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  1. Changes versus Collingwood

    I guess we'll see. Big month for Mr Watts.
  2. Josh Kelly to Dees?

    Herald had Kelly to Dons today.
  3. Changes versus Collingwood

    Jack Watts: Jack had 20 possessions, including nine contested possessions, 11 marks, three clearances and kicked one goal. I thought he played a significant role on the weekend, particularly in the middle part of the game, where we needed to change some things up in the middle of the ground. He was able to play as a midfielder and give us some composure, plus some fierce ball movement, which opened up and gave us some scoring opportunities. That was a significant move in the day, which added real value in that part of the game. I was happy with his team-first attitude and engagement of VFL footy. He had a big influence on the game for us.
  4. Changes versus Collingwood

    If Watts needs the coach to play mind games and drop him to the reserves weeks out from finals in order to get motivated, he should give the game away. I reckon he needs to show something special at Casey this week, cause he didn't vs Williamstown, though his intensity was good. It's just not coming together for him at the moment. And with Brownlow coming good and Hogan hitting form, amiungst others, we may actually do ok without Jack Watts this September...
  5. Embrace it

    With the bye before finals I figure I'll have two weeks to become obsessive, delusional and anxious, so shall wait till we beat the Pies. Mind you, was daydreaming about taking a road trip to Sydney for the elimination, and wondering where I'll celebrate the remarkable win... oh no, it's started...
  6. Changes versus Collingwood

    Viney in Stretch out If Viney not fit, no change.
  7. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    Who needs Buddy when you've got Pedo..?!?
  8. AFL blackballing the media

    Will be funny in a couple of weeks when Ross Lyon starts work at the Lexus Centre...
  9. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    But knocking Sydney out at the SCG would be the best possible result.
  10. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Another win, 5 to go.
  11. Jack Watts (again)

    I watched the game, and Jack in particular, and was underwhelmed despite his evident lift in intensity at several stages in the game. He's not finding, creating or impacting in a way that demands a promotion, though I've no doubt it was an improvement. i thought Maynard was more vibrant and impacting around the ball. If it wasn't Watts, I doubt we'd be calling him up...
  12. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Have to make a habit of the strong start, will be critical in the coming month. Players need to treat next two games as dress rehearsal for the elimination, so bringing the intense competitive brand from start to finish, irrespective of score, is key.
  13. AFL blackballing the media

    Interesting viewpoint on Grand Stand today was that Gill raised the black ball media brain fart to distract from the more serious issue of the AFLs mishandling of Yarrans ice addiction... the old look over there!
  14. Lumumba documentary

    I'd heard the "Chimp" nickname a couple of years ago and actually reckon it was one of the things that H used to drive himself at Collingwood, a feeling of being the righteous but persecuted, gave his some anger, "I'll prove those f#ckers wrong" etc... But then he came to MFC and we didn't persecute him, so he lost his mojo and tried to create some pejudice "the MFC dont have indigenous staff..." but it failed to get him going so he lost form and interest... All speculation, but its fascinating the way people work, even beyond their own awareness.
  15. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    You wonder, despite all the public rhetoric by Goodwin ("One week at a time"), how prepared we are to hit finals at full steam. Viney resting foot, Jack Watts getting tuned up at Casey, Hogan in for last two games... do we have another gear to reach this year? Hopefully the 22 on Sunday will play like they are playing for their spot in a finals team, as, injuries aside, there's Viney and maybe Watts, Salem and Frost pushing for a spot. Should keep them firing. Casey today played with passion.