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  1. My son plays at Lockleys Demons under 12s. He chose Lockleys because it is the closest RED & BLUE club to home. Anyway Eddie lives across the road from the oval and he often comes over and has a kick with the boys. Eddie is an absolute gentleman and needless to say that the kids love him. Lockleys Demons has a bit of a MFC connection. It was the junior club of Jimmy Toumpas and former MFC player Peter Walsh is current coach of under 11s.
  2. opposition players easily hateable

    Apologies to Stringer and Toby Mclean. Both very unlikeable
  3. opposition players easily hateable

    Robbie Gray, Sam Mitchell, Robbie Gray, Sam Mitchell, Robbie Gray, Sam Mitchell, Hartlett, Breust
  4. Indeed. Port Adelaide make Collingwood look like yuppies.
  5. Keep your money. I will buy two memberships if you promise to find a another team. You have a deal. Farewell Ding.
  6. Keep your money. I will buy two memberships if you promise to find a another team.
  7. Tas was indeed a champion of the MFC. Poignantly, only last week my son was given an old Guernsey that Tas wore (he was my wife's God Father). Certainly "one for the pool room"
  8. I am really happy for Jess. She has worked so hard for her achievements and despite her success she is humble and one of the nicest persons I have met. For about 8 years I have trained at the same running track as Jess. Jess knows that my kids and I are Melbourne fans and when we meet at the track she always takes the time to say hello and often gives me an update on Jack (in recent times the updates are all about Jack's foot). Even at the local supermarket or at MFC functions in Adelaide Jess always stops to chat and engage with my kids. When I get home from training my kids often ask me if I "saw Jack Trengove's sister at training tonight". In light of Jess' success and impending Olympic qualification, it may be appropriate that the kids refer to Jack as Jess Trengove's brother. Whatever the case, terrific athletes and terrific people!
  9. Robbie is reason I follow MFC. When I was a kid Robbie and a star from another club were my favourite players and my loyalties were torn between their two clubs. The other guy finished playing VFL and Robbie kept on for a few more seasons so my loyalties went well and truly with MFC. A weird twist of fate - had Robbie retired and the other guy stayed at his VFL club then my loyalties may have been with the other club and I would have celebrated a couple of premierships. Despite no premiership celebration for me with the Dees, I would not change a thing. As much as I crave a premiership, I would rather love the team that Robbie loved. Admittedly I do not know what it is like to experience my team winning a flag, but I would rather be "flagless" with Robbie than premiers without him.
  10. Toumpas was in Adelaide today. Not that this necessarily means anything since he originates from Adelaide. Still I thought players were on footy trip.
  11. In three years time we can enjoy Brayshaw say: "I am really glad Frawley left this club, because if he stayed I would not be at Melbourne to be part of this premiership"
  12. better still, Frawley is dropped and Hawks win
  13. AMID the celebration and fanfare of Demon young gun Jesse Hogan’s NAB Rising Star victory sat the dark and dirty question of whether Melbourne is brave enough to offer this kid a new 10- year, $12 million deal to keep him for eight years beyond his current contract, which ends after the 2017 season. The problem with a very public, get-down-on-one-knee, lifelong marriage proposal, is of course; what if the answer is an embarrassing no. Because Hogan will get multiple brilliant offers from elsewhere, and most believe he will, before long, leave Melbourne for one of the two teams from his West Australian home. The least surprising thing about this past week is that almost every AFL player that has requested a trade so far, is attempting to leave a club that doesn’t win, and/or plays to small crowds, in an effort to get to a big drawing club that wins regularly. Charlie Dixon (Gold Coast), Adam Treloar (GWS), Jake Carlisle (Essendon), Matthew Leuenberger (Brisbane), James Aish (Brisbane), Jack Redden (Brisbane), Jaeger O’Meara (Gold Coast) and Lachie Henderson (Carlton) are just the current elite tip of the iceberg. Expect the flood to continue, with a dozen more to join other smaller names such as Lachie Plowman, Andrew Phillips, Dion Prestia, Brandon Matera, and Curtly Hampton, who are also tipped to find