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  1. If his eye was on the ball that should save him, collisions happen in footy if he goes for that it's time to burn down afl house
  2. How long left not watching
  3. Need a lot of fresh legs next week
  4. Came into $1.95 we are currently $2.05 I jumped on at $2.90
  5. We are back out to $2.00
  6. Surely jkh gets a game next Friday
  7. How much are hawks paying him 500k he must roll out of bed each morning and just [censored] himself laughing
  8. $2.90 into $1.90 I wonder what sort of money it takes to move that much
  9. The way the money is coming in for us we will start favorite which is just crazy
  10. $1.89 eagles dees $1.95 something is going on that's a big turn around i got on at $2.51 and my cash out option is already more than I put on
  11. Feeling similar to before game against bulldogs where I thought we would win, can't see them blowing us away, I really hope we win as the buildup to next Friday will be huge
  12. How bad was the commentary in the last 2 minutes
  13. Hahahaha the poor heroes
  14. Would rather face bombers come September