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  1. dl4e

    Gary Pert?

    There is something about an ex Fitzroy/filth full back that worries me. Can't put my finger on it though.
  2. unfortunatley I agree with your last point.
  3. dl4e

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    3 year extension.
  4. dl4e


    Yep I am the same. Never heard of her. Can give me my avatar over her any day.
  5. dl4e

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Why do people have this KK automatically in the side. As it stands now I would have Frost in ahead of him now. I agree with a couple of others above my post. Would have Frost in the side.
  6. dl4e


    I believe the MFCSS is a real psychosomatic syndrome. I don't think it is a dangerous psychotic illness as a good win can cure many things.
  7. dl4e

    Biggest Draft Steals

    Whelan and Jetta. Two absolute guns recruited in the 50 bracket.
  8. dl4e

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Vince won't be playing at Casey.
  9. dl4e

    Pass Mark 2019

    Will finish in the 8 but anything more I can't predict. 14-8 or 15-7 for me.
  10. This is a really dangerous thread.
  11. dl4e

    2019 Fixture

    Wonder what our free entry games will be next year coz of the 2 NT games. I see we play carlscum at the MCG as their home game so I guess that will be one. What will the other one be?
  12. dl4e

    2019 Fixture

    We have a tough draw but so be it. However I would like to have a big whinge and that is about Geelong. They play interstate sides 4 times there. Gws, eagles, sydney and Adelaide. They play 5 games with melbourne clubs and guess who they are. Us,dogs, saints, north and the new kid on the block Carlton. Well that is just bloody typical. They play 2 home games at the MCG against Hawthorn and Essendrug. They shouldn't get any home games at the MCG.
  13. dl4e

    2019 Fixture

    It is not the decision to rotate the games but we will playing 2 away games on anzac eve and QB. that is where the problem lies but as soon as Eddie starts barking up a tree the AFL bend over to him.
  14. dl4e

    2019 Fixture

    So we play both anzac eve and QB as away games next year. Sorry but that sucks.