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  1. Ollie Wines

    I’d rather keep the second rounder and maybe throw in Dom Barry as the sweetener.
  2. Jake Lever

    I think the comment relates to our multiple Friday night games we are scheduled for.... or not.
  3. 2018's 'breakout' player

    I don't think Nev Jetta could become any more perfect in my eyes but I think he'll jag an All-Aus guernsey if he plays 22. I'm thinking Hoges will repay the faith in him this season and have a wonderful year. But I'm backing in Frost to become a full time best 22 player. Not a champ, just a good solid fullback who does a job week in week out. That's enough of a break out for me
  4. Last year was there for the taking. I wasn't upset as some at as not making it as we still have a lot of growing up to do but just disappointed in the fact that I think anyone would back themselves against won it. The thing about the Tigers list compared to ours is they do have: - A two time Coleman Medalist and two time All-Australian at full forward - Two Brownlow Medalists running through the midfield - A 4 time All Australian centre half back who I think is the best player in the game. They have plenty in the right age bracket around them and solid role players that they should have been better for longer and still should be up and about for a while. I like our list and confident in the talent we have but I can only hope we unleash some stars like the Tigers have produced. For us to go anywhere we need Jesse to become the star we think he is and our players who haven't really broken out yet with "potential" (ugliest word in AFL) in Salem, Brayshaw, Weid, Stretch to really go next level
  5. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Looks like a young boy in a mans XXL jumper. The crouching over part makes it look even odder. No one is beefing up anymore in the AFL. Everywhere I read people are discussing slimming down and focusing on the aerobic side. Will be interesting to watch how Watts reacts this year to change. I honestly don't think much will change. Will be some polished moments followed by lots of time going missing and minimal second efforts
  6. Werrimul will be good this year Deezone, have recruited well. Don't mean to be rude against the Millewa mate, I have a lot of good mates there who are very handy but the depth isn't there unfortunately. Great pub there as well, did you ever get the chance to have a couple sharpies there? The Mildura Demons will struggle however. We're flag faves last year but choked. Have lost three of the best four. They'll still compete however.
  7. Mrs Deeko is an Ouyen lady so I watched them a lot of weeks. He's one of the best I've seen in country footy. His speed and skills are amazing.
  8. G'day Mr Tilbrook There is a massive Tigs following up here following a lot of work they did in the 80's and 90's. They still have the strongest supporter base here but it would be great if our boys spent some time here. I think the NT is pretty cool but and hopefully it's positive. Red Cliffs are strong and have a great community following behind them. Very proud club however I'm not sure on there last coupla years recruiting which saw them have Andrew Lovett and then Nick Stevens playing there.😳 Still, they have a lot of amazing people around the club and it's always a great game playing there
  9. Millewa football is a very low standard. There is only one male and one female team per club (so no reserve or juniors). The comp is full of has beens and never will be's. The main league here in Mildura (SFNL) is decent standard and it's reserves would easily beat all Millewa teams. The Millewa comp is a waste of space and solely alive due to its good work getting womens teams up and running. Col's sister is with Toby (coach there) which is the reason he will play there. Meringur is a small club as well so I doubt Col would be getting much to play but apparently he is very close with his family which is great to hear. I saw Col recently, looks strong but not fit. I think his shoulder still gives him grief so can't imagine he will play much. Col's old club Merbein (who he played some games last year) is in the main league and will massively struggle again this year across all grades. It's a shame he doesn't go back there and support his old club imo as it would really lift them. I heard on the grapevine that the Russian will be lining up for Ouyen in the SFNL this year as well. Ouyens team is supported by the whole community and very wealthy. They were flying a few boys in weekly from Katherine last year! A few ruckmen are already nervous about going up against him!!
  10. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    I always wonder the point of these camps as I struggle to see the positives in starving the players, depriving them of sleep then completing rigorous training that has a high likelihood of injury doing ridiculous training regimes that [censored] the players. How can any of this be positive? It’s not improving skills, aerobic capacity, setting up game plans etc. If you’re going to give them a flogging, make it an hour longer skills session, do some extra sprints or a longer run etc. Something that will be beneficial. I recently did Kokoda mentoring a group of kids who have there challenges. From the exhaustion and minimal food I dropped some serious kgs and struggled for a couple months after. It did nothing for bonding either as we were stuffed and cranky every night. Not sure it helps that much. I think only the first year hawks do it now
  11. Andrew Gaff

    I agree thinking they will really struggle. Although Mitchell and Priddis looked slow, they still won plenty of the pill. If Gaff goes with those two pulling the pin, there midfield looks very ordinary: Masten, Shuey, Sheed and Redden with Yeo going through there occasionally. I can't imagine them letting Gaff go for cheap and surely they would be doing what they can to retain him
  12. Where is Allen Jakovich?

    Shut the front door! How much is a flight to Manila?
  13. Andrew Gaff

    That's the tale of a classic outside player. When the team stinks then they always look the worst. He can kick the pill and has good skills and we need this more than anything imo. We have enough bulls to win it but need some polish. Gaff, Lewis Taylor, Shaun Grigg, the Hill brothers, they're all the type of players I personally struggle to like running so wide to win the pill but they're all important. Right now Stretch and ANB are our two and Stretch seems to have gone backwards and ANB has improved but still isn't s great kick. Getting him in is a definite yes from me
  14. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Jordan was fantastic against Hawthorn. Played a big last quarter, had 30 odd touches and kicked a couple including a tight last quarter goal keeping us in it. Didn't think he could do much more. Pretty sure both games vs the Roos he was in our best also. He cost us big time missing the Freo game with suspension. I have no doubt he would have been worth at least a goal. I don't think his role this year was to be the number one midfielder preferring to leave this to the Olivers/Jones/Viney/Tyson. He rarely went in there that I can recall. I think he's been a fantastic recruit and would still have him in the team ahead of half a dozen. I'm looking forward to the day our "depth" rises above him and pushes him out the door but until then I'm comfortable with him being in

    This kids a freak from the few games I saw of him as a kid. He's one of the best junior talents I've seen and have no doubt he will cause some damage against us this week. Whoever plays on him but will do some damage the other way as I don't recall him liking defensive running that much. Im backing him to kick 2 or 3 but his man (say Hunt) should be able to setup a couple the other way.