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  1. I think if Smith is brought in Hannan or Tyson should be the one's to be dropped not Fritsch., but Goodwin is in a no win situation if they win he's a genius whether he drops a player or not and if they lose he's an idiot because he kept a player or dropped a player.
  2. durango

    1964 memories- calling our older supporters

    I was born in 1946 and started barracking for Melbourne in 1952 since we were from Europe you always barracked for a team which was named after the town you lived in or had colors of the town you lived in Europe since my fathers team in Europe had colors of purple and white we decided to barrack for Melbourne. My father and I went to the football in 1954 onwards and went all the finals since you had to buy tickets to the complete set of finals we gave away the tickets to the salvos which we did not use. The GF wins were great but when Norm Smith was sacked my father said to me he would never see another premiership in his life time, he died in 2007 and did not have to endure the period of rubbish which this club served up to the fans. The best GF win in my opinion was in 1960 when it rained all day and Collingwood did not kick a goal until the final quarter. In all my time as a supporter and worker for the MFC (1976-1986) I have never seen a midfield better than the current team, the only team was the 1955 -1957 teams were Stuart Spencer, Ron Barassi, Brian Dixon (Geoff Case), Ian McLean, Ken Melvile (Laurie Mithen) and Ian Ridley dominated the competition. We have never had a ruckman better than Gawn probably the Cordner's and Stynes where almost as good. The 1964 team was the end of an era and was probably lucky to win the premiership but when games are that close luck plays a part in the win and Ian Crompton was following his opponent (Ian Burns?) down the ground when the ball came loose and his shot was instinctive since he was a rover before he became a backman. The crowd erupted and I was watch the bench inside the fence virtually all the trainers and coach jumped up. Then I remember our runner (trainer Alec ?) race out giving player instructions that the siren was eminent. The bench used to wave a towel when the game went into time on. The Melbourne timekeeper (George Bell) had sent a message to the boundary that there was only seconds left. These are my best memories of the great Melbourne Football Club sides and I enjoy the period of success but hated we became a rable until Northey, Balme, Daniher, Roos and Goodwin. Unfortunately Barassi's time at the club was ruined by player becoming injured and leaving (Wells) for better teams.
  3. durango

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    Back in 1984 the reserves coach Ray Jordan had to pick a team to playi in the grand final and he had to make a decision to drop Greg Hucthison who was the Captain of the reserves or some other player. He decided to play the other player and Greg was devastated but knew the team and victory came first. I was there and the devastation on Greg's face said it all, the coach has to make a decision and live by its consequences.
  4. durango

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    I think the reason we are better when Jesse is not there because the team tend to focus on him when kicking into the forward line and the opponents tend to double team him. Until Jesse says he wants to leave this whole theme is moot since I believe if we play Jesse further afield he will not become a forward line focus and a better player.
  5. All the graphs and statistics are irrelevant on game day where the only statistic that counts is on the score board.
  6. durango

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    I think Hogan could play as a midfielder like Cripps and make an impact for the team so yes we could then play all 3 Weeds TMac and Hoges in the same team.
  7. durango

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    I think the MFC should ask for Brayshaw and Cerra for Hogan which Freo would not entertain but if they do then our midfield becomes better in the long run and we could use Weid's as his replacement
  8. durango

    The Billy Hartung Thread

    At least with Usain Bolt you will get a crowd just to watch him run and he is over 195 cm
  9. durango


    If winning a premiership means a poor draft pick bring it on
  10. durango

    Go and get Gaff!

    'Then we can walk away from the offer and West Coast have huge salary cap problems, we just don't fall into the trap of giving West Coast anything.
  11. durango

    Previous players downfalls

    When I was at Melbourne Football Club Ray Jordan was the reserves coach and his criteria was the play need a little C..T in them to make it at AFL football, Players who were soft and did not have this fell by the wayside all the players mentioned above had ability but lacked that ingrediant.
  12. durango

    Mr Jones

    I think the trip to Darwin took more out of him than anyone would have admitted, as you get older long trips and the heat would be more taxing on the aging body.
  13. durango


    When was the last time Melbourne had 2 goal Kickers in the top 10 in the AFL?
  14. durango

    Essendon VFL v Casey Demons - VFL Round 13

    Casey won by 8 points
  15. durango

    Go and get Gaff!

    Gaff will cost nothing if he chooses us whilst Prestia was not a free agent and Melbourne had burnt its first picks, therefore there can not be a comparison between the 2.