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  1. The Soccer thread

    I was kind of lucky, Macca - not only did they get one of their largest crowds for the season, but they were on song, too. Rooney actually put Everton ahead about 10mins in but was ruled off-side. From then on it was all Spurs and they could have finished with 6. The Barcelona game was much less of a spectacle, and while it was good to see Messi score, they never had to get out of 1st gear. I should add, the tour of the Camp Nou and the Barca museum is superb. You can go into the visiting team's rooms, walk down the race (which has an adjoining chapel!), sit on the bench and visit the press box. The trophy cabinet, obviously, is enormous, stretching the entire length of a large room. One of the best exhibits was a huge glass case with dozens (maybe hundreds) of little squares, each labelled with a highlight from Barca's history; you touch the square you want to see and it brings up a larger box that shows that particular goal, or game etc. I caught the first half of the match at Anfield, but had to leave for the airport at half-time unfortunately so missed the exciting finish. City's loss leaves the door just slightly ajar for United, but for the rest it'll be a battle for CL spots. Hammers have really turned the corner since Moyes took over, a mid-season revival along with Palace and the Cherries. It's been an interesting season in every respect except for the actual title race itself.
  2. The Soccer thread

    Some shots from the Barcelona v Levante game. The official attendance was listed as 56,000 but I reckon they fudged it, just as they do with crowds here, as the stadium seemed to be less than half full. Had amazing seats, sitting at about half-forward on level 2, which gave a great vantage point for the action. In the second half, the top row of seats in the stand opposite me took on this ethereal glow from the setting sun, and my cousin, who was sitting in the stand opposite, snapped the magnificent final shot in the series below. Seats at the Spurs - Everton game were also sensational, albeit this time at ground level, and I was within spitting distance of the Everton bench. Great atmosphere where I was (there were hundreds of Koreans sitting near me going crazy for Son, who was on fire) but not as good for viewing the match as the upper levels, where you get a better idea of space and distance etc. The thing which really struck me was how congested much of the play is, in comparison to what you see on TV, where it seems they have oodles of time and space to move the ball around. At both games I was one of the first in the ground so I could just sit there and soak up the enormity of it all!
  3. The Soccer thread

    Had to settle for a brace, but it’s hard to complain about a 4-0 thumping in front of more than 76,000. Was an unforgettable night, my seat was so good I was basically sitting on the bench, and could hear Poch and Sam Allardyce yelling out instructions. Spurs fans lament the lack of atmosphere at Wembley compared to the Lane, but coming from the much larger ‘G, it seemed intimate and the vibe all night was amazing. With Barca winning 3-0 last weekend, the whole trip has been a dream come true and I’m glad I came. Will post some pics when I get back to Oz. ⚽️⚽️⚽️
  4. My reading of the situation here is the opposite of what others seem to think - the AFL are not going to touch this in a million years. This whole thing is being driven by the media, who know the full allegations and details and are ringing the MFC, AFL and VicPolice almost daily to see if there's any development. Unless the complainant progresses with it in Bali, nothing can or will happen, and eventually all three of of MFC, AFL and VicPolice will all be able to say "we can't do anything with it' with a clean conscience. In the meantime, for reasons of both public perception and the need to treat sexual assault allegations very seriously, it's incumbent on them to "support" the alleged victim.
  5. Ology and high speed internet

    Actually dc I think the napkin plan was a Coalition incarnation, rather than the Labor phase. It’s getting hard to remember which acts of absurdity belong to which party.
  6. Ology and high speed internet

    My post wasn’t intended to excuse Turnbull, more a case of sharing the blame around. I think it was botched from the beginning (IIRC there wasn’t even a business case on the initial scheme).
  7. Ology and high speed internet

    Even though it was the policy brainchild of the ALP and launched under the Rudd Government?
  8. 2018 Membership Thread

