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  1. Moonshadow

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Would you prefer the attention seeking, Christian lead, 2 x left footed ScoMo? Give me an atheist PM any day. Having said that, we could do with a few more left footers in our team
  2. Keen cricket talent as well. Could be draft bolter http://m.afl.com.au/news/2018-09-03/afl-clubs-crystalballing-cricketing-draft-bolter
  3. Link doesn't seem to work???
  4. Moonshadow

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    That voice was none other than Edward Gough Whitlam. The same man who, when asked by an annoying journalist about his position on abortion, replied, "In your case, I believe it should be retrospective."
  5. Moonshadow

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    11 will match the number of his Dundee sequels
  6. Moonshadow

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Having met the great (size) man, I can confirm your summation is 100% accurate Ernie. BBO makes The Donald look like a recluse.
  7. Moonshadow

    The Sam Sturt Thread

    Is he becoming a reporter???
  8. Moonshadow

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    He looks like his head is melting. Englishmen in the midday sun?
  9. Moonshadow

    Andrew Brayshaw

    Hi Andrew Bolt!
  10. Moonshadow

    The Sam Sturt Thread

    AFL article says we "have been linked" to Sam Sturt with pick 23 Clubs line up for late draft bolter
  11. No they won't. They are both soon to turn 29. They have 2, maybe 3 years left.
  12. Moonshadow

    The Bailey Smith Thread

    This kid should board at BBO's Romsey manor once drafted. He'd be quaffing cheap shiraz and giving himself a jolly good flogging in no time at all.
  13. Would be interesting to hear him expand on what type of experienced players were required. In the next couple of years we'll lose Jones, Lewis, perhaps Hibberd and Jetta (both 28). Running defenders?
  14. What about Veronica Corningstone?
  15. Moonshadow

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Don't get him started Red
  16. Moonshadow

    PICKS # 23 & 28

    Check put the first goal from 50m line
  17. Moonshadow

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Didn't our horse break his leg and get put down on the track?
  18. Moonshadow

    The Jordan Clark Thread

    Who says that?
  19. Moonshadow

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Outrageous! Have you discussed this with the MCC?
  20. Toby Bedford at 31 on that list. Handy number.
  21. Rylee West looks a cracker. Can we bid for him even though we don't have a 1st routine pick?
  22. Moonshadow

    Draft Needs Analysis

    I disagree with every example you mention and especially with the bolded part. That is flat out wrong. I've heard many club recruiters interviewed in the last year who state almost to a man that it's "best available" every time. A club drafting for need is doomed to fail at selection. For example, we knew exactly how much potential and talent Viney had, regardless of our list, and he was a steal at the pick we got him.