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  1. These suggestions are as scientific and medically sound as much of the advice and assumptions in this thread deebug
  2. Such logic is clearly lost on your respondee Wise.
  3. Tell her to pack her BDSM gear as well Earl. And a good bottle of vodka. It'll be worth the sacrifice
  4. Bwahahahaha! You don't like them but seem to think they are worth something at the trade table. Yeah sure, why not! Classic.
  5. Jane Niall is better than most. He has pretty good contacts and is usually not far off the mark. Having said that, he's a reporter and all that... Wouldn't mind us chasing Zak if the price wasn't prohibitive.
  6. Another reactive shifting of goal posts by Gill. Next they'll tighten up on hair lengths
  7. Coniglio. Italian for rabbit
  8. There's an extra $2mill in SC next year according the article in The Age about Norf's offer to Dusty. How in hell can they hope to land Kelly and Dusty? $2mill could us help land May and a mid such as D Smith, the Rabbit or Whitless from GWS
  9. Or he might've gone the same way as stuie, curry & beer or dee-luded. Killed off in the dead of night. Our very own murder mystery, if you will. Who's next? The butler hiding in the pantry (dc)? The Lady of the House decending the staircase (Maple)? Or the Drunken Uncle fumbling around the cellar for another bottle of shiraz?
  10. Agree. Our first rounder should do it, maybe trade of late picks in there too. May isnt worth more than a 1st round pick. Don't trade our top 6-7 mids: Clary, Jones, Tyson, Salem, Trac, Viney and (hopefully) Brayshaw.
  11. Unsociable football. Who'd of thunk it?
  12. It's all part of the AFL plan to equalise the ladder.... Can think of no other explaination for numerous appalling decisions
  13. Would've thought most of Garry's ideas come from here
  14. Think we have to play Weed next week as his replacement is either injured, too short or average at VFL level. Once Hogan and Gawn/Spence come back he may return to VFL for a while. He'll get further opportunities to play alongside Hogan this year, just not every week. Good god I hope they keep Pedo in.
  15. Hogan had a ripping preseason so his conditioning will be good. Won't take him long to catch up physically. Has a lot on his mind and he'll be aware of his needs and the support he's getting from family and the club. I'm guessing he'd want to get back into the routine of playing footy with his mates.