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  1. PaulRB

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    2nd spot ours for the taking come Monday!!! 🤣
  2. PaulRB

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    Cmon Port!!!
  3. PaulRB

    Kent and vandenBerg

    It’s a long season, especially with finals beckoning, having both fit, in form and pushing our starting 22 would be a real asset, as both on their day can do damage and VdB esp enjoys the physical stuff. Excited to see them back on the park.
  4. Was sighing about Lever’s ACL, the Curse and cruelty of the footy gods... and started thinking about how or who is going to cover him in our assault this year..? Maybe Oscar can step up and play that role with Frosty drooping in behind him. Moving Tom back would be wrong... and I finally thought “how’s Joel Smith travelling?” Desperate times as they say. Thoughts on how we cover the loss of Lever?
  5. PaulRB

    AFL 360 (30/5) - Riewoldt and Murphy

    We’re on a roll, healthy list permitting there’s no reason we won’t continue to improve as we have these past months. The noise from the media is just that, and irrelevant to this group (finally). Enjoy the ride... 😊
  6. PaulRB

    Go and get Gaff!

    In terms of keeping the current group together under the cap (and adding Gaff), what’s the value of a Premiership medallion or two to a player? Financially post-career? Emotionally?
  7. PaulRB

    Why the Dark Days May be Over

    Figure it’s timely to drop this in here... best thing about are current rise is we’ve so much talent across all lines, unlike...
  8. PaulRB

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    Loving seeing the MFC logo on the red tails jumper. Proud of our clubs involvement in this area and our contribution to indig footy... long my it continue.
  9. PaulRB

    Wallace Urges Adelaide to Target Lever

    I reckon the Crows best hope is to lull us into playing soft footy rather than try to intimidate us. Too many MFC players now seem to thrive on the heavy stuff... ie Viney, Oliver, Hibberd, Melksham, and even players like Petracca and Hogan don’t seem adverse to it. Bodes well come finals.
  10. PaulRB

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    We’ve just had our best month on the footy field since 1964. My guess is Goody’s doing ok.
  11. PaulRB

    Tom McDonald Contract Talks

    Good question. Stretch needs to play with more instinct and take the game on more. He hesitates at key moments circles and the opportunity is lost too often. Hunt needs to forget that he’s fast and reconnect with the positioning, role and attitude that he needs to play. Seemed too often to be lining himself up for a streaky run that actually exposed us as much as benefited us... would love to know what the FD have them working on.
  12. PaulRB

    Changes vs Adelaide

    So now you’re having a go at Kurt!!! Ps joke.
  13. PaulRB

    Changes vs Adelaide

    With those outs we should expose them.
  14. PaulRB

    Lever Ready To Take on the Crows

    Our defensive synergies are starting to click which puts Jake in a role that works for him and us. Noticed on the weekend Jetta vs Cripps in an open forward line, with the Blues on the attack. Ball was kicked long to the contest, Jets kept Cripps on the ground enabling Jake to come across and mark/punch with ease...
  15. PaulRB


    He’s an old campaigner, we don’t have many, and he could be invaluable come the heat of September. Love that he hits to hurt opposition and can do a job on the best, see Dangerfield tag of a few years ago. Experience equal versatility and flexibility to adapt as coach needs. While he may struggle to play AFL in 2019, especially if we land Gaff, Id keep him on just in case and to keep real pressure on our best 22, should he not be a walk up.