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  1. New Midfield in 2012

    Melbourne's woes in 2011 centred around a dysfunctional midfield that lacked consistency and class. As is it in psychology, diagnosing the problem is always easier than solving it. The loss of Tom Scully for me was most disappointing for the fact that he loomed as the figure most likely to lift the mids in 2012, and with trade week over, it appears Moloney, Sylvia and Mckenzie are once again the likely canditates for first crack at the pill come round 1 next year. I can't help but feel un-inspired. Whether Neeld is inspired by that trio is another story. Here are a few things I would love to see him trial in 2012 as a means of seeing whether we can manufacture a more inspiring midfield with the current crop, at least until the Jacks (Viney and Trengove) reach their full potential. 1. Rotate Jeremy Howe through the midfield. While Howe is an excellent marking forward and good set shot, he also has outstanding hands on either side of his body, quick reflexes and general football nous. After watching him at training and in games, his ability to dish to the ball off in traffic and to hit up targets with left and right boot is should not be underestimated. He also comes to the club boasting a high beep test (dunno of top of my head). At 190cm he adds good height. I want him in the forward line, but if fit, would be interested to see how he went further up the ground. 2. Put Morton on the ball. Cale Morton is a strange bird. Unlike many footballers who respond well to a good kick up the arse, I reckon Cale needs a behavioural psychology approach - that is, get him to learn through experience, combined with positive reinforcement. He is not learning while watching the ball from 80 metres away on an empty wing. Watching Cale flailing around like a rabbit in the headlights against the Doggies this year was depressing. He had lost all confidence, and constant sprays and looks of disgust from James Frawley only made him play worse. I can understand Frawley's grievances, Cale was letting a good backline down. However, he is a confidence player who needs different forms of motivation. Putting him on the ball - not at the beginning of the game - but in the later stages of the quarters - will give him an opportunity to utilize a key weapon - elite running. The great mids get to more contests - if Cale help the team by getting to contests, rather than getting forward of the contest, he has a better chance of winning back the support of his teammates and growing in confidence. 3. Get Grimes in the Centre. While Jack Grimes has found a niche as a half back flank, the loss of Scully could become the making of Grimes as a mid. While I love Jordie Mckenzie, he has not yet become an elite tagger (certainly an elite tackler) and must become more potent by foot to assure himself a spot in the midfield when competition for spots heats up. Some will remember that Grimes was used to tag Bryce Gibbs in the Vic Vs SA under 18s championships. While his kicking is not quite that of Luke Hodge, as a tagger his foot skills would be considered excellent. He inspires those around him with his courage and is a gut runner. I would like to see Grimes trialled as a tagger who must be respected by the opposition as someone who can use the ball well. 4. Get Watts and Jurrah on the wing more often. LJ was smashed by Jimmie Bartel earlier in the year when he lined up against him on the wing at Skilled stadium. But the whole team was smashed and LJ shouldn't be given up as part time winger. Both he and Watts have such beautiful skills by foot, are excellent marks and have dynamic speed that playing off a wing for parts of the game could be used to great effect. Considering they are still undersize, and there are now more appropriate players to line up for contested marks in the forward line, it might be a valuable strategy. I might be clutching at straws - but we can't go into 2012 with the same midfield squad hoping they'll just improve. Happy to hear where I've gone wrong, and what others might choose to do.

    Well, my rumours are on the money, considering Ross Lyon had already confirmed he is staying at the Saints - fail.

