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  1. Brilliant if true! I struggle to believe it but very excited to see. First game I have missed in years flying to LA for the honeymoon. Sure the darl won't mind day 1 flying solo while I catch the replay
  2. He might end up a decent player, might. Jake is already playing great football. I fail to understand why we wouldn't chase someone who's already playing at a level that we can only dream of Oscar reaching. Especially someone who is young enough to improve even further who has a big carrot in the home factor being dangled in front of him. I have nothing against Oscar but this kids a jet
  3. My god it looks delicious: Frost. TMac. Jetta Hibberd. Lever. Hunt Great defensive presence, a lot of aggression at the pill and at the man and excellent rebound as well. Hunt could go to the wings if need be with your older mid back there but to me, that's a delightful back six
  4. Worth every cent. He's not playing the midfield minutes anymore and is in a new role so can't expect him to rack up 30 plus and a sausage roll a game. I like the fact he's floating back in the backline backing up players and I'm sure the kids have some confidence knowing he's behind the pill. Was very good against the Saints and Bombers, games in years by we wouldn't have held on to. He also nearly got us over the line against Hawks.
  5. Agree 100% with this. If we were up against a Mummy, Jacobs, Goldstein or Sandy I'm sure he'd be in there to compete. Im still a bit surprised he's not in, thought having Pedo up forward would assist Trac and Watts and allow T Mac to go back.
  6. I feel for Oscar. He did well today in the second half but he's still not ready (imo) and he cops bulk grief from supporters because of it. I wasn't as wowed today with his game as others but was pleasantly surprised. Was he that good or have we set our expectations so low? At half time today I was getting grumpy at him but there is no point in doing so I realise. He isn't picking himself each week and there is absolutely zero in reserve at present to see him come out. Good to see him up and about in the second half. I think Gawn or Spence in next week will see big bro go back and the Oscar relegated but at least he will go back with some confidence. Excited to see how he and the weid look in a coupla years time
  7. It's hard to say mate as everything I'd think of would see us being considerably favoured.... obviously. The NT games do a bit of damage physically playing in the hot/humid. I would have these played on a Friday night or Sat, then the following round have QB on the Monday giving us 9/10 days recovery then maybe the bye?? I can't believe we would have the bye and play the Monday afterwards followed by 3x6 day breaks. Very poorly designed for us. Mis teams I imagine would want the bye after playing a Sunday game that's followed up by at least a Sat game.
  8. I can't understand why we play Queens bday after the bye round. It means the bye gives us about a 16 day break and sees us at least having a couple 6 day breaks which are going to be hugely challenging to manage. Today's game would have been taxing and a few boys will be sore over the next three weeks. I see the pies have the bye next week, how convenient
  9. Definitely deserves another 12 months. I think that kind of contract keeps him going at 100% either. Its amazing the transformation from ducking his scone in his first game for us to the way he crashes packs now. Hes still just a good ordinary player but hes impossible to dislike
  10. Agree Chris. He was really solid today. Its amazing how sometimes we see what we want to see.
  11. 6. Trac. Was the match winner up forward being strong overhead and clean 5. Hibberd. Recruit of the year. Always so clean with the pill and he saved countless scores with so much desperation. My new fave. 4. Oliver. Was the only bloke who could win us a clearance in the guts. We would be in all sorts without him. 3. Jones. Just another Jones game doing what he does. 2. Garlett. Dangerous again up forward scoring and pressuring. Contested in the air and setup a few goals as well. 1. Tyson. He was our only player in the second and won a lot of 50/50s. His kicking (other than one in the last) was really good. Played a very physical game I thought. Unlucky to Watts (was off for a fair chunk) and Hunt who was exciting but just turned a couple over. Once he fixes that he's going to be a real star
  12. I thought that as well. Can't recall another. I straight wondered why no one got around him afterwards.
  13. It was a tongue in cheek comment made by his dad. I remember the article headline thinking how crazy this story is but in reading it in full his dad was having a laugh. Typical wannabe headline grabbing propaganda
  14. Its always hard to compare key position high flyers with mids as it's a different type of hardness but his attack whilst the pill in the air is amazing and as good as anyone's. The two marks that Brown and Riewoldt took are the most courageous things I have ever seen which are still on another level imo. Hes a gun, can't doubt it but I still find myself frustrated at him when he drops the shoulder and continually whinges. It's always good banter telling cats supporters that he's a soft little ducker as well. They all bite. It's beautiful
  15. Not sure if you're serious with this post or not?? But if so.... The three VFL games this year and Hullett and Keilty wouldn't have had a dozen possessions between them in total. Not sure if either have played well at all this year as I can't recall them once being named in the best. So imo, no they are clearly not up to it. Maynard was knocked into next month by that little pleb Thomas a month back and has been unavailable with concussion. So as I said, there is no one to take his place. Literally no one. As for putting words into my mouth for Pedo to go back, I would have back there everyday over Omac. Better hands by far plus can kick the pill. But I think it's pretty clear that when Gawn returns Pedo would go forward allowing our best backman in T Mac to return to his no. 1 spot at CHB. I have Oscars back also (believe it or not) and in time he will be ok I hope, but watching the replay he really was awful.