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  1. Winter Dan

    Name three good things

    Love the thread.
  2. Winter Dan


    We could do better than Oscar.
  3. Winter Dan


    Can someone put a pie in Chris Scott's face.
  4. Winter Dan


    The home ground advantage was enomous for them, the further we got up, the more the cats willed themselves and and went for broke. Thats what shots me. Seriously unlucky that they kicked 16 and only 4 pts. Thats f_@#. We deserved to win that. She have one Rd one too. Deserved to beat port too. Just real hard to break the spirit at away games like that. I (censored) hate that we have the MCG and get out-supported at our home games!
  5. Winter Dan

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    I think the dogs grew in confidence through the first quarter - they know that they can out run as ! They have a fleet of foot runing brigade and they know we are carrying plodders. Its their midfeild game v's our dominant big men.
  6. Winter Dan

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    This. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/power-beat-demons-in-epic-arm-wrestle-20180622-p4zn82.html
  7. Winter Dan

    2018 Contracts and List Details

    What do people think Tyson is currently on? Just wondering if we have a Gaff prospect to come in, do we need to flip someone to free up space. If the guy continues to not get a game is it better to free up the space? Same might go for Hunt.
  8. Winter Dan


    He's terrible when it's wet weather footy, shirks the body contact that comes with it. That's when he lost form. In the dry, I think he applies good pressure. If I were coach, I'd just not select him for the wet weather games.
  9. Winter Dan

    Angus Brayshaw

    Applause to the coaches. Goody said in the presser, they just thought it was best for Brayshaw to go back into the middle and play his natural game, its where he was drafted - an inside mid. ... Hopefully that also frees up Salem to play outside.
  10. Winter Dan

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    Agree. Goodwin is so intent on playing offensive football that he fails to be a realist and accept that in the long long game of AFL football, opposition teams will have their patches of winning the stoppages (especially when Clarry is having a breather). We need to adjust for a bit of Rope-a-dope, with extra's in the back 50. Having extra's on the half back line streaming fwd is not wants needed. One or two in the back 50 is the way, slowing the game down and counter attacking. We know it happens every game, just need to pick when to implement it for a period. Starting to get very frustrated with the Lever situation. What the hell did we bring him in for? He's only listed as 92 kg, thats not key position. No wonder he falls over. Make him a 3rd tall and we all expect our def to become seriously solid. Goodwin needs to understand that a solid def actually enhances our offence.
  11. Winter Dan

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 2

    Agreed. Wld have won with this week's team.
  12. Winter Dan

    We might be in trouble this season.

    As you say, closing speed and coverage out the back is a key to running a press, which makes me think Frost is a great fit, so it surprises me he is left out of the side.
  13. Winter Dan

    We might be in trouble this season.

    I don't think the press works for us as a game plan. Certainly that was at least the case on Sunday. we were better with a defensive sweeper. Melb have a distinct stoppage and hard ball advantage over most clubs bar arguably Sydney. The press hurts us defensively and offensively. We are better off conceding ground when the opposition wins the ball in their defence which opens up our fwd line to counter attack when we win it back. The press is harder to defend as the switch from attack to defence happens in an instant ( so if players are napping it's all over), and it's greater area to defend (from the attacking 50 to the midfield vs midfield to def 50). It also appears to take more energy to play this way. We look the goods when we manage to structure up an open fwd line, but get strangled when teams flood our fwd line.
  14. Winter Dan

    Sam Weideman

    As I remember it took Hawkins many years to become an effective player for Geelong. They were very patient. As Weid is pretty average for agility, the power fwd role is the best long term position for him.
  15. Winter Dan

    How does our Defence stack up?

    I was suprised in the JLT that Lever was in a key post. Thought he was going to be the 3rd tall intercepter, like, play him to his strengths. I don't expect the backline to have the right synergy just yet, expect it to improve through the season. Thought we struggled at times last year with the defensive press, not sold that it's the best game plan as yet.