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  1. Dockett 32

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    You forgot ‘small slow and easily knocked aside red.
  2. Dockett 32

    We could miss finals with 13 wins

    Think we badly needed that win. Hope I’m proven wrong.
  3. Dockett 32

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    He is also 187
  4. Dockett 32

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Just threw it out there in my emotional state. At his best he’s great, but here we have a clutch game playing for second spot and he wants to stand in the middle of the MCG and argue with Melksham. ( In fairness I don’t know what Melksham said but you just don’t do that) I believe he had 1 kick to half time or something like that. He didn’t show up when we desperately needed him and it’s not the first time it’s happened. Just pisses me right off. We were playing for decent stakes today. Re Tyson his form in the reserves simply warrants a recall.
  5. Dockett 32

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    For Lynch yes. Not the first time he’s spooked it up. Was standing in the middle of the ground arguing with Melksham. And you [censored] I believe I asked a question.
  6. Dockett 32

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Very quiet on the train. We were two short with Peterson and Spargo ( kid playing against men. Strange selection in clutch game) Oliver ok. Viney and Jones totally pantsed by DeGoey, Trelor and Sidebottom. When are we going to recruit an outside runner like one of the Collingwood blokes? Our midfield does ok against the bottom 8. Against the top liners - Leadership normally disappears after that. I think they know their limitations. In Tyson, Stretch, Hunt, Garlett, JKH comes into it too, maybe also the ginger nut and one of Keilty or Petty. Jones and Viney cannot be in the centre at the same time awful. Slow, slow,slow. Out Pedo, Harms, Bernie, Spargo, Harmes , Melksham. Hogans attititude and performance???? Do we keep him or do some serious trading for Lynch? Tommy Mac a shining light, Max tried hard Fritch tried.
  7. Dockett 32

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Blind Freddy can see how slow we are in the middle. Totally exposed at the moment.
  8. Dockett 32

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    Very silly of Casey not putting Tyson at the upper end of the best players. I hope its an oversight and an apology/ correction quickly made. We all watched it, the commentators made significant mention of him, he had it on a string at 70% + efficiency. The club must be fair here. Hope I'm not smelling some sort of rat. Thought our midfield was excellent in the magoos today and keeps the pressure squarely on their counterparts in the seniors tomorrow..
  9. Dockett 32

    Jack Viney the Forgotten Man

    Nice little spur along for our boys. I hope they get a bit p155ed off about it.
  10. Dockett 32

    Alex Rance

    Viney is a thing of beauty at times. Big game for him this weekend too.
  11. Dockett 32

    Slobbo's Mid Year All Australian

    Hope Maxxy reads it, accepts the challenge ( as he has done all year) and puts it beyond doubt. Max is no fool and I think last year doesn’t sit well with him.
  12. Dockett 32

    Fat Ed wants QB as a Collingwood home game.

  13. Dockett 32

    Fat Ed wants QB as a Collingwood home game.

    Oh and here was I thinking it may have something to do with Archbishop Mannix his apparent dislike for the British and his relationship with Wren, but then again I’ve never been clear on this. Thanks for enlightening me.
  14. Dockett 32

    Fat Ed wants QB as a Collingwood home game.

    Interesting topic. I for one am glad the AFL is in charge of scheduling. I consider Collingwood may be very lucky for instance ,to have ANZAC day. They simply didn’t have that many players go to war in comparison to the other clubs. ( Melbourne I believe had the highest participation). But that in itself, may be a totally different discussion? Happy to leave to the AFL to sort out and also agree with PJ’s comments and stance.
  15. Dockett 32

    Site Issues?

    Also had a problem. Norton bloked a potential virus from a poster I didn’t remember seeing before. Sorry can’t remember details. Just got off site as fast as I can.