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  1. Pates

    Down Memory Lane # 2

    Jeez what a talent Jurrah was. 😢 EDIT Although watching the first half he wasn’t on this game!
  2. Pates

    Pass Mark 2019

    I think that sums it up, our success towards the end of year means we have a tougher draw, it means we are now judged against the best. Making the G a fortress is critical, we have to make teams fear playing us at home, we also can't allow anymore slip ups against lower teams. Target top 4 to get the double chance and go from there.
  3. Pates

    Goody in the offseason

    Would be the strangest thing for him to leave next season, he helped build where we are now and he's been given the daunting task of completing the job. Wouldn't make any sense for him to leave.
  4. Pates

    Jumper Revamp

    I always found it ironic that when Yze wore the long sleeve he'd roll the sleeves up. I'd like to see a revival of the long sleeve though, even potentially for pre-season a rugby style top.
  5. Pates

    Jumper Revamp

    I think we've finally actually got the colour mixture right for our home jumper, the navy blue is so dark it's nearing black but still clearly blue and the red is a proper blood red to contrast with it. Keep the redback for the away/alternate strip.
  6. Pates

    2019 Fixture

    I enjoyed going to that game as well, gutted we didn't win (and we were royally screwed by the umps that day) but it was a cracker or a game. I would go back there again and encourage others to make the trip south.
  7. Pates

    2019 Fixture

    The thing I don't like about selling the game is that it's two games we've lost home ground advantage. Particularly against someone like the Eagles we've given up a significant advantage.
  8. Pates

    2019 Fixture

    We’re not being forced to play in the NT, they’re a major partner of ours that contributes a lot into our coffers. That said I also wish we could move on from it, or reduce it to 1 match a year alternating between Darwin and Alice.
  9. Pates

    2019 Fixture

    Two schools of thought on the round one fixture vs Port. Positive side: - home game to start the year (always what you want) - against an interstate team provides greater opportunity for a win - potentially fly under the radar a little bit which can be good early in the year Negative side: - shafted commercially to start to year makes us less attractive to sponsors, 1pm timeslot is a dead timeslot on pay TV - though an interstate team against us at the G provides a great opportunity for a win, I would prefer kicking the year off against a tough Melbourne team to get us in the big game frame of mind. A loss could also get us front and centre for a bollocking from the media - AFL (and us) have missed a really good opportunity to build on what a great round one we had last year. Great crowd, two Vic teams, traditional rivals, we played two ripper games and a final with 90k+. I would’ve thought Cats v Dees Saturday arvo/night would be a great thing to build on
  10. I’ll admit I was initially a little underwhelmed by his acquisition essentially for Jesse but the more I hear from him and see him in action I realise we are probably better off. We’re a high scoring but have shown a vulnerability to the larger forwards of the comp. Really looking forward to seeing him in Red and Blue next year.
  11. Pates

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    If we can get Hunt to increase his work rate then I think a forward/winger role is something I’d love to see him in. He had X-factor in 2017 and kicked some great goals, I think he even had one game (from memory against Adelaide) where he played the second half as a forward and really showed something. I just can’t see a role for him down back now, unless Lewis goes down but even then I wouldn’t think he’d be the best choice to replace him. Mahoney stated early in the trade period the Hunt was not someone they were looking to move on so clearly the club still sees a future for him.
  12. Pates

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    I found the Barrett's "sliding doors" description of our trade period very interesting. Obviously he is a fan of how we handled ourselves and in particular Mahoney. While Damo is hardly the top dog when it comes to opinions (particularly around these parts) it's an interesting point of view. I felt that declaring essentially Hogan for May was tipping his hand too early but one thing it did do was that it made other clubs plan for us getting May and left things as a simple equation for GC. "Mahoney controlled the trade period" is a big statement to make, I certainly wouldn't have said it but it flies in the face of many opinions on here that he caved to Freo. If he hasn't already I think he's tipping us for the flag next year. EDIT: Just noticed it had already been posted! 😛
  13. Pates

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    I hope so, maybe he had personal issues we knew nothing about this year. His drop in form was sudden and horrific. A new pre-season and new year to impress, one thing is for sure we don’t have crummers that create like what WC have with Rioli and Ryan. We have Spargo who goes pretty well for a young small bloke, Hannan who’s form fluctuates a lot, the likes of Nibber who works hard enough, but no one with any magic. Garlett has had that in the past, love to see it again.
  14. Pates

    2019 Fixture

    A big round 1 match vs either the Pies or Geelong is definitely something the AFL needs to make happen. We’ve shown we can get the supporters through the gates and I’m predicting given we were the highest scoring team for the year channel seven will want more games fo us for the pure fact it gets the adverts out there. Speaking extremely selfishly I really want lots of night games purely because it’s so much better for me to watch overseas!
  15. Pates

    2018 Demonland Banner 2.0

    In: Gus, Harmes, TMac Out: Hoges, Hunt, Daisy I’d day add Goody I’m there as well but I don’t know if there’s much of an iconic look he has that could be turned into a caricature. I reckon Gawny gets a shift closer to the middle as well! 😜