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    Like the look of him, seems to have really good balance and likes to take the game on (fits our style). Also appears to be a competitor, with some of those tackles in the video, but best of all his body will be ready for the rigours of AFL life already. Welcome Oskar! (Side note, the pic of Chewbacca next to him made me laugh so much. I'd love for his nickname to be Chewy shortened from Chewbaker!)
  2. Are we getting complacent?

    Not to nitpick and reopen old wounds but we only won 2 games in 2013. But 100% we are having an incrementally better W/L ratio, and I also agree that we have made improvements to the list. If our young brigade continue to improve then that SHOULD continue. You take nothing for granted with Melbourne though and 6 consecutive years of improving W/L would actually be quite an achievement.
  3. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    I don't necessarily have a huge issue with there being a white strip but there's two things I don't like: Firstly our current white strip is without a doubt one of the laziest designs ever, it's like they woke up one morning, looked through their agenda and realised New Balance needed the print that day to create the merchandise and just decided to slap the logo on a white background. For crying out loud Melbourne, get creative and make it a design competition on the website where it's voted by the fans. Secondly it's the hypocrisy of allowing other clubs to get away with no white clash strip. I can cop the Pies because they are already black and white, and the Eagles don't really clash with anyone else massively with Gold and Royal Blue. But someone like Essendon, tell me how we are different to them? If they have a reverse colour scheme as their clash strip than so should we. There's also the fact that we wear it when we really shouldn't need to. It should ALWAYS be the Red and Blue unless there is a direct clash. It's bad enough we have the stupid thing, but we shouldn't have to wear it unless it's really needed. Anyway, every year it comes up and every year the same frustrations are aired. And every year the result is the same.
  4. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    I don't think he'll necessarily make us pay directly (though it does seem to happen a fair bit with our former players), but I think he could do fairly well at Port. Ironically with Port they turned to water against any formidable opponent whilst smashing lesser teams, whereas we seemed to player well against the better teams but failed to get the job done against teams we should beat. Both teams have mental fragilities, just at different spectrums. Will be interesting to see how he does and how the port fans take to him.
  5. Are we getting complacent?

    I'm not sure where you get the "we need a David Nietz" idea. We have a plethora of physical talls, having traded away Watts (probably the least physical of what we had at the end of the season) we have traded in Lever which allows TMac to be a strong forward. We also have Weids developing and Pederson who admittedly is getting the end of his career but is strangely improving. As for being complacent, I think we've tried to address most of the on-field deficiencies in our team (defence being a big one). The biggest thing we have to find a way of addressing is the mental side, and that's not really something trading/drafting can do much for apart from maybe trading in experience (like Lewis).
  6. MFC Fourth Consecutive Profit

    When PJ took over we had serious issues with uniting the club from the top down. It felt fractured between the corporate side and the footy side, and while Jimmy did an amazing job of rallying people to the cause it didn't solve the long term issues that the club simply wasn't professional enough. I think this above all else is what PJ has managed to achieve (helped by Roos dealing with the footy side), we now look and act like a professional sporting organisation. We have clear direction on and off the field, and I really do feel we are on the right path. Sporting clubs are an interesting beast though, if the on field side isn't successful it's very hard to succeed off field without very solid foundations. The truest test of how far we've come is when our on field takes a dip and we don't have as many fans attending (hopefully this will be a long way off!). One of out major goals must be getting profitable without having to sell home games. I'm pragmatic enough to know that we still need them financially, but at what point do we let that cost us a potential place in the 8, or a top 4 spot? Well done to all involved!
  7. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Pumping up their own tyres, got to make it look good on paper. And to be fair both teams fans turn out for it. Obviously this point is....well pointless for most, but personally Sunday Arvo’s are the worst time slot for me living in the UK. Was really hoping for some more night games so I could watch the Dees at a better time. Lets make the finals next year and demand more coverage. Carlton getting 4 Friday nights is a bonafide joke.
  8. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    So I haven’t had a fully in depth look at the draw but from what I can see it’s a bit better than last year for the fact that we don’t have that insane back to back to back 6 day break plus travel from Perth. One thing that does annoy me is the exposure we will be missing out on again. Now I’ll aknowlege we’ve got our Tuesday ANZAC eve match which will be a good one for our coffers and our usual QB Monday match, but yet again the AFL refuse to place us in the coveted Friday/Saturday night fixtures. Our only Friday night game being away to Port, while we get 4 Saturday games of which only one is home and it’s in Darwin. I realise it’s not an easy thing for them to do making the fixture but I’m sick of us constantly getting shafted on the commercial side. It’ll take us wining back to back premierships before they give us a good commercial draw.
  9. Stewart Crameri to the Dees?

    What did he do as different Hibberd and Melksham? For me have him as a mature age rookie costs us nothing and gives us depth. Not so sure about using a proper draft pick and senior position for him.
  10. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    Amazing that they even rate the Roos. They didn't do anything! So much for their "war chest".
  11. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    I think whether you see this years trade period in a positive or negative light largely depends on how you rate picks vs players. For me a feel we have paid too high a price for Lever but he's going to be around our club for a very long time, and hopefully will become a champion elite defender. He was a big fish available and he chose us. We got him well done to us on that. The Watts trade wasn't well handled by the club in my opinion. Regardless on whether we wanted him out we came at the trade with a disadvantage by making his position at the club very difficult to work with should a trade not happen. Pick 31 and paying part of his salary feels wrong. Port won this trade massively IMO. Balic for 66 is a definite win. I know very little about Harley but I have heard there were good wraps on his as a youngster. Moving across the country proved difficult for him, with us he can have a much better chance to thrive. Pick 66 might as well be a shot in the dark. I think we did ok without doing amazing. I think we've got to become better poker players at this, Fremantle did incredibly well at this with Weller. I still can't believe that trade.
  12. Ruck depth

    So obviously Gawn is our number one and I’m confident that a pre-season to get over his injury from last year will help restore him to one of the premier ruckmen of the competition. But should he go down again I am concerned about where that leaves us. We have Pederson as our chop out ruck should he (hopefully) continue his form from last year and TMac. Trading Watts and delisting Spencer has also meant we have lost two of our other secondary options. Do we need to look into drafting a mature age ruck as a back up?
  13. Farewell Colin Garland

    Sad end for Col. He had some good years, a couple of particularly good years in combo with Chip. But we’ll done to him for seeing the writing on the wall. With Lever coming to the club there was no chance of him finding a place back in the team. Good luck on the next phase of your career with us!
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    You can say that for practically every coach. That’s their job, simple.
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    Footy wise pick 31 for Watts is a ridiculous steal. You can only assume then that footy isn’t the no 1 issue here. Me personally I’d prefer we have Watts.