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  1. FarNorthernD

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Don’t worry Jaded we will win this one just so they can really ramp up the disappointment next week when they find some new an unusual way to just miss finals.
  2. FarNorthernD

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    I have been watching Melbourne play since the late 70’s. Over that time I have watched maybe 500 matches involving us and have honestly believed we got the better of the umpiring on maybe half a dozen times. This obviously can’t be right. I consider myself to be relatively level headed but I must a significant bias. Sometimes I’ve woken up after a match and fully expected to find headlines screaming for a Royal Commission into how shafted by the umpires the Dees were the day before. Nothing. Umpiring is an impossible job and I reckon it has got harder over the years. They have to strip the rules back to the basics to make it less subjective (as someone else on here has suggested).
  3. FarNorthernD


    No idea what he is like as a person but his record is impressive As a player won the Carlton B & F in a Flag year Was generally regarded as a big loss when he left us as our midfield coach Shafted at Carlton as Senior Coach, taking them to finals after becoming coach from the sacked Denis Pagan. Finished with a winning record (60-59-1) something you’d imagine the current Carlton coach would kill for. Was assistant coach during the Hawthorn three peat and the current mini rebuild. Personally i I would love to have him back to the club.
  4. FarNorthernD

    Go and get Gaff!

    Nice bit of good news. Thanks
  5. FarNorthernD

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    Spargo may not be overly speedy or athletic but he is a proper footballer who gets the game. If they could measure such things I bet they would find he is about the quickest decision maker at the club. 200 game and premiership player
  6. FarNorthernD

    Demons Player Rankings

    Yes a combination of not being quite as good as he was and playing a different role due to being overtaken by other mids. He would be the 4th best centre square mid now? Nathan came 2nd in the 2016 B & F. Will be interesting to see where he ends up this year Useless fact but did anyone know that Alistair Clarkson came 2nd in the 1996 B & F behind Jim Stynes? I don’t remember him being even remotely that good
  7. FarNorthernD

    Dayne Beams

    I think he is a great player. If the Gaff deal didn’t eventuate I’d take Beams in a heartbeat
  8. FarNorthernD

    surprised at odds

    I agree. I think we will eith lose by a relatively small margin or win big. Semi confident (allowing for my MFCSS) of the latter
  9. FarNorthernD

    Goody on SEN (10/8)

    I believe you. Just didn’t think he had the form. One things is for sure anybody getting a game at this time of the year will be giving it their all. This could be a great team to be part of. Don’t let the opportunity slip
  10. FarNorthernD

    Go and get Gaff!

    To be fair I don’t think the Lever to Melbourne thing last year was exactly a secret nor our interest in Gaff to be playing in the red and blue next year. Both have been telegraphed
  11. That’s tragic And such a random stat that if the media get a hold of it that may prove they read Demonland
  12. FarNorthernD


    Sounds like the Hunger Games. Hopefully Gil will wear a white rose
  13. FarNorthernD

    Go and get Gaff!

    I don’t follow the Eagles closely. Is he actually as important to them as Oliver to us? If so my desire to have him in red and blue next year just cranked up a couple of notches.
  14. FarNorthernD

    Round 20 - Non MFC Games.

    That’s wild isn’t it. In 2013 Obama had only just started his second term and the world was yet to hear of Trump. Gillard, Rudd and Abbot were our Prime Ministers. It seems a long time ago. Good luck to Nathan. A study in perseverance
  15. FarNorthernD

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 20

    I don’t think there is any chance at all of Hunt playing AFL footy this weekend.