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  1. 640MD

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    2 points come on sainters!!
  2. 640MD

    I barracked for Collingwood today.

    Bobby Mac you can be my friend, I understand your reasoning just think it’s wasted MFCSS think we will end 9th though if Sydney can beat GWS .... we almost caught Sydney while playing shite all day, The mind boggles can we win the last too ? Go Dees funny redults all over the place come on StKilda!!
  3. 640MD

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Buy your membership. You can say what you like and vent any anger, you have paid for the privilege. If your not a member of the club there is no right. On this site if you don’t agree. Don’t read it! Easy stuff. personel vindictive comments are a waste of time. I post what I like, makes me feel better! i do not give a flying eff what anyone else thinks about me. However I do enjoy reading the differing opinions on how or why we lost or won. They are always more thoughtful than I can put together. Hope we win no expectations. Go dees
  4. 640MD

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    Blimey you must have gone to the same matches as I did. Cannot remember it being any better in the early 70’s, but we were very poor then, i have umpired at a much much lower level, it is difficult but the first instinct is usually correct. There are rules they do not apply anymore. Go back to the basics it’s not rugby with a rolling scrum, though that’s what it seems sometimes, Good luck Dees, cannot remember too many wins over there though Jeff Farmer comes to mind, who can play like him, Go Dees
  5. 640MD

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Agree players need an incentive sometime apart from the Eagle crapping in their hand each week. Whatever incentive works use it. It will end up to the players advantage as well Go Dees everything crossed but not hopeful.
  6. 640MD

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    You may well be right, Its blasphemy I know, but.........I used to think the same about Neita's last 30 odd games ....didn't happen Pick a side of fit and hungry players look to these finals not the ones we might never make anyway, no experiments or gifting of games to get experience. Win the bloody game !! fingers, toes, legs, and eyes all crossed, hope we perform well and win, Go Dees !!
  7. 640MD

    My 3 word player analysis V Swans

    Come the next day yes Life Does Go On feel a little better. Still a shite game against a shite shite side. With everything to play for. We were crap ! Go dees
  8. 640MD

    What is the point?

    A poor start but not disastrous 2 shite quarters. Then they decide to have a go, do the players ever get angry? Or is it a case of just putting your hand out each and every week ?
  9. 640MD

    What is the point?

    I know how you feel. Just been doing it longer. It’s like a very bad habit. Does not do you any good but you keep coming back. MFCSS should kick in hard now for the last 2 games, Don’t need to go to the finals now. I saw enough today. 2 games for the year another donation to the club in 2019
  10. 640MD

    Melbourne and Matthews

    Depends. Whether he was talking about the thug or the thumped!
  11. 640MD

    Melksham Injures Hamstring

    Does that mean your available for selection?
  12. 640MD

    Melksham Injures Hamstring

    FFS. We really have been caught kissing the goat. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. GO DEES !!
  13. 640MD

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Who knows how much Lyon knows might be just guessing or blowing off wind! But unless JV is fully fit and over the problem foot. I would put him away for this year. Too much up side for next year he needs to start putting pressure on it very soon or give up on this year. And we need to plan and cope with that possibility. Go Dees
  14. This year, even last year, but more importantly the years in front of us. Are the ones to savour. So, So much better than the shite of pre PROOS, we might have tried back then but no future. Now we have a future thanks to PR and PJ we will continue losing quarters and giving up leads. But please enjoy the winning bits and hate the fade outs but smile going to the footy. Think I got there only once this year the rest on the TV or phone app. It is time to smell the roses but watch out for the thorns and bees. GO DEES !!
  15. 640MD

    The Age: Dare to Dream

    Your not there till your there it’s all pissin wind up until you get there. Agree totally with the quote. still it’s more enjoyable than looking at the number one draft pick and who we might choose ! Enjoy. If you can. GO DEES !!