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  1. Completely agree with the OP, this is both our biggest test and most important match against Richmond for a long time. The Tigers have long been a confidence team, backed by the grog squad and other ferals certain players seem to lift when things are up for them. They are very lucky to be 4-0, much like the Cats and we are unlucky/have shot ourselves in the foot to be 2-2 so it's an evenly matched game. Dusty always seems to have a day out against us and he's dragging others into the game. Make no mistake this isn't the Richmond teams of the last two years. Our players need to rise to the occasion. Aside from the 2nd and 3rd quarters against the Saints I don't think our players have got out of 2nd gear which is promising because when we hit our straps we'll be very good. Hogan's suspension has cost us, anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. He owes his teammates for his stupidity. When you lose one game due to inaccuracy and another by less than a goal it's not hard to work out our full forward would've helped. I've gone off on a tangent but really this is a must win for us. We lose and we're out of the 8 and playing catch up, we win and we can consolidate our position and go into our game against the bombers who are a bogey team with confidence.
  2. OMac will be back you can guarantee that, but for now Frost gets his chance so good luck to him. I'm gutted that we'll be without Big Maxy for so long but Spencer had a very solid pre-season so I'm backing him to fill the shoes adequately. Bugg's a surprise, but good luck to him.
  3. Aside from Gawn the injury list has mainly hit our depth players which isn't a huge issue in the short term what what it does affect is 1) what happens if our best 22 players go down/get suspended and 2) affects competition for spots as there are less players competing for a place in the senior team. Still we've got mostly our best team out on the track, hopefully Hibberd, Brayshaw etc will put in good games for Casey to keep our current 22 on their toes.
  4. I'm backing our midfielders to be able to rove to Spencer and read the taps at the appropriate times, what I think we'll miss most from Gawn will be his presence. He gives confidence that it's a zone that will be won almost every week. With all due respect to Spencer I think 50/50 breaking even is what we can expect. I'll be happier when Hogan's back, although he hasn't set the world on fire so far this year he still makes us a better team. I don't foresee too many changes, maybe Harmes, Smith, or Weids comes out but Roos was pretty loath to make unforced changes and I think Goody's inherited that thinking. I would love nothing more than for us to kick straight this week and have us comfortably in front both at 3 quarter time and full time.
  5. If we'd got the chocolates against the cats I reckon we would've almost cleared 40k this week. We'll get there but I don't think it'll be a smashing over 40.
  6. He's yet to have a game that he takes by the scruff and destroys a team. It'll happen, hopefully against Fremantle. But he does enough for me to suggest he will be an absolute gun for us. Brayshaw I feel could have a bit of Salem's luck about him. We were patient with him and it's starting to pay off, Brayshaw has it in him and I see him being a valuable mid for us in the future.
  7. To borrow the classic mum and dad line, "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed." Getting himself suspended for a really stupid act is the first part of this, the second is the club has allowed him to return home for a stint to be with friends and family, this was a good move from the club as it's a good opportunity for him to combat any homesickness he might have. But I feel his actions, while not by any means hangable, are a poor reflection on his attitude to being suspended. Its a punishment for himself and it has proven to be a punishment for the team as there is no doubt he was sourly missed on Saturday. I don't expect him to sit around the house knitting with his mum, or go to church and pray for forgiveness, but this simply isn't a good look for a guy that we just can't seem to keeep out of media speculation. Externally there doesn't need to be any punishment played out in the media, but internally he should be given a stiff kick up the bum.
  8. Well this is a kick in the balls. Strangely think about how lucky st Kilda and Reiwoldt were, he comes off the ground with what everyone thinks could be career ending and plays a couple of weeks later. Max comes off, appears to be your standard hammy and ends up being out for an extended period. I guess that's just life. Spencer looked hungry in the pre-season, it must be mixed emotions for him. Part of him would be really happy about the opportunity but another would be gutted for Maxy you'd think. We got a great run on injuries last year, time to test our depth.
  9. I'm taking the positives, I got the tip correct....
  10. Very difficult now, given we've been so inaccurate. Only ourselves to blame. We've kicked ourselves out of it.
  11. Hopefully Geelong swap out their kicking boots at 3 quarter time. C'mon Dees we can do this!!
  12. If we aren't in front at the end of the game we only have ourselves to blame.
  13. 9-16 to 11-2, I'm not even watching and it's killing me. Through the big effing sticks Dees!!!!
  14. I've just caught up to the coverage on D-land, really not good news for Gawn but I guess this is something that needs to be dealt with, having a back up to Gawn. Spencer gets his shot, he has had a good pre-season. As for today it sounds like we've been our own worst enemy in front of goal starting with ANB's poor first set shot. Have to start taking our chances.
  15. Interesting, the Swans could be 0-5. They've got WC in Perth and then the Giants. As been said even when they were clawing themselves back I never felt they looked likely to pinch it. It was more from Pies giving them opportunities, or the Pies simple not taking theirs. Two chances Swans had at the end they were not even a shadow of their former selves. One driving long to a 1 on 3 (why weren't there more bodies in there?), and then a Swans player (not sure who) fumbled a short kick which should have been a shot on goal. Don't rate the Pies, but where does that leave the Swans?