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    Too many seduced by Lever. He is good....but no so good that you risk animosity

    MFC could have bot Stringer and Watts for the price of Lever
  3. 2017 Post Mortem

    I just want them to give us something to be proud of.
  4. Sam Frost on the move?

    I would prefer to keep Frosty and lose O Mac
  5. Betts joins Demons

    My son plays at Lockleys Demons under 12s. He chose Lockleys because it is the closest RED & BLUE club to home. Anyway Eddie lives across the road from the oval and he often comes over and has a kick with the boys. Eddie is an absolute gentleman and needless to say that the kids love him. Lockleys Demons has a bit of a MFC connection. It was the junior club of Jimmy Toumpas and former MFC player Peter Walsh is current coach of under 11s.
  6. Most Disliked Player in the AFL

    Apologies to Stringer and Toby Mclean. Both very unlikeable
  7. Most Disliked Player in the AFL

    Robbie Gray, Sam Mitchell, Robbie Gray, Sam Mitchell, Robbie Gray, Sam Mitchell, Hartlett, Breust
  8. Indeed. Port Adelaide make Collingwood look like yuppies.

    Keep your money. I will buy two memberships if you promise to find a another team. You have a deal. Farewell Ding.

    Keep your money. I will buy two memberships if you promise to find a another team.
  11. Vale' Bob 'Tassie' Johnson

    Tas was indeed a champion of the MFC. Poignantly, only last week my son was given an old Guernsey that Tas wore (he was my wife's God Father). Certainly "one for the pool room"
  12. Jess Trengove

    I am really happy for Jess. She has worked so hard for her achievements and despite her success she is humble and one of the nicest persons I have met. For about 8 years I have trained at the same running track as Jess. Jess knows that my kids and I are Melbourne fans and when we meet at the track she always takes the time to say hello and often gives me an update on Jack (in recent times the updates are all about Jack's foot). Even at the local supermarket or at MFC functions in Adelaide Jess always stops to chat and engage with my kids. When I get home from training my kids often ask me if I "saw Jack Trengove's sister at training tonight". In light of Jess' success and impending Olympic qualification, it may be appropriate that the kids refer to Jack as Jess Trengove's brother. Whatever the case, terrific athletes and terrific people!
  13. Robert Flower # 2

    Robbie is reason I follow MFC. When I was a kid Robbie and a star from another club were my favourite players and my loyalties were torn between their two clubs. The other guy finished playing VFL and Robbie kept on for a few more seasons so my loyalties went well and truly with MFC. A weird twist of fate - had Robbie retired and the other guy stayed at his VFL club then my loyalties may have been with the other club and I would have celebrated a couple of premierships. Despite no premiership celebration for me with the Dees, I would not change a thing. As much as I crave a premiership, I would rather love the team that Robbie loved. Admittedly I do not know what it is like to experience my team winning a flag, but I would rather be "flagless" with Robbie than premiers without him.
  14. Patrick Dangerfield

    Toumpas was in Adelaide today. Not that this necessarily means anything since he originates from Adelaide. Still I thought players were on footy trip.
  15. The Frawley Factor

    In three years time we can enjoy Brayshaw say: "I am really glad Frawley left this club, because if he stayed I would not be at Melbourne to be part of this premiership"