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  1. Seemingly do or die for us in what is being billed as a Preliminary Final. Home ground advantage for them and their brilliant captain probably back as well. We are in form and will be looking to make amends for last year missing out on the Grand Final by percentage. With light winds and decent weather forecast this match, between the two originators of this comp, could well be the game of the year.
  2. Petracca wants to start in the guts.

    Top speed maybe, I don’t know, but he has an awesome first couple of steps
  3. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    Sorry but I’m not loving the caricatures. Can they be converted to normal photos at the end?
  4. What if Goody had quit?

    If Goodwin had of quit there would have been a lot of coaches from other teams quickly checking their contracts for ‘get out’ clauses. A new coach would get a club with a steady, professional admin, a playing list chock full of talent and in the age group poised for a serious, long term tilt at success. A drovers dog could take this club to finals..
  5. Jesse Opens Up on the Year from Hell

    If everyone else plays their part and Hogan has the opportunity to play at his best, then we play finals
  6. Kane Cornes tips us to Top the Ladder

    That’s a really good photo Ethan. Thanks. Great way to bring up 7,000 posts..
  7. 2018 Membership Thread

    DD do you think we would have more paid up members now if we had of played finals last year?
  8. The Captains 2018 Predictions

    That’s wild isn’t it. You would think out of all the commentators of the game the AFL team captains would have a good handle of which team is looking the goods. It just further reinforces the idea not to get caught up with beginning of the year predictions, from anyone!
  9. Neale Daniher regressing with MND?

    The easy way to honour Daniher whilst also contributing to the MND cause would be to have Melb V Essendon at the G the weekend following Anzac Day. It works for scheduling as both clubs are coming off short weeks, both clubs obviously have the Neal Daniher connection and we get the benefit of another financial windfall blockbuster whilst also doing a good thing for society.
  10. As has been mentioned before there are some parallels between Roos’ tenure at Melbourne and Barassi’s back in the early 80’s. In the years prior to Barassi taking the coaching reins we finished - 2nd last, last, 2nd last and 3rd last In the years prior to Roos taking over we finished - last, last, 5th last, 5th last, 3rd last and 2nd last. Barassi hands over a young, developing side to Northey that includes some experienced players; Brian Wilson, Alan Johnson and Robbie and some exciting youngsters; Gary Lyon, Sean Wight, Sugar Healey, Graham Yeats, Steve Stretch, Rod Grinter and Brett Lovett. Northey then adds up Todd Viney, Jim Stynes, Glenn Lovett and the Febeys to the 1987 list. Roos hands over a young, developing side to Goodwin that includes some experienced players; Nev Jetta, Tom McDonald, Max Gawn and Nathan Jones and some exciting youngsters; Christian Petracca and Salem, Angus Brayshaw, Jayden Hunt, Jesse Hogan and Clayton Oliver. Goodwin has since added proven players in Michael Hiiberd and Jake Lever whilst there are high hopes for Bailey Fritsch, Oskar Baker and Charlie Spargo. Northey in his second year (1987, easily my favourite Melbourne supporting year) erases the disappointment of years past and takes us not only our first finals appearance in 23 seasons but also to a Preliminary Final (with the ‘only could happen to Melbourne’ finish). We have a final series mortgage for the next five years including a Grand Final. Goodwin in his second year......... If Goodwin can takes us to finals and then a Premiership (hopefully a couple of times) then Roos’ considerable legacy will be further enhanced. Paul was only with us for three years whilst Barassi had five. Barass also didn’t have compete with AFL funded expansion clubs and we were far closer to the final abyss in 2013 than we were in 1981. For us to be now talking finals and premierships after the position we were in a few short years ago is remarkable. I think one reason that Paul remains welded onto the Melbourne cause is that, success or failure, over the next few years will affect his historical standing in the AFL community. Along with PJ he has already saved this footy club and given it relevancy and a degree of respect. We will now see if Goodwin can now finish the job..
  11. Given the girls are playing for a place in the GF have you thought about trying to get Stinear or Daisy or Elise O’Dea on for a chat?
  12. 2018 Membership Thread

    You would imagine there are a few members still sitting on the fence at the moment. Round 23 would have broken a few hearts and, like it or not, Jack Watts’s departure would have dismayed the marketing department even if not the football one. Win a few games and you would think all would be forgiven but you can’t expect all supporters to be as rusted on as us lot.
  13. Well I’m an idiot, thank you for the correction. What’s that saying about assuming?
  14. The reason I spend too much time scrolling through the pages of Demonland are for reports like these. Thank you Dante
  15. Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Geelong

    So if that is anything to go by he is definitely not playing then
  16. Herald Sun 2018 Predictions

    It will be interesting to see how Selwood is remembered outside of Geelong and the media when he retires. He will leave the game as (at least) a 3 X premiership player, 6 X AA inc 3 times as Captain and numerous most courageous player awards etc. However will his name be sullied much like Matthew Lloyds has; 5 X AA, 3 X Coleman medallist, premiership player who sits 7th on the all time AFL/VFL goal kicking list yet ask most footy followers about what they most remember about Lloyd and one of the first couple of adjectives will be ‘diver’. Will Selwood get stuck with ‘ducker’ ?
  17. AFLW: The Run Home

    Yes bad news for Mel but we probably won't miss her too much as we have a ready made replacement in Jakobsson who will, hopefully, be right to return from injury. Very much quality like for quality like.
  18. Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Geelong

    The best option for us would be for Ablett to get picked and 5,000 extra paying Geelong supporters roll up to the G to be there the day the prodigal son returned. Our coffers overflow. As he runs onto the ground he acknowledges the cheers of the adoring crowd and fawning commentators with a bashful wave a moment before reaching for his hamstring and dejectedly hobbling off for the day. One can dream.
  19. Next year? Given where we finished last year, the age profile of the group, the number of games played but mainly because of the maturing talent at the club anything less than finals this year is a fail. The proverbial drovers dog should be able to coach this group to finals. This year.
  20. JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    I was just thinking that I hate both these sides and hope they fill the last two spots on the ladder so are in that sense I’m neutral but the umpiring in this match is deplorable
  21. JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    Make of this what you want AFL GWS V Sydney in Sydney. Crowd 1,980 AFLW GWS V Bulldogs in Canberra. Crowd 4,146
  22. AFLW: The Run Home

    Woo Hoo!! Destiny in our own hands. There must be some pretty bloody happy Melbourne players at the moment
  23. AFLW: The Run Home

    So if Brisbane lose one and Melbourne win the next two we will make the GF. Brisbane are currently down two goals to Collingwood at 1/4 time This feels dirty to type but ... Go the Pies!
  24. Like many supporters I used to look forward to the AFL pre-season games to watch the lesser known and newly recruited players. Watching Hogan make AFL defenders look silly in his 2013 NAB Cup debut as a 17 year old helped give us some insight into what we had to look forward to. These days we only get to see the top 26 or so players in the practice matches so these VFL matches become far more interesting. The more reports the better. Thanks in advance
  25. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    I’m a big fan of Garlett’s but with the drafting of Hannan and now Fritsch this must his first year since he got to Melbourne that Jeffy is feeling some pressure to perform week in, week out. Can’t be a bad thing.