requirement to use 3 picks in the National Draft? Think I read that somewhere.
  8. The Melbourne Defence

    I think Harmes would be a good fit for the HB line, cld be Hibbert like. Tough & strong, attacking, good overhead, got some toe and skills are decent.
  9. Melbourne Turns to Meditation under Roos

    Hell I dont know where to begin b/c the two things I love in life are the MFC and meditation. Everyone mentions relaxation benefits, but the field of meditation and its theory or 'mind culture' has far reaching benefits. If you're relating meditation to playing footy, than you might say its about putting mediation into action, promoting a natural 'flow'. The Tao is one tradition that often speaks of meditation in action, where intuition takes over and you do the right thing at the right time. I confess that I used to like the mystique of meditation because of those old samurai and martial arts movies, where the hero goes from inner equanimity to seriously wooping ass in a flash, then back to tranquility. This Tao or flow is called something else in sport - its called being in the 'zone'. Apparently there is heaps of awesome literature out there of sports stars recounting their experience in the zone. Ironically my favourite account was a newspaper article from James Hird. He said, some days he would just know where the balls was going before it went there, that he could go into a pack and get the ball at will.... etc. Id love to track down the article - I think it was The Age - anyone help? Anyway, meditation naturally cultivates that intuitive flow, It may not seem easy ... but thats b/c its very subtle, the benefits creep in. On a less mystic and more pragmatic level, meditation cultivates good mental psychology. I recall a comment from Olympic gold medalist Debbie Flintoff-King - "I always have this thing in my head feeding me negative ideas, I had to keep clearing my head, saying : Rubbish, I dont want to listen to that. That little voice can either make you or destroy you... thats were my meditation really helped..." The mental chatter is sooo fundamental. You can see it most obviously in those players we call 'confidence players', but everyones a confidence player when you get down to it.
  10. Training - Friday 9th November, 2012

    With the recruitment strategy they have gone for, Watt's wont be playing key position for a while, so I think the preasure is off him developing into a bulky size. He'll need to retain his swift of foot for chopping off leads and rebounding out of the backline.
  11. Cheynee Stiller

    Perhaps backline coach Jade Rawlings remembers him well from his coach days at Brisbane in 2011. Thats a good thing.
  12. Latest murmurings of a crazy time

    So true, and its why our drafting hasnt been the best. It like drafting a KPP b/c he's good below his knees
  13. Latest murmurings of a crazy time

    Noooooooooo NO No No I wont have it!