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  1. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Thanks Cameron Pedersen

    I've been wondering what he might do next. What sort of Masters degree has he earned? (And doesn't he own a shirt with collar and sleeves he could have worn to this event?)
  2. La Dee-vina Comedia

    No Massive Goalsquare in 2019

    I suspect so, but defenders would have to be able to move at the speed of light because they will be some way back from the end of the goal square (as happens now). So, unless the umpire has called play on, the defender won't be able to get near the kicker. Pretty much what happens now with the dinky little "kick-to-self".
  3. La Dee-vina Comedia


    That's a very indirect route for Jesse to take to get home to Perth. The only way I could see this happening is if Hogan is so desperate to leave the MFC he'll go anywhere, and nothing I've heard or read suggests this is the case.
  4. Plus Wagner and Fritsch. You could possibly throw in vandenBerg, too, although perhaps that's Dutch.
  5. La Dee-vina Comedia

    The Cheese Thread

    This thread needs...
  6. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Farewell Dean Kent

    And he mightn't get into the midfield if he doesn't do something to improve his disposal on his non-preferred. This was also a problem for Viney and Tyson, but while neither are particularly good on their right foot, both seem to have improved significantly in the last 12 months.
  7. La Dee-vina Comedia

    No Massive Goalsquare in 2019

    Having thought about this further, I can understand they wanted to get rid of the "kick-to-self" because it looks (and is) pointless. But I think the better option would be to ban it by requiring the designated kicker to kick the ball from within the goal square a minimum of 15 metres. A failure to do so would be a free kick to the opposition.
  8. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Ignoring for the moment whether it's actually Josh Mahoney's call, I completely disagree. Trading (plus free agency) is not about individual deals but the final outcome. By any measure the overall result of our list management in the last few years has been outstanding.
  9. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Farewell Dean Kent

    But he wasn't, couldn't and therefore wasn't.
  10. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    I think supporters place players into two categories. Those who were drafted with early picks are considered not to have had a choice about who they play for and are therefore not deemed to owe the club that drafted them anything. On the other hand, players selected with late draft or rookie picks are considered to have been lucky to be drafted at all, and therefore expected to owe something to the club that selected them. In this particular instance, I'm impressed with the mature way the club handled his personal situation. They didn't threaten him or cast him aside when he wanted to consider his options. Instead, it appears they made him feel that they cared for his best interests which may well have encouraged him to stay.
  11. La Dee-vina Comedia

    The Cheese Thread

    While I prefer players who can spread and withstand pressure, my taste in cheese is the opposite - I like it hard and crumbly, like a good cheddar. PS: And if it comes out of a spray can, it might spread, but it isn't cheese. It's just emulsified fat with some form of yellow colouring.
  12. I wonder if North supporters would be arguing the opposite? I know Tyson played more games than Preuss in 2018 but on a needs basis, I think it's arguable that we need Preuss more than they need Tyson.
  13. La Dee-vina Comedia

    No Massive Goalsquare in 2019

    Now that's a novel description, although I have no idea who you are referring to.
  14. There's too much sense in this post.
  15. La Dee-vina Comedia

    Maxy Tops Robbo's Top 50

    I'll bet Brayshaw wasn't in Robbo's draft top 50 prior to Brownlow night.