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  1. Grapeviney

    Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    Good news - the MCC has revised its estimate and is now predicting 85,000, up from 82,000 yesterday. So it looks like my OP has had the desired effect and this thread has been a huge success. For the record, last year's game (85,657) was the largest home-and-away crowd we've drawn since 1964 (86,664), and the largest ever for a Melbourne-Richmond game. Would be great to top those and set some new records on Tuesday. After all the years in the wilderness when we were irrelevant to the competition and never played in a game of consequence, it's so good to be front and square again on the big stage. Hope we turn it on and produce our best, most exciting footy.
  2. PJ would have been filthy with the weekend's thrashing. Had we won against the Hawks, and won well, we could have drawn 90,000 on Tuesday night and been hyped up as the biggest clash of the year to date. Now the narrative is about our response to the shellacking, rather than a block-buster clash between two teams near the top of the ladder, which would have drawn thousands more neutral supporters through the gates. The MCC is predicting 82,000, but I suspect it'll be closer to 75,000. For comparison's sake, the MCC expect 90,000 for the Collingwood-Essendon match. A real missed opportunity, both for additional revenue and the chance to play in the biggest game of the season outside finals.
  3. Grapeviney

    Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    And such a classy user of the ball. That snap around the corner from the boundary to hit Hoges in the goalsquare was sublime.
  4. Grapeviney

    Jeff Garlett, give him some love.

    Thread deserves a bump after his sensational game on the weekend. And to think some on here wanted him dropped after one quiet game. He's still criminally under-rated, on this board and in the broader footy community. Jeff Garlett: 169 games / 299 goals Cyril Rioli: 187 games / 274 goals
  5. Grapeviney

    Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    Is that the same Mick Jagger who played Lizzie Birdsworth in Prisoner?