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  1. What makes us turn off for half a game

    It seemed to me that GWS went man on man in the second quarter, our coaching box didn't respond, nor did our 'on field leaders'. In the third GWS stayed with what was working and again we didn't respond. I haven't checked the stats but it seemed to me goals against us were scored on the rebound from our turnovers. I would much prefer to see us making attacking mistakes than possession/defensive mistakes when we have the ball. I hope our slow response to the change in the game that GWS brought to the second quarter is more about a young team still jelling together than a problem in the coaching box.
  2. Tom McDonald needs to take a good hard look at himself.

    I too have been horrified by some of TMac's apparent brain fades over the years but today's game showed that when Tom has some good options in front of him he can deliver the ball beautifully and did so on many occasions in this game particularly in the last quarter when our forward line was open and on the move. I don't think he missed a target in the last half and his kicks were low and hard. Keep it up Tom.
  3. The Nathan Jones Contract

    Chip's old man said words to the same effect to me as we dined under the stars at Uluru a few nights after the Port game this year.
  4. 2015 Goal Kickers

    Good post Roger, all we have to arrange is a backline & midfield that will deliver like Hawthorn's and your prediction might be on the money
  5. Sam to wear number 17

    Prof, glad you mentioned Kelvin Clarke, a very good footballer and a real good bloke
  6. The Mitch Clark Thread

    Just "announced" on Offsiders that Mitch Clark has had a change of mind/heart and will go to MFC.
  7. TAC Cup Grand Final 2011

    TtM9 I saw more of Tomlinson because he seemed to be on our side of the ground most of the game and yes he made a crucial mistake which cost that vital goal, but he did way more good stuff and I do like players who can kick the ball. I marked down 6-7 from each side with Greene, Tyson, Mascitti and Pearce amongst Oakleigh and some of Sandy's talls, Darrou and Richards as almost AFL ready and Fallon and Seccull as handy. What about the standard of skills and the pace of the game.
  8. TAC Cup Grand Final 2011

    Travelled up from Gippsland today and met a friend who travelled almost as far from the other side of Melbourne at the TAC GF today. We were both pleasantly surprised at the high standard of skills on display by both teams, in particular the low penetrating kicks and the one grab marks under pressure. I havn't watched much junior footy of late and thought that the kicking had improved immeasurably over the last 3 years and my mate, a former Geelong player, now actively involved in junior and VCFL football agreed that what we saw in many cases today was superior to some AFL games in terms of low direct foot passing, kicking at pace and under pressure and the scoreboard tells us, accurate set shots for goal. Viney was a standout. His attack on the ball would be a lesson to many AFL players. He is listed at 178cms and 77 kgs, DOB 13 April 1994, making him one of the younger players on the ground. He thoroughly deserved his "BOG trophy" and along with Adam Tomlinson (192cms & 86kgs) impressed as two of the best Oakleigh Chargers. From the Sandy Dragons I liked the look of Jackson Paine(193kg & 87kgs), Alex Woodward(179cms & 79kgs) and Jackson Coleman(196cms & 91kgs). Loved the game and will make it a must see game each year to get a heads up on a few of the promising kids running around in junior grade. Would like to see other comments.
  9. MFC training @ Inverloch 15/2/2011

    In match play drills he was playing defender and as i said earlier looks in ripping shape, was moving well and has a good hoof. I didn't see any reason why he would not be given a run.
  10. MFC training @ Inverloch 15/2/2011

    While i don't follow the local comps closely, they seem to have the usual country footy club ups and downs, dependent mainly on good players moving around with employment etc. hard to keep a good group together for any period of time. i seem to recall they played finals last year. Their facilities are good enough and there was a very good turn out of locals at the ground yesterday.
  11. MFC training @ Inverloch 15/2/2011

    Scully was mingling while the group were preparing for training but disappeared when the action started.
  12. MFC training @ Inverloch 15/2/2011

    Jordie was there and training but i didn't see much of him
  13. MFC training @ Inverloch 15/2/2011

    I don't think he will be up to Frawley's versatility but he has handled some very good opposition in the past and if he continues to improve with the rest of the group he should make our 22 Petterd was there, but did not stand out to me. For one of the last drills they split into 2 groups of 2 each group at opposite goal ends, I saw him pull on a green top for match play drills but did not notice him in my half of the ground.
  14. G'day Demonlanders, just joined your ranks today after watching the Demons training at Inverloch yesterday. A few observations: this training/community camp is a huge travelling circus there does not appear to be 1 general in command but rather a number of dedicated support people who make this happen and come together seemlessly on time bailey does not adopt a large profile but is the centre of things some of the local kids/players invited to join in all but the match practice drills, and loving it of course, and not letting anyone down it must be said the whole session showed an emphasis on good clean kicking and ball handling with very few bloopers all players look finely tuned and well cut and are rearing to go, why wouldn't you be at this time of year wona is trying hard to catch up with the rest of the group running lap after lap at a punishing clip dunn and mac also running laps trengove did not join main group scully there early did not strip for training some impressive looking young kids who i did not recognise watts had a terrific session, involved in everything, vocal and in some drills marshalling his forward line with barks of instruction and encouragement tapscot looks fantastic, ready to go i would think, but can he play at this level?, we will know soon enough green setting the pace in run throughs maloney and jones solid but quiet blease being groomed for the backline warnock looks in great shape bartrum moving well and no kicking clangers grimes had a good session and was vocal martin looks fantastic but seemed troubled, no, annoyed with right hamstring jurrah seemed to cruise through the whole session, no critisism probably just the way thoroughbreds look in work bate trim and fast in drills sylvia looks a class above everyone else in everything he does The session began at 9.30am, I came away at 11am feeling very positive and from my observations 2010 to 2011 at this time of year it looks as though the whole group have risen from vfl to afl, bigger, harder, faster etc. Anxious for the real thing to start