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  1. Yeah that is the outlier here. No way in hell was he worth pick 26, he would've got top 10 for sure. But as has been said, as we get better we will get more and more hate coming our way, and I love it. How patronising has it been over the years hearing opposition supporters say "oh I like Melbourne, they're my second team because they haven't had much success." I want us to be a team hated and feared.
  2. If anything I think it'll just pour gasoline on the fire inside Oliver. Watch him hit the contests even harder this week.
  3. If he gets the ball in a position where he holds it long enough I hope the crowd gives him a good cheer. Problem is he's usually quicker than anyone!
  4. I was just thinking that that was how I assessed it. Going by their system it was negligent contact (1 point), low impact as Oliver was on his feet straight away (1), and to the head (2). I believe that would come to about 100pts with gets downgraded with a fine for an early plea. How did they come to 2 matches down to 1?
  5. If it were Viney Schofield wouldn't be alive right now. If Jack didn't get him then he would've laid the mother of all tackles on him later in the game!
  6. I'd disagree with that, mainly because their all different players. For me ANB hasn't been doing much wrong since coming in but has been relatively non-influential he was be one I'd look at. Stretch was solid in his return, and especially if Jeffy doesn't play perhaps we play Billy as more of a HFF. We have come to the problem we all knew was coming. How do we fit all our forwards in? Pederson was quiet for much of the game but made his presence well and truly felt at the end. He's also been in career best form. Hannan has proven to be a real livewire and unpredictable at times, the goal he kicked was so quick onto his boot I didn't even see it. Harmes I see as one potentially missing out but like ANB he really has done very little wrong in recent weeks. 21 disposal, 6 contested, 5 tackles, and a goal is a very handy return from him. His goal also massive in the context of the game. If Hannan and/or Jeffy pull up sore than the decision could be made for the selection committee. But I would say ANB will be first to go. I would like to give Jeffy a week off, he looked way out of sorts and we need him for the rest of the year. Out: Garlett (inj), ANB/Hannan In: Watts, Hogan (if good to go) or JKH/Kent I'm guessing though, selection headaches again. Best kind of headache to have!
  7. Look the sad part about this is that it will bring Oliver's honour into question, which could overshadow an incredible year from him so far. Ultimately I don't think there was enough force to warrant a 1 match ban and certainly not a 2 match ban. I would've thought if they gave him fine they would've just copped it and all parties could save face from it, Clary gets vindicated that he copped a knock, Schofield gets reprimanded and the media moves on. This really turned into a circus.
  8. They had Brent Harvey at their club for 2 decades, so to their credit they would know exactly what a stager/diver/flopper/oscar nominee would look like. Seriously Harvey was the worst of the worst, I can remember numerous free kicks/50s being given from him falling from a feather touch. God I hated the little [censored].
  9. On the weekend gone, he would've been in the bottom 5 players. He was off, still niggled and competed but didn't do a lot. But he's been in enough in recent weeks that one bad performance isn't going to have him dropped.
  10. There was a total gift of a free to Tom McDonald for a hold that resulted in a shot on goal (a behind) that I couldn't believe was paid. It was abysmal all night, started favouring the eagles in the second half. The Frost trip really annoyed me because it was a momentum changer, if we'd lost I would've looked back on that moment. But our boys are made of sterner stuff this year, isn't it great!
  11. I'd say that's fairly accurate, it's a way of say, "we see you've got something and believe you can become a player, but you have one and half years to prove it." He's had a good period at the VFL, I feel a recall isn't far off. He could well turn into the next Nev Jetta type situation. He did have a horror run of injuries after his first year.
  12. A few weeks ago (after Gold Coast I think) I was very much in this frame of mind. But I've swung, he does enough competing and harassing and does get a few snags every now and then for me that he justifies his selection. He's not pretty to look at, and he should practice goal kicking until he can kick them in his sleep but he's a certain starter at the current state of the list IMO.
  13. Disgraceful by those clubs. Both teams with traditionally low drawing numbers, maybe that's why their crowds are looking lower this year. Raising them against GC is absolutely ludicrous. As for us, I'd say we're an interesting position where we have enough fans coming out to get solid enough attendances to our games but are still not smashing it. So the powers that be have obviously decided for a little less revenue it's better the keep the fans coming out happy. That said maybe next year a cheeky extra $2 on each ticket except children's tickets for Queens birthday would give us another $50k-100k, it would be tempting. For that matter we'll also have the ANZAC eve match. But for all that I do say, keep tickets affordable. It's one of the best things about our great game that most people are able to go.
  14. Agreed, the tribunal really should only sit for hideous acts or incidents that are difficult to judge under the MRP. They've completely handballed it to wash their hands of it. I would be saying given the force it should be about 3, but also given that it wasn't unprovoked 2 might well have been fair.
  15. There were actually a few the bemoaned that we might've ruined another young star by burdening him, at the same time pointing to Jones being a real captain. Like many things with this club it was a process and it took a few rounds for Jack to realise that being a captain isn't about doing everything yourself but continuing to play on his instincts and use his natural abilities. It was that that made him co-captain. I have this feeling that his game on the weekend will be looked at as a defining performance for his career. It was the moment he well and truly stepped out of any shadows that were being cast on him whether it was from his dad or Jones. He stepped up, big time.