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  1. deejammin'

    MFC Cactus for the rest of 2018

    I think it has become one of the great myths that Geelong just magically flicked a switch and created a dynasty in 2007. In 2004 and 2005 that group played finals and won two finals across the two years. The group had a shocker in 2006 and 2007 was a rebound from that but a lot of that group had finals experience and the club had been through a sustained period of making, playing in and winning finals. For all the hype about the talent on our list and how good we look when we play our best our club hadn’t made finals in 12 years, only one player on our list has played in finals in the past 5 years and none of our young group has had regular experience in pressure cooker games. Things like Queens birthday will happen, our main concern should be winning enough to make finals so our young group can build their experience. From there who knows we could pull off a Bulldogs or a Richmond? But Geelong in 2007 was built on the back of years of grind not a magical switch flick. From here, lose to Port and we’re back with the pack, beat Port and we’re four wins from finals with games against St Kilda, Freo, Gold Coast and the Bulldogs in the second half of our year. It’s not all doom and gloom, we could’ve set our season up against the pies and it was bitterly dissappointing but unless we lose to St Kilda in 3 weeks time we’re on track to improve on last year and make finals.
  2. deejammin'

    What’s really changed since our last loss?

    I don’t have the hit out to advantage stat. But I would be stunned if it wasn’t up over the last 4 weeks over earlier in the season. Max has been awesome all season but it really looks like they’ve got a real system going with him and our mids now.
  3. deejammin'

    What’s really changed since our last loss?

    A lot of good points in here, great thread. I would add better connection between Maxy and the mids. Early in the year he was getting plenty of taps but they were either going to no one or the opposition as much as to our advantage. Now we have such great connection we convert to much cleaner clearances and dominate our opponents around the Ball.
  4. Exactly, losing tight tussles against fellow top 4 contenders won’t hurt badly if we win against those outside the 8 and below us. We don’t need to beat our fellow contenders until it matters. Richmond and the Bulldogs weren’t perfect against the ladder leaders in their premiership, didn’t matter in the end. I just want us to get to the finals before we talk about winning premierships.
  5. I understand that we may not have seen how our team will truly play against the best yet, but ultimately I don’t think this will matter until finals. As it stands we’ve beaten 2 teams in the 8 and lost to 1, that’s pretty good. I think making finals this season will come down to who can be the most consistent against lesser sides. It’s an incredibly even year and Brisbane, Gold Coast, St Kilda, Bulldogs, Essendon, GWS will all upset teams at some stage. We’ve done well to beat most of the potential bottom six teams to this point and to beat them well. Smash the bullies this week and we will be perfectly placed. I know I’ve said this before but we missed finals last year through losing to teams we should beat (North x 2, Freo, Collingwood, Hawthorn) we performed ok against teams inside the 8 beating Adelaide (x1), Port, Essendon and West Coast. We were also super competitive against Richmond and Geelong. This week is our true big test. Smash the bullies and put ourselves ahead of the pack. It’s great watching us play at the moment and I’m loving it, almost enough to trust us (years of MFCSS are still nagging). Get the win and then we can prove our finals credentials against the flith and power.
  6. deejammin'

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    Our game is very difficult to adjudicate with many interpretations and shades of grey. Which makes it all the more unintelligible when they take a simple situation like this and make it more complicated. Intentionally touch an umpire, get a week. Simple. This just allows players to touch umpires and argue their way out of it. Stupid and bad for lower levels.
  7. deejammin'

    Is that all there is.. No 6

    Yes, but the difference between us making the 8 and missing last year was losing to sides outside the 8 when we should win (North x2, Freo, Hawthorn, Collingwood). The first step for our club is simply to make the finals. Anything could happen from there. If we smash Carlton this week and continue beating teams outside the 8 we will have improved. FWIW if we beat all the teams in the bottom 4 it will be the first time in the Roos/Goodwin rebuild we have done so...
  8. deejammin'

    Injury List - Season 2018

    They might be being extra cautious with him as he has a history of longer term hammies?
  9. deejammin'

    Injury List - Season 2018

    Good that seems the smart move. My head says play him with controlled minutes in the VFL to make sure he’s cherry ripe for his return. My heart says geez it would be nice to see him rip up Gold Coast...... let’s hope we smash them without him.
  10. deejammin'

