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  1. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    I know this is my 4th attempt but is Q6 Lynden Dunn
  2. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Q3 Clayton Oliver
  3. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Q4 Simon Buckly
  4. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Darren Jolly
  5. Delisted Free Agents

    I think if MFC was going to recruit a delisted free agent it would have done it by now?
  6. The Liam Ryan thread

    For 2013, all clubs (*except Gold Coast and GWS Giants) now operate under the following list sizes. Primary List Size Category A Rookies Category BRookies Total Rookies (Maximum) Total 38 (Minimum) 6 3 9 47 39 5 3 8 47 40 (Maximum) 4 3 7 47 * Gold Coast Suns: Primary List 42; Rookie List 9 * GWS Giants: Primary List 44-50; Rookie List 9 So that all arguments re-list sizes I have extracted the above from the AFL web site the Suns and Giants now operate under the same rules as all the other AFL teams? There's 36 on the list now including Smith. Plus 4 draft picks makes 40. Plus 4 Rookies makes 44. Yes we will be able to recruit 3 Category B rookies. If a player has played a sport other than Australian Rules in the last 3 years then they are eligible to be listed on the Category B rookies list like the international converts and basketball players but category B players cannot play unless a player on the main list is placed on the Long Term Injury list. Whereas 1 Category A rookies can be nominated after round 11.
  7. The Liam Ryan thread

    Yes you can have 6 category A rookies if the main list is 38, the total of the main list and rookies cannot exceed 44. Thus if Melbourne uses only 3 picks the it can pick a category A rookie.
  8. The Ben Lennon Thread

    Maybe he was told that he wont be on the list next year and was going through the motions of playing. I know that some players become despondent when they are told they are not required the effort and energy is sapped by the emotion. I remember when I was a young man and informed by a VFL club that I was too small and the effect it has has on you.
  9. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    If the sample of the highlights are the best of Petruccelle then the AFL should have not extracted them for they are not very flattering. Never the less they are now out there and if Viney, Taylor and Co are interested then he may be a slider because of the highlights.
  10. The Seb Williams Thread

    The picture of Seb's build is similar to Jack Viney before he was drafted via the father and son, I read the article and I believe he is 182cm at the combine so he has the size and the pedigree to make a good footballer. The only question is he able to go from school/U18 football to AFL. I would draft him if the choice came down to 2 players (he and another).
  11. I think T Viney and/or Taylor should talk to Jordan Lewis and get his opinion whether to get him as DFA ?
  12. Melbourne has no rookie positions available since they will be using it for Maynard elevating him from rookie B list to the rookie A list
  13. Best MFC team in last 50 years

    I think Clayton Oliver is better than Greg Healy should be in that team along with Michael Hibberd who is much better than Graeme Yeats
  14. It seems when every we make a trade all the geniuses on this site speculate we have paid over the last 3 were Melksham Hibberd and Lever. Hopefully the later will produce a season as good if not better than the other 2.