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  1. Tonight was a massive step up for players like Melksham, Harmes, ANB and Hannan. With Hogan, Watts and Jones to come back in, some players are going to be very unlucky in a few weeks. We now have about 25-28 players to pick from who can deliver at AFL level on most occasions. Melksham and Hannan in particular are looking better and better with every match.
  2. 6. Viney 5. TMac 4. Clarry 3. Gawn 2. Stretch 1. Pedo.
  3. How bl***y good was that?!?! Injuries from last week, injuries in the game, a huge crowd against us, and one of the gutsiest wins in ghe last decade. Best win of the year for mine. Jack Viney, I think I want to have your babies. TMac - astonishing. Pedo - you are a great late-game player.
  4. WCE are getting a heap of the ball, but we are a much better team. Small errors are costing us but we can win this well from here.
  5. Have always liked his potential but he seemed limited. But he is quickly blowing my previous view of him out of the water. He is reading the play, attacking it, and is iften involved i strong attacking moves. And something both he and OMac are growing in at the same time is learning when to leave their player or their place in the zone, and impact the contest. His first 30 games were fairly 'meh', but his 2017 season has been very, very strong. Congrats Frosty - now for the next 150 games.
  6. I was just about to type the same thing. Saying "never" is just too small minded and lacks vision. However, Gus is my favourite current Dees player and his best footy is breath-taking. Once he is through his health/concussion issues he will tear this competition apart. And he is part of our own young rat pack who are emerging at the same time - hate to see it pulled apart. It would have to be an incredible Fyfe/Ablett/Buddy kind of trade to be considered, otherwise we lose too much.
  7. Jones out is a huge loss. Probably Wagner or JKH in for him. I stil, can't figurenout who to exchange for Gawn. The only one I can think of is Vince, but he has never been dropped for poor form.
  8. The Shuey one looks like the head contact was slight. Contact, yes, but most of it was body. A fine would have been enough for me.
  9. All of the MRP's decisions this week look ok, except for the Selwood one. What a crock. Intentional, behind play, forceful enough to make Mitchell respond (he rarely does), and clear cut on video from multiple angles. One of these days, a player is going to take the MRP to court and we will have another Sylvio Foccini farce played out in the media. The umps or someone should appeal the decision. Is there a mechanism for appealing against light sentences in the AFL?
  10. The vision from late in the game of Watts and Jones sitting with iced wrapped on their legs, or walking with a slight limp, is very misleading. When the cameras go into the rooms after most games, players are limping around everywhere with ice all over them. It is standard procedure as first step in recovery after the game. Jones did look sore, but I reckon he will be on the flight. Watts is fine. If either is injured, on form JKH is a certainty. If Goodwin goes with Gawn and there are no injuries, Vince comes out. For mine he was the only player who had little or no impact on the win.
  11. Not sure, from memory Mitch was a Hawthorn supporter, but don't know his family well.
  12. I know it shouldn't and I want so much for it not to, but that post just makes me feel sooooo good. The "successful club" so caught up in its own self percieved glory, it cannot see itself as the slowly boiled frog that it is, dying slowly with a smile on it s face.
  13. Watching the game, it actually felt like we were the hunted, with a struggling team below us throwing everything at us but not being willing enough or skilled enough. I haven't felt like that in a game for a very long time. The Dees were strong in every facet of the game, and worked so much harder than a lot of the Doggies players. In most of the one-on-ones, it instantly turned to our advantage as our players rushed in to outnumber, time and time again. Super impressed with our workrate. Having said that, Beveridge will be livid with their lack of intensity at times. Perhaps most pleasing is the rise of our young guns. Salem, Hunt, Oliver, Viney, OMac, Hannan etc.... Bring on the Weagles.
  14. How good is to see our boys flinging the Bulldogs around like rag dolls? Jetta giving better than he got to Stringer, all the boys stepping in, and the "s--t I love this stuff" smile on Oliver's face!!! The Bullies are throwing everything at us and apart from a couple of soft ones over the back we are standing tall. Loving it. And I am a fan of Bulldogs 2016, but their deliberate ducking into oncoming traffic is getting me riled. A bit more composure kicking inside 50 and we will tear it apart.
  15. I see young Mitch Cox got a late goal. He went to school with my kids - can anyone tell me how he went? He missed the draft last year or year before and he is desperate to get listed with some AFL club.