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  1. We need two things: 1) height with aerial contesting 2) outside run who can kick. Bugg getting heaps of the ball but butchering it has exactly the same outcome as Watts or Weid not being able to get it - the opposition get the ball. Kent demonstrating no physical grunt has the same affect as lazy defensive running - the opposition get the ball. Do we have players to come in who can help us get the ball, keep it, and use it? Otherwise it is deckchairs on the Titanic. OUT: Bugg (gets exhausted at AFL level and his kicking suffers). Kent (I am a fan but he has been a huge disappointment this year), Weid (If Hogan is in the team, Weid stays but as a main target he lacks physical attributes to impact aerial contests as). IN: Stretch (he can kick and has some class). A smokey in Mitch King.(probably a bit too soon but Pedo, Watts and TMac are needed around the ground) Another smokey in Hulett ( yes again, too soon but we have to try another option over Weid). At least these two smokies are new deckchairs! I normallly hate bringing up players too soon from Casey but needs must. Watts has some credits but is very close to needing Casey time. If we had all of Gawn, Spencer, Smiths x2 and Hogan available Watts could be dropped.
  2. It is another Monday morning with the same post-match-we-should-have-won grumpy deflation that I have experienced so much of over the years. I may have developed a codependent addiction to it now that has become as familiar and psychologically comforting as my Monday morning coffee. But I will also admit that I don't feel lost or without hope. One of my big hopes for this year was to be in every game with a chance of winning. That the Dees would bust their guts at the contest, be able to rally when behind, and challenge any team on any given day. And I am getting this each week. We are yet to develop outside consistent finishing class and the ability to finish off an opponent. I remain hopeful that these will emerge in the latter half of this season. Following this loss to North my fear is that we are becoming another one of those teams who are defined by missed opportunities. Richmond, Gold Coast, North Melbourne, any team under Ross Lyon - they all have this in common and we are now joining them. I look at our list and wonder if their are any/enough who can become finishers, match winners or able to totally crush opposition late in games. I cant see it in the near future, but I do remain hlpeful it will emerge soon.
  3. Our worst 4 players in each game we lose are often the reason we lose. Watts, Kent, Weid and Garlett were our worst today, and the story once again is we couldn't convert our hard work. We are being tortured by a lack of outside class, especially trting to find a target inside 50. Bugg's misses, Jones' horrendous kciking, the embarrassing clangers from our 3 KPD players, and our ingrained habit of not lowering our eyes for close forward targets. I thought we had a fair crack at the game, were annihilated by their tall forwards and backs, but our worst 4 cost us 30+ points. Watts is beginning to concern me. He has some credits, but he and Kent lacked any phhsical presence at all today. Both very low intensity, low pressure, and ineffective. Garlett has had a great year so will allow him one shocker, but he can go missing for runs of matches so I hope that is not starting now. It feels very much like 2011 and 2016 all over again. Fairly hollow admission that.
  4. I said during the week that the thuggery and bullying spirit that the Roos currently display comes directly from their surly coach. They think that if they bully our young guns they will intimidate us, but forget about Viney, Jones, Lewis, Bugg, Vince and co who will give it back and then some. I hope we cream them in the 2nd half.
  5. The Essendrug saga. Sledging someone's wife during play. Gambling in sport. Racism in sport. Too much effing $ in sport. But no, let's tackle the big issues. I know, what about a wildcard round leading into the finals? I reckon the Richmond match committe have dreamt this up to give them a chance at winning a final. It is an appalling idea with little merit, and robs the game of the equilisation they have worked so hard to produce. Is Gil actually fit to lead this great game?
  6. Growing up, I used to like the Roos, seeing them come from obscurity to snatch 2 flags in the 70's. I have never really loved or loathed them, they were a bit like how I now feel about Freo. And then Brad Scott became coach. I loved him as a footballer but everything about his moaning, surly, "isn't-our-list-great", entitled demeanour as a coach gets under my skin. All their ducking and getting rubbed out for behind the play thuggery comes from him. I hope the Dees wipe the smirk off his face so badly that by year end he is assistant coach at the Nyah-Nyah West thirds.
  7. I really enjoy watching Frost play but his kicking has, up until recently, been so poor it has held him back. He seems to have found a way to even out his kicking which in the past 2 games has benn outstanding.
  8. Jeffy has been huge this year. And the best thing is he has been consistent. Opportunistic, great defensive pressure, reliable and accurate.
  9. "Where are you all going?" My goodness, that was priceless. And that older bloke trying to ruin the chant with "you suck!" There is no greater praise then pathetic condemnation.
  10. It is difficult not to re-write history when you reflect on it, but the article does seem to bring a sense of clarity. I was a Beamer fan, loved his aggression and uncompromising nature, but he was an extremely flawed leader whose leadership had powerful positives and more powerful negatives. However, the train wreck that was Mark Neeld can actually be seen as a huge catalyst for change. The 186 game revealed a dysfunctional, decaying, fossilised club. Mark Neeld was a resopnse to that, and his coaching tenure (I refuse to use the word leadership here) made the club finally implode and collapse. And it needed to. Our playing group being led by Beamer and Sylvia - what?!?! Our leaders being given an uncompromising and unfair push out of the door - what?!?! Hard-nosed bullying being seen as tough leadership - what?!?! All the old gang had to depart, PJ was placed in charge, Roos as coach, Bartlett as president and we started again from ground zero. So although it was the worst period I can remember of 50+ years as a Dees supporter, in reflection, I am glad it all happened. Today we have 40,000 members, sponsors who continue, a women's team, and a list that might finally give us some success.
  11. The poor young bloke must be wondering what the hell is going on. First his Dad, not playing much footy, and now this. Thoughts and prayers are with you big fella.
  12. OUT: Hunt, Weid (although he did work very hard) IN: Hogan, Stretch.
  13. I love my whisky from Glenfiddich to Dalmore, but you can keep that stuff. Battery acid.
  14. No single thing changes culture, but often a single event can be a cataylst for culture change. John Northey changed the Dees culture and had immediate impact, but it still took him a few seasons to get the culture change as a the new normal. Last night's game could be a huge step on the "journey" of change, but we have had massive wins before and culture has not moved. When we see that tackling pressure every game, and play with that confidence every game, maybe culture can be recorded as changed.
  15. Hannan is difficult to place. He looks so lost at times, but when you watch the replays, he is very physical in the air and at ground level. TMac played his hunior footy as a CHF - is my memory correct here? Looked a natural forward and should stay there. Who could believe that of all people, OMac would play a blinder on a gorilla? A great game from him tonight, when I thought he would get monstered. Petracca is so strong through the hips and legs, he is almost impossible to bring down. And then his skill and decision making!!! Some selection and position headaches coming up for coaches and selectors. (Beeep), I am a happy old bugger this morning. The missus isn't safe!