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  1. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    I'm ok with the swans in the top 4 delaying us a Sept meeting for at least another week shall we make it. After tonight's game I honestly think only one of these two or the Giants can win this year. Id love to see the cats fall from grace and miss the top 4. Would be gorgeous however it means supporting the filth tomorrow which hurts.
  2. Aaron Vandenberg to Re-sign?

    Can't imagine it being so after we were the ones who gave him his chance when no one else wanted to. Also, every time he's been fit he's really played. Surely you can't be for real??

    Wow, even Missons report yesterday said 2-3 I think for Jesse. Very interesting selection. If he's playing with a bit of pain but minimal chance of re-injury I don't mind it as he will need run in his legs for finals but I'm still not sure the point of risking him. Put a line through Ben Ken, he won't be part of our finals team or on the list next year. The football department seems to have moved on. Might just be Hogan in for Viney. We played very small last week and might change back. Its amazing to think not too long ago people were calling for Pedos head and now he's possibly a key player for us leading into finals!! How the times can change
  4. I find myself always wanting him to go well. He has always been a whipping boy (maybe deservedly so) and a bit of an underachiever. Copped it massively over the years from bombers supporters and ours and we were laughed at giving up a second rounder. After all that it's nice to see a bit of an underdog get there time in the sun. Keep it up Jake
  5. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    I think the Tigs will win the next two and stay top 4. This would see Sydney fifth. If we sneak in and don't play the swans we could easily knock over say a port at the G and then potentially have the tigs the week after. We would all be confident of winning that getting a very you group to the prelim. I'm definitely worried about GWS, Sydney and the Crows. When these boys are on I think we will come up short but if the cards fall the right way we still could still do some serious damage and really build a solid platform. Still.... I'm not gonna expect anything less than the flag as I'm a greedy bastard
  6. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 21

    6. Harmes. Kicked the goals when needed to and got us that large lead with some great work. Also set one up in the last when it was looking tight. Wonderful game from him. 5. Pedo. Crashed through some packs and kept getting good possessions. Is a very nice field kick and slotted a couple clutch goals. Also love his tacking. Nearly 30 touches is an amazing effort. 4. Jones. He was back today in a big way. Aggressive around the ball and his field kicking was very nice. I'm still shocked when people here at times right him off. Sept action will suit him big time 3. Lewis. Took a couple really solid marks and was a big presence out there today I felt. His kicking was neat and he was hard over the ball. Is worth every cent imo. 2. Brayshaw. I was happy he was back but nearly got emotional when he got the head contact early thinking this is it. Then wow!! Forgot how good the kid is as a footballer and I love him on the hbf. I have a lot more faith in his kicking in space than when Bernie has the ball. He was fantastic today and could be a huge addition say we jag some September action. 1. ANB. Sorry Clarry, sick of giving you votes and I have set the bar very high now. ANB has superb gut running and he created so many options and assistance from this. He missed a couple cheeky 20m into the forward 50 that could have seen him pole higher and in time I think he'll nail these. Is becoming a very important player imo
  7. Gus Brayshaw

    I'm a big rap for him on the HBF. Was a really good user today and plays quite tall in taking a couple strong grabs. Happy to keep him there and maybe get Bernie back up the ground a bit to win a bit more pill.
  8. Round 21 - Non MFC Matches

    I've spoke to soon, second quarter has been pretty ordinary
  9. Round 21 - Non MFC Matches

    I can't get over the kicking field skills tonight. First class compared to what we dish up Both teams seem miles ahead of where our boys are at kicking the pill on the run.
  10. The Jake Lever Thread

    Not sure why Adelaide would be interest in either Watts or the Weid noting they already have Walker, JJ, Lynch and McGovern (maybe short term) loitering around in there forward line and Otten who swings around there. There backline would need more support which increases the value on Oscar/Frost but I still think there priorities would be for high quality mids. I still think a local like an ANB might be used along with a first round pick in exchange for Lever and some pick in change. You have to spend big to get the talent and personally I think the kids going to be a star. Would be massive for us to get this done
  11. Injured again? Poor kid Even though he's not with us, I'm still very interested to see how Freeman goes. Would love him to get a clean go at it and show a bit as he's had a shocking run so far and I wouldn't wish injuries on anyone All the best in the recovery. Also well done to Salem. Fast becoming a favourite of mine being a smooth mover but what impressed me most is his ability to win the hard pill and his crunching tackles. He reminds me of Burgoyne not just in his skill but the fact he just quietly goes about his business whil everyone focused on the Hodge, Mitchell, Rough etc (like how people more notive our Viney, Trac, Clarrie)
  12. Casey Demons v Essendon VFL

    Tip a few jars in and post away my friend! I think it's when lots of us do our best work
  13. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Hard to tell from watching on the tube but was he Boaks direct man? Concerning if so, fine if not. I like him playing on the back flank. Doesn't have the 60m bombing ability of Bernie but all his touches seemed effective and saw us retaining the pill. Played a smart mans game. Hopefully he's a bit more confident next week and tries a few more risks as I'm confident he'll pull them off and will really start adding some value. Welcome back Trenners
  14. Brent Moloney Retires

    This was great, well done to the boys for the podcast. First one I've listened to and will again. Whatevers people thoughts are on Beamer, it's impossible to argue the fact he genuinely loved the dees and clearly sad to leave. Great insight on the podcast when the original trade was discussed and he chose the dees without blinking it seems. Ill always have a soft spot for him.
  15. It would be like Lance handing over the yellow jacket in le Tour