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  1. Well, look at that - Martin's crying! That's twice tonight!
  2. So sick of hearing about the bloody Essendon drugs saga. It's bad enough that there's even one thread still devoted to it already - we certainly don't need another.
  3. Very pleased to announce that MFC women's team marquee player Mel Hickey will be our special guest on the Demonland podcast on Wednesday 26 April. Hickey is one of the game's more decorated players - she's a 2 x All-Australian, a 6 x Premiership player with the Darebin Falcons and in 2016 made the VFL Women's team of the year. If you follow her on social media, you'll also know that she's a very proud Demon and a great promoter of the club and the game. We'll be speaking to her about the season just completed and also getting to know the person behind the player. If you've got any questions you'd like to put to Mel, you can call in on the night, or post them here and Andy and I will endeavour to get as many of them answered as possible. Put it in your diary folks.
  4. Here's a pic of Jesse warming up for the music festival listening to the Demonland podcast.
  5. If anyone doubts just how young and inexperienced we are, consider the fact that Jayden Hunt went and saw the Batman movie this week - dressed as Batman.
  6. With regard to Obama gags, one of the better ones came from The Onion satirical newspaper, which ran the following headline during his first presidential campaign: BLACK GUY ASKS NATION FOR CHANGE
  7. Love the way he nailed that goal from 50 in the first quarter - there was someone free slightly closer to goal (Jesse?) but he just sized it up and took on the responsibility himself and it never looked like missing. Captain's kick.
  8. The club seems to have abandoned the #myheartbeatstrue hashtag in favour of the new #raisehell slogan on its social media accounts. Whaddya reckon? Obviously it's fiercer, but it's an interesting strategy to move away from the link with the theme song, and something with which people are already familiar and is ingrained and habitual. Given that most people use several hashtags anyway when posting on Insta or Twitter, I guess the obvious question is "porque no los dos" - why not both?
  9. Your constant forum critiques are getting tiresome, and in future will just be deleted.
  10. Thankfully Andy had the 7-second delay technology working and we were able to filter out most of BBO's swear words before they went to air.
  11. Goody footy? Nah.. King has already christened it "Simon Says" I like it.
  12. Demonland: "I wish the club could get a BOJ sponsor." Also Demonland: "I wish the club would stop promoting sponsors to me."
  13. Yeah nah.. Unless you were typing in invisible ink, you didn't say any of those things or make any of those points. Nice try though.
  14. This is a first and final warning to you and anyone else who wants to post this kind of rubbish in here - it won't be tolerated. It's not 'descrimination' but it is disrespectful to our players, who don't deserve to be objectified with lame jokes from a social dinosaur.
  15. In the past few years, the Hun has lost a lot of older footy journos - Sheahan, Trevor Grant (who just passed away last week), Daryl Timms, Geoff Poulter and Bruce Matthews - who had a much longer perspective of the game and its champions than most of their current crop of journos. It's a huge loss of institutional memory, and things like this suffer as a result. Of the 9 panellists, only Jon Anderson and Malthouse are old enough to have seen the full careers of the champions of yesteryear, like Flower and Wilson.