    A source at work - a current st kilda player - was told by Ross Lyon last week that Lyon would be coaching at the Saints next year. Another separate source at work, a well connected Melbourne supporter who is good friends with St Kilda's list manager, told me that everyone at St Kilda thinks Lyon is locked in at the Saints. Now, this is not to say that Lyon isn't coming to Melbourne. Rather, it is suggesting that Lyon is no sure thing and that if he is coming to Melbourne he has a lot of people within the club fooled. Personally, I'm more confident that he'll come to the Dees than I was about Scully staying...hmmm, do you think Betfair will be able to work out odds based on that statement? The Saints are sitting down with him this week, so I think by the end of this week we will have our answer... Probably first and last rumour from me. Enjoy
  4. Deesciple, I suggested that the Dees trade one of our lesser players for Power back in July. There wasn't a lot of love for the idea. I was wrong to suggest we should trade a player, but not wrong that we should try and sign him up. Power is a genuine leader that has played in one of the greatest teams in the modern era. While he would keep a young player out of the team, we are not spoilt for choice when it comes to small forwards. Maric has been a disappointment, Jetta is better suited to the midfield and Bennell is fitting nicely into the backline. Wonna is our next option yet he has missed several years to injury and is no sure thing to hold his position (let alone be recontracted). The time has come for the Dees to win back respect and until we have a genuine leadership group that will not happen. People don't seem to understand that it is not all about skills and development - it is about creating an environment in which talent can prosper. Garry Lyon has suggested Power might be a target for the GWS - for exactly that same reason he should be a target for us. If we don't get him it's no big deal, but I've had enough of developing youngsters if it means we get flogged by 150 points and are the laughing stock of the comp. Our young players need leaders to look up to and admire - and I would suggest there is not a great deal of admiration for the current leadership group at the moment. We need confident blokes that know what it takes to be successful so that we can learn from them - that's how people develop, by working with the best of the best. Power is no longer an elite player, but he would undoubtably have a spot in the starting 22 and the respect of the playing group. Nuff said
  5. Prendergast v Cameron

    In this Royal Rumble Moloney and MacDonald qualify. Cameron chose Moloney from a young squad of Cats as the logical replacement for Thompson as Melbourne needed hardness in the centre square. I've often wondered who else we may might have got had Cameron not chosen Moloney, but rather sought Bartel, Kelly or Chapman - all of whom where were not yet stars. Cameron openly stated it was Moloney he wanted, so he's in. As for Macdonald, we could have chosen others in that pre-season draft, indeed, I thought Dylan Grimes was taken by the Tigers after MacDonald. Although I think Joel has been a reasonable pick up, Grimes is starting to develop nicely into a key defender...but I suppose we have enough of them atm. Perhaps further proof of some disappointing drafting by Cameron is the fact that all of the players that I figure we will be moving on - Warnock, Newton, Maric are his picks. Of course Prendergast has only been around for three years so he has some time up his sleeve, but honestly, is there anyone he has selected that doesn't look like they could contribute to a highly successful team? (leaving out some late rookies in Johnston and Campbell and the seasoned Joel Mac, mind you Nicholson and Evans have been brilliant selections in a weak draft and Lawrence has something about him - he did have 20 tackles in a VFL reserves game, has pace to burn and is a much improved kick).
  6. Prendergast v Cameron

    For a wide variety of reasons this season has been a disappointment. For mine, one of the most significant reasons we played poorly was inability for our senior players to take their games to a higher level (let alone maintain their form from previous years). Looking at the Eagles, for example, you can see a young team with a core of high quality senior players who have lead from the front and created a confidence in the playing group that has propelled them from the wooden spoon to the top four within 12 months. I have noticed that the current playing list is almost exactly 50% percent of the players recruited by former head of recruitment Craig Cameron, who left in 2008, and his replacement, Barry Prendergast. Here are the two teams. Cameron Bartram Warnock Grimes Garland Rivers Frawley Morton Moloney Davey Bate Dunn Petterd Green Martin Maric Foll: Jamar, Jones, Sylvia Inter: Spencer, Wonneamirri, Mcnamara Sub: Newton Prendergast Bennell Davis MacDonald Strauss Mcdonald Bail Blease Scully Trengove Howe Watts Jurrah Jetta Fitzpatrick Tapscott Foll: Gawn, Gysberts, Mckenzie Inter: Cook, Nicholson, Evans Sub: Lawrence Emergencies: Campbell, Johnston The first thing that I notice is that Prendergast has pretty much drafted an entirely new team. The main weakness of Prendergast's list are key position defenders, which makes sense considering the strength of Cameron's drafting is the backline. I also notice that a few years ago, I held high hopes for many of the players on Cameron's list that have failed to develop into consistently good AFL players. This underdevelopment, in tandem with the poor form of the senior players on the list, is what will make our rebuilt slower than that of other clubs. For those who want to see a rapid rise up the ladder, I would continue to stress patience. The lack of stars amongst the senior playing list is unlikely to be changing anytime soon, unless a new coach can somehow conjure miracles, or unless we trade for a star. If Green and Davey cannot rediscover their best form (b&f winners in past two years), and if Scully goes, next year the team will continue to struggle until our young players, read Prendergast's team, can build strong frames to compete with mature squads a la Geelong and Collingwood. Many of the player that Prendergast has pursued - lean and quick - are also likely to take longer to develop physically. Prendergast for mine also honed in on players with foot skills moreso than Cameron. Looking at Prendergasts list, there seems so much potential yet none are yet to dominate games consistently. The positive is that we have seen moments of genuine brilliance from many of our young players that I have never seen in Cameron's drafts (with a few exceptions) Success now is about creating a positive organizational culture, finding a quality coach and having luck with injuries. There are no gaurentees. However, once things click into place, and that may still be 2-3 years away, then the rapid improvement will come. I would be interested to know what others think of the two teams, how fast we will progress, and where we will focus our next lot of draft picks. Furthermore, now that we have drafted a new team, should our early draft picks be used to trade in senior players?
  7. We can beat the Eagles

