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  1. Are you there Harry? Vale Harry Beitzel

    THAT voice. Once heard, never forgotten. Seems a life time ago now, being drawn to his voice on the radio. He was one of those rare people of his generation who had followers - people turned on the radio just to listen to him. RIP, Harry.

    After the 2.5 hour drive home to Bendigo, some game notes: Thanks MCC or whoever, for closing the car park again - being on the road meant I did not know until I got there, so had to park in some God-forsaken Richmond back street that looked suitable for a Dustin Martin party. Missed the 1st quarter. And rhe car park was fine. My man Brayshaw - wow, what a great return. Agree about Pedo. Although I have become a Watts fan, he would do well to watch a full replay of Pedos game today. Gut running, physical impact, strong marks and tackles. I continue to believe we are a better team with him in , regardless of how many talls we have available. Jones - now officially my most loved Dees player since Flower. The 3rd quarter was really bad. Really, really bad. Our unpressured turnovers almost cost us the game. I am not sure my ageing heart can take being a Dees supporter for too much longer. We flirt with defeat at least twice a game and it is killing me. Although we were ravaged by the umps in the 3rd quarter, the bad umpiring actually went both ways. The couple of frees we got both looked dodgy. A bad quarter for the umpire review for all involved. The most pleasing thing today was the impact at various times of Harmes, ANB, Hannan, Brayshaw, and OMac. These players playing their part when needed has happened for each of our wins this year. Our development coaches need a huge nod of recognition and maybe a pay rise. Thank you to other stupid rubbish clubs for Hibberd (a bit fumbly today), Melksham and Lewis.
  3. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 21

    6. Jones 5. Pedo 4. Harmes 3. Brayshaw 2. OMac 1. Lewis.
  4. Gus Brayshaw

    My favourite current player, great to see him back in. Not expecting too much from him after such a long break but at least he gives us outside run. He goes in very hard, but I love his outside play.

    I am with you all the way, although I was born 6 months after the last premiership - 1 month more of MFC pain. I want sustained success, and although I love the Dees players, it is the club/team which has my support. If/when this current list hits consistent finals-winning football, it will be on the back of team not individuals.
  6. Rocket Eade Sacked

    Interesting stuff up at the GC. Eade definitely walked unknowingly into a basket case, similar to Pagan at Carlton. Maybe not so much in terms of list, but player unity, moral and culture were totally dysfunctional. Added to that, the players didn't seem to gel with him. Yeah maybe he should have got more out of the list, but we Dees fans know too well that a crackpot cub simply can't produce the goods. Sad for him really, I reckon he is a very, very good coach. Mark Evans has a lot of work to do. If PJ got us up off the canvas in 3 years, it might take Evans 5 up there.
  7. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Windy conditions change everything. You have to change the way you defend. Also, the smaller, crumbing players have to play to the wind, not to the normal places where the ball would likley drop (e.g. following the punch direction in a marking contest). This makes it difficult for Hogan and TMac, but also difficult for Ben Brown. So, our ground skill players will win or lose us the game. Garlett could tear this game apart today, and I reckon ANB, Petracca and Viney should shine. I HATE windy football - horrible to play in, horrible to watch. I will be at the Eaglehawk v Sandhurst game in the Bendigo Football Netball League trying to watch the gzme AND stay tuned to the AFL app.
  8. The Don's delusion!!!

    Whatever his motivation (and my goodness there is some vitriolic balderdash on DL at times) Tim Watson is spot on with his comments. I can't for the life of me figure out why oppositions are not putting more work into Hibberd. He is cutting every game to pieces. As for his left foot emphasis, if you look closely his Dees team mates free up his left hand side and maybe the Bombers players weren't smart enough to do it. Opposition teams are in a bind though because if they tag Hibberd with a defensive forward, then Hunt and Frost will get off the leash.
  9. The Elephant in the Room

    The close games are brilliant, as is the form of the Dees. The tough in and under contests of modern footy can be brilliant when 2 teams are evenly matched. But the constant congestion, almost no-one forward of the ball, and reduced one-on-ond contests are tough on the eyes. Perhaps the bad games are the worst they have ever been.
  10. Rance the Stager

    He has had some bad moments, but I would take him at the Dees in an instant. I hated Jordan Lewis with his bullying and bravado - until he came over to us. Now I love him! Rance is a bloody good footballer.
  11. Female Football Commentary Talent

    I actually don't mind most commentators, even BT. The only one who gets under my skin is Dwayne Russell for his clear anti Dees bias. I was listening to the radio on the weekend and both commentators were women. I dont care what sex they are as long as I can understand the footy, and they have some ability with the English language. Now the door is open to whoever wants to commentate, we will see more women invovled.
  12. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Huge game today. Should be very close with some sore bodies at the end of the game. Both teams look evenly matched, with our forward line stronger on paper then their defence, which might prove the difference. Jack W 150. Have a look at his career highlights on the MFC website / app. Sometimes we forget just how good he can be. Jack T. Welcome back. I hope you play a belter and slot into our 22 moving into finals. Jack V. I reckon he is going to tear this game apart. Dees by 13 points in one of the games of the year. Petracca BOG. Hogan 4, Watts 4, Garlett 3, Hannan 2.
  13. New Mascot Flash

    Great idea having a mascot named after a relatively current gun player, and the indigenous emphasis just adds another dimension to it. But 5 mascots does seem a bit much.
  14. Billy Stretch Re-Signs

    From what we have seen so far, he looks like a 200 game player. Great to see him signing on. There is a huge upside to Billy, and I see him developing into a line breaking player who delivers to our forwards with classy kicking.
  15. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 17

    6. Lewis 5. Hunt 4. JKH 3. Oliver 2. Melksham 1. ANB Hibberd was everywhere, but he was fumbly, and he kicked blindly or badly too many times. In modern footy, disposals are easy to get down back, and even though his intent was outstanding, his effectiveness was limited.