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  1. Worrying Stats

    It's often been said in commentary that as soon as our handball vs kicking ratio goes out that's when we start to turn to poo. I think the idea of our play is to have about 2-3 linking handball chains to set up kicks further up the field. Problem is it comes driven from a "play on at all costs" mentality, I think we're number 1 (or close to it) for playing on from marks. When that's working it looks breathtaking, but a few too many times (particularly recently) we've played on with nowhere to go which creates the frenetic handballing game, and a lot of turnovers. With our players getting tired from a long season I think this needs to be tempered a bit. It's causing situations that are unnecessarily frantic, and all too often leads to turnovers.
  2. Changes versus Collingwood

    Agreed, I think Salem was dropped to kick him a little kick up the tush. Maybe started to feel comfortable in his spot, but I think it was the selection committee's intention to bring him straight back in. He obviously ruined that with the suspension, but Wagner is just not quite up to it and Salem has done that role well all year. Vince just should not take kick ins, unless we're needing someone to roost it when we need to get a quick score he just gives me heart attacks almost every time. I don't know what has happened to him but his kicking boots have been well off this year, I know he had a toe injury at the start of he year but surely that's not still affecting him. I'd still like to find a way to squeeze in Watts, Pedo is in fantastic form and I agree with not wanting to disturb that but Watts played some great footy last year as a link up forward. Jesse can play deeper, Pedo and Watts can be the link men. Big thing is Watts will need to compete harder to either take the mark or bring it to ground.
  3. Changes versus Collingwood

    Strangely, I'd kind of be up for that. Although he was poor in his suspension game and he let the team down badly with his punch I feel like we played our best footy with him in there being a pest. I don't think it'll happen because he didn't sound like he set the world on fire for Casey, but he's the kind of player people love to hate and can draw some undisciplined attention from the opposition. Imagine if we play Sydney at the SCG in the finals and he comes in! I'd picture boos to rival what Adam Goodes got in Perth!
  4. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    I'm in agreement with you on that one, if we had gone on with our 32pt lead in the final quarter and recorded a 40+ point win then I'd be a lot happier to talk finals, but lose to the Pies and we are on VERY shaken ground. I honestly don't care who play should we make it, finals has been my goal for the team this year. So let's just beat the Pies and whatever will be will be. Apart from the two Sydney teams (who I feel caught us at bad times) we have matched up well on all teams in the 8. At our best we can beat anyone, anywhere.
  5. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    That last goal was brilliant, he showed great athleticism and poise finishing it off. I wish we could've kept going after that. He's been so important the last two weeks.
  6. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    As much as I wouldn't like us to face Sydney in the finals, I ultimately just want us to make it. So it's simple for me. Lets beat the Pies (1pt or 100pts I don't care), the rest can sort themselves out.
  7. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    I admit I wasn't concerned about the 6 day break initially but that was before I realised they'd given Essendon an 8 day break because of it. Seriously it's not hard, Essendon plays Freo at ES on Saturday gets a 7 day break and we play Collingwood on Sunday and also get a 7 day break. Is there something at the AFL that prevents them from seeing the obvious?

    I see what you're getting at and that ultimately is the most frustrating thing about the fact we took our foot off in the last quarter and jammed on the breaks. We had a really good opportunity to kick on and get some breathing room percentage wise but we didn't and now because of that the door is still ajar. We should be the Pies though, we do have a better team than them and we have everything to play for. If the players can't get up and be manic with pressure for that then they shouldn't be playing AFL footy. Players like Jones, Gawn, TMac and others who have been around should be firing the boys up through the week. I was happy to hear Jones say they haven't counted their chickens yet.

    I only watched the final quarter, we got off to a flyer and were out to 32pts. I thought fantastic we'll cruise now, unfortunately so did the players! Why can't they jut do it easily!? We've got the win, that's what matters. But Dees, we need to learn to put teams away. When you get out to a 30+ lead there shouldn't be any concerns, not when you're playing bottom of the ladder at home. Credit to Brisbane, they looked well drilled. They'll come good.
  10. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    C'mon Melbourne put them away!!!!
  11. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Grrrrr game starts at 4:10am over in the UK, I decide I'll set an alarm for around 3 quarter time and I was hoping to see us cruising to victory. I know this is 1st world problems given not long ago any kind of win would do but we need to learn to pulverise lower teams. We should be murdering the Lions. Instead they're putting the fans through hell, again.
  12. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    I don't know about Salem, but yeah I'd be very surprised if Watts doesn't come in. Should we beat the Lions and do it well we should be solidly placed in the finals, we can manage players better and give others like Watts and Hogan a good chance to get some match fitness. We could look back at this as a stroke of genius. Well done to Casey they had to struggle through our injuries through the year and have come out the other side very well.
  13. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    There was very little contact, the afl.com.au report of the incident is just breaking things down. The umpires should able to remove a report after the incident, anyone would look at it and know it's fine.
  14. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    The boys should be on an absolute mission tomorrow. Of course every match at this time of year is important but if we win by a large margin tomorrow we would just about solify our spot in the finals. A comfortable makes it likely, a close win still leaves the door ajar, and a loss........well let's not talk about that. Ultimately we have a lot to play for in EVERY contest, every minute tomorrow. They should be throwing themselves in as if this is our big chance to make a statement. We should be going into this match with a ferocious no mercy attitude, the type that we have endured on the other side.