    Round 10 Vs Carlton Inside 50s Carl 53-38 Melb -15 Round 20 Vs Carlton Inside 50s Carl 52-47 Melb -5 (66% improvement in inside 50s differential under Viney) Round 6 Vs WCE Inside 50s WCE 65-35 Melb - 30 Round 21 Vs WCE inside 50s WCE 65-55 Melb - 10 (based on history of 66% improvement in inside 50s differential under Viney + Unbeaten record at Etihad under Viney + No Glass + Wattsy's Form) 66% + Viney + Unbeaten - Glass + Wattsy = We can beat the Eagles B)
  8. We can beat the Eagles

    It is just me or do the Eagles look a little bit average on paper this week? Look at the back six - there isn't a name player amongst them, other than Hurn who is one of the best kicks in the competition. It is an honest back 6 at best. Backs Will Schofield Eric Mackenzie Shannon Hurn Half backs Scott Selwood Mitch Brown Ashley Smith The centre line is more impressive, with Kerr, Priddis and Embley better than any of our mids (atm). That being said, Priddis is their key inside play maker and if we rotate a heavy tag we can shut him down. Kerr was on fire last week but he has struggled to back up his performances due to lack of fitness - he is susceptible to fatigue. Embley is a very dangerous outside player but he won't single handedly destroy us. West Coast's greatest weapon, Dean Cox, took a big hit last week and spent most of the game in the forward line. He smashed us last time around, but if he's a bit sore Jamar should be able to compete. Naitinui shone last week but is also under a fitness cloud. Centreline Andrew Embley Matthew Priddis Brad Ebert Followers Dean Cox Daniel Kerr Adam Selwood The forward line have genuine class in Kennedy and Le Cras, and Shuey and Nick Nat will also be cause for concern. Frawley can cover Kennedy and both Bartram or Garland are a good fit for Le Cras'. With Bartram and MacDonald in the back half, we have a pretty experienced back six (compared to most games this season) Half forwards Andrew Gaff Josh Kennedy Mark Nicoski Forwards Nic Naitanui Quinten Lynch Mark Le Cras Darling is a worry and not sure who will match up on him. Interchange (from) Bradd Dalziell Jack Darling Ashton Hams Patrick McGinnity Chris Masten Brad Sheppard Luke Shuey The fact that we play our home game at Etihad is all the more disappointing because it is a clear disadvantage for us, and they don't mind the dying grass and dead atmosphere of the Docklands. However, with Bailey gone, and with him a legacy of no home and away wins in WA, SA, Sydney, Geelong or at Etihad, perhaps a turning of the tide is possible. The recent signing of five young players, the raising of $800,000 dollars this week, the strong message by Viney that no player is safe, and the current plight of club Legend Jimmy Stynes might just be the mix of motivating factors to cause an upset. The last time the Dees won at Docklands was against the Eagles IIRC. I'm not overly confident tipping us - but looking at the Eagles team, particularly the back half - we can beat the Eagles. Is anyone with me on this? Go Dees
  9. Sylvia gone too ??

