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  1. Different Jack Watts - he played at uni blues
  2. Goodwin just said on fox slight medial strain for Gus and taking no risk
  3. Deal will be completed tomorrow
  4. Just a thought Out Howe & Toumpas In Kennedy, pick 28 & pick 29 (Part of a deal with seedsman to Adelaide, collingwood , port and dees) maybe some late swap of picks aswell
  5. Mike Sheenan said OTC that MC will not be at Melbourne and was seen at the Westpac Centre on Friday.......Gone
  6. More suited to a half back flanker and not a pure outside mid which is a necessity
  7. And also tynan - this kid can play - no fuss and gets the aggot - will become neelds pet
  8. Ok first hit out for the season - absolutely terrible conditions - I don't think we should be to critical on our performance. We need to lower our eyes when we have the footy and not blaze away - I would hate to be a forward out there tonight with are delivery. So go easy on watts effort .... I thought he chased and harassed well against Brisbane. Positives bate grimes magner
  9. Nicho first as per jt twitter
  10. Yes it is 3.2km around that track
  11. Long time viewer - first time writer ... Being a local Western district boy - Beamer is from South Warrnambool and Jordie is from Terang (ex Hampden League players). Go Dees - we need to be patient this year and not expect the world - remember it takes 3-4 years to build a great side! Players need 80 games eg Watts, Scully etc.