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  1. Had us down for 6-4 or better particularly after beating the Saints first up If you had of told me we would be without Gawn (and Spencer) and Hogan for most games I would have taken 5-5 Unless we learn to win the close ones we won't play finals
  2. I have thought he could be one of our more talented players and have been a fan but Dean was truly dreadful today. Mainly half hearted chasing, some very average disposal but worst of all his lack of appetite to impact a contest I agree he can knock off back to Casey
  3. Good on you boys. My favourite bits were hearing about Aunty Donna for the first time (Broden apparently posts on here), the analogy that Petracca is Sylvia but with realised potential and Cale Morton now does the West Coast podcast!
  4. Rohan Connolly barracks for Essendon. His bias won't let him publicly acknowledge that his team let go of a player that makes our team considerably better.
  5. I sort of just view as we lent Harris to Brisbane for a year and now she will come back home.
  6. Guy Rigoni (maybe)
  7. Yes it has been a win, win deal for both parties. He has made us a better club and we have taken an arrogant, balding sniper and he is suddenly now a much better person. Not sure what the Hawks got out of it though
  8. Frost has always had the look of an excitable puppy when he has the ball but I swear he made a couple of extra laps around Tex before running off him just to emphasise the speed difference.
  9. Similar story here Pates. A work colleague had testicular cancer 20 years ago. He was left a bit lopsided but now has 3 teenage kids.
  10. It would be interesting to know what Stuey Dew thinks of the situation given he was apparently offered the reigns but knocked it back. He could have been the senior coach at the moment of a finals bound team rather than still being an assistant
  11. Think we all like the Woo Hoo bloke as he is the antidote to MFCSS.
  12. Sorry but your votes shouldn't count if you don't have Hibberd in there somewhere
  13. I find myself laughing at the things Oliver does because some of his disposals don't seem humanly possible.
  14. Yep Daniel is turning into one of my favourite non Melbourne players. So clean and always does something useful with the ball. No carry on or dyed hair or antics. Just a bloody good footballer