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  1. Finals 2018? Mick McGuane thinks so.

    Until Melbourne can overcome the mental weaknesses we will struggle to make finals. We have a list that can match it with any side but continue to be easily bullied as the hunted.
  2. We should make the 8 and do quite well in it. Unfortunately I think next year will be even more tighter than this year. I am no good at predictions so my grand hope is that Geelong fall flat on their faces.
  3. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    Well why don't we just look forward to the brave hard at ya, no holds barred gallantry of Watts and Motlop in the Port forward line. Comedy hour please and pass me the next beer.
  4. Melb vs Hawks 1990 5 goals in 4 minutes

    I have always believed we were the best side in that year. Our inability to play waverly properly cost us. The filth side that won the flag was the worst premiership side that I can remember.
  5. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    Exactly. These clash jumpers are a pathetic joke.
  6. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    The point is that an iconic part of our game is going to get thrown into the rubbish bin. I think it will be sad to see the bounce go and for all I care the officianados changing the rules of our game can get knotted.
  7. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    I think Salem and Brayshaw have a lot of improvement in them. They are both gun players I believe they just need to play more often. Oliver has played only 2 seasons and will improve. Harmes and ANB could come along to be very handy players. For me the jury is out on Hogan and Petracca. Both have huge capabilities but will they show it ?
  8. David Schwarz

    Schwarz along with Flower and Jacovich were the best demon players I can think of. It may seem a bit far fetched but his knees probably cost us a premiership.
  9. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Well next season we want to be firmly in the 8 before the last round.
  10. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Tough road home yet again. Must start season well which includes beating frickin North.
  11. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    The suns at the Gabba ? Oh and why would they play a home game Perth Stadium ? Your post is seriously deluded.
  12. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Hope we kick better this time around than last time.
  13. 2017 Player Reviews: # 25 Tom McDonald

    A strange one our Tom. He is a very good kick for goal but his field kicking out of the backline especially is just awful. He presents well and is a good mark but when required to handball he tries to deck the worms. Yep forward line for me.