    TWP You are exactly right. Sylvia has never been damaging in the centre square. He will become a far more effective player when the likes of Gys, Trengove, Scully (?) and Mckenzie can hold down key midfield roles. Sylvia is a natural forward who can move up to the wing and rotate through the midfield if needed (and he is needed in the midfield atm). Col is one of the best overhead marks for his size in the competition, has speed, strength, has become a good set shot on goal, and is a thumping kick (He is one of the most accurate shots for goal outside the fifty in the comp). His second efforts and tackling - his major flaws in the past - have clearly improved. He is a burst player who will add real value to a good team - to me the kind of player who could kick 3-4 in a final and make the difference (ie Didak). His form up to the middle of the season was very good, but it noticeably dropped off during the Doggies game and hasn't returned. Personally I think he is carrying some form of injury. I've watched him pretty closely the last couple of weeks and he seems to be favouring his left side (he has strapping around his left knee). During the Dogs game he could hardly jump (although he was certainly jumping high against the Hawks with that boot to Cheney's head). In other words, he is better than his form is showing, and is being played out of his best position (not to mention being a little disenchanted like the rest of the squad) We shouldn't be paying a ridiculous amount for Col, but in three years time when we are starting to contend, he will have more value than Green, Davey, Rivers or Moloney. We need to retain Sylvia.
  10. Dean Bailey has been sacked

    Two weeks ago Chris Grant mentioned that the toughest six weeks he ever played at the Bulldogs was at the latter part of Peter Rohde's tenure as coach of the club. It was public news that Rohde was not going to be hired for the following season, but Rohde committed to finishing out the season as coach. Grant, then captain of the club, said he, and other players, found it nearly impossible to get fully motivated knowing that everything that they would be doing would have no bearing on the following season. Their results over this period were, not surprisingly, terrible. After hearing Grant's comments I thought it would be interesting to see how the demons would perform over the last six rounds of the season, as it might give some insight into how confident they were that Bailey would be coaching at the club in 2012. I think after the display against the Cats we gained enough insight to believe that the players didn't believe Bailey would be at the club, regardless if they liked him or not. I didn't mind Bailey, but neither was I a huge fan. It's a shame he couldn't stand down tomorrow in the same fashion as Neil Craig, but as he stated, he wanted to keep coaching the club, whereas Craig had given up. I certainly feel sorry for him, it is a horrible way to finish, and I appreciate everything he has done for the club. As a supporter, I wanted talent through the draft, and I was happy he sacrificed wins by playing young blokes and doing what needed to be done to get early picks. I think Connelly needs to go now and I don't know about Schwab - revelations today about a rift with the players are yet to be confirmed. All of the administrators have done a brilliant job at getting the club back on track financially, increasing membership and improving facilities, but it's time to get the best in the business in order to go to the next level as a club. Perhaps its time to get some blokes who don't have a Melbourne background. Although I never liked watching the Swans, I always admired the way Roos was able to turn the Sydney FC into a great football club and have such a loyal and consistently hard at it playing group. We need a coach who can galvanise the club and inspire the playing group - Bailey certainly didn't have charisma. Will be fascinating to see how we play against the Blues. All the best Dean.
  11. Luke Power

    Well, I'm certainly glad that there is consensus on this thread. I think the idea of Luke Power is more about a desire to get one or two experienced blokes at the club who have legitimately successful backgrounds. Power wouldn't be around for a GF tilt, but might help us make the finals, which would be a good experience for all involved. I think I've become a little detached this season as every time I get my hopes up the Dees have fallen apart. For me Power isn't a Barry Hall type of recruit, as he wouldn't be a key position player, but someone who could fill a need in a position that is not critical on the field, but one where he could improve the team in the short term and be a mentor to our young list. I too miss the training reports, but as I'm no longer living down the road from AAMI park, I'm afraid there won't be too many more. I too look forward to training reports from others but they are few and far between atm.
  12. Luke Power

