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  1. Melbourne v Collingw&%$ record

    this whole thread is sad..
  2. AFL 2011 Fixture Talk

    you're delusional if you think neutral supporters will fill seats, maybe QB but not regular games.
  3. AFL 2011 Fixture Talk

  4. Magpie morons out in force last night.

    Harden up princess!

    Yeah, as long as he wins the brownlow, got $100 on him
  6. Draft tampering by Ball ?

    Would we be making statements like this if we drafted him? Lets move on, very happy with how we went, but lets not kid ourselves, we would be equally as happy if we took Ball.
  7. Ball's Choice Collingwood or Essendon

    [ Anyone can pick him up. As rpfc has stated time and again, if the Dees consider him the best available at pick 18 or whatever......you pick him.
  8. Luke Ball in the National Draft

    He'll be at Collingwood next year. So lets just move on.
  9. Malthouse Finally Talks Some Sense !

    Free Agency CAN work because unlike the premier leauge, we have a salary cap, so its not like Collingwood can buy all these uncontracted players because they wiould still need to fit them in the cap. As long as there is a cap the integrity and eveness of the comp shouldnt be compromised.
  10. Queens Birthday

    With all their injuries I reckon the dees are very good chance
  11. 2005 Draft

    1. Pendlebury 2. Murphy 3. Thomas 4. Ryder 5. Jones 6.Higgins 7. Birchall 8. Hurn 9. Bartram 10. Swallow
  12. Buckley

    id take him. he knows his football. and those taking pleasure in the fact he never won a premiership, bit harsh considering we know how sad it is that Neitz will never win one.
  13. Brad Miller To Swans

    agree totally YM. im astonished there even might be a team out there willing to trade for Miller! he is a hack of the highest order. support him all you want, it wont make him kick better or mark better or grow a heart. how to turn a mediocre club into a successful one? get rid of the mediocre players