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  1. Watching from the packed terraces MCC ground level opposite the Blazer Bar our support was at least 60% . Only in the last quarter did the Tiger fans really spark -up . Scurrying past Gate 4 with a couple of minutes to go , I could see feral Toig supporters who traditionally loiter in that northern-side pocket up on their feet in their hundreds chanting unintelligibly at departing Dees fans .
  2. Style 22 : The Retro Woey .
  3. Bought a couple of 2E's . Wide fitting cross trainers - rare as hen's .
  4. Rip off ?? My half-price gear arrived in 1 1/2 days free of shipping cost as value exceeded $100 . Just about covered my MFC membership .
  5. No , Boroughs .
  6. Will be amused as usual when most of the doom-and-gloom merchants are back on board following our fourth consecutive win over the Toiges . Tipping 12 wins for the season and any price above evens for the eight looks value .
  7. The volume of posts on this topic may soon approach $cully-esque proportions . Discussion of our best list depth in a decade interests me more .
  8. There's just a chance Olympic Park may become available if Eddie has further delusions of grandeur and follows the Hawks with a multi oval complex on one of our rapidly disappearing golf courses .
  9. Hawk supporters have whinged to me about limited visitor parking .
  10. For me , to even tolerate opposition players they must be non-flamboyant achievers such as Skilton , Peter Knights , Roos and Pav .
  11. Looking forward to a repeat of the New Balance 70% off . I particularly like their wide fitting options for cross trainers .
  12. Yes , it's interesting that the post federation ANFC (1906-1995) which was absorbed into the AFL Commission was preceeded as early as 1883 by an intercolonial football conference . The self governing States/colonies were certainly having "national" aspirations .
  13. That's because it's by Streeton . I have it on the dust cover of a book by footy fanatic the late Prof. Ian Turner . You can confirm this in seconds by Googling "Art Gallery of New South Wales - Arthur Streeton " and there it is......first on the list .
  14. "The National Game" is by Arthur Streeton .
  15. Quarter-Century Gawn .