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  1. NHL

    It's an interesting goaltending situation in Pittsburgh, and by the looks of it they'll lose Murray to Las Vegas in the offseason. Teams are allowed to protect a certain number of players, and only allowed to protect one goalie from being signed by Vegas. Fleury has a no movement clause in his contract, meaning that Pittsburgh has to protect him which leaves Murray vulnerable. The only way that Murray will be able to stay with the Penguins is if they're able to find a team that Fleury is willing to be traded to before the expansion draft in late June.
  2. NHL

    It would definitely be their first final appearance, but I'm not sure about conference finals. Hoping to see Nashville get through, but I think Anaheim's offence is too powerful.
  3. NHL

    You won that round, Macca! Very surprised to see Ottawa get up...I sure hope that they can't go all the way. Getting closer to the business end of things: Anaheim v Nashville Ottawa v Pittsburgh
  4. NHL

    I'm not keeping score, but I think any limited success that I've had in the tips has been a combination of luck and living in an NHL obsessed country for years and being exposed to more media/analysis around playoff time than those in Australia. Still, a 4/8 first round score indicates that I need to pay a bit more attention! Let's see how round two goes: St Louis v Nashville Anaheim v Edmonton Washington v Pittsburgh Ottawa v New York Rangers
  5. NHL

    Can't say I'm too disappointed with the result as the Leafs far exceeded everyone's expectations this season. Next year is when this start to get really exciting. 4/8 tips isn't a great success rate! I'll have to do a bit more research before round 2!
  6. NHL

    Great win by the Leafs, but the real story is in the Nashville-Chicago series. Rinne has been dominant! Two shutouts and two assists in enemy territory.
  7. NHL

    Tough loss this morning, but showed plenty of good signs. Andersen was solid and the Capitals didn't look invincible. We only need to win one game there...
  8. NHL

    Apologies...haven't been overly active on Demonland for some time. What an exciting final week, and what an achievement by Matthews to hit 40 goals in his rookie season! I'd never have predicted the Leafs would be able to scrape into the playoffs at the start of the season. The wheel is turning and the season will be a success, regardless of how the first round goes. Unfortunately I'll be picking the Capitals as well, but that won't stop me watching all the games and praying for the best! My picks: East Montreal vs NY Rangers Ottawa vs Boston Pittsburgh vs Columbus Washington vs Toronto West Minnesota vs St Louis Edmonton vs San Jose (McDavid is just too good). Chicago vs Nashville Anaheim vs Calgary
  9. I believe Hunt is second from the left. Gawn, Hunt, Petracca, ?, Jones, ?, Watts, McDonald, Brayshaw, Hogan
  10. That being said, this New Balance extension is fantastic for the Dees. They make a quality product (minus the clash guernseys) and are a well-recognized brand.
  11. NHL

    I see lots of parallels between the Leafs and the Dees. It'll be very interesting to watch how both sides go in "completing" their rebuilds. I'm very optimistic about both.
  12. NHL

    You put the mozz on them! What a great streak that was. Some of their previously unknown players stepped up and became elite players of the competition. Wennberg, Atkinson, Saad have all been fantastic. Matthews is a freak. Babcock said that he'd be a dominant player in the league by Christmas. He wasn't wrong. He's been sensational since mid-November.
  13. I'm sure that he'd prefer the option of being 3rd in line over the prospect of not being on an AFL list. If he believes he's better than 3rd in line, he can work his backside off to improve his ranking in our ruck stocks.
  14. One of the main reasons that Spring Training is located in Florida is because it's one of the few places in North America with relatively predictable weather at that time of year. Not only does it not rain very much (baseball is postponed when it's raining), in many of the northern States and Toronto there is still snow on the ground and a good chance of negative temperatures, making it an inhospitable climate for baseball. Even when the season starts in April, the weather is still quite unpredictable in many places and it has been known to snow. Other than the different location, Spring Training is very much like the NAB Challenge. There is little glory in winning it and its purpose is mainly for players and teams to shake off the cobwebs and for coaches to devise their best teams. I believe that much of the joy in attending Spring Training is in going on holiday to a warm state near the end of a miserable winter to get a first glimpse of a team that you're fanatical about. I don't see much purpose in the AFL doing this, though I believe more of a spectacle could be made of the NAB Challenge by reintroducing some sort of incentive for the team that performs best.
  15. As Demons supporters, we know that feeling all too well. I'm happy that the Cubs won, but would really like to see a hard salary cap introduced into the MLB.