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  1. We had 32 scoring shots with less size last week. I think we'll be right.
  2. Gawn was off the ground. Both teams only had three in the middle, umpire wouldn't let Watts in (assume he was told not to come into the square although don't know why ) so he was standing at CHF.
  3. According to the Melbourne website, which may not be 100% accurate. Oscar McDonald - 196cm, 97kg Declan Keilty - 194cm, 93kg Not that it matters, because Oscar won't be dropped.
  4. Honestly I couldn't care less. It should be dealt with in-house, the media will speculate regardless. Watts is one of my favourite players, but if he isn't meeting standards then he should be left out. The advantage of our improved depth is that players that aren't performing will not get a game unlike previous years.
  5. This is from the article on the website, not sure how much more they can say without telling us exactly what he has done/not done which I'm sure they don't want the world to know. Mahoney confirmed that key forward would not play again this week and explained why. “We think there has been some predictable, but unfair media speculation about Jack Watts’ non-selection. To clarify, the team is being selected on some key criteria, during the pre-season,” he said. “Jack knows exactly what needs to be worked on and his past two or three weeks, he’s been working hard on what he needs to improve on in certain areas. “He still remains a key player for us this season.”
  6. People assume he is slow because he couldn't run away from his shadow the past few years. Everyone wants him to reach his potential, but even you would have to admit that he has a lot of work to do to get there, and a lot of players in similar positions to get past.
  7. I would have thought they would all have a program supervised by Rob Jackson or Alex Sakadjian. May not be the same thing they do once pre-season kicks off, but surely they do some kind of program.
  8. Sounds like your mates have no idea. Watching them live at least 10 times a year won't change that either.
  9. I'm not sure why you equate being a good player, with being a good coach. So many very succesful coaches throughout the world have been average players.
  10. Do you honestly believe us making the eight hinges on whether or not we have 1st round pick?
  11. You may not have, plenty on here have.
  12. Trengove fantastic so far. Can't understand people writing him off.
  13. Who are Geelong's ultra quick midfielders other than Dangerfield?
  14. Agree. Bernie is a midfielder/winger, and should be resting forward when not in the there. I think the only reason he is playing in the backline is because we don't have anyone else to take the kickouts. I definitely don't see him as a backman.
  15. Do you have some kind of notification set for whenever ProDee posts? Amazing how quick you are to respond, and look to argue with everything he says.