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  1. nutbean

    Jake Melksham

    I really like his off the ball stuff that compliments the goals he is kicking. He blocks, he hassles and he gives them off as well.
  2. nutbean

    My 3 word pre game analysis V Carlton

    Even a clocks right twice a day ( unless it is a 24 hour clock, then it’s once a day ) ...anywho....
  3. nutbean

    Dom Tyson

    I think Tyson is a more than handy footballer and i am excited that we are talking about whether he should be in the team. That means there is real pressure for spots if you dont perform. Gartlett, Hunt, Bugg - footballers who we would have begged to be in our firsts 5 years back now need to fight for their spots and there are many more talented players than have gone past them or their form just doesn’t warrant selection. Even Tyson at his best would be fighting with Harmes for that last spot. This is very healthy.
  4. nutbean

    Dom Tyson

    Tell me who is worse competing for the same spot as he is ? Oliver, Viney, Harmes, Salem, Jones ? To a lesser extent - Lewis and Vince but they rotate through the back flanks which Tyson can't do. Melksham and ANB - rotate forward which again is not Tyson's go. Tyson is only really competing for a spot with the first five mentioned and on current form he would be coming sixth. (excepting Viney who we are desperate to get back in). As before - if they Viney back I suspect Tyson will be the one to make way (unless they pull a left of centre and exit Hannan or Spargo which i couldn't imagine them doing considering we are finally putting some good scores on the board).
  5. nutbean

    Dom Tyson

    I hadn’t seen the game before I read this. I was going to say he did some nice things but he actually did things that are expected of an AFL player. He made about four mistakes which are Tyson like and what cause all the angst on this site. His output was also well down. I can accept Tyson and some of his less skilled moments if he is getting close to 30 touches a week but not when he gets 16. I think more the question is - if Viney was to come back next week who goes. If you believe what was said about the awesome Foursome then the Weid will stay. I would suggest that would leave only Tyson for Viney.
  6. nutbean

    My 3 word player analysis V StKilda

    I think there are great parallels to be drawn comparing OMac and the Weid. I do not like gifting games but OMac early in his career was definitely played despite not really having great form to retain his spot. We did not have a better option and we were trying to get games into him. We are seeing the benefits. With the Weid, the only competition for his spot is Pedersen and I have a preference for playing the Weid as I see a much higher upside. I would keep playing the Weid.
  7. nutbean

    The Jesse Incident

    For the life of me I cannot understand this reaction. Is it just possible that Hogan was not expecting it ? Did he go down holding his throat and roll around like he had been hit by a Bazooka ? If he overreacted when he went to ground then yes...call him soft...but he got straight back up again. I think I’d prefer to give him the benefit of doubt rather than label him soft because he got pushed in the the throat and went to ground.
  8. nutbean

    Clarry Plays Handball

    You can compare him to Diesel Williams (on his proclivity for handballing) - I don't think anyone ever criticised Williams for over use of handballing. It is all about how effective you are at handballing. Oliver's handball is an absolute offensive weapon and can open up sides by the way he frees up our players. I have no problem with it all.
  9. nutbean

    The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Denmark wasn't a satellite - that aside, have you read re the King of Denmark and the movement of their Jews - a remarkable story. And yes there are amazing stories of courage, humanity and compassion. I know i was arguing semantics - bottom line form small to large - there are fair to many atrocities that have happened and we don't learn much from history and they continue to happen.
  10. nutbean

    Dom Tyson

    I don't understand the angst over Tyson. His sometimes iffy kicking/disposal and occasional "slow to react" moments are holding him back from being a much better player than he is. His number one talent is getting to where the ball is/getting his hands on the ball. So he is doing a job for us at the moment and if he continues to be solid he will continue to get a game until someone who offers more than him comes along.
  11. nutbean

    The Jesse Incident

    Correct - This whole notion ( and I heard Taylor say it on the replay) - "you have to be stronger than that" - such a nonsense. We are guessing as to whether he saw it coming or expected it. Staging to me is rolling around on the ground like you have been shot from incidental contact - or a grossly exaggerated reaction - neither was the case here.
  12. nutbean

    My 3 word player analysis V StKilda

    I liked it...
  13. nutbean

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 7

    i suggested the same thing but the admin is a spud.
  14. nutbean

    The adventures of President Donald Gump

    I guess for me the distinction has been and will be that as bad as ALL atrocities are, nearly all the terrorists mindset is that there is a "peaceful" end goal - if you remove the offending race/colour/religion/creed/government from a limited area then the goal is accomplished - Hezbollah - removal of Jews from Israel, IRA - Brits out of Ireland, ANC, Irgun, and countless more etc etc. The Nazi's pressured their allies to give up their Jews for extermination in lands they had no interest in occupying or controlling. The Nazi's pressured the Japanese to hand over the Jews in Shanghai ( which they did not do) and pressured the Italians to hand over their Jews in Italy - which they did do. The also made their satellite states hand over their Jews for extermination.