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  1. DemonWA

    We could miss finals with 13 wins

    Richmond, Swans and Eagles are top 4 sides, no problem with that. But there are another 5 spots up for grabs in the finals. To say we wont improve over the second half of the season and start predicting a 9th place finish is pretty cynical imo
  2. DemonWA

    We could miss finals with 13 wins

    I used to post alot back in the Schwab/Scully/Neeld era when it seemed like every second week we were embroiled in a scandal of sorts. Demonland was good for picking up inside info or sharing views on that sort of stuff. Now that were a half decent side with little off field issues i cant stand the hand wringing. Ffs, the season is only half way done, and people are assuming we cant improve or beat anyone above us. Luck with Injury and form can be fleeting. Long way to go to make the finals for most sides, not just us. Go dees
  3. DemonWA

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Much needed reality check for the lads. Its a long season and were not top 4 yet
  4. DemonWA

    2018's 'breakout' player

    Luke Tapscott
  5. Port played finals in 2017. We didn't. They have also bulked up their list. On that logic i dont think hes wrong at all
  6. good news! could have played a part in Wattsy agreeing to move!
  7. DemonWA

    List Analysis Potential v Reality

    I agree - his suspension really hurt our season. Plays a role every week and gets the ball in dangerous areas
  8. DemonWA

    Farewell Colin Garland

    Hope it was a mutual decision. Do well Garlo
  9. DemonWA

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Goody is a premiership player and one of the modern greats of the game. Anyone calling him out for this decision needs to reserve their judgement for the time being. The side played with more flair and confidence than weve seen since Bailey's time and our list is as healthy as ive seen since the early 2000s. I am a fan of Jack Watts but he wasnt a vital player in our side. Sad to see hi go but we wont miss him on the field, especially if Hogan has a cear run at it. Tbh Losing Bugg with suspension hurt us more this year than Watts' injury.
  10. DemonWA

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I think you'll find the FD have achieved what they set out to - In: Lever, Out: Watts I think the trade for Lever was fair - got to pay top dollar for a Rolls Royce, but sentimentality says 31 for Watts is unders.
  11. DemonWA

    Farewell Colin Garland

    One of my favourites from the Bailey/Neeld era. Fondly remember Garlo and Chip toweling up Fev and Jonno Brown in 2010. Had go-go gadget arms in his prime.
  12. DemonWA

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Ripping bloke with plenty of talent but not the sort of gung-ho animal the club wants atm. Weve got others on the list who crack in with more passion so were moving him out to make some cap space for a crack at a free agent next year perhaps? All speculation, but thats my read on it.
  13. DemonWA

    Mahoney, get away

    Huh?? Whats the whisper there?
  14. DemonWA

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I hope we retain himif thats the best offer going.