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  1. nutbean

    My 3 word player ananlysis V Adelaide

    I like the way that youngsters like Spargo and Fritsch are not expected to be our saviours. They are the icing on the cake and will continue to develop. The players we expect to do the heavy lifting are doing it.
  2. nutbean

    Trac's Goal Assist

    I am surprised by how blase posters are getting about plays like this. There is a very large gulf between what is expected of an AFL team and the reality. Players train hard to get plays correct but it is the ability to execute under pressure that will show you how far you have progressed. I am under no illusion that we were executing skills over the last month against teams that were down the ladder and the litmus test will be how we execute against the better teams who exert much more pressure. However it is not too long ago that we could not hit the side of a barn with a 2 metre handball playing against the Manangatang 4ths.
  3. nutbean

    The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Let me rephrase - i deplore all violence - i struggle with the futility of the bloodshed and seemingly no solution to a centuries old problem
  4. nutbean

    The adventures of President Donald Gump

    It was 8 kids - not 8 that had guns. I struggle with the violence and I do think that the response is disproportionate but i will ask the question again. Or rephrase it - do you believe that kids are put in harms way as it makes good publicity and allows people to say such things as "kids being massacred" .
  5. nutbean

    The adventures of President Donald Gump

    And apparently 52% of Australians do not support the current Gov't. - and yet here we are ... What is apparent ( or maybe apparent) is the 70% of the Palestinian population supports the two state solution. Their political masters do not. So the assertion that there is a push for there to be no state of Israel is absolutely correct.Please tell me how you can reach any other conclusion when Hamas controls Gaza and then read exactly what Hamas's charter is.
  6. nutbean

    Luck or Good Prep?

    Good luck. There is so much sports science around fitness, recovery, recuperation etc, unless the medico's push the envelope then it is good luck as the human body is an imperfect machine and some players are just injury prone no matter how much you wrap them up in cotton wool
  7. nutbean

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Bernie's bump - all clear.
  8. nutbean

    Angus Brayshaw

    I don't necessarily agree with your reasoning but we are in violent agreement on the end sum - it is just a matter of who !- I am an "in form" Tyson fan - but we run Jones, Oliver, Salem, Harmes, Viney and Brayshaw through the midfield. To me only Viney, Jones and Oliver are walk up starters. The rest have played at Casey at various stages due to form. To me Tyson is replaced by Salem, Harmes and Brayshaw because all 3 are playing better than Tyson. (actually , and this is pure opinion - On best form Salem and Brayshaw should be certain starters and Harmes has probably been the surprise for me and has been the one to take Tyson's spot due to his good form). I also like the mixing it up by seeing Fritch, ANB and Hogan have a midfield burst from time to time. Keep the opposition guessing.
  9. nutbean

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Weidman does not his deserve spot back unless the player that has replaced him is not firing. I have high hopes for Weidman but I thought that Smith offered more. I know Smith is 27 but a debut of 18 disposals and 5 marks and 5 tackles is a pretty good debut( albeit it was in a team that was in red hot form and demolished and insipid opposition)
  10. nutbean

    The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Dieter - just a couple of things about your statements that completely lack accuracy. No - the Taliban was not "founded" by the US - if you are saying that they were initially funded and equipped - you would be right No - the US did not have a hand in setting up Al Queda - if you are saying that were initially funded and equipped - you would right No - Israel did not "create" hamas - it was tolerated in the early days as a foil to the PLO. In fact, as reported above, in the early days Hamas was socially and politically active in helping the lot of the Palestinians. Those days are long gone with Hamas more interested in armaments and tunnels. I do not condone the killing of anyone, anywhere but i do need to ask one question - It has been reported that 8 children have been slain in the current border clashes. Why exactly would children be at the border protests ?
  11. nutbean

    Angus Brayshaw

    An in form Brayshaw is priceless. He is fierce at the player and the ball and usually makes good decisions. He is not overly quick but is quick of mind which compensates. At this best he is a walk up starter.
  12. nutbean

    Jake Melksham

    I really like his off the ball stuff that compliments the goals he is kicking. He blocks, he hassles and he gives them off as well.
  13. nutbean

    My 3 word pre game analysis V Carlton

    Even a clocks right twice a day ( unless it is a 24 hour clock, then it’s once a day ) ...anywho....
  14. nutbean

    Dom Tyson

    I think Tyson is a more than handy footballer and i am excited that we are talking about whether he should be in the team. That means there is real pressure for spots if you dont perform. Gartlett, Hunt, Bugg - footballers who we would have begged to be in our firsts 5 years back now need to fight for their spots and there are many more talented players than have gone past them or their form just doesn’t warrant selection. Even Tyson at his best would be fighting with Harmes for that last spot. This is very healthy.