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  1. Why this week? Roughead and Boyd are both average ruckman.
  2. I wouldn't have kicked it to Bugg because I don't think he was open. Jones was, but it would have been a very dangerous pass.
  3. I can almost guarantee he saw both Jones and Bugg, his vision is incredible. Obviously thought the kick would be too risky with defenders streaming back and that it was best to go himself.
  4. Rubbish. Kent's kicking for goal has been very average recently. Despite less natural talent, Bugg has it over him in almost every area at the moment. I really hope that changes, because Kent has a heap of potential, but after watching the Casey game I can't see that happening any time soon.
  5. Well we had 16 between Gold Coast and today so I reckon we'll be fine!
  6. They're not coming off the bye, they played Thursday.
  7. He kicked two mate. Oscar had a good game so Bugg now the whipping boy?
  8. Bugg continues to frustrate in what way?
  9. I know his conversion has been poor the last few weeks, but he kicked 2.1 today, and the point hit the post. The fact that he is getting so many shots, along with the pressure, the ability to create a contest and his flexibility put him ahead of the others competing for that spot.
  10. Just said virtually the same thing in another thread.
  11. Thought Bugg was clearly ahead of Harmes today. He will have a 4-5 goal game soon. Continually gets to the right spots, and while he doesn't have the class of some others, he makes up for it with his workrate. Definitely don't think he is a long term option, but have him above Harmes/Kent/JKH at the moment.
  12. I normally sit in the Olympic stand, but got free tickets to the AFL members on level 2A today. I was absolutely staggered at the Collingwood fans up there. Almost constantly whinging about the umpiring or something one of their players had done. I honestly don't know why you would go to the footy if you can't enjoy the good things your team does, and just focus on the negatives. I actually felt uncomfortable sitting there they were so aggressive and rabid. Nice to get free tickets, but that will be the last time I sit up there.
  13. No chance unless they have an injury. JKH did the same for us. Standard procedure when VFL game is on a couple of days prior.
  14. Agree on both accounts. Kennedy can get the ball but his disposal continually lets him down. Just a battler for mine. At one stage Campbell Brown described Kent as a tackling machine. Barely laid a tackle all year. Needs to become a tackling machine if he wants to get back in the team.
  15. No wonder people find it so hard to open up about mental health issues. Having gone through some tough times myself recently, I can tell you it made a huge difference talking to someone about it. That may have been exactly what Fasolo needed, to realise that he is not alone and that there are people out there going through similar things. To say it is a huge cop out is in my opinion, disgraceful.