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  1. trout

    Roos on Oliver

    I heard on the radio today Dangerfield and some others on Fox last night were pushing for the draft age to be increased to 20. I know Roos has been talking about this for a while also. If this was the case our current B and F winner would only be in his first year of AFL so for that very reason alone I am against it. The kid is a freak the only young talent to compare in my time would be the Ox.
  2. trout

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Yeah fair enough.
  3. trout

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Good point.
  4. trout

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    SOS is silly but can't even see him giving up pick 19 for Tyson.
  5. trout

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    I think he is worth looking at, provided the Richmond Doctor clears him of any doubts about injury risk and he is happy to play on a modest wage. He does use the ball well and doesn't have brain fades like old man Vince.
  6. Lots to like about this plan but still concerns for me. Is this site really big enough for us? The most successful club of the modern era and one of the best run football clubs in Australia are currently developing a 28ha site with an MCG and Etihad sized training grounds on it and they don't currently have an AFLW team. Meanwhile it feels like where trying to shoehorn one oval into a park with little room for growth. Yes the location is great but just hope that if it goes ahead in 10 to 15 years where looking for another location because its not big enough.
  7. trout

    The Game, the Press and the future

    I wouldn't think so.
  8. trout

    The Game, the Press and the future

    I notice Dangerfield and others are pushing for the length of game to be dropped by up to 25%. Personally don't think that is needed at all and i wouldn't think Fox or CH 7 would like that either.
  9. Chris Judd thinks we should be flag favourites that's probably too much credit. I have no problem with anyone still not trusting us yet, after the way we cocked up last year.
  10. trout

    Jordan De Goey

    Well aware Diamond Jim, also aware clubs just like Melbourne did with Lever go hard for players that they think will add value. Also think this will happen with Tom McDonald just waiting for the Herald Sun article saying a certain club has a five year five million dollar deal on the table for him, the source for the article will be Tom's manager.
  11. trout

    Jordan De Goey

    Talking footy saying both North and the Saints prepared to pay him upwards of $800,000 a year, going to cost the Pies a lot more to keep him than a few weeks back. Much the same as our Tom.
  12. trout

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    Yep he is and Hutchy is a bigger moron for giving him a three hour radio show, absolute snore fest.
  13. trout

    Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    I am with you, seemed very odd they didn't look at that.
  14. Barring a shocking run with injuries if we don't make finals this year, I think President, CEO and Coach will all be under massive pressure.
  15. trout

    The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    I can not believe Hutchy has sacked Matt Granland as well. I have not been happy with the changes been made to SEN but I thought I will still listen to their footy calls with Huddo and Granland not any more. Hutchy may bring in some new listeners with all these changes not sure the total number will be any higher than previous numbers though. The final nail in the SEN coffin will be when Dwayne Russell replaces KB next year.