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  1. Pates

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    I feel like a lot of the slips were the result of the handballs being behind the players, I know the fast sharp hands have been a staple of our success this year but today those quick hands were horrendous. And from people who’s hands are usually very good. Oliver included. It was just a really dirty day.
  2. Pates

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    I would like to see us try to draft an exciting “magical” crummer. We have Garlett but he had a poor year, who knows what he’s going to bring next year. We have Spargo and Hannan but truthfully I down know what Spargo is going to be long term and Hannan is more of a mid sized forward. We just don’t seem to have someone at the moment that gets the fans on the edge of their seat when they’re around the ball (maybe aside from Oliver, but he’s a midfielder). I also noticed there wasn’t anyone getting front and centre even when the ball went to ground.
  3. It’s only a setback if we allow it to be. Last years missing the finals by percentage could’ve mentally scarred the team, instead it drove them to bigger highs, losing to the cats in two close games could’ve made us doubt us in the elimination final instead we took confidence from it. We can fly back to Melbourne with our tails between our legs and bemoaned that we were overawed and got stage fright or we can learn from the experience we’ve gained in three finals and think about how we can overcome these obstacles in the future. I’d love nothing more than for us to be in the Grand Final but we take what we’ve learned and apply it for 2019.
  4. You make me laugh so much Picket Fence, thanks for cheering me up! 😂
  5. Lewis had a mare today, about as bad a first half as he could’ve played. He wasn’t alone. On the other hand Lewis was HUGE in the West Coast rnd 22 game, and the first and second final. Where does that leave him? I think he gets another year but gets told his place is far from certain, he will have to deserve it like everyone else. Leadership group shouldn’t be a certainty either.
  6. Pates

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    A little side point, did Smith kick his first AFL goal today? If he did good on the young bloke, came in today and to be honest was thrown to the lions covered in BBQ sauce given the ease in which the Eagle sent the ball forward. Was thrown forward I think just because Goodwin wanted to change things up and he had a few really good leaps at it.
  7. Couldn’t have said it better, this is a process towards a premiership. Of course the dream was for it to happen this year, the fairytale was there unfolding in front of us but this is the real world and it doesn’t just happen. I had us in the 8 this year between 5th-7th, never really thought we were good enough for top 4. I hoped we would win a final; we won two, against teams that have given us so much pain for so many years, in front of two 90,000+ crowds, where we had the better fan ratio. I’m disappointed that it ended on such a low note, but it’s up to the individual on whether it takes some gloss off the year and the improvements we’ve made. For me it doesn’t. Bring on 2019!
  8. Pates

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - VFL Grand Final

    We’re all gutted by the loss today but get right behind Casey tomorrow. They’ve had a great year and deserve our support. Make it loud and sing it’s a grand old flag proud!
  9. Pates

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Well what can I say, we saved our worst performance for our last match of the year. Much like the last couple of years I guess. It is what it is. I’m still damn proud of the boys, they brought back hunger and belief to our club, they played some truly inspiring footy at times, and we’ve got a core crop of players who will be together for a while. I see no point in dissecting the match, it was played on the Eagles terms from the get go. Instead I’ll just say thanks to the playing group for giving us joy and belief that we are building towards something. Bring on 2019 and I hope the Eagles smash the Pies next week!
  10. Pates

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Much like the Pies last night all the bounces just seem to be going WC’s way. It’s the factor that you can never control.
  11. Pates

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Well that was a gift. That protected space rule is ridiculous. I’ll take it though.
  12. Pates

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    What is with our [censored] handballs!!!!!!!
  13. Pates

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    This is about next year now, sad as it sounds that’s the truth. Regardless of the result I’m proud of them but to lose by such an embarrassing margin will live with us. We need to fight and scrap for everything as if it’s a new game, Gawn needs to fight back as that’s as bad a half of footy he’s played. It actually looks like he’s given up on his midfield with taps to no one and instead slapping it forward. Spargo should’ve kicked his goal, Viney should’ve got a reversed free (umpire was scared of overturning it because of the crowd), and Jones shanked a simple kick to ANB which should’ve give a shot on goal. Aside from those times we’ve barely looked like scoring.
  14. Pates

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    The quarter from us couldn’t have been worse, but it could’ve been a whole lot worse had the Eagles taken their chances. 3 quarters left, time to learn something about our team. We have been obliterated at our own game, high pressure contested possessions. We also need to start sticking our handballs.
  15. Pates

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Honestly I was fine all week. As opposed to the build up to the cats game where it was all I could think about, for this game I was feeling really chilled and simply proud of the team and the club. After watching the other prelim final and seeing Collingwood get into that one day into September it actually hit me, we are there, we are a BIG CHANCE. We can most definitely do this. I'm going to be watching the game at 6:20am in the UK, I don't think I'm going to sleep a wink. Going to test my computer out before I go to bed to make sure I can get the stream of the game with no problems and no delay. There is pride in the jumper again, pride and belief. They have Kennedy back, this is true, but we have Viney as different from the round 22 game. He has been arguably one of the stand out finals players this year. Raise Hell Dees!!!!!