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  1. Dockett 32

    Bartlett: Dees Not Mentally Weak

    Say this much for the pres he’s put it on the block! This group haven’t filled me with the spirit of Kakoda yet!
  2. Dockett 32

    Dan Hannaberry

    That seems to be a point of difference between us and a couple of other clubs. Sydney and Hawthorn make these type of difficult calls on trades in relation to list management. Emotion is not a factor ( Don’t always get it right mind you) Hawthorn :- Lewis, Mitchell, Hodge Swans Mitchell The point is they run a club and have no compunction calling the shots. We on the other hand are going to be left with Lewis and Jones on our list next year and still squirm about James McDonald. I realise Lewis and Bernie suited us at the time ,but they can also become a bit of a sea brake. Personally I would think Bernie Vince now has very little chance of survival. If it were true that we offered a very high draft pick for Hannebery that would surely have to come from a trade of a previously highly thought of youngster who hasn’t quite met expectations. I can’t think of any other way. .
  3. Dockett 32

    MATCH REPORT - Round 21

    I thought Tyson was ok too. Gets no love but stood up in a tough match which was more than a number of senior ‘ supposed’ role models could do. Younger players filling our best is a positive I guess but we have a few that surely have to be tapped on the shoulder.
  4. Dockett 32


    Disappointing. Very disappointing.
  5. Dockett 32

    Would Roos come back for two years to deliver the flag?

    Roos didn’t play today.
  6. Dockett 32

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    Tomorrow’s game arguably of similar importance as the last round last year. We get three weeks to see who on the list can do it at the business end of the season. Moment of truth for the club and our list.
  7. Dockett 32

    Goody on SEN (10/8)

    His record against the Swans is ok.
  8. He’ll play. Jimmy Stynes played with 6 broken ribs and a broken ankle. Give him a jab. He’ll be fine.
  9. Dockett 32

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    A good thread but just a bit premature. A few blokes could be playing for their careers at Melbourne over the next three games. Completely in their own hands. IMO a positive really. Acid and microscope on over the next few weeks. If we do ok, no need to move too many deck chairs.
  10. Dockett 32

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Lets hope we finally announce ourselves as a serious football side, by winning a couple and making the eight. Ordinary year if we don't.
  11. Dockett 32

    Losing Jack Viney

    Hmmmm . Just hope he permanently conquers his issues.
  12. Dockett 32

    Dom Tyson - 100 Games

    Pleased for him.
  13. Dockett 32

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    We have had plenty of opportunity to have that covered off, but amazingly we still keep being given opportunity after opportunity. There simply are no excuses anymore, either we start taking a couple them, which we should and look at progress, or face and deal with the fact that we have gone no where.
  14. Dockett 32

    Maxed out

    As well as the Dangerfield stunt, these tactics must also have been cleared with the umpires in attendance at training earlier in the week. Sharp practice in the first instance , dangerous in the second . Doesn’t surprise me in the least ,that the umpires weren’t prepared to deal with either with any degree of intelligence or sense and simply get out of the bl..day way. Sad that umpiring probably impacted the result and that the bald headed buffoon umpire, just couldn’t really understand what the game is really about. Whilst I thought the physical side to our game was pretty good , would have loved to have had Viney.
  15. Dockett 32


    I suppose we have to but shouldn’t have too if you know what I mean. I just keep thinking of Vince Lombardi !