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  1. Maldonboy38

    The Harley Bennell Thread

    No. After further thought... absolutely no.
  2. Maldonboy38

    Mid-season rookie draft

    Don't like this idea at all. Really disruptive to the state leagues, and could lead to some very bad list management decisions based on possible short term gains rather than a long, thought out planned process.
  3. Maldonboy38

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Never easy fearing an absolute gun forward leaving the club while contracted, especially that the premiership window seems to be opened wide. But the footage is the sealer - we plan for a post-Hogan tilt at the flag. Sorry to see him go. Loved his footy, but his personal griefs might be weighing a bit too heavy. I for one am proud that our club is treating him as a human being before treating him like a product.
  4. Maldonboy38

    Jayden Hunt

    Hunt still has so much raw potential, and his improvement is nowhere near complete. Listening to Max Gawn's B&F speech, he remarked how late in 2015 the penny finally dropped for him. I reckon 2018 being a poor year for Hunt might see him rip the 2019 pre-season apart and spring into the footy season in his best nick yet. No he is not a pure footballer like Brayshaw, but his best so far has been electric. I can't wait to see him next year.
  5. Maldonboy38

    Demonland Thanks for Season 2018

    Yep - well done and kudos to all with Demonland responsibilities. My morning routine of reading the online news, Demonland then the AFL website gets me on my way to a rather boring job.
  6. Maldonboy38

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    Tyson is frustrating at times and for some strange reason, his turnovers stand out as being worse than others. But he gets heaps of the footy and keeps going all day. Looking into 2019 I can't see him in our best 25 so I can see why his manager is making him a public talking point. But I would be keeping him. 2 midfield injuries and in he comes.
  7. It is interesting how many defenders win club B&F's in successful seasons. Internally, voting is often so different to Brownlow or media awards. But our top three will probably be - 1. Gawn 2. Brayshaw 3. Oliver Jetta will poll well, along with Harmes, Tmac, ANB and Melksham.
  8. Maldonboy38

    Grand final Gameday

    Great game, the best team won. A few chokers there in the last quarter but 44 blokes going toe-to-toe. Dom Sheeds's goal. Just wow. A shocking game from the umps. Many head high contacts missed and a lot of dropping the ball/holding the ball interpreted as a ball up. Something has to be done about blocking in marking contests. A real blight on the game now. And even though I admire Collingwood under Buckley (who I loathed as a player but respect as a coach) there remains a deep seated, unspoken satisfaction that Collingwood have lost another GF.
  9. Maldonboy38

    JKH signs on for another year

    He really surprised me this year. He showed some real energy and grunt, and fully earned this 1 year contract. He might really surprise in 2019.
  10. Maldonboy38

    Grand Final Nearest Pin Comp

    Eagles 22 points NS Shuey FG Rioli
  11. Maldonboy38

    The Steven May Thread

    If our circumstances/needs were different I would chase hard after May. He has strengths and weaknesses, but his physical strength is a massive plus, which can be used as a structure point for defending inside our defensive 50. However, for the first time since the early Daniher era I rely on the MFC player development staff, in particular Brendan McCartney. Although none of the Casey boys are ready now, who knows what transpires after 1 good pre-season. And OMac is nowhere finished his physical development. He is still young and could emerge as something quite different to what he is now. Our three tall backs - Frost, OMac & Lever - make a very strong back structure, with varied strengths which compliment each other. I wouldn't want to stuff it up by moving someone in that means moving someone who is currently effective out.
  12. Maldonboy38

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    This just made my day. Absolute gold, Biffen.
  13. Maldonboy38

    A Guide to Perth

    Lived in Perth for 2 years. Great beaches, no peak-hour traffic, excellent roads, worst flies in Australia, the wind never stops, and the average person is more red-necked than a logger from Tasmania. Seriously, Perth made Queenslanders look like they were educated at Melbourne Grammar. And that is a VERY troubling thought.
  14. Maldonboy38

    Camp wars

    I have read and understood Catch 22 by Jospeh Heller, A Crock of Gold by James Stephen, and got through A Brief History of Time while understing about 2/3 of it. I even read the Match Review Statements and can sort of understand them. But I have no idea what this piece is about, what the author is attempting to say, and if his/her/its acid attacks are veiled barbs or ill-aimed self-harming.
  15. Maldonboy38

    Where will you be watching The Big Game

    My local team - Eaglehawk in the Bendigo Footy League - are in the Grand Final this Saturday, and am really pumped. I am also really annoyed that it clashes with the Dees in the West. One eye on the footy and the other on AFL live app right through the afternoon. Going to be a VERY tense afternoon. Actually reminds me of another amazing moment in 1987. Maldon in the Grand Final at Princes Park in Maryborough. A policeman was the only person with a radio, and about 80 people crowded around him as we heard that Jimmy had run across the mark in the Preliminary Final against the Hawks. Carna Dees! Go the mighty Borough!