    This really needs to be fleshed out a little more. Where is the appeal to 'families'... I mean 'hard-working families'... I mean 'hard-working Victorian families.'.. or perhaps 'hard-working Victorian mums and dads'? "As we go forward, we want hard-working Victorian families to join us on our journey as we strive to realise our core values of being a successful and sustainable club into the future." Or you could scrap all that and just borrow from Julia Gillard: "We are us!"
  9. The Soccer thread

    I’m going - and soon! Just bought premium seats at the Camp Nou for Barca v Levante on the 7th, and the same for Spurs v the Toffees 6 days later at Wembley, with a pre-game function, drinks etc. Pretty pumped, as I’ve dreamt about these stadia since I was a kid (albeit Wembley’s been totally refurbed since then, much like the ‘G). Hopefully Harry Kane can keep scoring hat-tricks for a few more weeks yet..
  10. Manchester Bombing

    There isn't free speech on Demonland - all sorts of content gets moderated for all sorts of reasons. And WGAF about Sweden -what does it have to do with immigration issues here? If you want to talk about Islamic rape culture I'd be interested to see any data you have from Muslim communities here, such as in Sydney's west, where, if your argument holds true, the incidence of sexual assault should be significantly higher than in the broader community. There have been a number of very high-profile cases of sexual assault and rape here - the brutal Bilal Skaf-led gang rapes in Sydney many years ago the worst of them, where the language used during that attack was culturally degrading towards their Australian victim - but while I don't have the stats, in Melbourne I think that the biggest immigrant / crime issue is aggravated burglaries, robberies and car-jackings, the offences committed by Apex and similar gangs, who, rather ironically, came to this country courtesy of the tough-on-borders Howard Government. For the moment, the so-called tyranny of distance allows Australia to inoculate itself to a great extent against the global refugee problem. So few people make it here, relatively speaking, that we can shunt them offshore as we have without too much fuss. If we had tens of thousands of them queued up at the border it would be a much greater challenge, on many levels.
  11. 2015 the hottest year on record

    Or he might find a photographer to take a beautiful picture of the reef in all its colour and glory and then use that in an emotive campaign to claim climate change isn't impacting the reef at all, and then The Age could write a story on it, admitting in the story that the picture doesn't prove anything at all about climate change but hey, what the heck, it's a powerful image so let's run with it anyway. Because that's what the polar bear story is - propaganda masquerading as news. In days gone by, newspapers like the Age were on guard against PR stunts like this; now, they just print them, conceding in the article itself that it's a con. Pardon the pun, but the story does not bear out the headline. I understand the role that evocative and emotive symbols and imagery plays in getting a message across, highlighting an issue etc, but if it's not grounded in fact, then what's the point? It just ends up being ammunition for the other side, and gives credence to the whole phenomenon of 'fake news', undermining real stories and the public's trust in reputable media outlets and information.
  12. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    The only one that comes close appeared in the Sun abut 20 years ago, when lowly Caledonian Thistle thrashed Celtic 3-1 in the Scottish Cup.
  13. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    No, let's not pretend that this is some sort of contested issue. You can believe whatever you choose, I'll stick with history and fact.
  14. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    You quoted him for a reason. If you disagree with it, then say so. And no-one on here said that 'all' Germans were implicated; it was you who asserted that the German military wasn't 'by and large' involved in the killing of Jews, even though they killed so often that it became routine and banal. It's OK, because there were good blacks and bad blacks, and good Asians and bad Asians, and good Arabs and bad Arabs...
  15. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    It is black and white. The Nazis tried to wipe the Jewish people off the face of earth, no ifs, buts or maybes. It's instructive that on the previous page you post swathes of internet links about British genocides without any kind of critical analysis of the material, but the Holocaust is somehow 'not as black and white' as we're led to believe. Wow. Just wow. Don't think I've ever heard anyone victim-blaming the Holocaust before. Hopefully the 6 million Jews who perished were the 'bad Jews'.