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  1. Think they may do something to show respect re the killings in NZ. A number of other sporting codes have had min silence or black arm bands or similar
  2. And win a Norm Smith.....
  3. I won't be holding my breath on this, but if Jeffy Garlett was to get his head right and knuckle down, he could have a 50 goal season. Has the ability to do the unbelievable, but goes missing way too often
  4. You've painted a frightful vision Wise 😖
  5. Resurrected again. After all, it's nearly Easter...
  6. If you think swapping clubs is the reason for Hogan having anxiety, then you really have no idea about mental health.
  7. Agreed. A number of years ago people would've laughed at the thought of Gawn in a leadership position. Remember the $cully China yawn?
  8. Cyril Rioli?? Hunt would be faster than Cyril Rioli in a straight line, but the rest of your sentence is not accurate. Cyril is quicker on the turn, has an amazing side step, reads the play faster than Hunt and is a much better kick, particularly under pressure. Cyril has the runs on the board over a longer career and under much bigger games too.
  9. So if Goody wanted a third tall, who would it be? Both Smiths injured, Preuss injured. Max will play 90% ruck. Keilty?
  10. Surprised he didn't pick himself to win the Norm Smith
  11. You should get a job above Jason Taylor, you're such an astute judge of talent
  12. So he's primed for the start of the season. 😆
  13. It's a reference to My Little Pony. At the time we played like kids.
  14. If your kaftan has a collar you might be right. I'd recommend giving the high heels a miss
  15. Mick thinking we are top 4 is like the tongue kiss of death
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