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  1. Or Jonathan Pie. He could go a fair old rant about the AFL.
  2. FarNorthernD

    Clarry: From Parma King to Handball King

    My favourite bit was where Clayton gets his Parma, coleslaw and salad, pushes the salad and coleslaw aside and tucks into the Parma. A man after my own heart.
  3. FarNorthernD

    Open Training - Friday 8th June, 2018

    Unfortunately after being laid out, Hird then pulled himself back together and through sheer force of will played a major part of getting his team over the line against us that day. That was back in a time when I had respect for him and wished we had a player like him. He had it all....
  4. FarNorthernD

    Training - Wednesday 6th June, 2018

    Pedersen also said about Goodwin He doesn’t have an office and sits in an area with the other coaches making it easy to have ‘chance encounters’. “Goodwin doesn’t hide away in an office”. You can have a joke with him. He is unrelenting about being competitive. If you are not competitive then you won’t play in a Goodwin side. Cam said there were flashier players who could be playing but Goodwin wants good, honest contributors. Goodwin is big on the what you are outside the club, the ‘higher purpose stuff”
  5. FarNorthernD

    Training - Wednesday 6th June, 2018

    Cam was interviewed on a ‘competing’ Demons podcast on Monday. He said he was knocked out for about five seconds during the VFL game. Apparently the first time in his life he has been concussed and he has pulled up well, is training and available for selection. Apparently Goodwin has acknowledged to Cam that he is playing very well and banging on the door. He said Goodwin had some sympathy for his situation and that there will be injuries and form lapses amongst the players and so Cam just has to keep playing well. He was the Captain of the VFL side on Sunday. Cam also said that at this level the players aren’t as strong or fast and he thinks he has most players measure in a marking contest. He is studying to become a teacher and sounded realistic about his contract situation joking instead of a two year deal he thought a month to month deal more likely. He seemed like a really good bloke. I hope he gets an opportunity at the senior level, through sheer weight of form, at some time this season.
  6. FarNorthernD

    2018 Contracts and List Details

    Very happy this has been pinned. It is a great resource. Thank you muchly Luci H
  7. FarNorthernD

    Contract Talks Start with Nev Jetta

    Given the average wage for an AFL footballer this year is $371,000 (source below) and going up to $389,000 by the end of his contract you would hope Nev would be on a better than average contract. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-06-20/players-get-20-per-cent-pay-rise-in-new-cba
  8. FarNorthernD

    Wines Unsure of Contract

    The best part of this speculation is that these days it is a reasonable proposition, rather than laugh out loud funny, that very good players - Lever, Wines, Gaff, Langdon - would want to come and play for us. We are an attractive proposition with as good as chance of long term success as any other team. The days of the Tom Gillies and David Rodan’s of this world being our big time recruits are well behind us.
  9. FarNorthernD

    Wines Unsure of Contract

    Agree, a different yesterday leads to a different today and today is looking pretty bloody good
  10. FarNorthernD

    Tom McDonald Re-Signs for 4 Years

    Woo Hoo. Keeping the band together
  11. FarNorthernD

    Fat Ed wants QB as a Collingwood home game.

    I’ve always been of the opinion that our MND round should be against Essendon. It is clunky to do it on QB where Collingwood have no part. So no problems that the Pies share QB with us and then we can finally get a potential blockbuster home game against the Bombers
  12. FarNorthernD

    NRL smashing AFL in TV ratings

    There is a lot of pent up enthusiasm for the first game each year. The Carlton factor in that game is irrelevant aside from it being an AFL gift.
  13. FarNorthernD

    NRL smashing AFL in TV ratings

    So that bit where you said you earn your fixture was rubbish?
  14. FarNorthernD

    NRL smashing AFL in TV ratings

    And how has Carlton earned their fixture?
  15. It could be worse. If you were a Collingwood supporter you would be identified as someone who is not too bright, unemployed and illiterate. Someone with questionable dental hygiene and whose family all have intimate and practical knowledge of the criminal legal system in Victoria. As a Melbourne supporter you get to drive a Range Rover, eat cheese with all your teeth and you have a winter holiday home.
  16. FarNorthernD

    Williamstown v Casey Demons - Round 9

    With all the poo thrown at Pedo over the years I’d say he would rank being called a ‘poor mans Tommy Mac’ as quite the compliment
  17. FarNorthernD

    Injury List - Season 2018

    It may be a case of the longer vandenBerg is out the better he gets but I really think he could fit right in to this strong tackling and aggressive team.
  18. FarNorthernD

    Changes vs Bulldogs

    In a weird bit of ‘laddering’ the top 8 teams play the bottom 8 next week. Will be interesting to see how many actually win but it’s a big opportunity for us to further seperate ourselves from the also rans.
  19. FarNorthernD

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    Do it for Nathan!
  20. FarNorthernD

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

  21. FarNorthernD

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    Along with the video on the MFC website sounds like good things are happening with our Central Australian Academy and the Red Tails side. On both a travel and footy fronts it would be good if we could keep the Alice Springs game but ditch the Darwin game. https://www.canberratimes.com.au/sport/afl/demons-mark-their-territory-20180525-p4zhmg.html
  22. Austin has a younger brother (Jensen) who is 14 years old. If he is any good at football it’s about time he concentrated on basketball for a few years.
  23. FarNorthernD

    Port Melbourne v Casey Demons - Round 8

    Makes sense, Tyson had to get a run this week so no use in taking him to the Alice. Will be interested to hear about his game today please Drunkn.
  24. FarNorthernD

    Hell NO... blues and the priority draft pick

    That’s true but I don’t believe it was the AFL’s nostalgic desire to "save the oldest football club in the world" but rather because they had signed a media deal to provide 9 games a week. I think the only bit of decent timing we had over that time was not to have our near death experience in the last year of that deal. Pretty much the prlcks had no choice but to throw out the life bouy
  25. FarNorthernD

    No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    I must admit I’m coming around on the new age colour tv -> disco blue clash shirt. Having watched Melbourne in the original incarnation I associated that jumper with losing - often and by a lot. Now it has grown on me. Amazing what a few decent wins will do!