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  1. Grapeviney

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    I know I'm in the minority here but I understand those wanting to protect the aesthetics of the park as it is - one of the G's most endearing features is that it's surrounded on 3 sides by parkland, which is unusual for a stadium of its size and significance. My favourite walk in the whole world is the short stroll from Richmond Station through Yarra Park to Gate 3 - the anticipation, the smells, and the trees, which change colour as the season progresses. Having said that, this development will be on the other side of the park, so I say: let the building commence! It would be a fantastic outcome for the club.
  2. Grapeviney

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    Hearing from extremely reliable sources that the MFC is looking to get out of the Darwin part of the NT deal. Club has no issue with the Alice component and was very happy with this year's 'Heart of the Nation' game. But the humidity of the Darwin match and the flow-on effects the following week is considered too high a price to pay. The AFL is apparently - finally - willing to schedule us for a bye after the Darwin match, but this would mean the Darwin game needs to be played earlier in the season (in these middle rounds), which ruins the whole concept of the Doug Nicholls / Heart of the Nation / Alice game, which both club and league are backing to the hilt. MFC and AFL have already met on the issue, with more talks to come.
  3. Grapeviney

    The Soccer thread

    I missed all of Costa Rica v Serbia last night, couldn't get on at all until after half-time and then it kept freezing up every few minutes. Pathetic from Optus. The real travesty is that it was all so predictable - the Optus server crapped its dacks on the final day of the EPL, and irate customers told them at the time to get their act together in time for the World Cup. SBS gave them the rights to however many games in return for the weekly EPL game, but really, the World Cup should be on the anti-siphoning list and all games available on free-to-air television. Edit: Just been announced that SBS will show all matches for the next 2 nights while Optus tries to sort it out. The Age is calling it the biggest farce in Australian sports broadcasting history.
  4. Grapeviney

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    We'll know soon enough, when St Kilda lock horns with Carlton in what will be the biggest and best of all the Friday night blockbusters this year. Seriously - Carlton are playing St Kilda on a Friday night in a few weeks... 🙈 I'm tipping the Saints in a close one - St Kilda 1.7.13 d Carlton 1.3.9
  5. Grapeviney

    The Soccer thread

    Messi's penalty hit was poor, didn't look at all confident on the approach. Great effort from the Icelanders, but can't help but feel like we also deserved a point today. Agree with Fos that there was one camera angle which showed we got a touch on the ball on the French penalty, and agree with others that the hand-ball could easily have been a red. VAR aside, thought we played pretty well after a nervy start and should approach the remaining group games with confidence. Very jealous of you @Diamond_Jim - the Aussie support looked and sounded strong!!
  6. Grapeviney

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

  7. No politics No religion No ideology No culture wars No personal abuse No exceptions
  8. Grapeviney

    Islam in the West

    Unfortunately, these threads are becoming more trouble than their worth, and the powers that be have decreed that there’ll be no more politics, religion, ideology, or cultural wars on the general board, as it is with the footy board. Put down your weapons. Love thy neighbour. Be kind to one another.
  9. Grapeviney

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 11

    When we lose our next game in 2021, it’s going to invalidate every single victory between now and then, and we’ll realise it had just been ‘same old Melbourne’ all along.
  10. Grapeviney

    Islam in the West

    This is your final warning. Criticise the moderators / administrators again and you're out of here. I'll re-post what Andy wrote in the other thread.
  11. Grapeviney

    2018 AFL Hall of Fame

    @Whispering_Jack and @Redleg can shed a bit of light on that.
  12. Grapeviney

    The Soccer thread

    Hard not to feel sorry for Karius.. How do you recover from that? It’s not like anyone’s ever going to give him a chance to redeem himself. I also get sad when they show the kids in the crowd at the end, tears running down their faces. Reminds me of me in ‘88, with red and blue face paint running down my face and all over my clothes.
  13. Grapeviney

    Etihad to be renamed Marvel Stadium

    Well done MFC. Well done AFL.
  14. Grapeviney

    Etihad to be renamed Marvel Stadium

    Did you know that gas-guzzling, environment-polluting vehicle is actually responsible for 3/4 of the world's global warming? On another note, the 2019 Demonland banner is ready.
  15. Grapeviney

    The adventures of President Donald Gump

    ...and we’re done here. If you want to talk about Trump, you can start another thread.