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  1. Give Pedo a statue at the G!!!
  2. Buggy being interviewed on ch7. Rather he didn't
  3. That pack mark by Pedo was outstanding. Doesn't matter how quiet a game, any player can effect the result
  4. You bloody ripper!!!!!
  5. Bugg deserves an even bigger spray
  6. The curse of Drew Petri strikes again
  7. Lewis like playing a man down atm
  8. Need to stop wasting inside 50 opportunities.
  9. Lewis Jetta with leather poisoning so far
  10. A good win, but gee it's a lot slower and fumblier than AFL. Hard to judge the status of JKH, Ben Ken and Kent when they shine at VFL but struggle in the seniors.
  11. And to think that they wasted a Nobel prize on that stuff that Bob Dylan wrote when it should have been yours Ethan.
  12. And Lewis will get a premiership medal from 2 clubs!
  13. Great news. Now for Kelly.