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  1. PaulRB

    AFLX Revamped

    This is what happens when you pay people too much money to do a simple job. Bizarre
  2. PaulRB

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    Curious to hear the thoughts of those who’ve attended training, where KK appears to be in the peaking order, I.e best 22, position attributes etc... Aside from May, he seems next most likely to slot straight in and improve us.
  3. PaulRB

    2019 Fixture

    On the NT games and our presence in NT, am I right In thinking that the MFC have an “academy”in the NT, and if so, what potential benefit does that give us? And are there any kids coming through our NT academy that are good? Would love to discover another Liam..!
  4. PaulRB

    2019 Fixture

    After years in the wilderness and crap fixtures we’re back, playing (arguably) the best brand of attacking footy and have a team with characters who genuinely entertain. So it’s time for the AFL to give us the fixture we deserve and have earned. 😂😱🤬🖕
  5. PaulRB

    2019 Fixture

    Our last two Friday night games were at 90k+ each, so the AFL should be open to giving us more...
  6. PaulRB

    Rating the 2013 Draft (afl.com)

    Given Tyson is now Preuss it depends on how this big boy fares...!
  7. PaulRB

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    I agree with the wisdom of waiting a couple of seasons to rate a trade period. And given that, if we were to rate our trade efforts of 2015, 2016 & 2017 now, did we trade well..? Id say yes, and that gives me confidence that this years trade period will also bare quality fruit.
  8. I think Hogan’s output is covered with the addition of May (22 more goals stopped), and another forward (or collection of) kicking 25 in Hogan’s spot in the forward 50... there’s Hogan’s tally covered. Its the year on year improvement to Trac, Vanders, Spargo, Hannan and Weidemann (plus Oliver resting forward) that will cover the “Hogan deficit”... A new season and an improving team.
  9. PaulRB

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    There was a moment at the end of the GF when Westcoast almost scored the slam dunk goal to seal the game, and Jeremy arrived late, knowing they where done and his look of anguish was so heartfelt I almost forgave him for leaving... almost. Then the Eagles won and I laughed at how sweetly cruel the footy gods can be...
  10. That article has KK as “195 cm” ...?!
  11. PaulRB

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    With Tommy and Weide playing good big forward finals footy and with our strength and size issues down back, rebalancing our list with Hogan for May is a big strategic win. Could well be the final piece. And we kept Vanders..! Winners wont be clear till well into next season, and I’m backing that we’ve nailed it.
  12. PaulRB

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Glad the circus that was “will Hogan stay or go” has moved on, was over it and we need all players at the MFC 100% on board in 2019 if we,re going to have a serious tilt at glory. Go Demons.
  13. PaulRB

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    If it increases our chances of a flag (which I believe it does), then it was a good trade...
  14. PaulRB

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    If this year is done and Jessie doesn’t sign an extension (ie likely to leave next year), we play him back to fill the role we’d have got May to play. Would only add to his value, more defensive skills and application, plus enables us to play our long term forward structure...
  15. PaulRB

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Yeah maybe, but meh!! Really Jessie, you’re in this business for cash not flags..? That’s sad.