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  1. davejemmolly

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    I’ve long been intrigued by statements if this ilk on demonland and other supporter forums. Do you think that Goodwin and the rest of the team are thinking ‘Dave from Perth is cool with it’ so we just won’t try this week? is there some form of after training event where we all get together and give the players hugs and hand out flowers? if not for the fact that they get paid bloody well to play footy, they’ve all grown up being the ‘alpha dog’ in their footy clubs growing up and being used to winning, and the fact that as humans the player don’t want to see themselves on the back page of the paper being the recipient of cheap shots from the media, surely that’s motivation enough. i call BS that the willingness of any football punter to accept mediocrity / demand greatness has anything at all to do with an individual football teams levels of motivation, desire, and general attitude around wanting to win on a weekly basis. For the record, I reckon we’ll beat the Eagles this week. Go dees
  2. davejemmolly

    Goody and the Ferrari?

    I understand where you're coming from mate, and I completely agree. It's long been said that you're only as good as your bottom six, and sadly, our bottom six have been found wanting when the spotlight has been on us this year. That being said, my goals for the club aren't as lofty as some. Despite desperately wanting us to play well and make finals, perhaps being from Perth, I don't have the time / water cooler investment than a lot of you 'dyed in the wool' have. A few years ago, we were unwatchable, and at that time, all I wanted was to still be in the game at half time. As we got, better, all I wanted to was to be in the game at 3/4 time, then around the place at full time. Then I wanted us to stop having the 'melbourne' losses, against dockers etc (St Kilda this year not withstanding). Clearly we're on the right track. Our top end talent is all under 25, and pleasingly, falling over themselves to re-sign with the club for extended periods. Did I want to dominate 2018 and pinch a flag.. bloody oath i did. Am i devastated that Clarrie hasn't almost single handedly dragged us into the 4, not really. Given where we have been for the last 12 years, and the 50 before that, I can wait another year. Especially with the list we have, and the potential in that list.... so long as we're learning goody's lessons now. As much as I'd love a flag in 2018. I'll take 3 flags out of 6 between 2020 - 2025
  3. davejemmolly

    Goody and the Ferrari?

    I think you're being harsh on Jetta on this basis. Rarely beaten for mine!
  4. davejemmolly

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    Ryan nyhuis from Freo got three weeks for a similar tackle on Robbie gray I think. i remember at the time the commentary was similar ‘didn’t know the ball had jarred free’. didnt help him. Will be an interesting case for the afl of ‘first year rookie of an irrelevant club vs name player’ will get 2 weeks I reckon
  5. davejemmolly

    Jordan Roughhead

    According to AFL.com is out of contract with the dogs and no certainty to get a new one. Given our ruck cupboard seems relatively bare, is he worth a look, as a cheap insurance policy for the great man?
  6. Hey! Daniel Chick did it with a finger, and look what a ripper bloke he turned out to be!
  7. davejemmolly

    Two Dees in Top 5 of Coaches Votes

    Is it too soon to give Clarrie a 9 year contract (ala Franklin)? Pay him whatever, organise him a part time job at a box making factor, and give his girlfriend a job as well!
  8. davejemmolly

    Dees give up Booze

    I definitely remembering Woey saying he didn’t drink his entire Brownlow year
  9. davejemmolly

    Will 12 be enough

    Was just listening to Duck and Campbell Brown on AFL.com and they reckon that whilst a few weeks ago, it was accepted that you would make 13 wins to make the eight, with recent results, that 12 and a healthy percentage will get the job done. Thoughts? Edit - As an eternal optimist, I reckon we'll knock off cats, swans and gold coast, making this thread a moot point. I raised it, as one of the worlds great football thinkers (carey), a football savant if you will, was discussing it with the grand-daddy of modern thought (brown), and as such, I thought i'd relay it here. Also, I was bored of reading the 'go get gaff' thread, so I decided to start a new one!
  10. davejemmolly

    Ladder predictor

    No need to panic. i ran it with the kids this morning. They have us finishing second, after winning all remaining games! they may be slightly biased though, my little girls second team is North Melbourne, because they’ve got Melbourne in their name!
  11. davejemmolly

    Oliver's Weapons of Mass Distribution

    i suspect that he's underrated because most of his works is of the 'blink and you'll miss it' variety. He doesn't do the flashy Dusty palm off etc. Like all Dee's fans, I rate him as highly as everyone, and I'm still constantly surprised to see his total numbers at the end of each game. I reckon I only see half of them, and I know he's going to be there doing it!
  12. davejemmolly

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    I didn't think there was much in the Hawkins one to be honest, and I'd really thought that the AFL had decided on a 'just don't touch the umpires stance'. Appears that they've walked back from that a mere 6 days later
  13. Both Curnow boys have been referred to the tribunal for making contact with an umpire. This weeks keeps getting better!
  14. davejemmolly

    Salem to miss Saints

    Does this mean that ANB gets a reprieve? Trac in for Salem? Or wagner and trac in for salem and ANB?
  15. davejemmolly

    Collingwood vs Melbourne

    Without wanting to create a 'media hates us' palava, I've been moderately amused from afar the difference in the media reporting between the Dee's v Richmond game, and the Collingwood v Richmond game. (granted, I'm in perth, so this may have been well covered over there) Whilst I completely acknowledge that we were insipid against Hawthorn, which is a massive skew in this argument, but that aside, the dee's ran richmond into the 4th quarter, but when we lost by 40 odd points, we were labelled a debacle and 'the most frustrating team in the AFL'. Collingwood however ran Richmond into the last quarter, and lost by 40 odd points. All I've heard since, was how amazing the Pies were, that they've really showed what a great team they will be, that this needs to be the benchmark for how they should play etc etc. I guess its a theoretical question about how long do previous games impact peoples perception of a footy club? With the honourable loss against the cats (I'm not going to whack maxy again), and a Collingwoodesque sustained competitive effort against the tigers, are you allowed one crap game a year? Tigers certainly had one against the saints last year. Or, does that fact that we were crap against hawthorn, and then rolled over against the tiges, make us just crap (as many on here would attest). Or, if you put the hawks game aside, does this change ones perception of how our season is coming together? Apologies if this doesn't really makes sense!