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  1. But he didn’t even have us in his top 8, now we are 1 of 4 that can win it 🤦‍♀️
  2. Good old Essendon still thinking they can just do as they please
  3. Daniher has done a calf will miss upto 6 weeks according to reports, big out for the bombers
  4. And you just know there will be a similar incident in round 1 that won’t even get looked at
  5. God AFL Is turning into a [censored] game to watch bring back the 90s
  6. I would be shocked and disappointed if they don’t challenge
  7. Yep a fine at best, must be challenged
  8. Anyone have a spare viney cup I couldn’t make it, happy to pay
  9. I was a bit worried after the game yesterday at where we are at but after watching goodies presser I feel a lot better about it, as he said it’s all about getting the players cherry ripe for round 1 nothing else matters, was all about getting minutes into players and Brisbane will be hard to beat this year, I’m tempted to tip them in round 1 they have a healthy list at home against the eagles I think they are a big chance
  10. Pretty bad day, fought it out which is nice but a lot of work to do, I’m suddenly not that confident round 1 now need to see who we have available
  11. Compound fracture in his finger
  12. We are down to 2 on the bench compared to lions with 8 they should run this out fairly easy I would have thought
  13. Port are currently $3.52 against us round 1 I suggest loading up
  14. Take this into the season proper and we are in for a big drop down the ladder, too many good teams below us
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