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  1. Moonshadow

    Angus Brayshaw

    Cold winter to have snowed in Perth, Ethan
  2. I call bs. You put it on a forum open to the public and then say you won't give any detail of your source. If it were true, and this rumour got wider traction in the media (I know for a fact that some journos flick through fan forums such as Land), do you honestly think that the club couldn't put 2 and 2 together and figure out where it came from? You have jeopardised their position. I am proud of our club's ability to not leak to punters like us. If Hannerbury is a Dee next year, I will congratulate you. But I doubt it.
  3. Moonshadow


    Does Tom McDonald strike you as the kind of guy to put those plates on that kind of car? The Ox is a rare bird
  4. Moonshadow

    Brent Harvey says we'll lose Jesse Hogan

    He was asked on Ch 10 news if his source was good and he said he had no source, only a hunch. Unabashed attention seeker.
  5. Moonshadow


    I highly, highly doubt a player would get plates like that and draw attention to themselves. However, BBO did tell me a couple of months ago he was going to spend his kids inheritance and a mustang was top of the wish list
  6. Moonshadow

    There is a role for Bugg

    Except these guys are rated by most astute observers to be far better players with much higher ceilings than Bugg, ANB or Harmes. The comparison is nonsensical. As is the example of our only fixed KP backman (Omac). If by 'carried' you mean that they weren't consistent stars from game 1, then Oliver is the only player on our list we haven't 'carried'.
  7. A back up ruck, should one be needed (touch wood). Not sure Pederson will be with us next year and Tmac should stay as a forward target.
  8. Moonshadow

    vanders launches long bomb from the middle

    Good kick. Must've been a decent breeze too.
  9. Moonshadow

    Milestone Weekend

    Thank you Essendon for Milkshake and Pig 🤣
  10. Moonshadow

    Changes vs Geelong

    Geelong really only have 1 tall forward: Hawkins. For match ups, I'm thinking Frost might get left out. Gawn dropped back successfully a number of times vs dogs.
  11. Moonshadow

    All Australian watch

    Haha! Uncle "Dude" Bitter! If Gus were to smash 4 or 5 BOGs in the run to finals you might eat your words, dude
  12. Moonshadow

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Or is it better to beat top 8 sides but miss out? After R23 I'd be happy to be in position 8-1 as opposed to 9-18, regardless of who we beat
  13. Moonshadow

    Go and get Gaff!

    Do you mean stay or go? How the f would Healy know?
  14. Moonshadow

    Mr Jones

    Hmmmm, so let's see.... He's a terrible kick, B grader, not best 22, should either retire or be pushed, is having a quiet patch, yet still avg 24 and 4 tackles and is a poor leader. FMD, it's a wonder that with all the talent, depth and leadership in the club he's still the captain and one of the most popular on the list. Why wait. Sack him now.
  15. Moonshadow

    Go and get Gaff!

    Not his usual 40+ game bub. Only a lazy 30, equal game high. So he's even slipping as an accumulator! Second or third rounder should do it if Weagles match offer
  16. Moonshadow

    Mr Jones

    Jones across half back to replace either Lewie or Bernie. He's been overtaken in the midfield. If we land Gaff or another quality mid next year, Jones' may be better used on a flank. Having said that, he's averaging 24 and 4 tackles this year. He might turn around and have a few blinders in lead up to finals just to put us doubters back in our place
  17. Moonshadow

    Losing Jack Viney

    I've got a sore knee. Can you tell me what's wrong and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  18. Moonshadow

    Losing Jack Viney

    Exhibit A: So then you aren't a medico who has examined either Jack or Gus. Righto. By the way, a poster on the post game thread said Viney estimated to be 3-4 weeks and the club would be cautious. Intel came from inside the club apparently
  19. Moonshadow

    Losing Jack Viney

    Again, are you a doctor/specialist who has examined this person? Apologies if you are, but otherwise this is bs. I know this site is full of opinions and everyone is entitled to theirs, but making grand sweeping medical statements as fact with very distant and PR massaged knowledge of the individual is ridiculous and clearly wrong You should work to in the media wyl. Oh, wait.....
  20. Moonshadow

    Losing Jack Viney

    Got to lol at the hindsight armchair experts! The closest they've got to examining Jack's foot is from 50m over the boundary. Yet they tut tut his treatment as if knowing better because of 'personal experience'. Yes, yes, club doctors and physios are amateurs who led him to get to this point! We know better..... FMD!
  21. Moonshadow


    Wouldn't call them passengers but any means, but Jones, Salem, Hannan, Jeffy and Jetta had reasonably quiet games
  22. Moonshadow

    Last chance for Kennedy-Harris?

    Goodwin pointed out JKHs tackle count in the after game presser
  23. Moonshadow

    Losing Jack Viney

    Thanks Todd
  24. Moonshadow

    Losing Jack Viney

    I take it you are a doctor or sports science specialist treating him??? Nice bit of hyperbole WYL.
  25. Moonshadow


    Anyone know the situation with Viney's toe? How bad is it?