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  1. When we beat the Tigers I will.....

    ...fully expect us to lose to the worst performing team out of Essendon, St Kilda, Gold Coast and Carlton in the games following and be 6-3 after 9 games.
  2. Training 19/4

    Thankyou, Sir Humphrey.
  3. Training 19/4

    I have no idea what this means.
  4. Welcome Johnnie Walker (we all need you!)

    Some useless trivia: Demonwiki's list of players for Melbourne includes a George Walker (who played between 1914 and 1921) and, of course, Max Walker. But no John Walker, Johnnie Walker or, indeed, any other Walker.
  5. List of shockers in past two seasons.

    One wonders why you keep reading and posting in it, then. For anyone who cares to look more closely, you might find there's possibly a trend which might be useful for the coaches to consider. I appreciate that the opening post is subjective in determining what a "shocker" might be, but I find it interesting that there's a consistent theme of "shockers" occurring every 4 or 5 games. This may be due to a number of different things, such as injuries, weather conditions, travel and consecutive short breaks...but proper analysis should be able to account for those which might tell us that perhaps the players have been getting ahead of themselves too often. Coaching is not just about gameplan, fitness and player's physical development. It's also about understanding how your players are thinking and why.
  6. Training 19/4

    In the second half of the Hawthorn game it looked like Gawn was mounting a one-man protest. He seemed to be doing things that were not consistent with what the rest of the team was doing, such as tapping the ball to no-one or trying to roost the ball when he kicked it with no apparent method. Given the poor performance of the team, though, it was difficult to tell whether his message was for the players trying to get them more involved or whether it was to the coach to fix something structurally.
  7. Training 19/4

    Hilarious non-story from SEN about Tom McDonald including this gem: "According to SEN news breaker Sam McClure, the 25-year-old’s rehab is going according to plan..." Wow. That's breaking news?
  8. Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    The one thing that didn't seem to be a problem last weekend was inconsistency within the game. We were consistently bad for much more of the game than usual.
  9. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    My suspicion is that those people actually only think there are three (ie, no ABC or SBS).
  10. Changes v Richmond

    I have serious doubts about the criteria used by Champion Data to measure flubbing it.
  11. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    What proportion of TVs in use don't have access to 7Mate? I would have thought very few, if any. The bigger problem - and this goes for all games on any night - is what it is up against across all TV networks. I accept that there is a certain inertia among viewers who seem incapable of tearing themselves away from the "main channels", but as long as 7 promotes on its main channel that the football is on 7Mate (and whether they will do that remains to be seen), I can't see people not knowing that it's on if they want to watch it.
  12. Training 19/4

    While I support the call for a cautious approach, for all we know we may already be doing that by holding him back until the Essendon game.
  13. Training 19/4

  14. Shepherding the man on the mark

    I like your thinking, though what would likely happen is that the player with the ball would take the advantage and play on. Same effect though in that (1) the game progresses as it would have and (2) the AFL will have to step in and amend the rule because the tackling by the man on the mark of his opponent will be a blight on the game, particularly if the player who is attacked retaliates.
  15. Power Clubs have Training & Social Facilities Together

    A post which explains quite well why you call yourself "don't make me angry". I recommend a Bex and a good lie down.