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  1. Best MFC team in last 50 years

    I think Clayton Oliver is better than Greg Healy should be in that team along with Michael Hibberd who is much better than Graeme Yeats
  2. It seems when every we make a trade all the geniuses on this site speculate we have paid over the last 3 were Melksham Hibberd and Lever. Hopefully the later will produce a season as good if not better than the other 2.
  3. Just watched Jake Lever Highlights his reading of the play is well above average and is marking is virtually one grab, not much seen re-disposal and run?
  4. Misson's Time Up?

    I spent 35 years in the field of athletics and have no knowledge of a athlete trained by David Mission. I believe David is doing the job as he did for the Swans and St Kilda but the football played a decade ago has changed and the current version needs a different fitness set. I believe that David has run his race and a more modern fitness person should be put in charge, we have that person on staff his name is Daniel Cross.
  5. I have always said only one statistic counts the scoreboard at the end of the match and all other statistics are rubbish
  6. Training - Wednesday 23rd November, 2016

    By the way Blicavs was a steeple chaser
  7. Training - Wednesday 23rd November, 2016

    You do realise the world record for 3k Steeple chase for women is 8:52:78 so 9:45 is not that great for a professional footballer who is an endurance runner. And running and jumping steeples and a water jump is much harder than flat running. When I was a junior I ran 1 mile(1616 meters) on grass in bare feet in the time of 5:05 which was not that great. I did not train every day. My son who was a decathlete ran 1500 meters after doing 10 events in 2 days in the time of 4:35 he was mainly a sprinter.

    The 18 round competition where played with every team playing each other in rounds 1 to 11 and rounds 12 to 18 were played against same teams as for rounds 1 to 7.
  9. Who Shopped it Better?

    Hibberd's defection was known for some time where as Lewis was done in less than 3 days
  10. 2016 Player Review - # 29 Jayden Hunt

    Jayden Hunt was a great success but if Melksham and Lumumba had been available he would probably never got a look-in

    Not to mention the boost to membership drive
  12. AFL Preliminary Final Weekend 2016

    Looking at the Geelong Team on Friday morning I noticed the Team was made up of rather large number of players over 193cm for a night match where marking is more difficult than a day game. Then this morning I look at their Kick to Handball ratio, with the makeup of their team the Kick to Handball ratio should have been reversed. The reason Geelong remain a force is their home ground, which is a true advantage.

    I just watched the scorpions sing their song, I believe I saw Chris Judd in the picture? Anyone who was their confirm and what was he doing there?
  14. Finals 2016

    I think we are getting ahead of ourselves here, first we must win on sunday against a carlton side who we rarely win against. Last year we lost because we took them too lightly. In1987 we were very lucky and unlucky we lost player to injury during critical games. Against Footscray we lost Garry Lyon early in the match with a broken leg and against Hawthorn Robbie Flower was unable to lift his arm above his head. The reason we lost the 1987 preliminary final was each individual tried to win the game of their own boot and not do the team thing which they were doing until 3/4 time.
  15. Surely Hunt Deserves a Rising Star Nomination

    Stats Comparison for Hunt, McDonald and Weitering shows McDonald is first followed by Hunt.