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  1. Training 19/4

    Am I the only one that thinks its baffling that Hunt can roost the ball a mile and yet Hogan (a power FF) can't seem to kick past 45 meters? Surely that's something the coaches need to work on with him. I used to love seeing Neitz mark the ball from 48m out and be confident he'll not only clear the distance but at least be close to the big sticks.
  2. Changes v Richmond

    Hunt for Lewis maybe? Melksham must be on the chopping block, hasn't had one good game from memory, maybe bring in Hannan for him. Bugg had a great game against North but was back to the Bugg of old on Sunday, tough call as he finds a way to make opportunities, he's just a god awful shot for goal. Jetta rolled his ankle so do we take a chance on his fitness vs Richmond? We probably need him especially against the smaller forwards of the Tigers. Lever stays but boy that was a mare of a game on Sunday.
  3. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Played terribly v Hawks, so did 90% of the team. Played very well v North and from what the club said they were happy with his role v Brissy. He's an important player but for me he's not doing enough. Maybe this time off gives him a chance to get a few other niggles right, and he can maybe lend his experience in the coaching box.
  4. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Reflecting on the loss (again) one of the things that gutted me the most was the way we showed no fight at the end. How many times have we had other teams 35+ points down only to let them back in the game or let it become nothing more than a scrappy victory. To give up like that was a slap in the face of long suffering Melbourne fans.
  5. Angus Brayshaw

    He was very far from our worst, when he got the ball he did some good things. ANB and a few others in front to be dropped IMO.
  6. Be Patient with Lever

    Lever was dreadful on the weekend. He was not alone. It was the worst game i've seen for quite a few players, but Lever was close to WOG. That said, he is so much better than that and I think it's a case of him feeling under pressure. He did so many strange mistakes from a player that's usually quite intelligent. Biggest (unfair) problem for him is the price we paid for him. I wasn't happy about it at the time, and I'm definitely not happy about it now, we should've played hard ball on him and it's about time the club actually grew a bloody spine when negotiating trades.
  7. Shepherding the man on the mark

    My mates an umpire and was going ballistic at the umpires for letting it go on. They are not meant to shepherd the player on the mark until the kicker has gone well and truly off his mark and the umpire calls play on. They did not do this and should've been made to go back and kick it again.
  8. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I don't know if Goodwin is the guy to lead us to the glory we've been hanging out for for so long but I do know that at this point we have to back him in. Hardwick was given so much time over periods where let's be honest it wouldn't have been the craziest thing to sack him, but they were rewarded with the faith. I think he has some interesting ideas but he has been out-coached on more than a few occasions (the weekend probably being the worst). His decision to play Jones on Mitchell for me was a howler, we needed Jones finding the ball for us, particularly when things weren't working. For me Vince should've been the one to go with Mitchell as we lose a lot less from that. When things weren't working and we threw men behind the ball they had no direction, no pathway for getting it out of defence, and even then when we had chances to do it we buggered it up with deplorable skills. It was a bad day for everyone on Sunday, from the top to the bottom.
  9. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    So I've avoided D-land for the day, that was just a shocking performance that left me bewildered as to how a team that had prided itself on being hard at the footy and exciting at times could put in such a shocker. I'm hoping that that's what it was, a shocker that will hopefully wake us up. We were so uncompetitive and completely rolled over for a half of footy, and that isn't the team I feel we've been watching for the last couple of years (even back to Roos). The good thing about this happening at this time of year is that redemption can only be a week away. They've got to hit the track hard this week and atone for that non-effort.
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    I’m not going to read the thread, I know how bad we were. I’ll be seeing two games this year, today and next week. Today reminded me of what we were like under Neeld. We looked like training dummies. At half time the game was there in the balance, we’d had one good quarter and an average quarter where we didn’t take our chances and they did. Still very much 50/50. To roll over like that was gut wrenching and hard to watch. I’ve got one more game, against Richmond. Send me to London with hope that last year wasn’t another false dawn.

    Just what I was thinking, while Eddie was creaming his pants over literally everything the Majak Daw did I was so pleased with how hard he tackled a guy twice his size and made him feel it. He's got a bit of mongrel in him, if channelled properly I think he'll be around around for a long time yet.
  12. Lyon on Brayshaw

    Really frustrates me how my phone naturally goes to Bradshaw before Brayshaw. Ah well anyway, I think Gus had a good pre-season but didn’t set the world on fire and probably lacked in the one percenters and hard two way running. I’m really hopeful of him showing his true talents, plus he knows how to kick goals which will be good for this midfield/rotation thing we’ve got going on with Hogan/Petracca/Oliver.
  13. 2018 Membership Thread

    It's difficult for the club, they don't want to undervalue the seats by making them too cheap but at the same time I think it's important to have sections on the bottom southern stand filled. A $5-10 members only additional match day fee (purchased at the membership tent) to allow access to that section (but not a reserved seat) would be perhaps a good way to go. You don't get a guaranteed seat as those who have paid for the specific seat get priority but people can find somewhere to sit and fill the area up. Just my thoughts at least.
  14. Well he’s admitted his mistake, I guess that’s better than some of his colleagues. But really, c’mon mate. Proof read your story and get a second pair of eyes over it.