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    Demonland Podcast LIVE Tonight (18/9) @ 8:30pm

    Love the podcast, listen to it every week. Thank you for making the effort to put it together I do like the @binman ‘winning every week since he’s been on’ lucky charm and the sense of unease that was caused when you realised he may not be able to call in. We all know superstitions aren’t real but better to be safe than sorry. Like probably a lot on here we have a collection of Melbourne scarves that, if sewn together, could stretch to the moon and back. For the past weeks my family (inc our woof - see avatar) have been wearing the exact same scarf, sitting in the same couch spots while watching the game at home. Last week was the first in the run that I was going to be with them and there was some talk that I wouldn’t be allowed to join them in my own house in case I stuff up the run of luck!
  2. FarNorthernD

    Our supporter stereotype

    I believe the MFC should use our stereotype to its advantage particularly as we become regular finals participants. Most people aspire to better things. They may not be Range Rovers or trips to the snow but we all look up at different times. We should be the team that the younger generations barrack for when they are looking for a club that mirrors their aspirations. As the poster 2 above implied who really wants to be linked to Joffa? We are already half way there. We play at possibly the best stadium in the world, definitely in this country and our history is arguably that of the oldest football club in the world. We are the oldest and the best.
  3. FarNorthernD

    Our supporter stereotype

  4. FarNorthernD

    My Melbourne highlights from Semi Final

    Melksham. Melbourne through and through (Photo from the MFC site)
  5. FarNorthernD

    Roaming Brian - Melbourne vs Hawthorn, Semi Final

    I liked BT meeting Nevs parents. They deserve some sort of award for producing a son like him. I also liked when Frosty was interviewed on the MFC podcast during the week. Sam was asked "who he most looked up to at the Club" It took him no thought at all to nominate Nev for not just what he did on the field but for his closeness to his family and his work in the indigenous community. Frost said that we all have 24 hours a day but Nev makes the most of every one. BT plays the fool, and maybe one for all I know, but I do like the ‘inner access’ it provides mug punters like me.
  6. FarNorthernD

    Casey Demons v Essendon VFL Preliminary Final

    Pedo is a cut above in this comp but not quite an AFL player
  7. FarNorthernD

    Who's going to Perth?

    And if anyone is wondering if the airlines are taking the urine with Melbourne -> Perth prices, up here you can get Cairns -> Perth on Friday for $255 and return $479. Last time I looked Cairns is further away from Perth than Melbourne
  8. FarNorthernD

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    My lip reading isn’t what it used to be but I think he said that Umpire Matthew Nichols was going to be fair and even handed tonight and wouldn’t favour the Hawks at all.
  9. FarNorthernD

    My 3 word player analysis V Hawthorn

    Perfect summation of Petracca tonight Joeboy - Genius and Villain
  10. FarNorthernD

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    If Joel Smith puts in a half decent game tomorrow I reckon Tyson maybe be nervous Out: Tyson In: J Smith
  11. FarNorthernD

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    As much as I like Jeff Garlett he must be thinking about alternative employment as Spargo has taken his job Spargo tonight Goals 2 Goal assists 3 Clearances 2 Tackles 3
  12. FarNorthernD


    Not sponsorship related but given there was 90,000+ last week and probably the same this week does anyone know how the gate is divided and how much extra cash this actually represents?
  13. FarNorthernD

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    So would losing Stratton and O’Meara be like us losing Hibbo and Brayshaw? Just trying to work out a closish like for like. I must admit I don’t know much about Stratton but if so it’s a couple of top ten players out for them. Huge.
  14. FarNorthernD

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    Chris Scott on AFL 360 had this to say about the Demons "I’m happier to say it now than pre-game but for a while we’ve been watching Melbourne and they could be the second best team in the competition. They comprehensively outplayed us. It will be interesting to see how they go because if they keep that style they will be a hard team to beat."
  15. FarNorthernD

    Training - Tuesday 11th September, 2018

    There must be a huge buzz around the club having both teams playing finals this weekend.
  16. FarNorthernD

    2018 Liston Trophy

    For a team that missed out on top spot only by % Casey don’t have many players at the pointy end of the Liston. Assume it must be a bit like the senior side where they rely on an even contribution across the board rather than the Geelong model of a few star players?
  17. FarNorthernD

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    And Stretch was looking like a proper AFL player before getting injured
  18. FarNorthernD

    James Harmes take a bow.

    Something to contemplate for a moment. All the pieces fall into place and it’s a Harmes V Martin match up on Grand Final day. The two number 4’s one on one. How good would that be!
  19. FarNorthernD

    The Last Time They Met - Semi Final

    So much for keeping the lid on or not getting ahead of myself, when I opened this thread I expected to read about our coming-of-age game against West Coast that guaranteed finals just 3 games ago. I think I’ve already mentally moved on from the Hawthorn game.
  20. FarNorthernD

    Sam Weideman

    Love the low rumbling crowd "Weeeeeeeeeeeeed" that has spontaneously started up.
  21. FarNorthernD

    The Road to the Cup

    So going by the modelling we are fourth favourite to win (9%), behind the Pies (12%), WCE (13%) and the Tigers are huge favourites at (48%). That sort of feels about right but I think they have the Tigers a bit hot at almost flip a coin between them and everyone else put together
  22. FarNorthernD

    Sam Weideman

    A fairly in depth article about Sam from the AFL site. Love that both his father and grandfather also made their finals debuts against the Cats. Nice time of the year to hit your best form of your life DISP MARKS CP UP CM MARKS IN 50 GOALS RATINGS 2016-17 AFL 8.1 2.7 3.8 4.7 0.5 0.9 0.6 4.0 2018 AFL (R5-15) 8.6 2.8 3.8 4.8 1.0 0.6 0.4 6.2 2018 VFL 14.5 5.7 7.2 7.4 1.9 2.4 2.5 N/A 2018 AFL (R22-23) 15.0 5.5 7.5 6.5 3.0 1.5 1.0 8.4
  23. FarNorthernD

    AFLX 2.0

    The AFL seem to fail to understand that we fans support our teams not concepts.
  24. FarNorthernD

    Picking through the bones of 12 years of Misery

    Conversely I’m always dead impressed to see the number of under 25 year olds who support Melbourne. They have only known, as Goodwin said, misery
  25. FarNorthernD

    Chris Judd thinks we celebrated too hard.

    Ralph actually had a fair old crack at Judd. You don’t hear that often between commentators. Good on him.