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  1. LuckyPhil

    AFLW Round 1 - Melbourne V Brisbane

    So who was playing for the Dees in the number 12 jumper yesterday? No number 12 listed in the published team list and according to the club number 12 was one of the numbers not assigned to anyone. There was definitely a number 12 on the field. Mystery woman?
  2. LuckyPhil

    2015 MFC Season Review

    The obvious player that everyone has missed is Jack Watts. This bloke wandering around the ground missing tackles, dropping marks , chasing no-one, regularly turning the ball over and totally avoiding any physical contact. And yet he is picked every week. Why? If I was a team-mate I would be looking at him and thinking "He does nothing and gets picked avery week. Why should I bust a gut?" We should put all players on performance based contracts. We would soon be the richest club in the competition because our salary bill would be tiny.
  3. LuckyPhil

    Let's cut to the chase... Who is gone!

    I like your list Viney4pm but I reckon you missed a few. What about: Dawes who takes a mark about once every 3 weeks and never overhead. Jamar who wins lots of ruck taps, most of which go to the opposition and who does nothing around the ground. McDonald whose kicking is as bad as anyone in the team and his handball is about as good as his kicking. Garland who is as slow as a wet week. I was at the G today and the only player I could see who deserved his match payment was big Max Gawn who took a lot of good marks and would have taken a lot more if our own players hadn't kept spoiling him. That was the worst performance I have seen for a long time (if not ever) and I have been a Demon supporter for a long, long time. That team played like they had never played a game of football in their lives. They can't mark, kick, tackle or handball and they make basic errors time after time. They were pathetic and someone should tell them if they think they are playing flat out - they are kidding themselves.
  4. LuckyPhil

    The Hun again ! DB and Jones analysis of ???

    Bailey says "The hard work starts on Monday" - so what have they been doing for the last 6 months?