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  1. On September... and it's breakn me in two, watching you, slippn away.
  2. So i figure we might need some more songs...
  3. We'll have the answer to that when the final siren sounds on Sunday...
  4. Goodwin's targeting of Hibberd and the subsequent value he's provided to the team and enhancing our ability to play the way Goody wants us to play is an insight into how deeply Goodwin has wrapped his head around this team, our evolving game style and what we need to improve it. Its very encouraging on multiple levels.
  5. From Facebook...
  6. I once got told I was clapping too loudly at a Leagues club in Sydney while watching us pull the Swannies apart. So I just cackled, cavorted and crowed instead. and they still looked unhappy...
  7. I'd be complaining to the club if the MFC suggested such an inhospitable and unreasonable request be made by our supporters to their guests. its just plain rude to invite a friend to watch a game under those conditions.
  8. Now the team appears to have stopped serving its supporters weekly doses of humiliation and discouragement, the numbers will rise. Start consistently serving jubilation and inspired committed football, and the numbers will soar. simples.
  9. If his club is so delicate, they should ban opposition supporters from being invited, cause to invite, give drinks, subject them to some "allowed" Crow ribbing when they're up, and then get upset when Oppo supporters get fired up when their team gets on a roll, is plain foolish and naive as to the emotions of following footy.
  10. Shows they're weak and entitled. Imagine asking an opposition club supporter to come watch a game with you, then whinge when your team unexpectedly loses and your guest is excited loud and happy. So weak of them to object, let alone raise it officially. Suck it up Adelaide.
  11. I think the Crows got well ahead of themselves this season, and during the second I noted the Crows coach in the box complain passionately about Tex not getting 50 m extra, and I thought "That's weak for a coach to be focused on getting the luck of an umpires decision, that it smacked of entitlement, and it clarified that they were rattled and in trouble, despite being four goals up." I called it in the match thread. Unless they address this, they'll get pounded by most top 8 teams as their weakness as soft front runners, has now been well exposed.
  12. Target the Irish I say! They already love Gailic footy, enjoy a beer and are fun to hang out with. And it not as if we don't have Irish in our club's blood already...
  13. The other side of the "destination club" phase is that some of the ok but fringe players may want to leave to get opportunities elsewhere, i.e. ANB, VDB, etc... if they feel they can't play their freferred position at MFC but may fill that role elsewhere..?