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  1. Would cost us this year or next years 1st rounder, I would push for next years as we should finish higher
  2. He has to stay in when maxy comes back, leave watts forward and have pedo and maxy play forward/ruck combo, can always chuck watts in ruck for 5 minutes if we feel he needs to get into the game a bit
  3. Overrated would rather ANB In the side at least you know what you will get
  4. Yep yesterday's tactics from north had brad Scott written all over it, target certain players and get them off there game and if you need to, punch to the gut or jumper punch as you won't get suspended, it worked we got sucked in, and then Scott comes out after and say players shouldn't get suspended for it, it was all a plan that the team carried out to perfection, north Melbourne have now taken over from hawthorn as my most hated team and I hope we smash them in 6 weeks
  5. We are a soft football club if we don't say anything, any wonder the players show up to play when they feel like it, goes from the top all the way down
  6. Something is wrong with the system and needs to be changed, Salem can cop his week but the punch in the gut to Vince who was forced from the ground and was almost spewing and to only cop $1000 is just wrong, if AFL Doesn't change the rules on that this week I would be telling the players if someone is giving you a hard time punch them in the guts as it will only cost $1000 it's not a good look for the game
  7. Yep it's must win game this week or potentially season over, swans are right behind us and should win this week
  8. We have improved no doubt about it, we haven't been smashed yet and have been in every game we have played in the final quarter with a chance to win, I can't see us make finals this year there is not much room for error with such an even comp and if we can't string wins together we have no chance, we might make a run once gawn and hogan are back but could be too late
  9. Yep we will be smashed in the media this week claiming we are mentally weak, and deserving it will be
  10. And both will be losses if we can't play 4 consistent quarters
  11. Won't make the 8, the Adelaide win was a false dawn just too inconsistent this year hopefully that disappears once we get more mature but can't see it happening this year, we need gawn and hogan desperately
  12. Yea might have jumped the gun a touch, this club does that to you
  13. I won't watch for the rest of the match when I do like hawks game and 1st quarter we get beat so it's my fault
  14. That's it for me see you all next week
  15. Geez they get easy goals