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  1. MFC were "happy" to see Hogan go. They were delighted with the outcome of the trade.
  2. Who's the fat little guy in the photo? (Second from the right.)
  3. Tidy player. Powell was better though. Potential match winner
  4. Tommy Mac used to go out with a young woman who was a friend of a woman who used to work for me. Six degrees of separation.
  5. Malthouse is a pile of hot steaming poo ....
  6. Do you mean the Mexican "walking fish," the axolotl? It is in fact a salamander.
  7. Reiwoldt is very dull. Zero personality. He also looks like a fish ... or perhaps an alpaca? Perhaps I'm being childish ?
  8. Like many others I'm an MCC/MFC member. The MFC component is of course a donation. Although I do like the exclusive MCC/MFC scarf! (lol) I wouldn't even consider not renewing my MFC membership. You're either a supporter or you're not**. A mate of mine is the greatest tightarse in Melbourne. He's my age (nearly 60) and has been a Carlton "supporter" all his life. He has never been a Carlton FC member. He is VERY well off. (Worth maybe $5 million). Disgraceful ... I repeatedly tell him that. He would have seen his side win at least 6 or 7 premierships in that time. He says he already gets into the MCG on his MCC membership. Talk about miss the point!!! **Having said that, I do acknowledge that some people are not in a financial position to pay for such memberships. And of course they cannot be expected to do so.
  9. I live a stone's throw from Victoria Park. Sadly I had another commitment that afternoon. Would love to have seen the Dees beat the filth.
  10. Wow, there are some pretty good sides there.
  11. He reminds me of Hawkins (Geelong) although not as big (obviously) at this stage. He's more mobile though. Very high hopes. From all accounts a fine young man. (Gee, I sound like a codger... I guess there's a good reason for that!!!)
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