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  1. Hogan and Brayshaw don't make the list because it's based on 2017 performance. And for those wondering about the age of the players the article makes quite clear that player must be 22 or under for the whole of the season, including finals. In other words, anyone who doesn't have their 23rd birthday until Sunday 1 October is eligible for consideration.
  2. It's called conditioning.
  3. Check the date for the millionth time to make sure it's not actually April 1
  4. Changes versus Collingwood

    I think I might have found a flaw in this argument. If Goodwin has already worked out what Watts needs to play at his best, why is Watts playing in the VFL?
  5. Changes versus Collingwood

    It's a bit hard to believe that Collingwood doesn't already have enough information to decide whether Buckley will be re-appointed for 2018. In other words, the performance of the team or the coach shouldn't make a difference if Collingwood was a well-run club. But it obviously isn't, so it's conceivable that this game might actually make a difference to that decision. Which might make it more problematic for us than it otherwise should.
  6. Changes versus Collingwood

    Yes and no. Agree with the changes, but I think Watts should stay forward and Neal-Bullen should play more on the ball. In other words, Watts takes ANB's role and ANB takes Stretch's. ANB has been a more than useful linkman and plays better in and around the midfield than he does as a pure forward, the role he played last Sunday. And Salem plays Wagner's wingman role (unless Brayshaw does and Salem takes Brayshaw's HBF role).
  7. Innovative Club

    Having invented Australian football, I see the club has now created the new game of "lawn bows green". Not sure whether it involves arrows, ribbons or bending at the waste. Sounds like fun, though.
  8. The Legend of Fred Fanning

    This year Josh Kennedy, who's missed a few games, is leading the Coleman Medal race with 64 goals. I miss the days of key forwards regularly kicking over 100 in a season.
  9. Changes versus Collingwood

    According to the AFL website, time on ground for Brayshaw was 63%, which compares with Wagner (62%), Stretch (66%) and Tyson (68%) as the others in the 60s. Other nominal onballers were Melksham (85), Jones (85), Lewis (85), Oliver (75), Petracca (78) and Neal-Bullen (84). I can appreciate that Wagner and Stretch might have had their time shortened due to their performance, but I can't understand why Brayshaw and Tyson played unders. (Cue Tyson critics...)
  10. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    I thought all those 50 metre penalties were correctly paid. But... 1. There were two to us that seemed identical which were not paid. I can't remember the details, but one was a marked ball punched away and the other was holding on too long after a mark. 2. The rules which require that a 50 metre penalty be paid might themselves need to be re-considered.
  11. Changes versus Collingwood

    I think you'll find that was Hunt. Except I think Rockliff tagged Hunt, not the other way around. Essentially a nil-all draw. (I know Rockliff kicked a goal, but he was not nearly as damaging as usual.)
  12. Changes versus Collingwood

    I'd rather we focused on the possibility that it may be our Elimination Final.
  13. Worrying Stats

    As stated by Biffen above, our game style regularly leaves us with few options forward. This means once we get the ball we handball sideways a lot to allow others to stream forward. But credit should also go to the opposition. They know we want to play on at every opportunity and put pressure on the ball carrier which often requires a handpass rather than a kick because it's quicker, easier and generally safer (in that it hits a target) to do under pressure compared with kicking the ball.
  14. My 3 word player analysis V Brisbane

    One could, but one would be wrong. At least, not on his own. 19 players in the first half (Jones, Melksham and Hogan being the notable exceptions) almost lost us the game.