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  1. If that is right that makes me very happy
  2. If the Trengove of 2011/12 turned up he would stroll back into our current best 22. The Jack from five seasons ago was Bartel-like with his marking, could run all day, could read the play, had above average disposal and could kick 50m. Aside from his leadership qualities he was made captain because he was a very good player. Asde from the obvious emotional desire for a Phoenix rebirth a fully fit and firing Trengove could give us pretty much a free hit at a bloody good player. It still freaks me out to think he is only 25. I would be tempted to give him one more season to see where it takes him.
  3. Yes it is difficult to see how we can get top 4 but there is a good chance we will play Richmond in the first week which is almost the same as getting the double chance
  4. Hibberd! (but I take your point)
  5. Does anyone else laugh when watching the speed Oliver gets ball, makes a decision of where to send it too and then disposes of it. Breathtaking
  6. Jack Viney is quite good
  7. No idea but I remember Goodwin saying on his awards night that ‘failure is no match for perseverance’ and it made me think of Jack T and his unrelenting battle against injury. Google solved it from there.
  8. "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence"
  9. Yes you get the feeling that when Nev speaks others listen
  10. Whilst we were woeful as a club over the time that Jurrah was with us I actually think we handled his unique situation very well. He was a brilliantly talented but self propelled train wreck that I doubt any other club would have got any more than the 38 mercurial games that we got out of him.
  11. I so so so hope the playing Richmond in the first week of finals comes true. We will kill them.
  12. I dislike Essendon with a passion. I don't understand why the players re-signed contracts with them after what the club did to them. I don't understand why their supporters keep going back for more and I certainly don't understand why anyone on this board would want to see them play finals. * I do quite like Ash, the Bomber supporter, who occasionally posts on here though so that confuses me a bit
  13. I'm pretty sure freebees and the $1 memberships given out by the Saints (?) earlier this year don't count. You have to have paid $50 or $60 for it to be an official member. By the way I thought those $1 memberships (pay the balance later) were quite clever as the Club got the contact details of prospective new members. Perhaps something the new sexier Melbourne could try this year.
  14. After the dross our club dished up for the past decade 41,700 paid up members is a brilliant number. As a 50+ year old I do marvel at the number of younger supporters who attend our games. There are lots. Good on them and may they soon be rewarded for their bravery.
  15. A bit harsh on Jetta, Hermes and A.N.B but fair otherwise