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  1. Smith done ribs?
  2. Yep. These conditions should suit him to get 35+ disp
  3. Would like to see Viney, Garlett and Hogan lift further
  4. Liking Hibberd a lot. Doesn't panic. Classy. Makes good decisions. What we've missed in our backline for a long time
  5. It will be a very good day when ANB and Harmes cannot get a game in the seniors
  6. Toiling giving the missus a jolly good flogging?
  7. BOM app has a small patch of rain hitting around about 7 or 7.30, but the worst of the rain is around Anglesea and south Geelong slipping southwards. May miss the G.
  8. I'd wear one, if it didn't mess up my three manbuns
  9. 'Fear the mo' just doesn't have the same ring to it...
  10. Then wag and do some irresponsible drinking of alcohol with us!
  11. Thanks for the detailed run down of the news Lucifer.
  12. I'm thoroughly outraged. It's clearly against the EO act. Get Danny Denuto pronto!
  13. So what's the rules for international rookies and (if he's good enough) does this fella fall within that?
  14. I've heard it said that sometimes helmets can have a reverse effect, in that they can give the wearer a false sense of security so they take higher/more risks. Can't remember if this theory was for sports people or gen population cyclists. But is is widely accepted that helmets help prevent cuts and skull fractures but not concussion.
  15. Our most optimistic year for over a decade, well for some anyway. Cool vent Red. Way to go.