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  1. durango

    Previous players downfalls

    When I was at Melbourne Football Club Ray Jordan was the reserves coach and his criteria was the play need a little C..T in them to make it at AFL football, Players who were soft and did not have this fell by the wayside all the players mentioned above had ability but lacked that ingrediant.
  2. durango

    Mr Jones

    I think the trip to Darwin took more out of him than anyone would have admitted, as you get older long trips and the heat would be more taxing on the aging body.
  3. durango


    When was the last time Melbourne had 2 goal Kickers in the top 10 in the AFL?
  4. durango

    Essendon VFL v Casey Demons - VFL Round 13

    Casey won by 8 points
  5. durango

    Go and get Gaff!

    Gaff will cost nothing if he chooses us whilst Prestia was not a free agent and Melbourne had burnt its first picks, therefore there can not be a comparison between the 2.
  6. durango


    Allen was a mature age recruit and was sensational braking goal kicking records for the league and the Demons but his stay was too brief I believe if he had stayed healthy the Demons would have won premierships in his era. Yze was a good player but soft, Oliver is at the beginning of his football career and the upside is huge. A comparison is very difficult but my football gut says Clayton Oliver will be remembered as the best number 13 to every play the game in the league.
  7. durango


    He has no depth in his kicking and should not be in the team He misses too may getable shots as well.
  8. durango

    Clarry better start than Judd?

    Statistics can be read many different ways but the distance the ball travels from hand and foot can also be misleading the other statistic and probably more important is the scoring assists and efficiency of disposal for instance a player who handballs to another play 10 meters away he kicks the ball 50 meters to another player on your side is better than a 60 meter kick which goes to the opposite team. They are both good players but one has been measured on his whole career whilst the other has not even played 3 full season but has won the best and fairest at his club in his second season, when did Judd win the best and fairest of West Coast?
  9. durango

    Neale Daniher regressing with MND?

    Hawking had ALS which is a different disease and I have a friend who has MND and he says Neale is doing ok because he has lasted over 5 years.
  10. durango

    Sponsorship Problem?

    I think the club could sell the back of the shorts to a sponsor for a large sum?
  11. durango

    Sponsorship Problem?

    They should try to get the largest Melbourne based company BHP
  12. durango

    Rare Robbie Flower Highlights

    If only he had been born to play with the 1950's MFC he would have won 3 Brownlows and had 7 premierships to his name.
  13. durango

    Friday in the Rain

    I went to the MFC web site and there is no No 27, maybe you should refresh the copy of the MFC web site which is stored by IE
  14. durango

    Passing on Stefan Giro

    List Size For 2013, all clubs (*except Gold Coast and GWS Giants) now operate under the following list sizes. Primary List Size Category A Rookies Category BRookies Total Rookies (Maximum) Total 38 (Minimum) 6 3 9 47 39 5 3 8 47 40 (Maximum) 4 3 7 47 * Gold Coast Suns: Primary List 42; Rookie List 9 * GWS Giants: Primary List 44-50; Rookie List 9 This is from the AFL web site melbourne have 40 on the main list and 4 rookies unless stefan has not played AFL for at least 3 years in any form then he is eligible for the rookie B list otherwise there is no room.
  15. durango


    Some judges have him at selection 22 are they right? If so we did well at 36 to get him we have to back our Football Department who will never get it right 100% of the time. The Football Department will always have a comparisons like Parish / Oliver and Curnow /Weideman where their judgement is dependent on who has the final say in the selection?