    Injury List - Season 2018

    I truly wish they would do the list chronologically by soonest to return. It’s so much more readable that way: Melbourne injury list: round eight Jack Viney (foot) – test Christian Salem (thumb) – test Harley Balic (platar fascia) – test Mitch King (elbow) – 2-3 weeks Dean Kent (hamstring) – 4 weeks Aaron vandenBerg (ankle) – 6-8 weeks Corey Maynard (hip) – indefinite Pat McKenna (hamstring) – indefinite
  11. deejammin'

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    I was happy with today. I wanted a comfortable win and we got it. It was frustrating not to keep our 51pt margin but as long as we beat Gold Coast I’m thinking/hoping our first annihilation under Goodwin of another team comes against Carlton. The good: Hogan, Gawn, Brayshaw, Jones, Mcdonald bros, Lever, Hibberd, Jetta, Lewis, Clayton, Spargo. ok but below their best: Petracca, Weideman, Fritsch, Harmes, Vince, Tyson, Melksham. under pressure: ANB, Hannan, Hunt. also great to win all four quarters. It’s a small thing and yes the Saints could’ve kicked straighter but we are clearly working on our inconsistency within games. Keep on this trajectory and good times are ahead.
  12. deejammin'

    Changes vs Gold Coast

    I think Salem is unlikely to get up and with Lewis putting in one of his best and Vince playing ok if Salem is still sore another week could be ok (I’m not convinced in playing all three of them off halfback/wing, it makes us look slow). I’d worry that if we bring Salem in for Hunt GC’s quicker players may tear us apart. For me it’s: ANB out for Viney Hannan out for Garlett (on this week’s form/ for fresh legs. if we give Hannan the benefit of the doubt because of his excellent game against Essendon I wouldn’t be upset).
  13. deejammin'


    If only Demetriou had called Bomber to let him know the cops were onto him... he could’ve destroyed the evidence and relied on being a hard done-by good bloke to get the lowest possible penalty....
  14. deejammin'

    The next 3

    It’s always dangerous to look past next week for us Demons supporters but I feel we are about to head into a crucial 3 weeks for the club and knowing where we are at. (St Kilda, Gold Coast, Carlton) There has been a sense of déjà vu about our first 6 weeks, a good hoodoo breaking win, a couple of flawed wins where we didn’t crush our opposition as we could have but got the 4 points, an honourable loss and a couple of deplorable losses where serious questions about our ability to stop opposition run ons and our forward line synergy have been raised. All very 2017. While most of us who were hoping for a genuinely good side this year would agree 3-3 is disappointing the reality is we are still right amongst it in a highly competitive season. With three games against sides we need to beat to make a serious push at finals ahead we have a genuine chance to set up our season and with a few important inclusions starting to come back we could be a serious threat in the second half of the year. I see it like this: 3 comfortable wins with at least one big margin: sets us up for a free hit at Adelaide with a healthy percentage well on track for a serious tilt at finals with a (hopefully) full list. Also should put both St Kilda and the Suns well back in the race for finals and hopefully out of our way. 3 close wins; sees us in a good position to push for finals but needing to put together some big wins in a harder second half of the year to seriously push for finals. 2 wins: not dead and buried, but in a similar position to 2017 needing a good win against a top 4 team team (Adelaide last year) and a few results going our way to scrape into the 8. 1 or 0 wins: in huge trouble, the media blowtorch will be applied to Goodwin in a way he is yet to experience. Unlikely to make finals and likely to hand over a decent first round pick to Adelaide. The club could still respond as we have a talented young list but it would be the first time in the Jackson tenure that there will be serious questions asked. Im hoping for 3 big wins but MFCSS has me suspecting 2 and 1, what do you reckon? Are these three as big as I think they are?
  15. deejammin'

    Post Match Discussion - Round 6

    A win is a win. Lots of great things in the third, good kicking for goal, good structure in the forwardline, our mids giving the dons a spanking and our defenders all playing well. However, our first half was insipid, we lost a qtr and drew a qtr against a pathetic opponent. We still worked far too hard for too little and looked too easy to to get free in their forwardline against. Wwre back to parity and our season is still alive, must win the next 3 and improve our play significantly to make finals, let alone contend. We are still yet to play 4 quarters, we did finally play one excellent quarter, so little victories. I do wish Goodwin would try to bury a team rather than take valuable players off and tinker, our percentage is not good.