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  1. Yes this sent me into a full rage made
  2. Booing and selective vision impairment seems to be a WC supporter trait.
  3. I'll be 40 years old tomorrow. And I'm on holidays for a week in Queenstown NZ. Going to go work on a decent hangover asap!! thanks for early bday present go dees
  4. I cant thank * essendon enough for this bloke. He's probably our best backman atm
  5. Worst half of footy for some time. better pull the finger out in the next half dees
  6. that result needs a larger * on it
  7. Well done nifty nev! A fantastic career achievement.
  8. Hope the pies smash the cheating swine. They deserve zero sympathy.
  9. One of my old mates had his thumb nail bitten in half in a country grand final quite a few years ago.
  10. history will repeat :D
  11. Hunt is developing into a gun. How good was that gather from the errant selwood kick and he casually pumps it back over his head for a goal. That alone has made my day
  12. An open handed push sent Rowe down faster than a $2 hooker
  13. Not bothered really good to see a bit of mongrel for a change
  14. Good win for casey. Thanks again kc