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  1. I'm all for using stats 'Tappy' to back a solid argument but the issue I have here is that Melkshams possessions are all in wide open spaces and he is missing targets the players at his level shouldn't. The majority are uncontested. Its the same argument when people talk of T Macs efficiency being high. So it should be when he is streaming out of defence trying to hit someone 30m away. You can't compare in and under mids (Tyson, Jones etc) with back flankers imo. Btw, I'm not calling for Melksham or T Mac to be dropped but I do get frustrated at them (along with Vince) with there constant uncontested turn overs
  2. Very surprised at a couple of things also this year. The JKH selection after watching the game last weekend. Thought he was very underwhelming. If they wanted a similar role player I would have given it to Ben K who looked a lot more agressive and dangerous. Also, if im picking a Tim Smith or Bugg I'd be giving them at least two weeks to show there worth unless one came in for a b/22 players who was out for one week. Its so important for continuity in your game and these 'week in week out' scenarios are ordinary imo
  3. I'm a fan of Cam, developed a soft spot for him when I read an article about him being a rookie and working part time at Bunnings to make ends meet. I thought I'd never give him a second chance after the ducking incident vs the power way back when but after his first year he always is putting his body on the line and either getting crunched or crunching others. He slimmed down a lot over the offseason and is clearly covering more yards and if he stays in the best in the VFL then I'd like to see him get another chance. Im not fussed if he isn't in the team however as I really just want the best 22 out there each week. If the coaches don't think it's him as he isn't meeting certain metrics then fine. I just wonder what these metrics are however as although he's no world beater, I think he deserves a chance over Smith this week and would have definitely helped vs the Cats and Freo. I really hope the football department doesn't put lines through players they no longer think will make it and pick accordingly week to week
  4. They are nowhere near as bad as we were a few coaches back at least they have a couple players who can play the game. I don't think there future will be awful but they will need so complete some cracking trades/drafting recruiting Cripps, Murph, Gibbs and Docherty all need to be there a long time. They need Simpson to play forever and as an outsider hbf. I love Weitering, think Marchbank, Plowman, Silvagni, Petrovski-Seaton and Curnow will be players. What they are desperate more than anything for is: FF: Garlett. Kennedy. Betts
  5. Yeah definitely agree Old. He doesn't have a lot of different tricks in his armoury but the ones he owns (aggressive inside mid) he's on par with some very good players in the comp. Anyway he's still so young and I don't mind him learning a new skill set (whether they are run with roles or as a bit more of an outside receiver) so we have a better balance and allow greater rotations going forward. I don't mind him going the hard tag, he's done a couple jobs in the past and has been ok. I'd rather Vince in that role however as he seems to only hurt the opponent but hurt them on the scoreboard
  6. He's been playing a couple different roles from what I can see this year. Pretty sure he ran with Neale a bit on Sat and was he manned up on Selwood last week (I was there but pretty full so struggling to remember) Also, Clarry seems to be the extractor this season which was Vineys bread and butter last year. In my opinion he's just warming up and will be back to his best soon
  7. I'd like to see Hogan and Hibberd in with Weid and Hannan out. The tigs really only have two talls in the backline in Rance and Astbury so I wouldn't be against Pedo coming in but don't think he will. I think our forward line is dangerous enough with Trac, Kent, Jeffy, Hoges and Watts/Spencer loitering. Also Hibberd in should release Vince up the ground who can hopefully snag one or two. He needs to be freshened up so it would be good to give him some action upfield. I'd keep Melksham in as there backline is quick and we will need some dash back there however he's on extremely thin ice. Id like to see Bugg straight to Cotchin and Viney to hold Dusty in the midfield. Backing Jones, Vince and Tyson against the Caddys and Prestias in the world
  8. All these highlights is making me think of slapping a pineapple on Cam for the Charlie!
  9. I'm not saying Pedo is really a higher standard than VFL but watching him here he is clearly a better option than the Weed.... for now
  10. Number 1. Is that Hutchins?
  11. Get the Pedobear back in the ones. He's been everywhere today.
  12. Spot on D11. Frost has been battling injury S well. If both were fit and playing well in the scooby doos then I'd have issues with them not getting picked over the non impacting youth. I'm a big fan of the Pedobear but if he can't get on his bike he would be as useless as the Weed. If they are going to be as useless as each other getting games into kids makes more sense. It seems Goody has picked his squad from the fittest available. Kinda makes sense when you think about it.
  13. They now owe us 8pts
  14. My only issue with Bernie is the spot he is playing. I'm sure he isn't selecting himself as a back flanker. He's not a natural backman at all and I am sure he would be as frustrated with his own performance as much as the rest of us. Unfortunately in the meantime with no other players available he needs to play a role that simply doesn't suit him To say he's finished however is ridiculous. If he's played back in the guts he would be more damaging (imo) than all our mids other than Jones and Oliver.
  15. Lots of great coaches change the way the game is played instead of copying others. I thought that's what Bails was trying to do during his time and can't help but wonder what could have been achieved if he had the chance to tinker with his all out attacking game plan and then add a stronger board and higher quality playing list. Maybe nothing, maybe something. In hindsight jagging 8.5 wins in 2010 with the list we had was a bloody fine effort. He managed well to get the best out of a lot of players during his time which never showed much before or after in Petterd, Morton, Gysberts, Moloney and Jamar.