    Hello all, I am gladdened by the news that A Wonnaeamirri is returning to train with the Dees and attempt to win a new contract, and potentially fill the void of small forward. Despite his imminent return, I have recently been pondering the value of Luke Power to the MFC. Although Power is getting on at 31 (08/01/1980), he is out of contract and is not a certainty to be re-drafted by a team that has salary cap issues and is rebuilding. While Simon Black is clearly worth keeping due to his brilliance in the centre square, Power has less value to the Lions as a flanker, where young blokes tend to start their careers. Power would be better than any of our current small forwards (Maric, Bennell, Wonna, Jetta). He could also be a fantastic mentor to the small forwards who remain in the team. Beyond that, he is a true leader and has premiership experience that would be great for the entire group (I don't really consider Robbie Campbell to be having much influence at the moment). He's from Victoria and as such he would probably be open to the idea of playing in Melbourne. I'm not sure what the Lions would want as a trade, but they couldn't ask much due to his age and cost. Players that come to mind are Maric or Bate (preferable), but possibly Lynden Dunn, who is a talented player forced out by Petterd, Jurrah and Howe. A second round pick seems reasonable considering we have enough young blokes. Right now the Dees are seriously lacking leadership, senior players with genuine class and composure under pressure. It seems in all of the Dees big losses this year (and there have been plenty), the minute there is a lack of composure, it become contagious. I understand that Power would keep one of Maric, Wonna, Bennell or Jetta off the field. Personally, I think Maric is struggling, Bennell will end up in the backline or on a wing, and Jetta is a natural midfielder. Wonna is our most best chance of becoming a star forward pocket who can move up the ground, and as such I think recruiting in this area is not foolish. Youth has been the policy at the Dees, but I'm sick of having 'youngest list' status. We have the quality kids, I don't have an issue with bringing in genuine leaders who can play footy and have a positive influence on the group. I would be interested in your thoughts.
  13. Finally with university out of the way I can get back to far more important things, like getting down to training. Unfortunately the senior side was nowhere to be seen, but the Melbourne listed players currently in the Casey squad where having a bit of run around, so i'll give you an update on them. 1) Robbie Campbell and Sam Blease were just walking laps around the park. At one point Campbell stopped deep in the forward pocket and slotted a nice goal. Not to be outdone, Blease, standing outside the boundary line, casually slotted a left foot banana and kept walking as if nothing happened. Campbell couldn't help but smile. 2) Col Garland and Little Kelv Lawrence were running 100 metres sprints, jumping up and down, running between cones and so on. Although Garland didn't do any kicking he looks to be moving very well. He has been named in the Casey squad this week, but he was training seperately. He didn't look in any discomfort and I'd say he'll be back in the seniors for the Fremantle game next week, which is great news as prior to his injury I had him as our best defender this year. Kelvin Lawrence also looked okey, but I can't see them rushing a bloke like him back. Having watched him at training and on the Casey highlights clips he's starting to remind me of Lewis Jetta...so maybe we needen't lament missing out on Jetta...time will tell. 3) I haven't seen Troy Davis at training since he recovered from his thryoid issue but I was very impressed with his size. He looks really strong through the hips for a young bloke and has good size on his legs. His kicking looks okay and although listed at 192, standing next to lucas cook (196cm) he compared well. David Nietz was 191 but looked like a giant and Davis might be one of those blokes who plays tall for his height. Didn't do much today but from Casey reports and his drafting profile he is meant to have excellent speed. Tall, strong, quick, decent skills - a good pick in the low 50s it would seem. Certainly big enough pysically to be able to compete in the seniors if injuries hit hard. 4) On Lucas Cook, he is a joy to watch when kicking. Either side of the body he has excellent control and his kicking is notable for the low trajectory and large amount of spin he gets on the ball. I have reported previously that he struggles kicking long distances but from what I saw today he is kicking further. Considering his legs are still thin and undeveloped there is certainly scope for improvement there. 5) Petterd and Bate were out there, suggesting they won't be playing with the seniors on Monday. Bartram was not out there so he may come into the squad or at least be traing with the main group. 6) Dunn and Maric were having a bit of a kicking comp - a draw - both slotting goals from the boundary. Dunn stuck around for a while to have shots on goal, effortlessly sending through the middle from outside 50. It's a shame he hasn't come on this year because he is very talented and his long kicking for a goal could be a real weapon against flooded forward 50s. 7) Warnock, Jonhstone, McDonald, McNamara were also out there. McDonald is impressive to watch - he is so earnest:listens keenly to what the coaches say, takes everything very seriously, would be a great bloke to coach - just wants to improve. He is a penetrating kick and an excellent overhead mark. Not sure what he'll become but looks like he can play forward or back and I would love to see him get a run this year at some stage. If anyone knows when the senior side are training today I might be able to get back down to AAMI. Cheers
  14. Jordie McKenzie

    It might explain why he plays with such ferocity - sexual frustration. Stay single Jordie!
  15. Howe and Gawn to debut

    Great to see these two debut. What strikes me is how average essendon's team looks on paper - other than their talls - and that is with Hurley, Pears and Gumbleton missing. Seriously, it's bloody frustrating we don't have close to our best team out there this Friday because this is a winnable game. By my count we have 14 players with less than 50 games experience - that makes is tough to win against anyone, however, the bombers have 11 players with under 50 games. With Scully and Trengove back - this might be closer than people think. Go dees