better homes during next month’s trade week. Modern footballers play for many different sorts of reasons — fame, fortune, self-satisfaction, peer respect, to make their family proud, to break records, to be the greatest, to be remembered forever, and obviously to win premierships. But you can presume the best thing about football for the modern stars, is actually the same as it was for every footballer ever — the feeling you have for a few hours after a win, especially if it’s on a big stage. You can’t buy it. It’s difficult to explain. But there is a calm, a feeling the world’s stopped turning for us, peace and satisfaction to it. You just have to be there to share and soak in it. Sometimes the high lasts for days. Matthew Pavlich ... success not just measured in premierships. Picture: Michael Klein You cannot play AFL any more with the sole motivation and measurement for success being a premiership. Otherwise most footballers, many with 300 games to their name such as superstar Saint Nick Riewoldt and docker Matthew Pavlich, could be resigned to finish their careers without feeling successful. The expansion to an 18-team competition now leaves many players resigned to the fact even before round one, that they can’t even make the finals let alone dream of winning a flag. Melbourne for example, will not play finals next year. Nor will Carlton or Brisbane. In my first season of VFL in 1987, there were only 14 teams, no salary cap and no draft, and every player on every team began the season believing the premiership was achievable. Now, through necessity, there are other methods of success and player satisfaction — outside of the ultimate prize of a premiership medal — that make the massive modern sacrifice worthwhile. The Melbourne Football Club played to a home crowd of just 8974 against Greater Western Sydney last Sunday, the worst AFL crowd ever at Etihad Stadium. Don’t be too shocked. The Giants players would have felt at home, as they have played to home game crowds as low as 7000 again this season, hidden away in a mid afternoon television timeslot where few people will ever see it. The Gold Coast crowds at their poorly positioned backblocks home venue are also regularly under 10,000. There’s often more atmosphere and more chance of a walk-up patron on the moon. Richmond and Collingwood played to average home crowds of 48,000 this year, with their big game crowds, just like Hawthorn and Geelong’s big home games, topping out at around 90,000 at the MCG. Adelaide and Port Adelaide fill the biggest fan and player buzz generating venue in Australia, the 55,000 capacity Adelaide Oval, most weeks. West Coast and Fremantle play to sellouts every single week. And every week, like Port and the Crows, the Eagles and Dockers are on prime time free-to-air TV. If it’s a weekly chance at loving life and career fulfilment you want from football. well you get the point. Jesse Hogan is from Perth, where football is flying. The amazing new 60,000 seat Burswood Stadium is due to be completed at the exact same time Jesse Hogan comes out of contract, at the end of 2017. Everyone wants to win a premiership. But as a fallback, would you rather play in a win most weeks in front of 60,000 screaming home fans and to millions on live prime time TV? Or would you rather lose most weeks in front of 9000?
  14. He is at us again. Even when we have a good moment he brings us down. This time he is putting a dampener on Jesse Hogan winning the Rising Star. He suggests that we will continue to be poor on field and 9000 attendance at home games is standard. He believes that we are not worthy of Hogan. He really has it in for us.
  15. Dwayne Russell has serious issues with MFC. His article in The Sunday Mail was over critical of MFC culture and recent history and he went as far as suggesting that Roos is wasting his time. Whilst our long term on field mediocrity may support his opinon, he failed to acknowledge that at least MFC is taking positive action by engaging the best credentialed and available coach along with the best available administration. His commentary today was B grade at best. He was over critical of Melb players and credited good moments for the Melb players to Freo taking it easy. His opinions are very rich for a guy who was part of a team who earned the label of "The Handbags" and for a bloke who was as soft as butter in 1984 SANFL GF when he was playing for a team that was supposed to be invincible only to be beaten by a team which came from 5th. Russell is an absolute [censored] with no credentials!