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  1. Bimbo

    Top Red Headed Demons

    It’s possible John Lord was.
  2. Bimbo

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    In fact Melbourne has not lost a quarter in her lifetime!
  3. Bimbo

    Time to show Oscar some respect!

    Worth watching again just to see Jack Viney in action
  4. Bimbo


    Whenever I log on to Demonland and see the Fat Lady thread, I am drawn to open it before everything else. It has always contained some excellent information and spectacular abuse. The only sensible alternative to closing it would be perhaps to open a "I hate Essendon because they are a pack of arceholes" thread.
  5. Bimbo

    Top 10 under 23 - The Young Guns

    The statistics would suggest that if - You win three quarters - massively win the inside 50's - Massively win the tackles - Comfortably win clearances - win contested ball count You would expect to win the game 19 times out of 20
  6. Bimbo

    Top 10 under 23 - The Young Guns

    A wonderfully accurate expression
  7. Bimbo

    GAMEDAY - Round 1

    We also have 11 players under 50 games. Absolutely agree with what you say otherwise. Doesnt stop my normal certain knowledge at the first game of the season that we will lose
  8. Not wanting to appear obtuse but if Melbourne missed out on the finals by a bees dick last year with 8 players who had played 100 games, why didn't Hawthorn with 17 such players, play in the finals?
  9. On course, in making that sacrifice, you may not have a 12 year old son to worry about.
  10. Bimbo


    On consideration, I would be willing to swap Lumumbe, Frawley and Clark for Petracca, Brayshaw, ANB, Stretch and O Mac.
  11. I thought it was Ethan
  12. Bimbo


    I think you should out the other 0.001% of posters
  13. Bimbo

    Should Jones remain captain?

    This now makes 4 demiwits who voted for Jones to relinquish his captaincy when not meaning to. That would make 67 for him to remain against 52 to go. 56% to 44%. If such an important announcement comes from Demonland, he wont even need cross bench support and his position is safe for next year.
  14. Bimbo

    Trade rumours

    I simply cannot understand this apparent belief that Watts is gone. I think it can only result from a view that if you hear something often enough then it must be true, I think here as in the "to trade Watts or not to trade Watts" thread, the "move Watts on" agenda is being pushed by the real minority (<30% when I last looked) who seem to believe he is gone (and probably wish for him to go). Sorry fella's. At least you will have someone to blame next year again so you can stop putting the older co-captain in his place already.
  15. Bimbo

    Should Jones remain captain?

    In admitting I am not the sharpest tool in the Demonland thread, I apologise for causing the result of the poll to be skewed. I answered the question raised by the thread title rather than that posed by the poll. It now has major importance for both sides of the question as moving my vote to the no's, means the result is now tied 50/50 and he can therefore stay as captain. If i had the slightest idea how to change the vote (and cared enough) I would.