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  1. The Soccer thread

    Spurs dropping to 6th, what gives @Macca? Not impressed with our swag of summer signings?
  2. Jesse Hogan's Return

    For those of you who missed the Demonland podcast last night, Troy Chaplin said Jesse will be doing some contact work on his shoulder at a session tomorrow, and could be back as early as next week. "We're actually looking at doing some contact training with him on Saturday with a view that he may come back next week, depending on how it goes. "His turnaround has been fantastic, he hasn't given up on the year, he really wants to come back and contribute to the team. "We're looking forward to having him back because we know what sort of quality player he is. He's probably learned so much about himself this year, and his resilience, no-one can question that at all, and for a 22-year-old, it's quite unbelievable really."

    Stupid North. They're so irrelevant, they should play their matches during the week, like at 11am on a Tuesday - no-one would notice the difference, and the crowd would be the same.
  4. Critiquing the content not the person

    The latest statistics show the forum is ticking along just nicely since the departure of Stuie. The number of reported posts has fallen by 84 per cent. Unnecessary argument escalations have dropped 92 per cent, and unwarranted sarcastic replies are down 89 per cent. Remember when the board used to be filled with exchanges such as this?: Poster: "I'm a big fan of Stretch but he needs to go back to Casey to find a bit of form." Stuie: "So Stretch should be delisted and deported back to SA, should he? Righto...."
  5. The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    Hell yeah!! Welcome back, Jesse - hope you kick a bag!
  6. Jeff 'Wiz' Farmer

    Kicked 6 in his comeback game! Also celebrated his 40th on the weekend with a few of the boys.
  7. Manchester Bombing

    You seem incapable of discussing anything without referencing Israel and the Jews. Funny that. But I'll play along. Israel isn't perfect, far from it. But the criticisms you make, and those you refer to, all get an open hearing in Israel itself - there are genuine opposition parties, real elections, a free and open press which is regularly critical of the Government of the day, and groups like Breaking the Silence are allowed to say and do their thing. That's what happens in a democracy. Arabs sit on the Supreme Court, and in the Knesset. Try doing any of those things in the countries which surround Israel and you'll lose your head, or your hands, or whatever it is they do with political opponents in that part of the world. Not that I'm expecting any of this to sink in - we could be discussing the migration habits of passerine birds and you'd still find a way to blame Israel. It's a staple of left-wing ideology these days. By the way, the next time you try and reference these discussions on the footy board, as you did again the other day, your posts won't just be deleted, but you'll get a holiday from the site too. Shabbat shalom
  8. Changes v Sydney Swans

    My mail is that Watts won't play.
  9. Friday Night Lights

    I reckon the AFL are fudging the figures. The official attendance for the North-Saints stinker was 26,000, which means the ground was supposedly half-full (Etihad holds 53,000). Anyone who watched on Friday night and saw the cameras panning over empty stands knows it wasn't half full, not even close to it. As a comparison, we had 33,000 at our game v the Bulldogs, which seemed about right on the day. But there's no way we only had 7,000 more. I reckon the real attendance for the North game was closer to 15-20k.
  10. Cheer-squad leader Sophie Galer will be our very special guest on the Demonland podcast tomorrow night. Sophie has been involved with the cheer-squad for nearly 30 years, a role that requires an incredible commitment of time, money, energy and effort - a contribution recognised by the MFC last year when she was the joint winner of the club's Volunteer of the Year award. Tune in tomorrow night at 8.30pm as we ask Soph about her favourite banners over the years, who's hit the bullseye, and what it's like to be a member of the mighty Demon Army.
  11. Social Media Wars

    Bit of a mountain out of a molehill but I didn't like it when I saw it pre-game. The fact that the players got 'a little talking to' (Watts' words) about it suggests the coaches are of the same opinion. Best let your football do the talking for you, especially when, as others have pointed out, we haven't achieved anything yet.
  12. Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    The noise of the crowd in those final minutes was just incredible. And the anticipation of watching Watts run the length of the ground, and then the ecstasy when he calmly slotted it, is everything I love about sport and football.
  13. Rohan Connolly redundancy

    Don't know where to source figures that disprove this but I don't agree. I did a journalism degree about 20 years ago, at a time when only one institution - RMIT - offered it. There were 50 graduates a year, and another 12 or so doing it post-grad and that was it. The ABC had about 10 national cadetships a year, and Fairfax / NewsCorp about half of that in each of their metropolitan markets i.e. 5 at The Age, 5 at the SMH etc. Beyond that, you had to go bush to get a gig. Nowadays, every uni and TAFE offers a number of journalism and communications degrees, so you have hundreds, if not thousands, of students graduating every year, and only a handful of cadetships / traineeships. Of course not every graduate wants to be a journalist, but many do, and the jobs just don't exist. As Fifty-5 said, most end up working in PR, comms, spin doctoring etc. There's a plethora of those jobs, but if you want to be the next Richard Baker (Kate McClymont is better), it's nigh on impossible to get a gig in a metropolitan newsroom these days.
  14. Greatest / most memorable MFC goals ever

    There's also the massive torp he kicked from inside the centre square at Waverley against Carlton in the '88 Prelim (last passage on this clip), and this beauty against Fremantle at the 'G, also from inside the centre square. Others worth a mention: Lyon again, kicking the winner against West Coast in the '88 Elimination (end of this clip), and Todd Viney from the boundary line in the opening seconds of the '87 Elimination. Also like this one from Schwarz. But the goal from Robbie at the 1.50 mark of this video is one of the best I've ever seen from an MFC player.