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  1. davejemmolly

    Oliver's Weapons of Mass Distribution

    i suspect that he's underrated because most of his works is of the 'blink and you'll miss it' variety. He doesn't do the flashy Dusty palm off etc. Like all Dee's fans, I rate him as highly as everyone, and I'm still constantly surprised to see his total numbers at the end of each game. I reckon I only see half of them, and I know he's going to be there doing it!
  2. davejemmolly

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    I didn't think there was much in the Hawkins one to be honest, and I'd really thought that the AFL had decided on a 'just don't touch the umpires stance'. Appears that they've walked back from that a mere 6 days later
  3. Both Curnow boys have been referred to the tribunal for making contact with an umpire. This weeks keeps getting better!
  4. davejemmolly

    Salem to miss Saints

    Does this mean that ANB gets a reprieve? Trac in for Salem? Or wagner and trac in for salem and ANB?
  5. davejemmolly

    Collingwood vs Melbourne

    Without wanting to create a 'media hates us' palava, I've been moderately amused from afar the difference in the media reporting between the Dee's v Richmond game, and the Collingwood v Richmond game. (granted, I'm in perth, so this may have been well covered over there) Whilst I completely acknowledge that we were insipid against Hawthorn, which is a massive skew in this argument, but that aside, the dee's ran richmond into the 4th quarter, but when we lost by 40 odd points, we were labelled a debacle and 'the most frustrating team in the AFL'. Collingwood however ran Richmond into the last quarter, and lost by 40 odd points. All I've heard since, was how amazing the Pies were, that they've really showed what a great team they will be, that this needs to be the benchmark for how they should play etc etc. I guess its a theoretical question about how long do previous games impact peoples perception of a footy club? With the honourable loss against the cats (I'm not going to whack maxy again), and a Collingwoodesque sustained competitive effort against the tigers, are you allowed one crap game a year? Tigers certainly had one against the saints last year. Or, does that fact that we were crap against hawthorn, and then rolled over against the tiges, make us just crap (as many on here would attest). Or, if you put the hawks game aside, does this change ones perception of how our season is coming together? Apologies if this doesn't really makes sense!
  6. davejemmolly

    Petracca to miss Essendon Game

    Great news
  7. davejemmolly

    Memorabilia for sale

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a sporting memorabilia auction on the 13th March in Secret Harbour (WA). I've created a website to view the memorabilia, and take bids prior to the auction. its at www.rememberingtrev.com of note to you boys is a signed and framed Woewodin jumper, and hopefully should have a signed Barassi jumper in the next few days. Apologies for the blatant plug, but as its all for charity, I hope you don't mind! Cheers Dave