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  1. that result needs a larger * on it
  2. Well done nifty nev! A fantastic career achievement.
  3. Hope the pies smash the cheating swine. They deserve zero sympathy.
  4. One of my old mates had his thumb nail bitten in half in a country grand final quite a few years ago.
  5. history will repeat :D
  6. Hunt is developing into a gun. How good was that gather from the errant selwood kick and he casually pumps it back over his head for a goal. That alone has made my day
  7. An open handed push sent Rowe down faster than a $2 hooker
  8. Not bothered really good to see a bit of mongrel for a change
  9. Good win for casey. Thanks again kc
  10. Love his work to date. I imagine that he can still do a fair bit of pool work to keep his aerobic capacity on par
  11. I remember felcher losing his teeth and i thought that was most excellent at the time
  12. Lol norf
  13. Solid but i feel more like this one sums up my true feelings.
  14. I'd prefer vardy