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  1. Not wanting to appear obtuse but if Melbourne missed out on the finals by a bees dick last year with 8 players who had played 100 games, why didn't Hawthorn with 17 such players, play in the finals?
  2. On course, in making that sacrifice, you may not have a 12 year old son to worry about.
  3. Nibbler

    On consideration, I would be willing to swap Lumumbe, Frawley and Clark for Petracca, Brayshaw, ANB, Stretch and O Mac.
  4. I thought it was Ethan

    I think you should out the other 0.001% of posters
  6. Should Jones remain captain?

    This now makes 4 demiwits who voted for Jones to relinquish his captaincy when not meaning to. That would make 67 for him to remain against 52 to go. 56% to 44%. If such an important announcement comes from Demonland, he wont even need cross bench support and his position is safe for next year.
  7. Trade rumours

    I simply cannot understand this apparent belief that Watts is gone. I think it can only result from a view that if you hear something often enough then it must be true, I think here as in the "to trade Watts or not to trade Watts" thread, the "move Watts on" agenda is being pushed by the real minority (<30% when I last looked) who seem to believe he is gone (and probably wish for him to go). Sorry fella's. At least you will have someone to blame next year again so you can stop putting the older co-captain in his place already.
  8. Should Jones remain captain?

    In admitting I am not the sharpest tool in the Demonland thread, I apologise for causing the result of the poll to be skewed. I answered the question raised by the thread title rather than that posed by the poll. It now has major importance for both sides of the question as moving my vote to the no's, means the result is now tied 50/50 and he can therefore stay as captain. If i had the slightest idea how to change the vote (and cared enough) I would.
  9. Melbourne Players' Trade Value

    Oliver - 9 early first round picks
  10. If there was ever a bloke I wanted to play 100 games it was Jack Trengove. That family has a serious breeding record. We could have done with 3 or 4 offspring running round as father/son/daughter
  11. Well done Joeboy. I may not agree with the number ratings for all but I think you have given a very sound 3 word assessment of the list.
  12. Melbourne's 2017 AFL Fixture

    The offset for the interstate teams having to travel so often is that their home ground advantage is generally vastly greater than that of the Victorian teams.
  13. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 22

    6 Pederson 5. Melksham - I have long railed against the selection of Melksham. I have seen more games over the last 4 weeks and he has just been better and better. I cannot wait to talk those who have been traded with the worlds most rabid Essendon supporter this week 4. Jones 3. Hogan 2. Hibberd 1. Lewis And I add that the thought of giving a player who kicked 6 goals, only 3 votes suggests I am much happier about the Dees than I have been for a long long time

    And it remains my firm view that the little turd who tried to push in front of me at the bar in the Long Room at 3/4 time last week should have his membership revoked. It aint like it used to be.