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  1. I don't think I've ever seen Oscar kick the pill further than a 30m pass. The other thing he ever does is handball to a designated kicker. Has he ever taken a risky long kick?
  2. This stat is quite irrelevant and penalises the people who win more of the pill as we all no one goes at 100% efficiency. It would be of more use possibly when dividing the possessions by the clangers. I'm a big Dom fan but he is having a bit of a stinker season. He definitely wouldn't be one of the first picked at present but is still safe in the best 22 for mine. I still think some issues he is having this year is due to playing out of his preferred position. He was great his first year as a preferred inside mid but now he is third in line behind Viney and the inspiring Clarrie. He's learning I think a slightly different role played in a different spot and I'm ok with that. Glad to see he played some decent footy in the second half vs the Crows. Hopefully he can back it up!
  3. I think he is so over the top bias on the radio during our games that it's silly. God I'm loving it as well!!
  4. If the saints make the 8 this year then I wouldn't mind them having a crack at Fyfe for one last crack at a flag with Joey and Roo. Those two I imagine would take a pay cut if the team was going to roll the dice. Give him a big front ended contract for one year and a 4 year deal. Him there will help recruiting more players once Joey & Roo call it a day. Gotta spend the money on someone. May as well be arguably the best player in the comp. Look at the cats with there one superstar recruit in Danger. They could sneak a flag having only a coupla decent players
  5. Love the site, feel guilty I haven't signed up before so just treated myself to a lifetime subscription today. Cheers Demonland
  6. I just saw a highlights package on Facebook of Pendles game on the weekend. Now I can't stand the pies but I find myself man crushing on Pendles every time I watch him play. The way he handballs in traffic is exactly the same as a Pendles. Both handball more than kick being extractors but both are great kicks of the pill when need be. Hopefully he will reach the highs or go further than Scott which is about as good as praise as I can give. Even though he buggered off to Shepp when he was young I'm still claiming him as a local Echuca lad. luvya Clarry you magnificent looking bastard xo
  7. I don't disagree PF but isn't White just as slow as Trenners? Can't remember much of him, just thought he was slow. The only in I want to see is Kent. He brings a big leg, some pace and agro. Haven't seen the VFL report but hoping he went well. Not sure who's out but I struggle with JKH so most likely him
  8. I loved that Bernard finally went back into the midfield today and got a couple quick clearances. Can we please leave him there and never have him back again!! He uses his massive leg from the centre circle to full forward with minimal fuss as a weapon instead of turning the pill over continually down back. T Mac had a shocker today with his kicking, I was almost laughing at the end it was that bad. Then he spoils Nevs 'mark of the year' attempt!! Keep it simple Tommy. Tyson I thought looked better than previous but I'm still concerned by his kicking. Is definitely lacking confidence. Finally, JKH. What is the go with him over Kent?? Very ordinary player
  9. 6. Viney. Might be unexpected but he dominated the third quarter today when I thought we were cooked at half time. We needed someone to lift in the third. He did and it's the quarter we won the game. 5. Pedo. I'm a massive fan, always have been. Can't decide if he really was that great today or was i watching him through my rose coloured glasses. Still, screw it. Have 5 Cam you legend you. 4. Watts. Kicked goals when we needed and always damaging in the play. Three majors I think well was just a nice return. 3. Trac. Brute of a man. Loves a sausage roll. Plays bigger than he needs to as well. We needed someone to kick goals today and I was worried who. This man took it upon himself. 2. Oliver. I'd give him more if he started kicking the pill more. He's a beautiful kick so not sure his desire to handball all the time. Geez I love him in the hard stuff however. 1. Hibberd. Hard and skilled in the backline whos very damaging. Please start taking the kick ins!! Please
  10. I'm just going to go ahead and say it. Brownlow. Lock it in
  11. Sorry Clint, didn't explain myself very well. He only had one arm up to last week or so of preseason
  12. I admit I wrote him off and was surprised we rookied him. Couldnt be happier to see him raise the bat, especially in a solid win. Love him as a player, no fuss, hard at the pill and always team first. Would have had mark of the round if it wasn't for T Mac spoiling him. Poor bastard couldn't do anything write today!!
  13. I can understand why he started in the twos and if we are full strength may find himself around the 23rd player picked each week. But, the last three weeks of him not playing I think could have cost at least 8pts. Definitely should have been in each week imo. Well done Cam, was a solid game and wasn't far away from snagging 3 majors
  14. Bring back Juice!! But in all seriousness, you can't write off the Weed in his second season. I'm comparing him to Darcy Moore when watching himstruggle as the key forward. Both these boys are stil too young and under developed to take on the number one defender. They are made to look silly when trying to also. Im sure there will be nothing wrong with the Weed long term but I'd much rather him lining up next to Hogan or worst case Pedo than being the key man solely
  15. I agree the Crows are looking good but there isn't much midfield depth on the big stage. GWS still have Deledio, Whitfield, Griffen and Coniglio to come in soon. Plus the combo of Lobb/Patton/Cameron gets better each game they play together. I worry how beatable they will be later this year and for the next couple edit: forgot Whitfield