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  1. Fork 'em

    Tom Mitchell out for the season

    Fyfe also lost considerable time due to the dirty plick Sam Mitchell using he knees during his many "clumsy' tackling attempts.
  2. Fork 'em

    Tom Mitchell out for the season

    Fork the cherry pickers, and their arrogant forken supporters. I also hope Scullys forked and O'meara struggles for the rest of his career. I was at the 87' prelim, the '88 GF and work with several whorethorne supporting flogs. Yeah I've got issues.
  3. Fork 'em

    Random MFC encounters

    Wasn't long after Crown opened and I saw Tingay and Lovett in one of the bars. Not wanting to intrude I just nodded at Tingay to acknowledge him and he blew me off. Arrogant plick I thought. Also bought a footy jumper from Robbie Flower at his sports store in Waverly Gardens back in the day. And 1 from my brother who was doing security at Hallam hotel who punched on with Mark Jackson after he'd retired one night. Said it was the hardest he'd been hit at the time.
  4. Fork 'em

    Random MFC encounters

    Was Maloney relieving himself in the ashtray?
  5. Fork 'em

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Fork 'em cause I hate every other club out there. I think we were also getting screwed by the AFL in regards to tanking at the time. Something half a dozen other clubs had done before us.
  6. Fork 'em

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    TGR has a man crush on Wallet. Has for years. Birds of a feather jerk off together.
  7. Fork 'em

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Lets face it. Collingwood have more money, better resources, better facilities, a larger supporter base to play infront of and just played off in a GF. No surprise to me the perennial basketcase was supposedly 2nd choice.
  8. Fork 'em

    Demon Royalty

    All good propaganda I say. What would make me sick is seeing Eddie handing over Collingwood jumpers.
  9. Fork 'em

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    For years Ross Lyon has been carping on to the media how the Dockers just need 2-3 more goals a game. Here's his chance. Stop BSing and pay up.
  10. Fork 'em

    The 1964 Grand Final Banners

    I grew up at the 'G' during the 70' and 80's. It was like a big tin shed that could hold 100,000 people. Get more than 50,000 with a good game and the joint would fair dinkum shake. I miss the atmosphere it created.
  11. I'm sure it is. The coach calls it " Kaos footy." Or as I like to refer to it " Moronic skill less footy."
  12. Fork 'em

    Caroline Wilson banned from Demon function

    So tell me. What's the problem with Perts appointment other than that it hasn't been ticked off by Carro?
  13. Fork 'em

    Grand final Gameday

    Footy season ended last week for me. Though I'm glad the Pies got done so I don't have to listen to their multitude of morons. Sucked in a-holes
  14. Fork 'em

    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    No, not equally. Essendon and Collinwood top the list. And I barracked for St.Kilda in the 2010 GF. Doesn't mean I didn't hate them and the way they were coached at the time, just means I hated them less than Collingwood.
  15. Fork 'em

    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    Which is why I can hate 17 clubs.