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  1. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    That joint sound both hot and slippery at the same time
  2. Josh Kelly to Dees?

    The Age reporting Cats want Ablett, D Smith and Hopper. Says Blues into Smith and Hopper as well.
  3. List Structure: What do we actually need?

    Stringer? No thanks
  4. Demonland New Member Meet and Greet

    Which one of the newbies are banned poster dressed up in another alias? I think entry into the Demonland sanctum can only happen after one of BBO's jolly good floggings.
  5. The Jake Lever Thread

    Yes, you are correct. Still think it's overs
  6. I am grateful for ...

    That I now enjoy going to watch a game
  7. The Jake Lever Thread

    Overs. So Crows get Watts, our first rounder (about pick 9) and Carlton's 2nd rounder (about pick 21) for Lever? Isn't that better than the Dangerfield trade, which was 9, 28 and Gore? Yes, I know Danger was a RFA, but remaining OOC near trade time is also a major risk for any club.
  8. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    You'd think it should be our goal every week Red.
  9. Josh Kelly to Dees?

    Did the caller dress it up in a riddle?
  10. The Jake Lever Thread

    Not sure Frost will give us any Leverage Sorry.....
  11. Fitzy Retires

    Loved watching him towel up Boyd from WB getting him subbed off. Wasn't that the time Hogan responded to the taunts by pointing to the bench, "where's your next big thing?"
  12. The Jake Lever Thread

    What they want and what they get are two different things. This is not the Neeld era anymore. The adults are in charge now
  13. The Jake Lever Thread

    Weighted too much our way Norm. Think the Lever/Watts/Gibbs three club deal has legs. Maybe our 2017 second rounder to Adelaide as well. We lose Watts and 2nd round pick and gain Lever. Having said that, I like Watts and would be sad to see him traded
  14. Fitzy Retires

    Done more for the Hawks than Vickery
  15. The Jake Lever Thread

    Dusty is a great footballer with the maturity and intellegence of a 3 week old puppy. He'll go where the money and easy life is. Back to Lever, I think the Lever/TMac/OMac combo will improve both OMac and TMac as footballers