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  1. FarNorthernD

    AFLW: Rd 3 vs Brisbane

    Well to have any hope of staying in touch we need to win today
  2. FarNorthernD

    2019 Fixture

    Good theory but in practice will never, and should never, happen. Playing for 2 points rather than 4 would devalue many of the major games each year - the two showdowns, two derby’s, Anzac Day match etc. Round 1 2025, Carlton finally knock Richmond off after 35 years of first up losses and get .... 2 points.* Playing a Queens Birthday match for 2 points or beating Geelong at Geelong for 2 points? The current system has many inequalities but if you want 22 games it is as good as it gets * Ok so I’m not totally against this option
  3. FarNorthernD

    KK on May

    It’s a big call but I particularly like this part where Kade says ...... ”In my eyes Maysie is the best defender in the game, and I think this year, Maysie will no longer fly under the radar.”
  4. FarNorthernD

    Baby Melk

    Maybe going a little early but if his Dad plays just 58 more games in the red and blue, young Teddy will be eligible as a father/son in the 2037 draft
  5. FarNorthernD

    Simon Goodwin on SEN (12/2/19)

    Summary Preuss - Big man who needs to improve fundamentals, working on them (overhead marking/ground balls) hasn’t missed a session. Gawn has had a high work load and having Braydon will release him for stints into the forward line. Sounded like if Preuss improved enough then there was a spot in the team for him. May - Nothing about his hammy, learning the ‘Melbourne way’, different from the Gold Coast although didn’t specify how. Can’t see him in the leadership group even though was at GC. Will be an Important player for us, sees the game well Petracca - Even though coming into 5th year has a lot of improvement left. Re-joined the main training group two weeks ago after a ‘really solid’ stint in rehab after post season surgery. Prelim - covered it really briefly with the group. Won’t go over it again. More of a focus on totality of the year and how to react in certain situations Leadership - was suggested by Garry that perhaps Jonesto take a back seat for the last two years of career. Goodwin indicated that there would not be any big changes to the group. Got the feeling that they are happy with dual captains. Contract - Sounds like a formality. Both sides keen. Jag - Goodie has an E Pace sitting in his drive. Lucky man
  6. FarNorthernD

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Wasn’t disputing that
  7. FarNorthernD

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    I love Clayton very much but I love Neville even more Jetta
  8. FarNorthernD

    AFLW: Rd 2 vs Collingwood

    What impressed me (or rather who), Tyla Hanks. She is obviously going to be very good for us. Is there an AFLW market for rising star? If so, could be worth a dollar or two.
  9. FarNorthernD

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Jetta Oliver
  10. FarNorthernD

    Mystery Injuries

    General soreness
  11. FarNorthernD

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    Young, new coaches are like young, new players. With hard work and dedication both groups will get better over time. They will become more confident and better at their craft. Goodwin has obviously formed a close bond with his players whilst also introducing non and a playing style that suits. He has also inherited a bloody good list. He is in the right place at the right time. The sky’s the limit.
  12. FarNorthernD

    Training - 2nd February, 2019 @ Maroochydore

    I understand how others could enjoy that but importing another piece of American culture into our game makes me cringe a bit
  13. FarNorthernD

    Apology to Glen Bartlett

    Don’t know about that. You would think that they would be much more circumspect writing made up nonsense about the MFC from here on as they know we won’t just roll over and take it. It’s almost like we are a properly run, professional club.
  14. FarNorthernD

    Impact of rule changes

    Yes the 6-6-6 rule probably would have changed the result of last years Grand Final. West Coast would not have been able to drop back two extra players into defence and regroup when the Pies got out to 5 goals in front. For that reason alone thank god it wasn’t in place or we would all be putting up with a Collingwood flag!
  15. FarNorthernD

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Maynard Baker Petty Walker