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  1. SSM postal vote

    1. All political ideologies rest on a set of principals - that's not unique to conservatism. As for who makes up their own mind and who follows like sheep, the left would say exactly the same thing about you. And centrists would claim that the faithful on both sides of the political divide are slaves to ideology and incapable of forming an opinion of their own independently. 2. Yes, conservatives believe in free markets, but who ever said anything about putting restrictions on gay weddings? No conservatives have advocated that, but - in case you've been living on Mars - they are calling for protections on religious freedoms and parental rights. Because that's what conservatives do - they want to maintain, keep, preserve and protect social institutions and values, not change them. 3. This is a major departure from yesterday's claim that conservatism is a driver of social change but you're still a million miles away from base camp. I don't know why you are so desperate to claim 'change' as a tenet of conservatism. Yes, Howard changed gun laws 'for the greater good', but it was in response to a major event, not a policy position or article of faith that they took to an election. And you seem to have forgotten that it nearly tore the Coalition apart, the Nats had to be dragged along kicking and screaming and Howard had to wear a bullet-proof vest in the bush. Here's Abbott again, spelling out that the only change conservatives support are those that which actually stop things from changing: "Conservatives are often eager for change, especially when change is required to preserve a value, an institution or a way of life that they cherish." Anyway, I think we're done here pal, we'll have to agree to disagree. I'm curious what you and others think on the impending vote. Should MPs in the House vote according to how their electorates voted? Should the Labor MPs from Sydney's west be voting no, and Abbott, Andrews et al voting yes? I'm inclined to think yes, the parliamentary vote should reflect the electorate.. otherwise what was the point of having the survey, and what's to stop all MPs now voting according to their own consciences / beliefs rather than the will of the people?
  2. SSM postal vote

    Really? With the Macquarie Dictionary by my side, I'm feeling pretty comfortable with my understanding of conservatism. For someone so engaged in political discussion, I'm genuinely surprised at how fundamentally mistaken you are in understanding your own team's ethos. The mental gymnastics required to present conservatism as a driver of social change reminds me of Jumbo Returns theory that Jack Watts is only in his 4th year of football. Anyway, don't take my word for it, here's Abbott in The Australian yesterday: "The most persuasive advocates of same-sex marriage have a point when they characterise it as merely the latest manifestation of the decency and generosity of spirit that has long characterised Western societies. But how long can we slice and dice the ethical understandings on which our civilisation has rested? How far can we accept the redefinition of concepts that have always been taken for granted; assert rights without corresponding responsibilities; allow every opinion to be equally valid; or seek to give what we haven’t actually got? If we don’t want to end up at the bottom of a slippery slope, we have to be careful about starting down in the first place."
  3. SSM postal vote

    Not really. In fact the definition of conservatism is the 'disposition to preserve what is established; opposition to innovation or change; disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions etc'.
  4. SSM postal vote

    Bwahahaha, poor old Wrecker, stuck in the same narrow political silos about which he complains. No wonder you're confused about the high yes vote in conservative electorates and the no vote in Labor seats. I never defended Penny Wong and her (and Labor's) hypocrisy. And I don't hate Tony Abbott, I actually know him quite well. But let's not pretend he's a conviction politician either. Or have you forgotten about the self-confessed 'weathervane' who didn't believe in climate change, but then went and signed the Paris agreement and set the RET as PM, and now tells us warming is good?
  5. SSM postal vote

    I don't think he posts here, but Tony Abbott, if you're reading this: Have fun at your sister's wedding mate
  6. The Soccer thread

    I caught some of the Switzerland - Nth Ireland match in Basel the other night and the pitch there was as bad as the one in Honduras. Hard to fathom in this day and age, especially in Europe. The North London Derby is on this weekend at the very respectable time of 11.30pm Saturday night on SBS. Incredibly, Optus have got yet another free trial going, which means at least half of the season to date has been a give-away. I'm actually weighing up a quick, bucket list soccer trip to Europe in the new year. I figure with Spurs playing at Wembley this season, it will never be so easy to see them live again. Would try to go to matches at San Siro and the Camp Nou while I'm over there. Anyone done such a trip and have any advice?
  7. 2018 Membership Thread

