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  1. dl4e

    Calling All MCC Members

    Billy you have every right to have a whinge. The drought is terrible. Our family when I was young had a farm near Buchan right on the Snowy and were badly affected by a drought and poor cattle prices got the better of us. Thats going back to the 70s.
  2. Don't let me get started on this stupid idea.
  3. dl4e

    AFLW: Rd 3 vs Brisbane

    It stinks but they have been able to buy a flag ( presuming they win ) in their first year. Current clubs had to give north and geelong some players including a top ranked player. If the 4 clubs entering the comp next year can do the same the situation is effed. They shouldn't be expanding again next year or even for the next 5 years.
  4. dl4e

    2019 Contracts and List Details

    I would like to see Frost, smith and stretch added to the contract extensions. Jones will be the most interesting.
  5. dl4e

    Lever off to the US

    I reckon he will miss at least the first 6 weeks of the season.
  6. dl4e

    AFLW: Rd 2 vs Collingwood

    Paxman and O'dea doing the damage in the middle. Phillips has been very good as well. Pearce dominating the ruck.
  7. dl4e

    Jack Watts video

    I would in sentiment agree with you but then why did Hawthorn recruit Wingard ????
  8. dl4e

    AFLW: Rd 2 vs Collingwood

    I remember the last time I was at Vic Park. I am sure it was 1992 when we were down the bottom half and they were 1st on the ladder. We won with Sean Wight kicking the sealer. Don't know the last time we played there but it was around that time. Considering going but it is a fair hike but for memories sake. All the venemous filth sitting in their grand stand was quite a sight.
  9. dl4e

    Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

    Our 1st finals appearance in 12 years has in no way wiped out my MFCSS. Port will be tough and look at the next 2 after that.
  10. dl4e

    Tickets for the JLT Series

    I would go to the brissy game but pre booking tickets for a practice match seems a bit silly.
  11. dl4e

    MFC Family Fun Night - 13/2/19 @ 4:30pm

    I live 5 minutes away but you will find that most people out this way are ^%$#%$& Richmond supporters.
  12. dl4e

    Jack Watts video

    Who gives a stuff about what footy players do in their spare time. How ever there is one point to make. Since when did people start snorting something LEGAL off a womens breast.
  13. dl4e

    AFLW: Rd 1 vs Fremantle

    Well I got sunburnt a bit but the wind from the south actually made it bearable. Too hot to play in though. We are not a good skilled side and we handball way too much. With our skills more kicking should be done to get the ball forward not just handballing it someone who is going to get tackled. Fremantle did have some pace but not much else.
  14. dl4e

    Tomas Bugg Announces Retirement

    Who is that bloke sitting next to Bugg.
  15. dl4e

    AFLW: Rd 1 vs Fremantle

    Jakobsson forward threw me a little as with paxman in the backline. I actually like the womens game even if the skills are some what lacking but I can't question the endevour they show when playing.