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  1. The umpires will make sure Dogs get there agsin don't you worry Bulldogs fans.
  2. Bulldogs frees tonight 16:9 .... and counting
  3. Glenn Giles brother of Peter
  4. Gee that Zac Jones is more handy
  5. Ukrainian...but enjoys pizza with grappa
  6. Lingy says no free. Dogs are expert at milking frees.
  7. Picken what a tackle
  8. Sam Reid 6 goals
  9. Franklin sublime
  10. How was that for a milk by Boyd. Udderly ridiculous.
  11. The Package delivered as did Jong but that Dalhaus in the back where he threw himself foward to milk a free as per the Footscray playbook is annoying. The Dogs have been taught to milk frees and they do it better than any other AFL team.
  12. Doggies working their way back
  13. Watching replay also. I think you are being kind. I am seeing Cale M moments.
  14. For a small bloke Lachie Hunter is so instinctive and Liba is a magnificent tackler
  15. And compare that group to Blease, Tapscott, Taggart, Couch, Magner & Gysberts (Melksham went at 10 in Draft 2009, one selection before JG).....Meggs stop it, sorry...🤕