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  1. Robbo (Mark) doesn't think we'll make finals

    That qualifies for deep, analytical, thoughtful analysis in Robbo's world.
  2. New MFC facility?

    But what if it doesn't? One of the big problems with clubs (and not just AFL clubs) is the willingness of Directors to mortgage a club's future using the argument that "we might be paying up now but we will recoup the costs and more when we win". Over the journey I've seen this happen time and again. Ranald MacDonald did it with the "New Magpies" and nearly bankrupted that club; and we did it in the mid-80s using the emotional argument that we had to give Robbie Flower a chance to play finals.
  3. Melbourne reveal plans to unleash Jesse Hogan into midfield mix

    Confirmed? By whom?
  4. Millionaire Ex-Demon

    Meanwhile, the equivalent discussion on the Collingwood supporters' discussion board is whether Centrelink payments have kept pace with the price of ready to drink Southern Comfort and Coke.
  5. Melbourne reveal plans to unleash Jesse Hogan into midfield mix

    It's hardly news. We've done this previously, albeit intermittently, with some success. In the past it seems to have been Plan B when Hogan isn't otherwise getting near the ball.
  6. Preseason Training Week commencing 19 February 2018

    Somewhat ironic that so many words have been written on this thread about the meaning of 'laconic'.
  7. Millionaire Ex-Demon

    I thought the GFC was the Geelong Football Club. (Just trying to bring this thread back to football. Arguing over past international economic events doesn't seem to belong here.)
  8. Christian Petracca Re-Signs Until End of 2020

    Petracca has more powerful arms.
  9. Preseason Training Week commencing 19 February 2018

    So, you're confident that the large number of players brought in from other clubs can be woven seamlessly into the fabric of Port Adelaide? I'm not so sure. Each of those players comes with learned behaviours (cultural, game style, etc) which has to fit in with PAs. Because of this, I think what PA has done is a high-risk strategy and I'm not confident they can make it work this year. Next year, however, (assuming they don't get scared in the meantime and dump Ken Hinkley) might see the pay-off.
  10. 2018 Leadership Group

    Just a thought about Tom McDonald. I wonder whether the expected permanent shift from defender to forward means he has to re-learn his craft which might be seen as requiring enough work that it prevents him (in either his or the football department's eyes) from also taking on a leadership role?
  11. 2018 Leadership Group

    What's not to like. And they have 4 Premierships between them.
  12. According to the stats our midfield is below average

    They might sully their brand but nonsense like this presumably helps sell the AFL Prospectus. Whether Champion Data gets a commission on sales or whether they just need for there to be enough sales for the AFL to want to keep publishing the Prospectus, Champion Data's interest in this case is still the numbers, but this time one that's written with a dollar sign at the beginning.
  13. Preseason Training Week commencing 19 February 2018

    Because he had a contract Mr Watts had to agree before he was traded. If he hadn't agreed he would still be at the club. (Doesn't mean he would play seniors footy in 2018, though, if he had stayed.)
  14. Preseason Training Week commencing 19 February 2018

    Do you understand what a contract is? You've been a serial de-lister who doesn't seem to understand that if a player has a contract, the club has an obligation to honour that contract.

    I find AFLX so meaningless* that I spent the whole of WJs report wondering why 1964 was a prime number. I then observed multiple references to prime numbers that are not actually prime numbers littered through his story. And like AFLX, I'm still none the wiser. (*I think it's meaningless in the context of the AFL season. However, I think it's possibly a very good idea for taking the game international, including north of the Murray).