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  1. No it wouldn't be our premiership and I wouldn't want it now. The AFL can strip them of the premiership and draft picks though if they want, I've enjoyed seeing them down! Annoyingly the fans still have their arrogance.
  2. What seems to be the issue with this every year is that options are put forward but there's always a "but" which makes us realise our current situation is the best we have available. There's been plenty of thoughts on it. Years ago it was Trevor Barker Oval being redeveloped and re-sized to suit the MCG dimensions, coupled with state of the art facilities and community centre. Funding seemed to be the biggest issue with that and our relationship with Sandy was on a bit of rocky ground. Docklands was another, the Vic government wanted to create a residential park land area with a permanent training base for us. That ended up being all talk though. Wasn't there another a couple of years ago with Melbourne university? I can't remember the details but I think the response on here was pretty lukewarm. Sadly we are still paying for our club being stuck in the mud for decades. Gosche's paddock isn't perfect, but it's still the best available for right now. Olympic park will always be the one that got away, but in fairness our club was treading water at that stage so I don't think it could've been done even if we wanted it. Elsternwick park would be pretty amazing, but isn't it the home of the VFA? Might get us in the bad books with local footy fans.
  3. Ok with what's going on it's important to remember a couple of things. 1) it's pre-season so reporters are trying to drum up stories to fill the papers. 2) every year there seems to a certain player at each club that's given a sort of "position not set in stone" kick up the bum, most of the time they are in there round 1. 3) there are two practice matches left and I'd be shocked if Watts doesn't play at least one of them, he will be given an opportunity to prove himself. Jack had such a great year last year, I would hope he'd want to build on it.
  4. It's ticked off for certain teams, eg vs the Saints if we had our home strip we would have a dark back making it (theoretically) harder to distinguish on TV, which is why they've forced us to wear the white strip. With the red back you don't have that problem. Hopefully they'll let us wear it against a few others as well.
  5. There are certain teams that we get told to wear the white strip because of a so called clash on TV. This should eliminate it for many of those teams. About bloody time, well done to the club.
  6. I've only been able to watch the highlights on the MFC website so that's all I can comment on. So: Good to see Jeffy involved in several goals where he took a (split-second) pause and summed up the situation, and ended up passing off to teammates. He could've had 3-4 goals to his name. Salem sounds and (from what I saw) looks in really good touch. I've been worried about him given our recruiting of other small-mid half backs but he looks like he can play in multiple positions and looks he's got quicker skills. I really hope 2017 is his blossoming year. Hogan taking pack marks, kicking goals, and even pulling off a Nietz-like fend off and goal, what more could you want from his first game? The little bits I've seen of Lewis are what we wanted, calm, thoughtful, with leadership and good skill. As I said I got all this from highlights, maybe eventually I'll be able to see the game. Importantly a good solid bit out for the boys, sad about Wagner though. Hopefully it won't be a long lay off for him. We need plenty of competition for spots!
  7. I'm not rushing to any judgement, Jack has long been known as a player who works his butt off on and off the track, it sounds very strange that he would ruin it all after his best season so far. We have also had regular training reports on here and none have suggested he hasn't met the standards. The only thing I will say is that there has been no response from either Jack or the club. Perhaps preferring not to give any oxygen to a fabricated story. If Jack plays next week, dominates and is in good nick then I encourage all Dees fans to tweet Cleary for an apology.
  8. I will enjoy that (as long as we beat them). They have been overrated for so long, so many times people have had them thereabouts of challenging when really they were always just making up the numbers. I'll admit my prediction of the slide was a couple of years out but they will slide right down. I see bottom four for them. I see Essendon finishing higher than the pies this year, and Bucks will be gone by years end.
  9. Melksham was always a pretty middle tier recruit anyway so I think he will need to blow out some cobwebs. Ill have a look at the highlights when I get the chance but I think any pre-season comp you start with beating the premiers is a good start to the year. Let's keep building.
  10. I disagree with your assessment of the Saints, if there's only one new spot available in the top 8 I feel like they will be the ones we're battling with. I feel like the ceiling on our young players is higher so we will accelerate ahead of them next year. But for this year I think it will be a scrap between us which could be down to whoever wins round one. I feel the Hawks will drop out of top four but Roughead returning will make a big massive difference. I feel Geelong are vulnerable if anything happens to Dangerfield, but as long as he stays fit they'll be thereabouts of top 4. Essendon are a real unknown quantity, it pisses me off that they got the number one draft pick and they then get all their players back. I they'll finish about 10th, if they make finals I will literally throw up.
  11. I get the feeling that a couple of the JLT games will be used as opportunities for older/fringe players to show some value. I can't see the likes of Garland, Trenners, Pederson, Spencer etc getting a whole lot of games but when they're called up they will need to be able to do a job. That's been Hawthorns strength for so long, we need that attitude for us as well. It'll be interesting to see how the Dogs line up given they were in the GF.
  12. I'm sorry to hear your father and your family had to go through MND. It's a shame that good people like Neale (and I'm sure your father) suffer through this terrible disease, while murderers and worse live to ripe old ages. If there was any universal justice I feel like MND is how it should be dealt out. Anyway off that note, Neale's one of the nicest guys I've ever met in the footy world. I still remember after that incredible win at the GABBA in '02 at the German club my dad and I chatted to him (well my dad chatted I was mostly still in shock). Genuine good bloke, I hope it was an enjoyable day for him and his family.
  13. I don't know how it would work and what quality it would be but you could potentially download the iphone version of the app onto your ipad and that might go (closer) to full screen. But you may also lose quality. That's a disgrace of a deal and they should be upfront about what you'll get, if you were wanting to cancel and get your money back I'd threaten to take it to the ACC because I think it's fair that unless they make it clear in the product you won't able to watch it full screen on the tablet, it would be fair to assume you could.
  14. Last time I checked a tablet isn't a TV, that's complete bulls*** that it won't let you go full size.