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  1. 20 Great Games

    Great list but my best would be rd7 2008 vs fremantle. 51 pts down in the 3rd qtr and we got up and won by 7 pts. Millars best game, strong all day , just pushed over dockers all day. Aussie Wonaeamirri terrific last qtr, Robbo marked everything and kicked well also in the last qtr. And you just had to love Daveys run and long gaol in the third. Its a pity only 19400 people bothered to go, we lost $6000 but got the 4pts. When the Dees go bad and I need a pickup this is the game I put on.
  2. MRP for Hogan and Lewis

    I don't know who will get what, but I do know the Lewis one was STUPID. As a result of a contest to see who can [censored] up a wall higher, and the wrestling continued, the umpire threw up the ball in the center of the ground, and we only had THREE to contest the ball up. And guess who did the ruck work? Yes our premier ruckman number 13, Oliver. How professional was that? STUPID. By the way they easiely won the center clearance.
  3. Changes for Round 2 v Carlton

    Wasn't it Riewoldt involved in the dislocating of Smiths shoulder on the boundry line? I seem to remember it was also Riewoldt involved in TMac shoulder in the opposite pocket on the boundry line a couple of years ago. Isnt karma a [censored].[a female dog]
  4. Jimmy Stynes ... 5 years on

    I cant help but think the making of Jim into the elite footballer he became was that day at Waverly. He ran across the mark and for the rest of his career he overcame that event. He would have become a great player without that event, but he didn't let it get the better of him. I believe the MFC got the better of the day for the rest of his footy and admin career.
  5. JLT Round 2 vs. Carlton at Casey Fields

    Can somebody answer me this. During the second qtr Thomas took a mark on the behind line, theirs, [ I thought it was thru before he marked it] He then walked over the line and played on over the out of bounds line. I thought if you went over the behind line you had to come back into play between the posts NOT around the point post. The gaol was allowed. Am I reading this rule right?
  6. Post Match Thread vs. Doggies

    Two things that havnt been mentioned, We played the game at the premiers home ground, a big benefit to them. And in the season proper there are no 9 pointers. As they kicked 2 that would be 6 points less they scored in the season proper. We were rusty but looked the most dangerous for most of the game. We need to finish out our quarters.
  7. The 17-5 season

    fifty- 5 reports that big footy says all teams play 17 games, then teams 13-18 are finished for the year. Great so those 6 teams get gate and sponsor revenue loss so not only do you get kicked out of the comp you get to lose money also. What about keeping it simple, play 34 games home and away. Get rid of the preseason games, bye and move the finals back a couple of weeks. Start the season now, run 34 weeks and play the finals, save another week by only have a final 6. And if anybody says that is too many games for the players limit the total number player can play in the h&a season to 26. As the meerkat says SIMPLE EH.
  8. The 17-5 season

    If the 17/5 system was in place in 1987 goodbye to Robbie playing in a finals game. Goodbye to the DEES flying home winning their last 7 games. Goodbye to thrilling last game at Footscray. I can still remember the feeling when Hawthorn hit the front at Geelong. WE WERE IN THE FINIALS. Please don't take away that feeling and have us or anybody else playing for nothing in the final 5 rounds. Boy if we have seen teams rest many players before, you aint seen nothing yet. Tanking will become an art form.
  9. The 17-5 format

    As far as I can make out the 17-5 format means, all teams play each other once in the first 17 rounds. Then they divide up into 3 groups to play the final 5 rounds. Nos 1-6 play off for top 6, nos 7-12 for nos 7-12 and nos 13-18 play off for aspros. If you finish 13 only % behind 12 or even 11 you cannot play finals even if you finish higher than 12 after round 22. So you couldn't get a 1987 type year where we won our last 7 games and snuck into the finals on % alone. What use is the last 5 rounds for nos 13-18? No chance of finals no matter where you finish. And this is good for football!

    Did anybody else notice the large number of DEES supporters at the membership tent before the game? Hope they were signing up for 3 game memberships.

    First, we need to bring the same effort next week or yesterday was just another loss. If north don't win a flag this year or next they are toast. We will have a better list and future. North got home on the backs of their 30plus year old veterans and not much from anybody else, because they don't have anybody else. Where is their Oliver, Viney, Salem Brayshaw or Pretacca?

    Was at the game last saturday, we were lazy, spiritless and dumb, that I can take because we were. But to have experts rave on about the baby bombers Please take a look at the facts drawn from the footy record. Druggies av age 26.7 Melb. 24.5 av. games 84 67.5 Those stats shouldn't excuse the pathetic effort, but could somebody please check their statements, and at least try to be accurate. . PS Hogan has kicked 1 more goal this year than Daniher.
  13. Boo Hoo

    At the end of the day we walked away with a pretty bad loss. it was horrible to watch. Walking out of the G an Essendon supporter got in my face and told me to go back to the snow. I looked him in the face and told him overly loudly " we might have been beaten today but Essendon are drug cheats forever." I thought he was going to floor me but calmer heads prevailed.i
  14. Casey Scorpions Off Season News

    Watched both the development and senior games and there was a player I liked for Casey. Can anybody tell me anything about no. 25 McInerney. He was the ruckman in the dev. game and played well. A big lump of a bloke who didn't mind getting down when the ball didn't clear the centre pack. His ruckwork was good and he hit to advantage a lot.
  15. Punt Road Oval

    Yes Red and blue Beard sadly its true. Announced by the state government and I confirmed it with my state member. So your suggesting my wife and I walk from Punt road to the present Royal arcade in all weathers and time of night. We will be 75 when it is completed[ if on time] Simple really, just a light jog at 11 oclock at night. Why must ALL grounds in Melbourne have to be within spitting distance of one another? What I am trying to say is Melbourne does not stop at Punt road, you don't fall off the end of the earth if you venture east of punt road, like some Monty Python skit. As the MFC is one of the lower sides regarding crowds this new stadium would be aimed squarely at US. How would you like getting just one home game on the G each year, And every second year the ANZAC home ? I know I wouldn't as the G is the home of the Dees but with this new ground Punt road would be our new home.