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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    Without Jack our forwardline is 1 injury away from Weiderman regardless of his form, 2 injuries away from T Smith and 3 injuries away from having literally no key forwards left to play the game. If Hogan’s bad luck continues, Pederson gets injured and TMac turns out not to be a forward You have literally no forwardline. It’s not that far-fetched, it nearly happened last year. Meanwhile Port have the luxury of playing Westhoff as a utility, Dixon will be salivating at having Watts kicking to him and he will rotate with Ryder in ruck for the most mobile rucking duo in the AFL. And this is after they already finished four places higher than us this year. Well done MFC you have given a free hit to a better club while making us weaker when you could have done nothing. I hope it’s worth it.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    I agree, they’d be a lot weaker if they had no Jack Watts and had to play Westhoff forward, Clurey and Howard showed a bit this year and Hombsch and Broadbent can be excellent. So many options through the middle.
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    Ports team next year: Sam Grey Charlie Dixon Chad Wingard Robbie Grey Jack Watts Steven Motlop Jared Polec Trav Boak T Rockcliff Hamish Hartlett D Howard J Westhoff Matthew Broadbent T Clurey, J Pittard Ruck: Paddy Ryder, O Wines, S Powell-Pepper Int: B Ebert, J Neade, J Hombsch, D Byrne- Jones That’s a damn good team.
  4. Farewell Jack Watts

    That’s an excellent point but also in response to Jack needing to set training standards for the younger players as far as I can see it’s our younger players setting the standard. Our B&F is a second year player with all remarking on his training standard despite copping some flak over pre-season. Our co-captain is one of our younger players and sets an incredibly high standard. When we started slowly and needed to be dragged back into the game more often than not it was our YOUNG players (Oliver, Viney, Hunt, Hannan, Petracca) that stood up. Jack was not on his own in being a senior player that went missing, the following all either went missing or played absolute shockers in important games this year: Gawn, Vince, Lewis, TMac, Jones, Melksham. The only truly consistent senior players were Jetta and Hibberd. Before I get jumped on, I’m not saying all those players were worse than Watts, or aren’t good trainers or that any of them should be traded or anything like that. But putting the failures this year solely on Jacks shoulders is highly hypocritical of a leadership group that was far from consistent. And as far as being a bad influence on our young players I find it more likely that our young players would be a good influence on Jack as they are clearly leading the way atm.
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    For us to improve Petracca has to play more midfield minutes next year. He’s not a bad link man but he’s no backup ruck and while he had some good days as a marking option he was also monstered by bigger backman a few times. Hannan took good marks in the forwardline but was rarely the one kicking it in. Also they were both in the team with Watts so I’m not sure how you replace him with people already playing? So if TMac or Gawn or heaven forbid both get injured what then? You rate Keilty and Smith higher than Watts? Cmon. I can see you don’t. Also I’d love Weideman to surpass Cam, but he needs to earn it and be developed properly in the VFL. He already cost us being gifted games he didn’t deserve this year. Without Watts we may be forced to play him even earlier next year purely due to bad luck with injury. Yep, it lost us games. We kept getting it forward and not scoring particularly in the second half of the season with Watts and Hogan out. Putting emotion aside this is the bit that mystifies me about the Watts trade. Forwards, Rucks and outside deliverers of the ball are the three weakest areas of our list. At worst Watts is decent backup for our first choices in these positions. At best he could make the new Lynch/Shaun Grigg role his own, hit up and deliver to our forwards, chop out and be an extra kid in the ruck. We need a backup for Max before we even trade Watts. Once he’s gone we need a backup ruck AND another forward/backup ruck in case TMac or Pedo get injured or fall off a cliff. I don’t see a better option than Watts for these roles coming in, especially for pick 29. Also if we’re planning to do a Richmond we better hope Dean Kent, Hannan, ANB and Harmes all improve out of sight cos without Watts you have no-one to drop them for. Edit: Idiotically put the wrong responses under the different quotes.
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    So if Watts is going and is traded for pick 29, we are going for: Hogan CHF/FF, TMac CHF/FF, Cam Pederson Link man/Back up ruck. With Weiderman pushing for either Cam’s spot or TMacs forward spot. Now I foresee a number of problems with this: Cam Pederson is 30 approaching 31, having played 1 good season in the role he has to play. The end could come quickly or one bad injury could have him gone. 2: Weiderman does not play well as a link up man, he doesn’t get off his opponent and take marks off a lead and his field kicking and decision making at afl level are suspect, watch his kick to the forward line after his first possession against Brisbane late in the season if you need reminding. His skills are more in line with what Hogan and TMac do and at this stage it will be awhile before he is doing enough to surpass them at afl level. If he gets games through injury and is still playing like this year we are in trouble. 3. One or two injuries and we’re stuffed. If Hogan has another horrible year you will have TMac, Pederson and Weiderman. Lose two and we’re finding ourselves with no credible KPF and no back-up ruck. 4. Our backline fails to fire and needs TMac or TMac’s KPF skills turn out to be a flash in the pan. Again you are relying on either Weiderman stepping up or a hear-to not on the list backup ruckman. So who are we going to get to play 3rd forward and/or back up ruck for pick 29?
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    I see your point but I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. I think Jacks good performances and upside are worth preservering with and I also think the timing is bad as we don’t have any hard running outside link players with good skills to replace his role in the side. If it hurts us infield next year and helps another club, particularly if we get very little for him I don’t think it is worth it. The statement has been made give him a chance to respond, in our colours, would be my preference.
