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  1. Another reason for optimism is the spread of Players we've had featuring in "AFL Team of the Week", i.e. best 22 across the competition. Jack Viney - 4 times (Rd 7, Rd 8, Rd 12 & Rd 14) Hibberd - 3 times (Rd 13, Rd 8 & Rd 6) Jones - 2 times (Rd 12, & Rd 10) - Injured now. Petracca - 2 times (Rd 12 & Rd 8) Oliver - 2 times (Rd 1 & Rd 8) Garlett - 2 times (Rd 10 & Rd 13) - Injured now. Salem - 1 time (Rd 13) - Injured now. Gawn - 1 time (Rd 1)* TMac - 1 time (Rd 14) Frosty - 1 time (Rd 7) Hunt - 1 time (Rd 3) *Despite being out for extended period. So if we were to add Hogan* and Watts (both - Injured now) to the list of players capable, at their best, of being in the "best 22" in the competition, we have 13 guns, which is the making of a champion team (on their day). As for this week versus Swans, we only will have 8 of this 13 available...
  2. As MFC supporters we're experiencing the uneasy confusion of being on the rise when all our experiences are screaming at us "this doesn't happen to us". Beating the Swans, final four and flag contender feel like a dream that's joy is tempered by some part of my brain knowing the alarms about to go off, I'm to wake up and the dream will be over. weirdly (and sadly) this year feels most like our wild march to the tragic preliminary of 1987. And as one who cried with the shock and heartbreak if it all, behind the goals at Waverley that day, I'm afraid to go through it all again. Finals footy is euphoricaly joyous, yet has an ever-present promise of pain. And it's arrived early for Demons fans this year. I'll embrace it like the sad desperate success starved supporter must, but I'm also aware that the inevitable kick in the nuts is likely just around the corner.
  3. Would make sense to have Tom shift back onto Buddy/Reid and Omac chance his hand and give us a target forward.
  4. In the coming couple of years we'll potentially lose Vince, Lewis and Jones from our midfield rosta, so will need to bring in match hardened and specifically developed mids to replace them while we're in our window. Having a deep enough pool of mids in development means we no longer have to throw teenager recruits immediately into a heavy contested game style and potentially finals. Now down to Jay to keep improving.
  5. Losing Salam is exacerbated by also having Watts out, as both can deliver deep forward with creativity and precision. Although I did note Clarry kick a couple of neat I50 balls and Pedos lob to Tmac was sublime...
  6. If we win we'll have to start an "Awesome kick-ass records" thread...
  7. So that leaves Wagner and ? to replace Salem and Garlett?
  8. It's interesting on Wagner in to release Hunt forward, as the Swans like to bottle up and grind out games (which we're good at too) so a line breaker (Hunt) behind the ball can be invaluable.. Also reckon two HBFs in for Jeffy and Salem is one too many, given its likely to be a contested slugfest I'd give JKH another crack at a midfield role (Jones' role) and hope he kills it.
  9. Wagner and JKH in for mine. Wagner to the BF would allow Hunt to go forward, as a dynamic line breaker who applies defensive pressure, in Garlett's place. JKH to the mid field would allow Petracca and other mids to spend more time resting forward as well. I though Weid was awesome first quarter VFL, but faded with the extra attention he got in the second half, still a work in progress. With Tommy Mac and Pedo doing fine in that area, Weid in is not critical, plus, I suspect Maxy might snag a couple this week as well.
  10. Th FD probably have data and opinions about where Hogan's at that they don't publish on Demonland... Could be any of many possible reasons. Am trusting their judgement this year.
  11. Given Hogan and Watts were already out, really only Jeffy we need to cover now that "Tommy the Gun" and "Pedo the magnificent" have stepped up... Swans are over rated.
  12. Who is Christopher?
  13. Another casualty of the wreaking ball that is our co-captain!
  14. How corporate of the clubs to Jack up pricing while never contemplating dropping pricing. AFL should offer incentives to clubs to fill the grounds at every game, so innovation goes in the direction of increasing access and interest, instead of extracting more from the already obsessed. But given how little regard supporters got in the recent divvy up of the huge TV rights windfall, I'm not holding my breath for the AFL to do anything but continue to mine and exploit fans for every cent they can gouge. Congrats to PJ and club for holding back.
  15. Best way I can describe where we're at is "uncharted territory", most of us are still expecting the alarm to go off and to awaken from this pleasant dream at any moment. The rest of the competition and press are confused and starting to get concerned that we may have built a team that will kill their team's hopes and dreams. The wheel's turned.