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  1. Afl ticked off on it today
  2. Keeping them in it I hope they have learned about there 3rd quarter from last week
  3. 27-8 inside 50s need to kick goals
  4. I will be watching at home, have heard the sporting globe is pretty good they have tv's everywhere might get a bit noisy though
  5. Rain coming down in ballarat with bit of lightning, still looks like it might miss the g
  6. Maxy has his new look, if anyone has seen techno Viking on YouTube take a look maxy looks just like him
  7. Dusty is still on all Sportsbet markets, has been a bit of money on the tigers last couple hours they have shortened in a bit dees out to $2.25
  8. I don't think helmets do much, someone else might know more but I'm pretty sure if you get hit hard enough a helmet wont make any difference
  9. It's a shame he has copped another knock and will just have to wait and see how it plays out, if the doctors give him the ok well the decision to keep going will be upto him, I hope he gets back and reaches his potential but unfortunately the AFL is full of hard luck stories with players who are just flat out unlucky and it's looking like this could be 1 of those stories
  10. Silly question but is that photoshopped
  11. Oh hell yes plenty of scum bags, too many ice heads
  12. Well they finished on 12 wins so if you take jlt series out of it they have won just 2 games since round 10 last year that's not a great stat
  13. Settle down I'm from ballarat we are not all bad, need to wait and see what happened 1st
  14. North are useless I tipped them this week 2
  15. That's not good