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  1. There are a lot of players I feel the club failed miserably in development, Grimes is one of them. He and Trenners were made captain because we didn't really have anyone else. Jones wasn't the player he is today, and Moloney was the only other senior player we would've had in contention but he didn't buy what Neeld was selling, so he went the opposite way. Perhaps Grimes being made captain contributed to his downfall, but ultimately I feel Neelds labouring style of play stunted him when he could've been given a bit of a license to show some flair. The same thing happened with Trenners before his injury. He was attacking and exciting, then Neeld came and he was looking backwards and sideways, anywhere but forward. Maybe Beamer is just bitter with Neeld, but I think he was right when he said Neeld tried to transplant the Collingwood gameplan into a team that didn't fit it. So yes I do feel that Neeld played a big part in Grimes's downfall.
  2. Just been having a look at the twitter banter, would've been fine from Martyn if he hadn't tagged Oliver in it, he probably would've just let it go through to the keeper (going with the cricket theme). But fair enough he bites back at the [censored] when it's directed straight at him. Dry your salty tears Damien, Olivers a harder nut than you'll ever be. (By the by, I used to hate watching him bat, sooooo boring!)
  3. I hate you. In all seriousness I'm trying not to look too far ahead. We gave up games earlier in the year against teams we should've beaten; Freo, Hawthorn, and North. We've now got two of those back with wins over Adelaide in Adelaide and WC in Perth. We're back on about par of what I was hoping for at this time of year in terms of wins and we have a decent percentage as well (which could be huge at the end). Let's take it week to week and focus on beating another team that is very used to singing their song after matches against us.
  4. I felt that 50m penalty, while silly, was extremely soft and when people talk about Oliver taking a dive they should take a good hard look at how others fall easily from contact after marks. He didn't have a good overall night but he was important in the final quarter.
  5. I'm a bit on the fence with this, I think we're entitled to review it strongly towards the end of the contract and see if it would be possible to raise the dough another way. The AFL are very keen to maintain a regular presence there in the H&A season and regardless of where we are situated we are still their best option. So we should negotiate a deal with the AFL that we continue this on the proviso we ALWAYS have a bye after the Darwin game. I honestly can't believe we don't do this anyway (I can only imagine we've been cautious of not biting the hand that feeds you), but it is a definite disadvantage to our team for not one but two weeks. If they want that presence to continue then they should want to play ball with us. FFS we had the bye after Alice Springs, why didn't we play in Darwin for that and Alice for round 17?
  6. I'm glad I wasn't the only one frustrated with his calling! I did a double take when he called Tom McDonald "Colin Garland", I initially thought, "maybe he meant Garlett" but Jeffy was nowhere to be seen. It always confuses me that the best commentators are on radio, is it simply a case of wanting people that have a "face for TV"?
  7. Jeez Geelong have been lucky this year. Richmond is starting to shown how lucky they were at the start of the year when facing quality opposition. They are overrated and do not frighten me in the slightest. We'd be able to beat them in Geelong. GWS appear to have their groove going but I feel like they will be set for a crumble at some point. I could see them doing a straight sets finals exit. Very interesting year, and what a great round of footy!
  8. I was surprised that we were forced to wear our all white top v Eagles. At the very least we could've worn the one with the Red back on it.
  9. Pretty much what I'd go with and to be honest given the short break and the travel anyone coming back with niggles with hammy's, calves etc should be definitely given a week. Jeffy is important to our year so I'd absolutely give him a week. Questions for Jeffy's replacement is do we go with Kent or JKH. Kent is more damaging in the forward line whereas JKH seems to have worked really hard for quite a few weeks to be involved in the game. I think we've got to reward JKH's hard work and consistency, Kent has only done the pressure acts this week, if he backs it up then a recall could loom.
  10. It was moving Frawley to FF (something we did a few years later anyway) and Paul Johnson to defence to cover Nathan Brown that raised eyebrows. My biggest annoyance with that whole saga was we got done when I honestly feel Carlton threw the Kruiser Cup match against us the year before. If we got done they should've too.
  11. I feel Hogan's is the closer parallel, all of us at the time thought there was nothing in it and the more you look at it the more you realise Rowe wasn't faking it. [EDIT] I still think 3 down to 2 for Hogan was a disgrace, at worst 2 down to 1. But then we don't get luck with the tribunal.
  12. Look if he had his time over I think he wouldn't have gone down so easily. It sounds strange but I think he thought initially it was worse than what it was and he almost dropped himself to control the fall. The criticism he's copping from everywhere is poor though, anyone who's watch his career so far knows he loves the hard stuff and is no diver. And he's in his 2nd year for crying of loud. Ultimately I think the people he'll cop it most from (in a funny way) will be his teammates. I think they'll give him a bit of push and shove and call him out on it at training, that will be the best way for him to move on from this. Interesting that the AFL has said they won't cite him because there was definitely contact, does that mean that Schofield might actually go for it? Oliver might be forced to choose between his pride (saying he copped it and it was bad enough to drop him) or the players code (say it wasn't as bad as he first thought and he didn't need to fall).
  13. I just noticed after Pedersons big mark and goal he tapped a black arm band (he was the only one wearing one). Is anyone able to shed some light on that?
  14. I know what you mean. When he went off the first time and I saw him grimace I thought, "he's been huge but if he's in pain you know it's bad". Then he came on and was big but restricted, then he went down to the rooms and with no coincidence we faded. I thought, "even with him being on he will be something of an inspiration, but realistically he won't won't be on his game" I was so wrong. I was a kid when Todd played and he was the first Melbourne player I remember thinking, this guy is indestructible. Jack has taken the Viney name to another level, and he was massive. I get this feeling that there would've been a lot of people feeling proud; his dad, Goody, Roosy, and players/coaches that were with him at the beginning like David Rodan. Nothing was going to stop him.
  15. I said on the match day thread that we needed more from Pedders for the last quarter and boy did he deliver. In a game where WC had dominated the contested marks, Cams big pack mark and goal was as big a momentum swing you could hope for. He was big at the end, I know Weids had an excellent game vs Box Hill but until Pederson puts in multiple bad games I hope Weids is forced to continue to dominate teams at VFL level. Cam is doing his job and has earned his spot.