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  1. Bimbo

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    tom Clarrie
  2. Bimbo

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    McDonald Fritsch Brayshaw
  3. Bimbo

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Viney Frost Harmes Salem
  4. Bimbo

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Melksham Smith Hibberd
  5. Bimbo

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Was discussing with a friend how far this team has come in the last 5 years (2013 - 2 wins and percentage of 54.07%). While he is one of a number who have contributed significantly, his important part in this meteoric rise should not ever be underestimated. I just realised that with Pedersen, Kent and Hogan leaving, the only player left who was brought in over the previous draft/trade period to prior to the new management is Jack Viney.
  6. Of course if we had won extra games we may well have finished third, played our first final in Perth, received the same belting and gone out in two. Would those now carping have accepted a season where we won two finals against vastly more experienced teams when setting their expectations in February.
  7. Bimbo

    Go and get Gaff!

    He will actually have to go to hospital - where he should be now making sure the boy is ok
  8. Bimbo

    Premiership Points Ladder 2000 - 2018

    Well it does show we are clearly on our way up. We have passed Carlton this year
  9. Bimbo

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    About to get on (rarely running French) train from Aix-en-Provence to Lyon. Will be relying on you guys even more than usual
  10. Bimbo

    Top Red Headed Demons

    It’s possible John Lord was.
  11. Bimbo

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    In fact Melbourne has not lost a quarter in her lifetime!
  12. Bimbo

    Time to show Oscar some respect!

    Worth watching again just to see Jack Viney in action
  13. Bimbo


    Whenever I log on to Demonland and see the Fat Lady thread, I am drawn to open it before everything else. It has always contained some excellent information and spectacular abuse. The only sensible alternative to closing it would be perhaps to open a "I hate Essendon because they are a pack of arceholes" thread.