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  1. Fork 'em

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    One hand operates the keyboard. The other does something else.
  2. Fork 'em

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    Dawks have the power to get the Burgones, Gibsons, Frawleys, Mitchells and Omearas nominating them as their club of choice. We have to settle for the retirement plans of Dawes, Clarkes, Black Princes, Vinces and Lewis. Even now they reckon Clarkson is chasing Gold Coasts Lynch ...... Very hard. Watch this space.
  3. Fork 'em

    Sports Psychology

    Pretty sure Roosys missus was giving them all cuddles early in his tenure. Probably due for some more considering pre-season boot camps are out of the question.
  4. Fork 'em

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    Wallace is a flogga. No surprises that you love him. Birds of a feather and all that.
  5. Fork 'em

    Champion Data Must be High

    Most of the journos don't bother watching our games but they'll look at our stats before pumping us up in their clueless articles. But we've made humiliating capitulations an artform over the years so I'm expecting more of the same.
  6. Fork 'em

    Robbie's Goal of the Century

    I remember him being caught in the mud at Moorabin once. Notable 'cause I saw never anyone get him before. Also missed 50odd games through injury which wrecked a couple brownlows for him. Remember he got second or 3rd one year after missing 6 games.
  7. Fork 'em

    In Game Influencers

    Yep , a tease. Doesn't have the speed or tank to be a real influence.
  8. Fork 'em

    In Game Influencers

    We don't have 1. Not 1. Can list a bunch that go straight into their holes when the heat comes on though.
  9. Fork 'em

    What is the point?

    Forever down ya mean. And how's supporting from France going? I'll bet heaps of frogs are into you about the Dees when ya turn up for work. Seriously.
  10. Fork 'em

    What is the point?

    I took them to both the Richmond and Collingwood games this year. I really only went to boost the numbers for our marque games and also so the kids could experience a couple big crowd for our games. Anyway, I asked the young bloke what he thought "when the crowd gets loud." "Yeah, but its always the other teams." Just breaks my heart.
  11. Fork 'em

    What is the point?

    My grandfather barracked for the swans and grandmother barracked for "Jezza." I asked dad years ago how he ended up supporting Melbourne considering his father was the swans. "Ahhh , the swans just weren't me and so I went with Uncle Viv and followed the Demons." Seemed reasonable to me at the time but as years went by it dawned on me that dad was born in 1947. Which would have made him 8years old when the demons started their rampage and he had jumped on the premiers. So thanks dad, for hanging this albatross around my neck.
  12. Fork 'em

    What is the point?

    C'mon man. Pain and humiliation not enough?
  13. Fork 'em

    What is the point?

    One of my kids came home from school around mid season and said "Jett barracks for the Demons now." I asked why and and he told her that the Cats "Disappointed him." I laughed 'cause I knew Jett (who's about 11) wasn't gonna last long with us then. Sadly, like my father the bandwagoner, I've brainwashed my kids who now only show a passing interest to amuse me. And you know another disturbing fact. Even though I take them to at least one game a year and sometimes 2 we haven't seen a win since Bailey was coach. Picked all the melbourne based "easy" games and yet we manage to stink it up every time. Makes it a long 700k round trip. Just disgusts me.
  14. Fork 'em

    Footy Classified 13/8

    Like continually bombing the ball inside 50 with our eyes shut like morons.
  15. Fork 'em

    Footy Classified 13/8

    Hutchy is full of sheet. Was all over us last year. Was continually telling them he was "Bullish" about the Demons when arguing with Lloyd.