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  1. 2008 Redrafted

    That is a rotten draft year. Hurley as the number one retrospective pick doesn’t scream superdraft. Pretty much matches, was it 2003, when we had two picks in the top 5 (Sylvia and McLean). Top picks in a poor draft.
  2. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Callum Coleman-Jones. You would actually struggle to make up a more Melbourne name
  3. Love that report. Only the second training session but instead of looking back on the disgrace that was Rnd 23 I’m now starting to look forward to next season. Max Gawn, by the sounds of it, is the first to be confirmed and verified as training the house down. Happy Days.
  4. Preseason Training - Week commencing 6/11/17

    Obviously I wish all the players but I must admit I am barracking a bit harder for Dec because of your input on here Drunkn. Your call of "He knows his job is on the line" hits home as to the precarious nature of an AFL players career if you aren’t one of the elite. I very much hope Dec will be playing in the 22. Perhaps a Queens Birthday debut!
  5. Top 10 individual seasons last 30 years

    Woewodin’s brownlow year was handy.
  6. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Positives 11 games at the G Only four 6 day breaks and one 5 day
  7. 2018 MFC fixture - 5 wishes

    Wow. We are at an incredible disadvantage. Good get R & B. Sydney, GWS and Adelaide all are big winners

    David Cordner was a poor mans Jack Watts and was there for all but the first year of Barassi’s tenure.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    We are the Club Wise. Support staff, coaches and even the players come and go. We, the members, are life-long permanents. If you are a passionate member you should contact the club and they should want to hear feedback from the members. It doesn't matter if it is Gonzo congratulating them on moving Jack along or another member berating them. Of course the ultimate feedback for them is membership renewal. I'm guessing the Club better have a good first few games or it may prove difficult for us to get near last years record.
  10. From this https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/top-aflw-draft-prospects-from-victoria-darcy-guttridge-eden-zanker-olivia-flanagan-maddy-guerin/news-story/5d3be0fd7f409699ed64abd8b5d95ec2?nk=6af62809e39ab12839c737f75cdc4bc6-1508297477 EDEN ZANKER (Vic Country) What kind of player is she? A key 182cm forward who is rarely beaten when marking on the lead or overhead. All-Australian selector Kate Sheahan’s take “Her capacity to mark the ball at the highest point is going to be a really difficult challenge for young defenders to spoil. She kicked the most goals at the carnival as a straight lead up forward. She probably needs to work on her versatility at ground level.” What team would she fit into and why? Again, it’s Collingwood. The Magpies have a small forward line and could really do with a key position player. Having said that, Zanker will also be on the Western Bulldogs’ radar. When Katie Brennan was injured the Bulldogs looked rudderless up forward.
  11. From this https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/top-aflw-draft-prospects-from-victoria-darcy-guttridge-eden-zanker-olivia-flanagan-maddy-guerin/news-story/5d3be0fd7f409699ed64abd8b5d95ec2?nk=6af62809e39ab12839c737f75cdc4bc6-1508297477 MADDY GUERIN (Vic Metro) What kind of player is she? A midfielder with sizzling speed who knows her way around the goals. All-Australian selector Kate Sheahan’s take “I see her more as an outside mid and a winger because her breaking speed is phenomenal. She can really take off. In my mind she looks like she should be a good kick, but that definitely needs some work.” What team would she fit into and why? Carlton would be eyeing off Guerrin to give them some much needed pace like Cat Phillips provided for Melbourne on the wing.
  12. I was thinking along the same lines. Unlike a few on here I’m not sold that T Mac will be capable of being a long term forward option for us. I can see him returning back to defence and could see either O.Mac or Lever given a shot up forward.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Im still a bit unsure about Goodwin but he does not strike me as one who would give up information under any circumstances. Think you would need to plan for the long haul.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Oh dear. i can feel the indignation from the anti-Wattsers Should get us over 200 pages quick smart