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  1. Trade rumours

    A lot of clubs have been trying to get in contact with him to put offers but can't reach him because he is staying at Craig Lambert's house....😜
  2. 2017 Post Mortem

    Sure, but it's PR 101. It's not always about what actually matters, sometimes it's about how it looks. Goodwin talked the talk all season, "it's not where we are now, it's where we are at the end of round 23" "we haven't achieved anything yet" etc. He has faced very limited adversity in his first year, he's largely been in a honeymoon period, sure we stuffed up a few games and individual players copped some scutiny but largely Simon has relied upon performance and the boys backing up the next week and a lot of the time they have. However, this is the first time he failed this year and doesn't have another weeks football to make amends. In fact by using his "where we are after round 23" mantra he has put more scrutiny on what just happened and rather than facing the music, even if it's the same old empty platitudes, He's nowhere to be seen. It looks bad, I'm sure he had good reasons and I personally like him and think we're heading in the right direction, but to some justifiably [censored] off supporters it just looks really bad. Amateur or petulant even and I'm shocked the club hasn't realised this.
  3. 2017 Post Mortem

    I'm stunned we haven't heard from Goodwin. We would have 2-3 statements from him all season (training press conference, end of week/selection press conference, Simon's selection and the post game) and since one of the most disappointing and inexcusable efforts of the year we've had one brief (compare his previous efforts with this presser, much shorter) and pretty flat effort. I understand that he probably had to rush into exit interviews early last week, but it's been almost a fortnight. If ever he needed to put something on the club website the time is now (or was last week). I honestly believe he is furious and shell shocked and so are we all but the club should be getting on the front foot and not letting already disillusioned supporters drift away. The proof will be in the playing next year but in the short term they should be at least trying to keep the members engaged. It's kind of stunning that nothing has been said, almost worrying.
  4. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    Yeah look at them, losing by 14 goals, finishing two places lower than last year. Not remotely in contention for finals. Cmon were all hurting but this feel-good Bolton-Carlton crap is a media fabrication. In case no ones noticed they've actually gone backwards.
  5. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    I'm not sure what to be more upset by, the result being so predictable or that I spent the entire week hoping the players would finally show up for a game like this. Gutted, I find it very hard to care about what happens from here atm.
  6. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    I always hope to not get Pannell against the dogs. He deserves a premiership medallion after his efforts last season.
  7. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    Great post. The one against Hogan was so ridiculous and the other two while maybe being technically there were very harsh. All three decisions were the result of the umpire (I think they were all first AFL gamer number 14, he's so inexperienced his name isn't even next to his number on the umpire site yet, did the VFL grand final last year, another schmozzle) pulling the trigger too quickly with no care for the player. When it comes to such a large penalty umpires need to be sympathetic to the players.

    Collingwood have something to play for, no doubt. But we have so much more to play for. The team is playing for finals, individuals are playing for spots in a finals team (with Viney to come back in none of ANB, Harmes, Hannan, Tyson, Salem, Watts or Brayshaw would want to have a bad game) not to mention playing for OUR pride in the jumper, our coach and our fans. This team is as close to our best 22 as we've had all year, Collingwood is missing a number of their best players including the one who towelled us up last time (Greenwood), there are no excuses, we are favourites for a reason, just win!! I'm banking on Watts for Wagner, Salem for Stretch, Viney unlikely.
  9. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    I know this is incredibly unlikely. But how awesome would it be if the dons lost to Freo?!
  10. Enjoy beating Collingwood for the 5th time in a row!! Breathe a huge sigh of relief and look forward to enjoying MFC in a final, no matter where. GO DEES!!
  11. Changes versus Collingwood

    Tough call on Tyson. I'd be ok with it but Tyson's game against the Saints was massive and in contested ball finals I'd want him in. It's a nice dilemma to finally have close to a full team to choose from.
  12. Changes versus Collingwood

    I agree but who do you drop for him if Viney is fit?
  13. Changes versus Collingwood

    I'm really hoping Viney plays, I don't think it's a coincidence that in the week he was out we got smacked in the contest, particularly early. For me I hope: Viney in for Stretch Watts in to play Wagner's Wing/HF role as he leads up better, can kick for goal, is a brilliant pass and is quicker than Wags. I'd like to see Salem in but right now Gus, Vince, Lewis, Hibberd and Jetta are rotating through that HBF role he plays. I don't see any of them getting dropped, though Bernie needs to stop the kick out clangers. If Viney isn't right Salem comes in for Stretch to play mid/HBF rotating with Vince and Lewis. Or he could rotate with Trac in the forward line. God I hope we win.
  14. Jack Watts (again)

    I think Watts has to come in for Wagner to play the roaming wing/HF/HB thing he's been playing. Watts is quicker, leads up better, has better skills, can register a score from 50 metres out and if switched on can lay just as many tackles. If not switched on he'll miss a few tackles but Wagner has been doing that too of late. Wattsy looked good in the VFL in trying conditions and his score involvements will really help against the pies. I think Salem is better suited to the role Brayshaw, Lewis and Vince are playing off half back as he is not quick enough for the wing. I think Watts is in this week for Wagner.

    I honestly do not understand the negativity in this thread. We won. Brisbane never led in the second half. We have seen how bottom teams play and the reality is while Brisbane challenged us, you do actually have to get in front to win games of football. We saw it time and time again during the dark times, bottom teams challenge but don't actually win, good teams can win when not at their best. We have finally done that this year. Heres the facts: We've won 12 games with a good positive percentage in the most even competition in decades with our ruckman, full forward and both captains having missed big chunks of the season. in 18/21 games we have led or drawn even in the last quarter. That's super competitive even compared to last year where we only did it in 13/22 games. Against bottom 4 teams we've won 4 lost two with a percentage we'll over 130. Against teams outside the 8 we've won 9 lost 4 again with a good percentage. Against teams inside the 8 we've won 3 lost 5 including beating the top side at home and beating Port and Essendon convincingly. Were above average against teams outside the 8 and as the youngest team inside the 8 have been very competitive against most with only our games against Adelaide, GWS and Sydney being uncompetitive. We are a 95% chance to make finals for the first time in over a decade. We've improved in every category despite immense adversity and we still have huge potential for improvement both with our youth and implementation of the game plan. Clearly people on this forum weren't going to be happy unless Melbourne won 16 games and beat every side outside the 8 by massive margins but the reality is that's totally unrealistic for any team, let alone a young inexperienced group like ours. They're playing some great footy and giving us something to be happy about for the first time in years! A wins a win!! Enjoy it!! Get on board!! Go Dees!!