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  1. I don't really understand the logic. Casey players will only have had half a day more rest. If we make changes it should be based on form.
  2. Why would we make changes if we don't need to?
  3. I agree, there is something about him that I really like. Considering where he has come from, I think he has a lot of upside too, and would be giving him a solid block of games to prove himself.
  4. Melksham, Harmes and ANB added to squad. No outs as yet.
  5. Melksham, Harmes and ANB added to squad. No outs as yet.
  6. Is there a higher New Thread to Total Post ratio on Demonland than Bobby Clark?
  7. Hibberd has been fantastic, but he has played three games, so wouldn't be in AA contention at the moment. The fact that he plays for the MFC rather than someone else has nothing to do with it. Other than that, pretty accurate I reckon.
  8. Cordy and Adams are defenders. (Adams playing forward because of injury). Campbell is a ruckman. Boyd's best position is in the ruck. Crameri i would say is a mid sized forward rather than a KPF.
  9. Yea, that's probably it.
  10. Can you explain what was different at this training session to the first seven weeks? There is obviously something you've seen.
  11. Something said at training?
  12. Are they rumours or just Demonland wishes?
  13. Goodwin said not to expect too many changes, so I think it will just be Hogan in.
  14. I agree that he is close, but there is no way I can see him being the non-playing emergency after being injured and not playing for so long.
  15. Quite possibly, I only looked back at the regular season games. Regardless, i assume the match committee didn't think he was match fit. Anyway, if we hadn't had injuries so early in games, I don't think we would be having this discussion. It's very hard to cover and injury during a game, but even more so when it happens in the first half. And in the case of the Richmond game, to two players before half time.