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  1. Fork 'em

    What they're saying . . .

    Goedoos doing nicely for a 1st year player.
  2. Fork 'em

    Is Daisy the best special comments person?

    Yeah big fan here, her footballing ability, the way she presents herself and the way she represents our club. Reckon her special comments and game observations are as good as anyones.
  3. Fork 'em

    The Jack Viney made me cry thread

    Seems to magically appear when there's abit of niggle. Doesn't matter who's involved. Just loves it.
  4. Fork 'em

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    So far so good. As long as he doesn't start throwing players under the media bus like he did last year with Bugg and Oliver. If any player indiscretions happen. Circle the wagons and tell the media vultures to fork off.
  5. Fork 'em

    What the Fritsch

    And I'm spewing I sold him from my SC side 2 wks ago when he hit 300k. Typically his numbers have improved since. In the air reminds me of Robbie Flower.
  6. Fork 'em

    Last 2 Minutes: 88 Elimination Final

    Ah yes. Reliving past almost glories from 30yrs ago. The MFC way.
  7. Fork 'em

    Confidence is the key: James Harmes

    Which is exactly what we want and why we got rid of watts his face.
  8. Fork 'em

    14 Quarters in a Row

    And we've already got their scalp.
  9. Fork 'em

    14 Quarters in a Row

    Yep, just heard as much on the radio. Only beaten such and such. Thankfully they're all worth 4pts. Lets just keep raking 'em up.
  10. Fork 'em

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Bugg anyone.
  11. Fork 'em


    Plays scared.
  12. Fork 'em

    Is Brayshaw more rounded than the Trac?

    Wheras I'd take Brayshaw. Petracca might have the god given gifts. But he doesn't have the drive to make the most of those gifts. Reckon he'll be a frustration over his career. Great to see the tongue has stayed inside his mouth this season though.
  13. Fork 'em

    Big Clubs Rule the AFL

    if only we trained to block. Been a bugbear of mine for years. Dish off the handball, then block the chaser. Not that forking hard.
  14. Fork 'em

    Neeld gone (from Essendon)

    A conga line of arzoles.
  15. Fork 'em

    Neeld gone (from Essendon)

    At least Neeld had the balls to fail on his own terms. if you've been appointed head coach at an AFL club, you don't prepare the team how some other bugger (Neil Craig) tells you too. If ya gonna fork it up, fork it up your own way. You'll have less regrets.