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  1. David Schwarz

    One !! he came back from 3 and when ever he played it was with his heart on his sleave, Played like his life depended on it. He was one player who played for the supporters as they would have liked and if he stuffed up he was ass hard on himself as any sipporter (intentional) Well that's how I saw him. Go Dees
  2. David Schwarz

    Thanks for the video, We had a fantastic side back then one forgets how great. and how solid Glenn Lovett and Steve Tingay were but the no 5 was something else entirely. I hope our present No 5 watches this stuff Go Dees !!!
  3. Melbourne goal sneak Jeff Garlett is working closely his Demons teammate Dion Johnstone during an off-season visit to the south-west. Can someone put up please a link to a Warrnambool Standard (the local rag) article last Saturday about Jeff Garlett and Dion Johnstone training here in bool . Couple of good photos in the two articles in the paper as well. Thanks. Reads very well.
  4. Who is going onto the Banner?

    To the Demonland not trying to increase your work load, don't know anything at all about IT design, but it would be an interesting project Good Luck
  5. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Don't knoiw much about the amount of work time or effort that goes into editing the banner, but this is a good idea worth thinking about. As another thought what about a random change with a past player being seen on the banner Barrassi, Robbie, Greg Parkes, Ray Biffen, Crackers, Jacko, what an assortment of goodies !!
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    It's a pity Watts has gone, deserved a kick in the backside. But little more ! Fault is probably on both player and clubs side i will remember his efforts against the pies where he kicked the winning goal and then a short time later tapped the ball over the line to deny the magpies goal! that was just so great. Pity he is gone good luck Jack. Let's move on!
  7. 2017 Post Mortem

    Great post, I also think we made a mistake in playing some players to get experience, though Omac now almost deserved his spot (he has courage) but we lost games and percentage in giving experience. I hope next year we shove that habit and play best 22 and aim to win all matches let them learn at Casey. Still a better year but a bitter taste in the mouth!

    Hogan and stretch and Ben ken ontetesting Viney out foot
  9. Round 21 - Non MFC Matches

    Want to get in But, do not want to get in because others played poorly, I want the Dees in the 8 because we played well, If / when we get in I Want a side that has a red hot go, don't care if we might lose a final, but to be out there as training cones would be a real insult, come on Dees prove the earlier result against the sainters was not an aberration, but the insight to the next few years Go Dees
  10. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    First picked in the State side when we were very poor says it all,, no one better in the league at the time he was playing
  11. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    Yes can understand this bit games that just should not have been lost, either through team selection or team "turning up to play" thrown away, quarters of football where no goal was scored, shitfull only need 4 a quarter will win most matches. and putting "time" into project players instead of winning more games. They should stay at Casey and get experience there. My opinion anyway but OMac is getting better each game, but some of his early ones made me wince Go Dees
  12. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    I enjoyed the ride this year, as I did last year. but the ending leaves a sour taste in the mouth, like a love affair. Poor ending and don't really know how I feel. Carn a DEES
  13. Where was everyone?

    And this week I'm going to Melbourne and the sides playing in bleeding Tasmania its just not fair !!
  14. Places not to go as a dees fan

    1987 2000 all the same you have been hiding all your adult life well since I was sixteen, never been to a match, never been a member. ENJOY THE RIDE PEOPLE, tell em all to shove it, be proud and loud, we have had the shite times, enjoy the good times, especially if you were in the cheer squad as early as I was. (early 70s late 60s) Go Dees Give em HELL !!
  15. Where was everyone?

    Made the C change to try and retire . It's working but slow. So we are 3 hours drive to the city. We get family membership, which has allowed me to infiltrate the minds of 4 simple young impressionable souls. And seeing we win more this year the job is done . But I only get to about 3 matches if I'm lucky, so it's s donation but at least I can answer yes I'm a bloody member even if you can't Hear me yell and swear at the umps from the MCG plus I ride all the bumps. The other punters must think I'm demented . Go Dees. Time to pass copious amounts of personal water on norf melbum