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  1. 2018's 'breakout' player

    I hope the complete list have a breakout year.
  2. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-01-16/revealed-the-afls-most-talented-list The Tigers are ranked behind 2016 premiers the Western Bulldogs (No.7) and Hawthorn (No.8) and but they leapfrog both clubs when lists are narrowed to assess the best 22 players, jumping to seventh. Sydney has the most talented full list as well as the best 22, while Port Adelaide comes in second for overall list strength after an aggressive off-season of recruiting, ahead of losing grand finalist Adelaide (No.3) and Greater Western Sydney (No.4). Sydney boasts an AFL-high 17 players rated either 'elite' or 'above average', ahead of Port Adelaide, which has 16 players in the top two categories. Carlton's list is rated the least talented, while Fremantle has the weakest best 22, with captain Nat Fyfe rated as the club's only 'elite' player. Nathan Buckley will be attempting to steer Collingwood back into the finals with the 10th-ranked list, but the sixth-strongest best 22, with Essendon (11th overall) experiencing a similar spike to eighth when limited to its best 22. I wonder where Melbourne's list will be compared to other clubs lists?
  3. I think our age profile is just getting to a point that will give us the best chance to make and be successful in finals. Currently we have 8 players with +100 games experience (with 3 more to reach that point before the middle of the season) There are 9 players between 50 & 100 games experience, plus another 9 players poised the go past 50 games well before finals time. All in all 26 players with +50 games experience before finals time and 11 of those with over 100 games experience.
  4. Cut him some slack. No way the slack buggers missed the finals, the weak pea hearted bastards.
  5. Maroochydore training session

    Yes I think the team needs a good rest after such a telling final series. Hold on that's right they missed finals by the smallest of margins. Get out and [censored] the weak pea hearted bastards.
  6. 30 Years Ago: 1987 Elimination Final

    I was on the Gold Coast the weekend of the last home and away round in 87 listening to the finish to the round and the miraculous top 5 finish for the DEES. The friends I was away with were happy to drive back to Melbourne a day early so I could go the first elimination final. They dropped me at the ground at about 2.15pm and I thought I had missed the start (never been to a final before so thought start was 2.10pm) Got to my seat and was blown away by the way the DEES absolutely destroyed the Roos, especially as we had lost twice to them during the year. I was on such a high I walked home all the way to West Brunswick from the G. Oh what memories.

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned that Carlton had 4 No. 1 draft picks and a further 11 first round picks in the team on Sunday. Melbourne had NO No. 1 draft picks and only 4 first round picks. Not to mention Melbourne had less experience and were younger.
  8. The Goodwin Imprint

    Yes Casey definitely playing the same game plan with the same contested ball intensity, which really helps when the guys get the call up to play for Melbourne.

    Just watched the replay and seriously amazed that we won. Reduced interchanges with injuries. Horribly biased umpiring, not just the obvious 27 to 16 free kick count but the number off frees not awarded to Melbourne. Anything that is a 50/50 that would normally be play on at any other venue, is an automatic free kick to the Ducking Eagles when at home.

    In the previous posted weight he was under 90 kg

    Oscar is now listed as 196 cm & 97 kg, the same height as Jack Watts and 4 kg heavier. Can those that regularly attend training see the difference in his physical stature?
  12. Training - Wednesday 18th January, 2016

    Any news on Kent?
  13. Hogan’s plan is to keep it simple MELBOURNE forward Jesse Hogan says he doesn’t need to change his kicking action but he doesn’t want to give the naysayers any fuel for the fire this season.
  14. Yes I can remember one analyst (can't recall who now) stating that statistics MFC were the 3rd worst for defensive pressure acts when not in possession.