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  1. Andrew Gaff

    I agree thinking they will really struggle. Although Mitchell and Priddis looked slow, they still won plenty of the pill. If Gaff goes with those two pulling the pin, there midfield looks very ordinary: Masten, Shuey, Sheed and Redden with Yeo going through there occasionally. I can't imagine them letting Gaff go for cheap and surely they would be doing what they can to retain him
  2. Where is Allen Jakovich?

    Shut the front door! How much is a flight to Manila?
  3. Andrew Gaff

    That's the tale of a classic outside player. When the team stinks then they always look the worst. He can kick the pill and has good skills and we need this more than anything imo. We have enough bulls to win it but need some polish. Gaff, Lewis Taylor, Shaun Grigg, the Hill brothers, they're all the type of players I personally struggle to like running so wide to win the pill but they're all important. Right now Stretch and ANB are our two and Stretch seems to have gone backwards and ANB has improved but still isn't s great kick. Getting him in is a definite yes from me
  4. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Jordan was fantastic against Hawthorn. Played a big last quarter, had 30 odd touches and kicked a couple including a tight last quarter goal keeping us in it. Didn't think he could do much more. Pretty sure both games vs the Roos he was in our best also. He cost us big time missing the Freo game with suspension. I have no doubt he would have been worth at least a goal. I don't think his role this year was to be the number one midfielder preferring to leave this to the Olivers/Jones/Viney/Tyson. He rarely went in there that I can recall. I think he's been a fantastic recruit and would still have him in the team ahead of half a dozen. I'm looking forward to the day our "depth" rises above him and pushes him out the door but until then I'm comfortable with him being in

    This kids a freak from the few games I saw of him as a kid. He's one of the best junior talents I've seen and have no doubt he will cause some damage against us this week. Whoever plays on him but will do some damage the other way as I don't recall him liking defensive running that much. Im backing him to kick 2 or 3 but his man (say Hunt) should be able to setup a couple the other way.
  6. I think you are dreaming a little bit as Lever is definitely a lot better player than Frost. Still, Frost did show a bit early this year. Would be wonderful if we could keep our first rounder somehow and maybe Frost out could assist here
  7. Demon Injuries 2017 season

    In fairness, other than Viney there isn't much else in there that's best 22 anymore. We sneak through this weekend we should be absolutely primed for the finals. Pretty good time to get the band back together

    Jones was wonderful again coming into some great form towards the exciting time of the year. Pedo great with a happy looking Jesse made me all warm and fuzzy. Brisbane are definitely the best wooden spooners in a long time. They have won a few of late and pushed the dogs and tigs. They'll be alright if they can keep there talls another couple years while not losing much from the midfield. Not sure what the coaches see in Wagner but I don't. I'd like Salem back for him. I know Hannan kicked a clutch goal last game also but I still think Watts might pinch his spot now that Jesse and Pedo will take the top 2 defenders. Whats happened to stretch? Looks like a lost child out there at the moment. I'd say he'll be the one in strife when Viney is back
  9. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 22

    6. Pedo. Just give him the captaincy of the All Australian team already. Throw in an afl life membership and get the mould ready for the bronze statue prepped. Love him at the moment. 5. Jesse. 4. Hibberd 3. Jones 2. Gus- very happy with him on the flank. 1. Milkshake - just ticking away nicely
  10. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    Huge lover of the Pedobear and what he brings (when he's switched on). Sticky dukes, big tackles and bumps and is a lovely field kick. I remember reading a post or two about the above and always wondered if there was any truth in it. I could never imagine him hanging out on Hollywood Blvd with the 'in' crew at all and he strikes me as the quiet type. Not sure why people would dislike him, he's a bit of a battler, coming through the ranks the tough way and had to work at Bunnings part time to support his young family is pretty impressive. I have a massive soft spot for him and I would have throught all that isn't something that people could surely dislike?
  11. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    I'm ok with the swans in the top 4 delaying us a Sept meeting for at least another week shall we make it. After tonight's game I honestly think only one of these two or the Giants can win this year. Id love to see the cats fall from grace and miss the top 4. Would be gorgeous however it means supporting the filth tomorrow which hurts.
  12. Aaron vandenBerg Re-signs for 2018

    Can't imagine it being so after we were the ones who gave him his chance when no one else wanted to. Also, every time he's been fit he's really played. Surely you can't be for real??

    Wow, even Missons report yesterday said 2-3 I think for Jesse. Very interesting selection. If he's playing with a bit of pain but minimal chance of re-injury I don't mind it as he will need run in his legs for finals but I'm still not sure the point of risking him. Put a line through Ben Ken, he won't be part of our finals team or on the list next year. The football department seems to have moved on. Might just be Hogan in for Viney. We played very small last week and might change back. Its amazing to think not too long ago people were calling for Pedos head and now he's possibly a key player for us leading into finals!! How the times can change
  14. I find myself always wanting him to go well. He has always been a whipping boy (maybe deservedly so) and a bit of an underachiever. Copped it massively over the years from bombers supporters and ours and we were laughed at giving up a second rounder. After all that it's nice to see a bit of an underdog get there time in the sun. Keep it up Jake
  15. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    I think the Tigs will win the next two and stay top 4. This would see Sydney fifth. If we sneak in and don't play the swans we could easily knock over say a port at the G and then potentially have the tigs the week after. We would all be confident of winning that getting a very you group to the prelim. I'm definitely worried about GWS, Sydney and the Crows. When these boys are on I think we will come up short but if the cards fall the right way we still could still do some serious damage and really build a solid platform. Still.... I'm not gonna expect anything less than the flag as I'm a greedy bastard