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    I’ve read it. Players are different these days, some need a firm hand others need to be looked after. They’re not all the same and a good coach won’t use a one size fits all approach. I think what has been shown is that Jack responds better to support and his performance reviews being kept out of the media ala Roos, he does not respond well to macho bravado ala Neeld. I hoped Simon would see this and try harder to get the best out of Jack. I have no doubt Longmire or Hinkley will. all that aside all we have done is hurt his trade value, which if we actually want to trade him is not good management.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    NO Connors said those things as he knows Gawn agrees with him. look you can disagree with me, maybe my judgement is clouded because Watts is one of my favourite players who I think is unfairly judged and maybe others judgement is clouded as they think he is not good enough and have always wanted him out. To me this feels like trading out Junior MacDonald, a decision made for philosophical reasons which will hurt us on field next year. I think it’s a terrible idea. But if it happens and I am wrong I will be first to admit it. I just want what we all want, Demon success. Also im not comparing Jack to Martin as a player I’m comparing the way their clubs have treated them. I think it’s a fair comparison, but who knows what will happen and yes it’s pure hindsight.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Martin has been coddled to the point of living with key football admin staff, having the club stand between him and the media and being fiercely protective of him and helping him to avoid the media at all costs. Our club throws Jack to the wolves as our scapegoat every time something goes mildly wrong including publicly before this season even started. If anything you have made my point, if MFC looked after Jack the way RFC looked after Martin maybe pennies would have dropped for him also? He played pretty bloody well in 2016 with Roo’s support and he played some bloody good footy this year also in spite of having a coach choosing him as the target. I’m not going to betray anyone so you can call bs but I have heard it from a friend of the players that they aren’t happy with how this is being handled. There’s a reason Paul Connors directly aimed some of his statements about Lever’s salary and Watts leaving at Gawn at the function.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    With all due respect players do run the asylum these days. If you want to keep a good team together you need them to stay for loyalty to the club/team as there will almost always be more money elsewhere. As for him playing better due to the kick in the pants. Surely the kick has been delivered and if he still wants to stay then he can play improved footy for us not our competitor.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    I’m not saying his situation is identical to Dustin, or that Watts is anything like the player Dustin is. But there were several times Richmond was encouraged to trade him to a stronger club as his issues were far more serious than Jack’s and they stuck by him and knew he’d be good for them. Ill guarantee two things, one many key players at MFC are seriously [censored] off about this and two if things go badly at our club this year on field we will lose several players next year as a result of the shocking handling of this by our club. Also I would back Jack in to burn us by playing great footy wherever he goes.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Good teams back in their system and ability to enforce standards. They don’t trade good players to teams above them for well under their value to prove a point. Sydney, Geelong and Port won’t be worried about Jack infecting their younger players, neither should we. I remember a time when a player had such behavioural issues he had to live with the coach and had turned up to pre-season overweight two consecutive seasons in an allegedly soft culture. He won the norm smith, Brownlow and premiership this year. If players need discipline you back your system in to improve then. You don’t give them to better teams for nothing to prove a point to your younger players. I’d say the message our young players are getting from this is: it doesn’t matter how loyal you are, if the coach decides he doesn’t rate you he will trade you regardless of your wishes and contract status, and if you want to stay he the captain and football director will trash you publicly, so why be loyal?
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Jack has deficiencies, no doubt. But he definitely could play well in either a link up man Lynch style role or in an outside mid/backup ruck role ala Grigg at Richmond. I guess he’s getting forced out as we have so many good options in those roles. Vandenberg as link man? If he can get on the park and hit the side of a barn with his kicking? Tom Mac if he could hit anything with his field kicking? Can Pederson who while good at times is 30, has had one good season and is approaching the end of his career? Weiderman who takes no marks at afl level? Hogan, but then who kicks the goals? There’s no better link up man option in our list than J Watts. Ourside mids? Stretch? Salem? Backup ruck? T Mac? Who plays back then? Or forward? What if Max gets injured? No Spencer, no Watts? T.Mac and Pederson rucking a whole season. Jack has deficiencies but his strengths are exactly what we lack. A link up outside player with good skills who is a great kick for goal and performed admirably this year as a backup ruck. We have no better replacement. So let’s trade him for next to nothing to make a point about contest being king, genius!
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    IF Watts is so average then why are three finals teams trying to get him? The answer is either he has value and they believe they can make him an asset to their team. An indictment on our ability to get the most out of talented players and a big negative against Goodwin +Macca. OR The teams think they are getting him so cheaply it’s worth the punt. Which shows how stupid our strategy in pushing him out and bagging him publicly has been if we intended to trade him as we are getting so much less than his value that other clubs think it is worth the chance on an average player. Especially when we resigned him and refused to trade as recently as LAST YEAR when he had value. Stupid either way, regardless of Watts’ actual potential we have hurt our ability to get what he is worth, while also giving him up to better teams than us with less to trade for our betterment. Not to mention Jack is so well liked by our players and members that this is a potential culture killer. One of the reasons we have inspired loyalty in guys like Hogan, Petracca, Gawn, T.Mac, Viney and hope to in Clayton Oliver etc is guys like Jones and Watts who have been so loyal in the dark times and bleed red and blue. Pushing one of these guys out, when they don’t want to go, for less than their value, while hurting their reputation publicly, to a better team will seriously bite us the next time we ask a player to take less pay for the good of the club. Loyalty is a two way street and this will bite us. Badly handled, colossally stupid, culture killer. Strike one Goodwin. Give up too much for Lever/not have Lever perform, strike two. Miss finals 2018, strike three. We could be a basket case in our FD in one year and look back on this idiocy as the catalyst. So dumb, so infuriating.