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  1. La Dee-vina Comedia

    AFLX Revamped

    No. Which is why AFLX doesn't work with AFL teams. It's meaningless. And the AFL needs to be very careful that the meaningless product doesn't drag down the premium product with it. That's cricket's big risk with BBL cricket. I still think there's a role for the AFLX game. But not with professional AFL players. Just like there's a role for Auskick. It can be used to introduce non-AFL jurisdictions to AFL.
  2. La Dee-vina Comedia

    "demonland masthead"

    It's taken me a while to come to this view but I reckon we should just let Andy do whatever he likes with the banner. He maintains the site for us and as such I think he should be given carte blanch to do whatever he wants with the banner. It's not like he's going to do something stupid and inconsistent with a Demons supporter site. Go on Andy, do your best. PS: Obviously he doesn't need our permission to do it. I just want the rest of us to respect his efforts and leave him alone to do what he wishes.
  3. La Dee-vina Comedia

    AFLX Revamped

    Care factor? Below Collingwood. Here's the point of it all...I suspect "super hero theme" is code for players linked to the Marvel franchise. What a surprise.
  4. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Play of the Year - 2018

    Who would have believed just two years ago that the players named above would have even been able to do this?
  5. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    Why would our players be holding a clamp? And what would they use it for?
  6. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Ab-Fab Harmes

    I'm old enough to remember sportsmen being derided for suggesting their teammates give up smoking.
  7. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Ab-Fab Harmes

    I hope those in out team who are not tattooed continue to refrain. Not because of any moral or visual concern I have, but because of this. Given players and clubs go to the extreme in trying to get any sports science edge they can get, it seems foolish to me to do something which may have this negative effect on high performance athletes. I probably seem a bit like the coach who told his players not to smoke in the 1970s. But the logic is the same...except you can quit smoking whereas you can't remove tattoos. (I realise there are exceptions to both those claims.)
  8. La Dee-vina Comedia

    2019 Membership

    Collingwood-speak for "We don't know how many members we have because we can't count"
  9. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Training - Wednesday, 5th December 2018

    My strict rules about attending training is that I don't go if it's over 30, under 15, if it's sunny, windy, wet or on any day with a y in it. Other than that, I'm dead keen.
  10. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Does Height matter that much?

    I would have thought the link between numbers of players' of a certain height and a measure of success is likely to be tenuous. However, I note that there are six teams with 3 or fewer players over 200 cm. Four of those teams have won the last four Premierships. The other two teams have recently played in Preliminary finals. If there is a link (which I still doubt) I'll guess that it's because the teams with four or more 200+ cm players have more of that height on their list than they need because they're not happy with what they've got and are still trying to find the right 200+ cm players.
  11. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Every day not Sunday?

    One man's graveyard is another man's pleasure dome. I quite like the 3.20 slot but dislike the 1.10 pm start as it takes out the whole day. And I still don't like Thursday nights (with the exception of the Thursday before Good Friday and Anzac Eve, should it fall on a Thursday).
  12. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Training - Wednesday, 5th December 2018

    To steal from Denis Cometti, it looks like they travelled alphabetically.
  13. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Training - Wednesday, 5th December 2018

    Possibly related to 3AWs Rumour File which today had a story about an unnamed AFL player who is developing a new type of players' helmet? The clip didn't confirm the identity of the club or player, though.
  14. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    Every time I go to Adelaide I have to remind myself to put my watch back 30 minutes plus 20 years.
  15. La Dee-vina Comedia

    2019 Membership

    To close the loop, I have today renewed my membership by phone. I also discussed with helpful staff member the difficulty of MCC members renewing online on the MFC website and had it confirmed that we have to do it through the MCC website. I suggested that the MFC website could include this information. In all seriousness, the club should be making it simple for all categories of member to renew. It's basic business knowledge that retaining a customer (or, in this case a member) is easier than finding a new one.