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  1. Maldonboy38

    Football commentary bloopers

    Pure gold, this. Made my morning.
  2. Maldonboy38

    Goddard to Melbourne?

    I have always been a huge fan. I know his demonstrative nature on-field has made him look like a right Wally a few times but his poise, leadership and kicking are top notch. But we do not need him now and he is getting very slow. So no thanks.
  3. Maldonboy38

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Composure inside 50, and clean up poor handballing = we win. Jones, Harmes, Petrace and Weideman all missing relatively easy shots on goal. Tyson, Harmes, Brayshaw all multpiple close-in handball errors stuffng up momentum. Loving what Weideman and Harmes are bringing. Not sure if ANB is crook. He was so steady and reliable for most of the season. His last few games have been poor.
  4. Maldonboy38

    Dan Hannaberry

    I love Hannah Berri as a player, but we simply do not need any more of his type and the Dees. Pace, outside run (both ways), and ability to consistently deliver inside 50 are our prime needs. Gaff has to be a target, playing alongside our fit and firing Hunt.
  5. Maldonboy38

    Trade HOGAN

    To quote Darth Vader "I find your lack of faith disturbing". To trade him now is a mistake. His too-often misses of set shots really makes my blood boil, but not enough to trade him. Petracca on the other hand... I might be warming to this idea.
  6. Maldonboy38

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Hunt was really poor and is injured, Spargo fired blanks and Jeffy was at his very worst. I don't think we can drop both Jeffy AND Spargo but they both deserve it. Are either of Melksham or Hibberd ready to go, injury wise?
  7. Maldonboy38

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 21

    6. Harmes. Daylight 3. Brayshaw 2. OMac 1. TMac As for Salem, repeatedly crumples under pressure in important moments.
  8. Maldonboy38

    Viney MUST be sole captain 2019

    Massive fan of Jonesy, and I think a lot of talk about his week-by-week performances is myopic and pre-conceived. . His work rate remains fairly high and often "directs traffic". For me, his influence during peak game times is very very poor right now and doesn't look like it is coming back. That miss from just inside 50 was out-on-the-full. Nowhere near it. And as someone wrote above, as the Dees built momentum in the last quarter, he was doing a lot of running between the arcs and rarely impacting the contest. And his field kicking is as bad as it was in his first 2 seasons, which was abominable. I hate to say it, but Viney in 2019 is looking better every week.
  9. Maldonboy38


    Very important stat right there. We fold under pressure of every kind. On the ball pressure, perceived pressure, the pressure of expectation. With Lewis being here now for his 3rd season I thought we might have moved on but we have not. Not wanting to drop players because of one bad game, but there are a few who consistently crumple under pressure - Jeffy, Salem, JKH Hogan (not all the time but often enough, and usually in front of goal).
  10. Maldonboy38

    Who is our Forward coach?

    Nothing to do with the coach. The "system" worked. The actual kicking was the let down. Spargo - who I am a huge fan of by the way - was atrocious today. Couldn't kick over a jam tin, rushing his set shots. Hogan - I just don't get his constant easy misses. Jeffy. That miss on the run while momentum was moving our way. That is what you are in the team for. Energy sapper right there. Jones on the run. One beauty and one shocker. Twice in the last quarter a play-on and a slip over cost us walk-in goals. No coach fixes this stuff, players do. Really, really poor.
  11. Maldonboy38


    Furious. All my family deserted me and left me stomping around the living room groaning and grimacing at: Un-pressured turnovers (how many times in a single season am I going to type or say that word? Did some of the Sydney players have Melbourne jumpers on?) Kicking. Goal kicking. Field kicking. 2nd to the ball - almost all day. Beaten by unknown lumps in Sydney jumpers who simply got in first. Some very poor performances: Pederson, Jeffy, Spargo, Hunt, JKH,. And if not for Harmes we would have been flogged.
  12. Maldonboy38

    Brayshaw Re-Signs Until 2022

    My favourite player. His hardness, run and carry, skills on both sides of his body. Absolutely stoked with this.
  13. Maldonboy38


    Don't understand all the OMac hate. He had a bad night but has been very good for most of the year. If you are looking for somewhere to pour your vitriol, try these: Petracca doing a blind barrel with no target or purpose. JKH missing a simple unhurried snap. No third man up coming across Hawkins - not once in the last quarter. Lewis, Jones and Vince - not one of them dropping back to fill up he space in front of Hawkins - not one.
  14. Maldonboy38


    5 goals up and we lose. They kick out from full back and go end to end without a Dees player touching it. With only seconds to go. My son asked me what's the score. I replied "under 5 minutes we are 2 points up - but we rarely win close games. Watch the Cats get easy possession and kick a goal". I feel absolute shite right now.
  15. Maldonboy38

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Doing everything except finishing our hard work inside 50. So frustrating because it feels like the Dees are continually going to explode, only to kick to Hogan, TMac or Petracca who have 2 opponents. I feel we are far the better side but wasteful (again!).