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  1. Nah I'm just happy the Hawks fans are unhappy. Them and the Cats fans need a good few years out of the 8 to remember they have no rightful place in the finals. Bombers fans are going to be painful, you'll quickly get through this troubling period in your life.
  2. Very conflicted on what I want to happen in the Hawks v Bombers game, the Hawks have been so good for so long so seeing them lose is always a good day. Although bombers fans will be insufferable if they win.
  3. That is incredibly disrespectful to a guy that has laid the foundation for us having success. By Goodwin's own words he reinforced the message that has been drilled into them all summer, it's not like he pulled out a clipboard labeled "plan B". What we did after quarter time was lower the eyes and spot up shorter kicks because it was St Kilda's game plan to have a loose man behind the ball, too often in the first quarter we blazed away and kicked it long which played into St Kilda's hands. I get the feeling that match day for a coach isn't so much about pulling good ideas out of your butt, it's about drilling into the players the structures and plans they've worked on and tweeking them through the game with certain players.
  4. Could see a pretty decent rise in membership numbers this week, both from bought at the game to a few signing on following the win.
  5. Would've love him to nail that goal at the end of the second quarter, he had it all in front of him and done all the hard work. Loves a goal too!
  6. I've tried firefox, chrome, and safari. I've tried downloading Silverlight (I think that's what they use). Just a grey area. I've loaded videos during the JLT series, maybe it's high volume of people using the website but I just want to see the song!
  7. Anyone else having trouble loading the team song?
  8. With the team Roos built. Interesting though the commentators brought up that last gasp loss which Roosy was coaching, clearly still stings!
  9. Well well well. I would not have picked that listening to the game at quarter time. Take a bow Simon Goodwin, you didn't panic and you managed to lift the team and get them playing OUR style of football. We completely controlled the game after quarter time save for some 5 minute patches and the final part to the last quarter. Really could have won by more but I ain't complaining! Jones, Vince, and Lewis showed sensational leadership. When the ship needed steadying they stepped up. Clayton Oliver is a gun! I don't think I need to say more. Gawn came back at Hickey big time, revenge is sweet. Hannan, honestly I knew NOTHING about him but he played very well for his first game and kicked two important goals. I could go through the whole list but I'll just finish by saying the team worked together today. We worked to the areas where the ball carrier knew to look and we executed (for the most part) very well. Oscar McDonald is the only one that concerned me today, he's young and will hopefully improve but if he can't get his disposal and decision making in check than he will need a spell at Casey. But I've had the belief that if the year we got over this road block in St Kilda and the "hoodoo" was the year that we will have finally turned the corner. I barely count the GWS win at Etihad a few years ago, this was a real win at Etihad against a team that's had the wood over us for a long time. Go Dees!
  10. One more quarter to go, I would love nothing more than for us to get the first 2 goals to ice the game. We probably could've had another couple of goals that quarter.
  11. Well that was quite the turnaround!
  12. Well that sounded like as poor a way to start the year. We sounded like we had the better of the first 10min but didn't put it on the board, then the Saints found their mojo and we could string two kicks together. 10min without going inside 50. Our midfield is being murdered. If this continues it'll be an ugly start to the year.
  13. New year, same crap when we play the Saints.
  14. Well this isn't sounding good for us or Smith.
  15. Anyone else listening on the AFL app? Sounds like it's distorted.