    Fair enough dc, i just don't see the club's behaviour as predatory in the same way you do, although I definitely agree that ht shouldn't have been docked that amount automatically and without notification in a year when it's gone through the roof. But on point 3, that's a consequence of our improvement from no-hopers to maybes. The GFG was basically worthless in the past, effectively making it a donation to the club. Now it's a real product and its value is always going to fluctuate relative to the likelihood of the MFC making the granny. Let's just hope we get to use it in 2018.
  8. 2018 Membership Thread

    It's not about fair or unfair, it's simple market forces. When people are forking out thousands of dollars for limited GF tickets off scalpers and resellers, as Richmond fans were this year, then $299 insurance premium + ticket cost simply becomes the total cost you pay for a ticket. You're paying $300 now to avoid having to pay $1200 in GF week, or the $450-$650 price tag of a premium membership. Whichever way you do it, you've got to pay somewhere along the way. There's no point pricing the GFG at $75 and having 25,000 members subscribe to it if you only have 15,000 tickets. Edit: If we do make a GF and the allocation is undersubscribed then we will know the club has got the price point wrong, but I'd be surprised. If anything, it may go up in the future as the team improves and a GF appearance becomes a real possibility.
  9. 2018 Membership Thread

    I know, but the cost of the ticket is both separate and irrelevant to the GFG, and the price of the former has no bearing on the latter. You're effectively paying insurance against having to scramble for a ticket when we do make it. @Diamond JimDon't know DJ, I have no idea how the allocation thing works at all.
  10. 2018 Membership Thread

    Only the premium memberships, AFAIK. A ballot system gives people the option to avoid the cost f the GFG but still have some chance of getting a ticket. And I'm not saying everyone goes in it, but the if the club gets 15,000 tickets, it could set aside 2500 for a ballot and the remaining 12500 go to the premium members with the GFG. Dunno. Just thinking out loud.
  11. 2018 Membership Thread

    It's a tough one hardtack, because the new cost of it is no doubt much closer to its real value than the cheap add-on it's been the past, when we had absolutely no chance of making finals, let alone the GF. The club could have basically given everyone the GFG for free without any risk at all. But with clubs allocated so few GF tickets, it's a matter of supply and demand and this is the only way to control demand. An alternative might be for the club to use part of its GF allocation in a ballot system, where members pay a smaller fee to go in the ballot rather than the high cost of the GFG?
  12. 2018 Membership Thread

    You can add money, which is probably at the top of the list. Not sure about other categories, but my membership has gone up $50 - pretty steep (more than 8 per cent) in a single year. As a result, I haven't (yet) bought the 2 additional memberships I usually do for my niece and nephew, who live in Qld and support Brisbane. Also, one of the consequences of relatively low GA ticket prices, and the ease with which you can rock up to a game at the 'G at siren time, is that people feel comfortable taking a wait-and-see approach on on buying membership. Would be interested to hear if the price rise is an across-the-board thing or just in certain categories?
  13. The Soccer thread

    Would love to see them play PSG in the Champions League at some stage, goals galore.
  14. The Soccer thread

    Thought we were probably the better team on the day but there were few chances at either end, and they were able to capitalise on what was really our only defensive lapse of the game. The riddle of replacing Kane continues to plague Poch - Llorente has failed to fire so far, much like Janssen last year. Son is quality but not an outright striker.
  15. The Soccer thread

    It's pathetic Macca, bloody frustrating - I think I'm going to write to them and complain and see if it can't be rectified. I've tried through TuneIn too. As you say, it's amateurish from arguably the number 1 comp in the world. You'd think that if the local rights-holder (in this case EON) falls over, there'd be some provision for it to revert to TalkSport as the principal rights holder. Did you watch our Cup tie earlier in the week? Not all that dissimilar to the PL fixture a few weeks back, except this time the Hammers were able to complete the comeback. The shift in momentum was huge after the break. Probably helped Bilic earn a stay of execution, although I see you dropped 2 points in the dying seconds last night against Palace. Was a good night on the telly last night, with the Man U v Spurs game followed by Milan v Juve and then Bayern v Leipzig.