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  1. Yes Casey definitely playing the same game plan with the same contested ball intensity, which really helps when the guys get the call up to play for Melbourne.
  2. Just watched the replay and seriously amazed that we won. Reduced interchanges with injuries. Horribly biased umpiring, not just the obvious 27 to 16 free kick count but the number off frees not awarded to Melbourne. Anything that is a 50/50 that would normally be play on at any other venue, is an automatic free kick to the Ducking Eagles when at home.
  3. In the previous posted weight he was under 90 kg
  4. Oscar is now listed as 196 cm & 97 kg, the same height as Jack Watts and 4 kg heavier. Can those that regularly attend training see the difference in his physical stature?
  5. Any news on Kent?
  6. Hogan’s plan is to keep it simple MELBOURNE forward Jesse Hogan says he doesn’t need to change his kicking action but he doesn’t want to give the naysayers any fuel for the fire this season.
  7. Yes I can remember one analyst (can't recall who now) stating that statistics MFC were the 3rd worst for defensive pressure acts when not in possession.
  8. Has anyone seen the content in this article referring to Melbourne?
  9. Thanks got it
  10. I have instagram but cant find your photos Satyriconhome
  11. Good opportunity to see progress, as we couldn't beat any of those teams this year.
  12. So do we automatically aquire Daniel Allsop as a cat. B rookie?
  13. So much time devoted to Barrett's opinion, he is the male version of Caroline Wilson. They both no nothing about football and as journalists should stick to what they know something about, board room politics, innuendo and rumour.
  14. Max_well58 I believe to use the voucher the purchase must be on line, do you know which stores would be best to view the products in person? Do you think Rebel at Doncaster Shopping Town is worth a try?
  15. Checking with the ticket sales outlets about tonight's game the GA allocation is exhausted, so sounds like a big crowd. I am a MFC member for home games and am trying to bring my daughter, but the only tickets available are allocated seats, so if we buy one of these we can not sit together. Does anyone have a suggestion how we can sit together while using my membership?