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  1. Ollie Wines

    Coming into the 2019 season Viney and Wines will be just 24 y.o, Petracca 23 and Oliver 21. Seven years of fearsomeness to follow.
  2. The girls are certainly being talked up as flag favourites. Whilst we have a dominant Voss-Black-Lappin midfield in Paxman-Pearce-O’Dea I think the recruiters have done an excellent job this year. On the weekend we had Kate Hore. 20 possessions (2nd highest on ground behind Paxman), 5 marks and 3 tackles. She only started playing footy last year after coming from a basketball background. Fair to say she has a lot of improvement left. Is just 23 y.o. Ashleigh Guest. Equal 5th highest possession winner for Melbourne with 17, 5 marks and a couple of tackles. Has come across from GWS after playing all seven games last year. Bianca Jakobsson. Also 17 possessions on the weekend including 7 marks and 3 tackles. In order to get Taylor Harris the Blues had to give something good away. In a complicated 4 way deal it would be fair to say we came out well on top giving up Deanna Berry for the former number 3 pick. Tegan Cunningham. Kicked two goals on the weekend on top of one in the opening round and three against the Pies in the practice match. Looks a natural forward with good hands, size, speed and athleticism. Would not surprise to find she wins the AFLW goal kicking this year. Was brought in with the number 22 pick from basketball and could be anything. Erin Hoare. Early days but the leagues tallest player hasn’t looked out of place in her two games so far. Apparently loves a contest and the ruck should only improve with time. Yet to debut is our first pick last year, Eden Zanker whilst Maddie Guerin played in round one. Both are only 18. In summary we have added at least four girls who are already in our top ten players. Not bad for a team that only missed the GF last year by percentage.
  3. Preseason Training Week commencing - 05/02/18

    Shame. I was at one of my nieces wedding last year and, for a moment, found myself dancing with my sister. I said to her that it was just like playing in an intraclub match. She looked at me very blankly.
  4. Report in the Sun has it that Erin Phillips will probably miss again this week whilst the AFL site is saying Paxman is also unlikely for us. They are leaving options open though saying if Paxman trains without discomfort on Thursday night then she is a chance to play. Whilst having key opposition players out hasn’t helped our men’s side (Rd 23 etc) the Women’s game relies far more on its stars to perform. Adelaide will be desperate to win this one to keep its flag defence alive. We need to win this before two games on the road including one in Alice and then a six day break.
  5. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    I agree and like most of the team O’Dea was much better after half time. She also has about the purist of kicking actions in a comp not known for silky skills. I thought Mithen continued on from where she left off last year and Tegan Cunningham is a good pick up for the team. Hoare, the new ruck, did pretty well and should go even better when on smaller opponents. Another first gamer for the club, Jakobsson, was one of the best too. We have recruited well. Im not sure what Mel Hickey offers the team aside from tackling (9 for the game) but a midfielder she ain’t at this stage. Hopefully Paxman will come up next week as well as Mifsud. Honestly I was unsure if I could get fired up after the novelty factor of last year had worn off but for me the timing is perfect - it’s been 5 months since last seeing a red and blue jumper run around. And then when those cheating maggots paid GWS 3 free kicks directly in front of goal well i wasn’t worrying about the standard of the game!
  6. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    The commentary at the start of the game said Mifsud was apparently concussed last week. The Crows will be hard after getting beaten tonight at home. Another loss and they can kiss their premiership defence goodbye. Hopefully Phillips will be missing for them again next week which would balance if Paxman misses for us.
  7. Maroochydore training camp

    If they had wanted to build a Saturday training session into the schedule I’m sure they could have organised it. They have worked the schedule around a public holiday this weekend, a travel day either end of this camp and they were able to re-schedule, without apparent issue, after the boot camp was called off at short notice. It has also been possible to schedule a Saturday Maroochydore training session in past years. Why not this year?
  8. The Clash Jumper Poll 2018

    Sorry but it gives me flashbacks to the abomination that was our ‘welcome to colour television’ guernsey. Took us years to get rid of it. Give me that reversed, predominately red one any day
  9. I’m as bullish as anyone about our chances this year but that list doesn’t scream midfield dominance over too many sides. Jones, Oliver and Viney are a good starting group but after that young blokes with potential who are yet to prove themselves as full time mids (Petracca, Brayshaw and Salem), old blokes who are past their prime (Lewis and Vince), a few who are unlikely to be anymore than midfield pinch hitters (Hogan, Bugg, Baker, Maynard, Stretch, Melksham and Hannan). Then there is Tyson who can get the ball fine but would have to be one of the worst left foot kicks in the game. Across the 3 groups (backs, fwds, mids) it is the midfielders that concern me the most.
  10. @Drunkn167 how is Declan coping with the pre-season so far? What group is he training with? I would be interested to know. Thankyou in advance
  11. Yep, fair enough too. Watts was always such a bastard and desperate to leave the club
  12. Thanks Skuit - that’s it, the Chris Sullivan line. 7 goals plus. As for revenge I wouldn’t be upset if Melbourne beat GWS in the GF with unfashionable Cam Pedersen breaking a Tom Scully tackle to kick the winning goal.
  13. Only four goals up in the last quarter and I’m staring at probable defeat. The excellent blog ‘Every Day is Sunday’ has a historical number that we have to be ahead by for defeat to be definitely averted. He calls it the Bernie Massey line, no that’s not it, the David Cordner line, nup, the Ragnar Lothbrok line? Whatever it is called and however many it is, 24 points isnt enough for a MFCSS remission. Seven goals perhaps?
  14. 2018's 'breakout' player

    The beauty of Demonland rjay. I must admit I see Dom going the other way and struggling for a midfield place. Plus it is difficult to see him playing half back although perhaps he could play forward. Either way you are right I think, it is make or break year for Dom.
  15. I like the story Coombes tells of his Norwood supporting mate, Fester, who is so annoyingly vocal from the boundary that opposition players spit on him as they run up the race.