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  1. 640MD

    3 Young Dees Recommit

    18 quarters in a row sweet loving it Go Dees
  2. 640MD

    Five in a Row so far ?

    Moderators perhaps merge this please
  3. 640MD

    Five in a Row so far ?

    Well I didn't expect that ! 5 in a row How many more this year, we could still have it going up until the Geelong game. When has it been better, I can remember the finals run in 87, fantastic stuff, and the run where we had to beat Colling wood on their dungheap in the last game, and essendon (or someone) lost or drew when they should have won easily. My memory is like the hair on my head failing badly. In any case When have we had a better run of wins. Go Dees I'm lining up for the finals tickets next week !!!
  4. 640MD

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Your right could not be any footy club I know. 3Rd bottom now that would be normal. Well it was
  5. 640MD

    What Champion Data Think

    Talking football and Melbourne's success at the moment, with two supporters of other clubs, they both know Gawn and Petracca but both had no clue as to how good or quick Clarry is. Just an interesting point I thought. Go Dees
  6. 640MD

    2018 Membership Thread

    Given the side play as they have in the last two or three weeks The magic 45 might be close, watch all the old supporters come out if we are 8 and 3 half way
  7. 640MD

    Changes vs Adelaide

    I only saw it on the screen but they showed it couple of times I did not see his head hit but I might be biased
  8. 640MD

    Changes vs Adelaide

    So he should play, Contact was to Daisys chest not above shoulder and Daisy to his credit bounced off his bum straight back up, no staging 2 guys going for the pill. neither hurt play on
  9. 640MD

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    The party should be this evening while we are all glued to the telly watching the royal shindig. On all channels too I think, we are truely blessed to be a part of the British Empire. More tea vicar!
  10. 640MD

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    A question without notice my machine says its 957 pages, nowhere near the millenium so whats special about 960 Go Dees
  11. 640MD

    Quarters Won

    A4 quarter effort And kick 4 goals s quarter will win far more games than you lose
  12. 640MD

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    I hope no one from Box Hill Hawks wants to be a hero for 15 minutes of fame But then Viney is not a 17 year old kid anymore and Box Hill is a long way from Geelong
  13. 640MD

    Oscar In Contract Extension Discussions

    Last year I hated watching OMac play, this year he deserves his spot playing excellent footy if he keeps improving at this rate he will be as good as TMac. Fantastic
  14. 640MD

    Peter Jackson stepping down

    It’s not often you want to quote or like every second post the respect this man has gained while here at Melbourne is immense. hardly new who or what he was at the start now most supporters will never forget his contributions outstanding thanks PJ
  15. 640MD

    What is the Weid's role

    Ok I can agree he has improved showed a bit yesterday and while pedo is a bit heavier and hits packs harder Weideman has him covered in potential and youth. Don’t think he was best 22 at the start of this season but natural improvement will mean he will be at the end. Might be very important if we make September Once again the FD and others on this site are smarter or have more footy nous than me. So be it Go Dees