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  1. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    Boy we were ordinary in the old Royal Blue days and I still have a phobia about the colour . The above clash jumper with the revived 19th century MFC monogram on the front would be great but then an alternative against the Bummers may be necessary .
  2. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Maxwell Newton's notorious Sunday Observer celebrated the defeat of the Whitlam Govt with a front page : THANK BLOODY CHRIST .
  3. Where is Allen Jakovich?

    Fav post of all time ! Great to see him looking so well . Found out at last from Petrac his 1991 Reserves goal tally : 60 plus of course his 71 from 14 Senior games . 131 all-up for that season .........Strewth .
  4. Would you not buy a Membership if ......

    WE are the MFC . Everybody else comes and goes . Been a member for soon -to- be 45 consecutive years .
  5. Final Goal Fiasco

    I resemble that Mr Nee .
  6. Final Goal Fiasco

    Home viewers would not have been aware that Himmelberg kicked the last goal of the Tigers/Giants Prelim with 6 seconds remaining , reducing the losing margin to 6 goals . Mysteriously to particularly "Margin" punters (under or over 39 pts) , the bottom left -hand corner score changed abruptly from 103/61 (42) to 103/67 (36) at the siren . Ch 7 just wanted the colour and movement of huggers on the boundary and ecstatic supporters and literally took their camera eye off the ball .
  7. SSM postal vote

    Yes , he lobbied hard to get a high enough position on the Liberal ticket to ensure a DOUBLE term in the Double Dissolution election . Truly a man of principle.
  8. It was 53 years ago today ...

    I was there as a fifteen year old sitting in the Grey Smith stand stomping both feet on the floor boards after each Dees goal . A survey at my bayside secondary school disclosed that we had the most supporters with the Sainters naturally not too far behind then absolute daylight third .
  9. Changes versus Collingwood

    I think he's missed his AA meeting .
  10. I am grateful for ...

    ............four consecutive wins over the dreaded Pies . Just one more ....please............PLEASE !
  11. Are you there Harry? Vale Harry Beitzel

    When it came to the crunch , after irritating all parties he finally agreed to plead guilty .
  12. Changes v Brisbane

    Weid and Wagner have no physical presence at this stage of their careers . Frost and Stretch IN .
  13. My 3 word player analysis V StKilda

    In racing parlance I think it is time to give him a "freshen" and name it General Soreness . Bring him back for the Pies in a fortnight . The break should also be from Casey duties .
  14. A Time to vent about this Club!

    You're very brave after the early in the season "Letter to Goodwin" poster quickly looked like a goose . A full week break (for a change) and back to the G for the last three there's still hope for a final .
  15. Jack Watts (again)

    Time : late in second quarter . Ricciuto : " Gee , he didn't even have a crack " . Hudson : " I know who you are talking about " .