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  1. Maldonboy38

    Training - Friday, 7th December 2018

    Spot on. In the 80's we used to drink cordial for thirst quenching! No wonder we spewed so much. I don't know about Manangatang, but I clearly remember near the end of some serious gut running during pre-season playing for Kyneton, where the coach stopped our running, and had the other players jog in a circle around me until I had finished spewing.
  2. Maldonboy38

    Glen Bartlett Post Season Update

    I am a huge fan of this bloke, and believe his influence over the past 5 years is greater than most people think. The rise of MFC came on the back of a trio - PJ, Roos and Bartlett - and all 3 need to be appreciated in the same light, if for different reasons. Bartlett is well known in the business community for being tough but fair, but mostly for a kind of smiling-assassin approach to perseverance. Once he has a goal he just keeps going until it is achieved. He is the model Football Club president: internally strong, focused and respected, but externally we hear next to nothing from him apart from the occasional big-picture comment or gush after a great win.
  3. Maldonboy38

    Gary Pert?

    He will be his own man, and won't be trying to fill PJ's shoes because he can't. No CEO can be hands off and just let everything run, regardless of who he follows. His job is not to maintain things but to develop, grow and increase influence across every part of club life to the point of a Premiership. rjay got it right above - Pert's main job particular to his appointment is to get our new footy/admin home base done.
  4. Maldonboy38


    I had never heard of him before drafting him, but looking at his size, assets and body-readiness, I really like his addition to our squad. I can see him getting a game sooner than expected.
  5. Maldonboy38

    Pass Mark 2019

  6. Maldonboy38

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Petracca is a natural ball-sport player: basketball, footy etc... come easy to him because his instincts and reactions are amazing. He has all the skills, great vision, incredible eye-hand co-ordination. His goal kicking is probably a mental thing and when he gets it right, look out. I also think he has trained very hard since being at the Dees. I remember the photos from his first training sessions when he realised how far he had to go to work alongside Nathan Jones and Bernie Vince. Like Max, I don't reckon he has to work harder, he has to work smarter, and change the way he trains. Less gym, more longer distance running, rowing, boxing. I have to admit to being a fan, and his 2018 season was very, very good. His influence and goal assists were breathtaking at times. Even if he doesn't improve any further he is a wonderful footballer and I love what he brings. However, with his skills and smarts he could become anything. If he can train smarter, change his body shape slightly, run more, then the sky is the limit.
  7. Maldonboy38


    No, but up until 2018 I was often a bored member. It is widely known that the conversation about the "benefits of losing" took place. Anyway, back to Colin Sylvia...
  8. Maldonboy38


    I still rate him as one of a handful of MFC players I have seen in 50 years, who had every skill. I actually put him in the Dusty Martin class. Power footballer, amazing skills, awareness, competitive. Could grab a game and tear it apart in a 10 minute burst. Unfortunately, he rarely put it all together. His mind wandered during games, and off the field. Very, very sad ending. And Cranky, we did tank, and for more than one game. There was a conversation at Board level initiated by Chris Connolly about "the benefits of losing". May you rest now Col, more than you did during your 20's.
  9. Maldonboy38

    2019 Leadership Group

    Our playing leadership is in great shape with Viney, Jones, Lewis and Gawn holding official positions, and the likes of Jetta, TMac, Lever, May also likely to be on-field for a large percentage of time. And I am happy for any of these blokes to be in the official leadership group. It seems more about finding reasons for some of them NOT to be in the official leadership group. Perhaps the other considerations for leadership are being focused on, the off-field stuff. The media loves the Jones story - playing for so long at a poor dysfunctional club, declining offers to join other clubs on a bigger salary, and leading the team onto the field for 2018 finals. His media work during the finals campaign was outstanding. The only other media performers we have are Gawn and Lewis. This was very, very good exposure for our club and sponsors. Lever approaching fans at a club function - we supporters love that stuff. I had a long conversation with Nev Jetta at a Casey open day just after he had shoulder surgery. We chatted about life, the universe and football for about 15 minutes, and he seemed relaxed and comfortable doing it. Jack Trengove was known among the group for his work of caring for those injured or struggling with personal issues. No-one outside the inner sanctum sees this but he was chosen as captain by his peers and this was one of the main reasons. My leadership group would be Captains - Jack Viney & Nathan Jones VC's - Max Gawn, Jake Lever
  10. Maldonboy38

    Daniel Menzel

    His forward play is very very good and he has some rare goal-awareness abilities. But his contested game and defensive run are nowhere near AFL standard. Absolute no from me.
  11. Maldonboy38

    2019 Fixture

    Sorry everyone, but I actually don't see too much favour coming our way. Yes, we play one of the best game styles of anyone - maybe even the best. We have personalities like Gawn and Petracca, and great stories like Nathan Jones. Finals campaign 2018 showed a massive ( and growing) supporter base. But the AFL and Channel 7 are obsessed with a small group of teams, a handful of their preferred stars, and money from advertising on Friday and Saturday nights. They have never got past the 1970's power teams on TV - Collingwood, Carlton and Richmond, and then they added Essendon and later Hawthorn. Everything - and I mean everything - revolves around the AFL promoting these teams with their (supposed) massive followings and the money that follows them. Traditionally, MFC, Saints, Port, Bulldogs, Dockers & Lions are at best 2nd or 3rd considerations in all things AFL. We will get a game versus Freo in Perth before round 5. Channel 7 will gush all over this. We will get 2 - 3 Friday night games but maybe only one against a blockbuster club. And the AFL simply do not care about our NT initiative, it is fully empowered by MFC. We have been lucky to get Adelaide involved this year but after that flogging I can't see them signing up again. Probably Suns, Port or North in NT. I simply do not trust the AFL with fixturing. Even the Eagles will get no favours - while Collingwood will be polished and primed. I would love to be wrong.
  12. Maldonboy38

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    Something that has emerged at MFC over the past 2-3 years is a real honesty about our trading and drafting. Although Viney, Mahoney and Taylor do not say a lot publicly, you can take as gospel the things they do say. They got exactly what they wanted during the trade period - 3 needs filled with the players they wanted. 7 vacancies left. Picks 23 & 28 will be drafted players. I see a midfielder and a tall. Up to 3 of our rookies upgraded - possibly Maynard, T Smith, Keilty. 2 vacant list spots - possibly a mature player out of contract and a project player.
  13. Maldonboy38

    Let the Yawn Fest Begin

    Test cricket just around the corner - tick. A struggling Australia is a breath of fresh air. We will see some young stars emerge and the death of the nasty bogan culture that has dominated Australian cricket since Lillee and marsh. A-League - tick. It is finally producing world class football and 1 or 2 games per week are actually watchable. EPL - tick. Except that you have to watch it via Optus. Massive fail. Basketball of any kind - simply a boring sport. Only thing going for it is watching the athleticism of freaks like LeBron James. Golf - No. Apart from those days of 42 degrees where even golf is better than trying to breathe outside. Horse racing - No. C grade celebrities talking vacuously about their new dress, suit or "fascinator" interspersed with gambling adds and inane sub-commentary, followed up by 3 minutes of watching horses flogged to death. Local sport - yes. Find a tree at your local A grade matches, take an esky and some nibbles. VERY enjoyable.
  14. Maldonboy38

    Harley Bennell

    No. After further thought... absolutely no.
  15. Maldonboy38

    Mid-season rookie draft

    Don't like this idea at all. Really disruptive to the state leagues, and could lead to some very bad list management decisions based on possible short term gains rather than a long, thought out planned process.