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  1. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 22

    6 Pederson 5. Melksham - I have long railed against the selection of Melksham. I have seen more games over the last 4 weeks and he has just been better and better. I cannot wait to talk those who have been traded with the worlds most rabid Essendon supporter this week 4. Jones 3. Hogan 2. Hibberd 1. Lewis And I add that the thought of giving a player who kicked 6 goals, only 3 votes suggests I am much happier about the Dees than I have been for a long long time

    And it remains my firm view that the little turd who tried to push in front of me at the bar in the Long Room at 3/4 time last week should have his membership revoked. It aint like it used to be.
  3. Who remembers these?

    Loved watching the kids running onto the ground in a couple of those
  4. Gus Brayshaw

    But they don't have necks
  5. Barrett Article on AFL.COM

    I could see absolutely no reason why Viney should be made co-captain in stead of, for example, vice-captain. There are a lot of things I cannot see.
  6. I salute Jack Watts

    After 80% of Demonland threads over the years have been derailed by Jack Watts, it is surely an indication of his change in status at Melbourne (and here) that his own thread is derailed by discussion of someone else.
  7. The 2017 Membership Thread

    Some of the teeth look a bit like Pies supporters

    she had - and she wasn't

    iv'a, the corollary to this view is that such was our dominance in general play for much of the day, if they had missed some of their 50/50 shots at goal, the liklihood is that we would have again taken the ball up to the other end for a scoring chance. I cant remember such a disparity in inside 50's in our favour.
  10. MRP for Hogan and Lewis

    Rowe should get a week for acting
  11. Dees supporters the most passionate (by far)

    If we were playing anyone at the "G" I would be an attendee. Will not be at Etihad
  12. Longest Kick?

    Essendon Football Club are serious dropkicks
  13. Players Strike....Thoughts

    Fortunately the players are in safe hands and being soundly advise. Pendelbury is quoted in The Age today as saying "We listen to Marshy, we take his advise. If he comes to this football club and he said, 'Scott' in order to get this deal moving, we need you to sit out the first quarter" Marsh was, as best I recall, 'extraordinary' in his assistance and advice to all those under his jurisdiction as CEO of the Players Association, most particularly those who had never played for Essendon. The Age quite properly appeared to equate the suggested strike with the behaviour of the statesmanlike Anthony Mundine and his decision to sit down during the National Anthem.
  14. Total list breakdown

    Who is the fourth over 30 on the list? Certainly Vince, Lumumba and Lewis all qualify. It seems to me the next oldest is Pedersen who doesnt turn 30 until next year.