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  1. One final trade

    Journos come and go with very little interest from me. I have a genuine dislike for any journo who is as famous, or more so, than their specialist subject. And Caro definitely became one of these. She wrote well, and good writing is a rare beast these days, so that is a plus for her. Apart from that, couldn't give a toss really.
  2. Crystal Ball 2018: Predictions for next season

    Dees annihilate Pies in QB game, leading to Buckley being sacked, and Eddie losing out in a board challenge to his presidency. Dees finish 5th after Home and Away season. A suprise B & F winner - someone like Salem, Brayshaw or Hunt. We beat North. Weideman replaces Pederson on or after round 12. One of Dion Johnston or Spargo become established starting 22 small forward.
  3. Ty Vickery has retired.

    I feel genuinely sorry for him. Not quite up to AFL standard, but too good for next level down. And ridiculed, roasted and hated on social media. I love my footy but I really feel for blokes like Vickery. I hope people just leave him alone to get on with his life.
  4. Top 10 Exciting Demons

    That thrill you got when Ox, Farmer, Jurrah or Howe went for the ball. I agree with so much of what others have included above, but I wanted to add a name from left field. Trav Johnstone with ball in hand, running down the wind ready to deliver a freakish bullet into the hands of the forwards. Breathtaking.
  5. I hope he returns to his best and tears it up for Port, but not against us. Just one of those quality people that make the whole club a better place. And if he and Watts get a run against us, I actually hope we cheer and clap when they come on. After that I will feel happy to treat them like the opposition and abuse the carp out of them.
  6. David Schwarz

    He was a rare beast and super talent, but I wouldn't travel down from the country to watch him.
  7. David Schwarz

    I have seen 4 players who made me want to travel hours from the country just to see them play: Flower, Ox, Farmer, and Jurrah. The Ox was an arrogant, gifted, brilliant, bullish star. In life I can't stand people like this. Opposition players like this make me want to puke. Dees players like him make me dream of that elusive Premiership. An imperfect human being who has totally owned all his errors, especially those which ruined the lives of others. As a radio man, even though I live too far away to get SEN 1116 now, I liked him when I could listen. And that 1994 team... oh what should have been.
  8. A very unhelpful guide to 2018

    I hate to say it, but Clarkson will probably have the Hawks back in the eight. He is a very good coach of young players, adn can mold a group quickly. I hope I am wrong. For the first time in years I actually have expectations on the Dees, for 2018. Our club is strong-ish, our list is very, very good, and the support base is growing. If - and it is a huge IF - we can get a clear run with injuries, we can actually cause some damage and go deep into finals.
  9. Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    It looks like a huge win for PA, but it looks too much like the high risk outweighs the high reward. It appears they feel like they only have to top up their list with outside skilfull talent, to give them a tilt at the flag. RISK REWARD Rockliff Toxic personality Brilliant at possesskom bame footy and runs both ways Motlop Goes missing/often soft Outside run, line breaker, with amazing vision skills Watts Lacks intensity/goes missing Elite kick, endurance athlete, precision I can't see Motlop or Watts improving, and will do at PA exactly the same as at their old clubs. Rockliff will be a valuable addition as long as he is given no leadership duties. It all comes down to a wait and see game.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Thanks Jack, for everything you gave over your 9 years. Sorry we stuffed up your development, and sorry we made such a media circus of you in your early years. Your best was breath-taking. Vision, beautiful kick, brought others into the game. I think you will be mostly missed around the Club. From all reports, your people skills and club-heart made a lot of people want to be around you. But is was time to go. The desperation we needed you to show only peeked out at certain times and became a major frustration for coaches, supporters and team mates. You did learn to tackle, but never developed the pack mark that you were recruited for. But our delivery into forward 50 now looks very thin without you here. I hope you have success at PA, but not too much. Pick 31 sounds about right, and if we have to pay a bit of salary, I don't really care.
  11. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    BACK Jetta OMac Hibberd H-BACK Lever Frost Hunt CENTRE Brayshaw Oliver Lewis H-FWD Melksham TMac Petracca FORWARD Hannan Hogan Garlett FOLL Gawn Viney Jones INT Salem Pederson Tyson Neal-Bullen Vince could easily replace Salem, but see him not starting 22 at this stage. This excercise shows up one missing link - our forward line is still one player short of being able to trouble the best opposition defences. IF Weideman develops that will solve the issue. TMac goes back to defence and Frost moves to the bench or Casey.
  12. "We're a troubled team at Hawthorn"!!!

    The Hawks have shown a very high standard of excllence and resilience since 2004, starting when Ian Dicker was in charge. I can see them coping with this mess easily. I am actually tipping them for the top 8 next year, even though their list is ful of holes and experience now. The club is an outstanding model of a modern, functional business and sport entity. Kennett is a difficult one. An abrasive bully by nature, but my goodness he gets the job done. However, with Fagan and other culture-managers gone, there is no one left to man manage the abrasive people like Kennett and Clarkson. From memory they even got rid of their chaplain who was culturally influential. Watch this space.
  13. Tiger flag lessons

    What did we learn? 1. Team football beats EVERYTHING. 2. Systematic honesty. Look how Hardwick made such huge changes to his coaching and communication style. He is part of a system that embraces honesty and people feel safe being honest. Even Dustin Martin is able to open up within the confines of the club. Amazing effort. 3. Minimise injuries. This continues to be a huge issue for us and we MUST sort it out asap. 4. A central, mature, respected person to be the middle man between playing list, footy department, and the Board/CEO. Brian Cook at Geelong, Neil Balme at the Tiges. The central 2 people in the Tiges premiership win are Hardwick and Balme.
  14. Trade rumours

    I am more than happy to keep Omac, and can't wait to see what he becomes in 2018. I reckon he will surprise many. From other DL posters this year, he is very highly rated internally and the coaching staff are sold on him. Anyone is tradable, and if the right trade came up we would be mad not to consider. But it would have to be a VERY good trade to persuade me.
  15. Trade rumours

    53 for me. Still waiting...